Testing the World's Worst Roomba!

The King of Random
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Today we're taking some cheap cleaning robots we found on the internet and putting them to the test. How well do they clean, and how strong are they?
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 967
The King of Random
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creative brayne
creative brayne Month ago
Calli:💥MY CHILDRENS me:💥what🤯😂
creative brayne
creative brayne Month ago
Actually them copetition was first held in Williams new house... ROOMBA BATTLE 💯💥💥💥🤘😂, IS WILLIAM OSMAN UR FRIND??, JUST ASKED
michael mack
michael mack Month ago
Can you put some fireworks on them and make them fight each other?
Pajampants Pork
Pajampants Pork Month ago
Strap an airsoft claymore to it
Toby Wong
Toby Wong Month ago
bruh it’s from japan 日本だ
Glytch Meister
Glytch Meister 2 days ago
I’m a simple man, I see knives taped to roombas, and I think “hey it’s Stabby from HFY!”
MR BLUE 2 days ago
I love roombas
Xx_LunarWolf_xX 2 days ago
Lol i guess i have a lot in conmen with a cheap suicidal robot
Eathan the dragon ball z fan I was trina mcneely
We all know we came here because we all saw two roombas with knifes and balloons 😂
Tomato God
Tomato God 2 days ago
The first part at 0:42 sounds like the begging of a math problem
Tball 4 days ago
i dont even care how bad it is id give it a 10/10 for including batteries and rechargable ones too
Abigail Blake
Abigail Blake 4 days ago
Suicidal Roombas
Szymon Koc
Szymon Koc 6 days ago
Nobody: Me: Angry Michael Reeves
pb animates
pb animates 6 days ago
This is it this is 💥
CrazyGamer248 7 days ago
Hi Bye
Mustard sauce
Mustard sauce 10 days ago
im now going to protect my house by doing this
Roger Blythe
Roger Blythe 10 days ago
Nate your friend she is losing her
Cam Johnholtz
Cam Johnholtz 13 days ago
Oh the clean robot. It’s pretty bad. It just swept the dust under the fridge😂😂😂
dillydragon the troll
I think you should have censored suicide a little, like the robots are commiting sudoku
Steven Fagan
Steven Fagan 16 days ago
No Michael already did this also willam osman
Tyra Fleming
Tyra Fleming 17 days ago
You forgot about daphne
Patri the bro
Patri the bro 17 days ago
ark waypoint
ark waypoint 17 days ago
It's not willma its daphne
Joseph Bradshaw
Joseph Bradshaw 17 days ago
i give you... the foot staber 3:01
ShadowofManda 22 days ago
The King of Random team is channeling their inner Michael Reeves, I see.
Jo Ann Ruth
Jo Ann Ruth 22 days ago
I thought it was gonna be this vacuum, and it was!! Yay!
Waves 22 days ago
Stealing ideas from william osman i see.
seth gilmore
seth gilmore 23 days ago
Who is welma and what happened to daph
pablesm 24 days ago
I have a $750,000,000 mega Roomba
PuppetYT 24 days ago
I buy bionicles on wish
Kenna Karney
Kenna Karney 24 days ago
This is the funniest thing I’d ever seen and it made my day 😂
Still Chill CAT
Still Chill CAT 24 days ago
I want to see more robot death battles
Mad Max
Mad Max 25 days ago
7:06 wheres daphney
Tate Evans
Tate Evans 26 days ago
We not gonna talk about Welma in the Scooby gang
Ethan Hutley
Ethan Hutley 26 days ago
Who thinks the pads need to wet...?
Anime Albino
Anime Albino 26 days ago
Those. Are Japanese please don’t blame bad quality stuff on Chinese people
Horizon 26 days ago
"Scoob is Dead and we have killed him" - Horizon 2020
The ABS 28 days ago
It looks like a coca.... bench
Madison Lee
Madison Lee 29 days ago
"... I think we killed Scooby Doo." -Calli, 2019
Pomeranian Lover
Pomeranian Lover 29 days ago
At 3:07 what am I watching lol 😂
_ Tygerz _
_ Tygerz _ 29 days ago
Can you make an RC car battle in a ring of fire? but first, douse the cars in a flammable GAS
Xx_ xboxgamer69 _xX
this reminds me of robo wars... anyone else???
Typical Fish
Typical Fish Month ago
I thought it's gonna be William's cursing roomba
Ying Paloma
Ying Paloma Month ago
That's one way to put out Scooby
Vipergaming23 Month ago
It’s not even a vacuum, it’s a duster. It’s designed to dust tiles or hardwood floor
iBhopper Month ago
Why do the vacuums remind me of beyblades when they were cleaning
Briggi Lopez
Briggi Lopez Month ago
The Roomba isnt chinesse its japanese
iSpirxtZ Month ago
Jarvis is obviously not battle (even with his aimbot)
eat lasagna
eat lasagna Month ago
When fred be cheating on Daphne with Wilma
H Anthony
H Anthony Month ago
'' I want 5 of them ''
meemorie Month ago
U can track where the roombas by adding water to them
Dont Stop
Dont Stop Month ago
When a carpet vacuum cleans hardwood better than a hardwood vacuum W O W
Christian Stainbrook
5 motors one rumba🤔
Christian Stainbrook
Make a super rumba 😂😂
Hunnybee Month ago
i mean, who needs battlebots when you have roombas.?....... and knives.? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ also, i know no one cares 😂 but... my brother’s name is Jarvis
Harry Nissen
Harry Nissen Month ago
What is the rumba battle really worth it
muhamed Abdul jafar of Sweden
Put a claymore on it
Hello People
Hello People Month ago
“My children!”
Arham Modi
Arham Modi Month ago
please do oobleck in a mixture
BariScary Month
BariScary Month Month ago
Gotta love the Ironman references. Jarvis and Friday
biohazard724 Month ago
Stexter126 Month ago
Copy of will osman
Eddie H
Eddie H Month ago
I ordered 1 shirt from wish once. The size XL I ordered is like a US size small.
Lounge Kat
Lounge Kat Month ago
I wonder, have the removed all fire alarms because they set fires in the studio all the time
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