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HEY EVERYONE! I'm currently in Alaska with Nathan and some of my best friends on vacation but you know I had to film some videos!
Besides the travel VLOG we have coming, I wanted to sit down and play with all of the NEW expensive makeup I've bought over the last month! Products tested include the new $129 Natasha TROPIC palette, the MDNA $120 rose mist from Madonna's skins are line... new $54 Tom Ford liquid lipsticks, MILK Watermelon serum and so much more! What flopped and what slayed??? Watch and see what is Jeffree Star Approved!
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Summer Fridays - Jet Lag Mask
Milk Makeup - Watermelon Brightening Serum - seph.me/2EB1hWJ
MDNA - Rose Mist balancing elixir
By Terry - Terrybly Densities Primer - bit.ly/2HsZ5Wz
Chanel - Ultrawear Flawless Foundation
Makeup Revolution - Conceal & Define concealer
MAC x Patrick Starrr - loose setting powder
Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze & Glow
Givenchy - Bouncy Highlighter ‘African Light Gold’
Cover FX - Gold bar highlighting palette
Benefit - Gold Rush blush
Natasha Denona - Tropic Palette - seph.me/2H8b9t2
It Cosmetics - Superhero mascara
Tom Ford - Lip Lacquer ‘universal appeal’
Dior Beauty - Lacquer Plump ‘Platinum’
Chanel - Hydra Beauty Essence Mist - bit.ly/2vu8uIy
TOP BY: Gucci
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MUSIC: ► Tobu ► ”Sound Of Goodbye” - ruvid.net/video/video-6V1BWVNLCkU.html
(courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)

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Apr 18, 2018




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Comments 7 014
October Lynn
October Lynn Day ago
That Gucci Snow White sweater is the same one Yoongi wore in BTS' IDOL mv. That sweater is worth a little over $5 grand!!!..... $5,000.
Vickie Garcia
Vickie Garcia 4 days ago
Wow u don’t even need concealer the first liquid made ur face look real good how do u get it to match so good I always have trouble
Jordan Fields
Jordan Fields 4 days ago
That shirt! 🥰😘💖
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 5 days ago
How come when he says 7$ I automatically think that's sooo cheap!! But when it comes to buying it, I'm like "what do you think I'm made of money!?"
Samantha Gambill
Samantha Gambill 5 days ago
You always look perfect but I absolutely adore you with your natural eye color 😍
Alex Chamberlin
Alex Chamberlin 6 days ago
That sweater though.. where do I get one
Samantha Cook
Samantha Cook 8 days ago
I know the hotel! It's Hotel Alyeska I went there (stayed in a cheaper room) and goodness it's expensive as hell 0.0 Alaska was amazing though!
Layla Bailey
Layla Bailey 12 days ago
Omg is it just me or when he smiled after he said”I’m sure by now you guys are like jeffree that’s a lot of things to be putting on your face” he looked like spanky from little rascals!😳
Wendi Pickens
Wendi Pickens 14 days ago
I wish I could have met you when you were here!
Sera 16 days ago
Love this look!!!!
Connie Snow
Connie Snow 18 days ago
Hell to the No on that fram cant take heights at all
Helena Fortmann
Helena Fortmann 28 days ago
Jeffree looks like the professor of back to the future without make up.🤣 I'm sorry
roxanne Joyce barribal
pls.try full face using phillipine make up pls.
Angie Weston
Angie Weston Month ago
As always that look and especially the eye look was better than beautiful.. Love you Jeffrey and Nat 💜🎠
Ashley Kegley
Ashley Kegley Month ago
Girl, going back and rewatching old videos. That sweater is everything. 😍
Yahaira 10472
Yahaira 10472 Month ago
K so first thing that I said out loud was OMG bitchhh I love your sweater 👩🏻‍💻❤️🥰
Shelly Pitts
Shelly Pitts Month ago
Gorgeous as always🙂
Zev Dragonwolf
Zev Dragonwolf Month ago
Jeffree - did you know that when it comes to lipstick - your not supposed to 'try to make it last while eating food' - otherwise you end up eating a cup of lipstick in your lifetime, and it doesn't all digest properly... You should really be - 'wiping it off, BEFORE eating - then reapplying after' anyway... :)
Girl Trucker
Girl Trucker Month ago
Great look! I love you Jeffree!!
Valeria Munoz
Valeria Munoz Month ago
CAN we do a cold hearted bitch tutorial thoughh??😩😩😩❤❤❤🤣🤣
Josephine Akers
Josephine Akers Month ago
Carla Chance
Carla Chance Month ago
When you have a good comment idea but your to lazy to type it
Jessica Brandenburg
Watching this a year later but I was so surprised to hear him say "I can relate" wow that's a twist 😂
Kylie Jones-Javers
i swear jeffree is the only person that would look weird with eyebrows
Ariel 437
Ariel 437 Month ago
Omg his sweater 🙌🙌❤️
Stephanie Mortise
You look absolutely amazing! Love the colors you used, especially the lipstick. You rock that shade. :)
Sarah jane Nicholl
Oh lordy I need that jumper, please share where it's from xx
Patricia Barrera
How cool is that: refusing to be blinded by brand names?! Take them to the mat, JS. They need to earn their reps!
Rafaela Pavessi
Rafaela Pavessi Month ago
“And this retail for $60... I know... Jesus, take the wheel!” 😂😂😂
Kerrie Kramer
Kerrie Kramer Month ago
That sweater though! Swoon. Love you so much!
Cindy Kaetzel
Cindy Kaetzel Month ago
Beautiful eyes!
AC Hubble
AC Hubble Month ago
You should come back to Alaska during the Summer!! When all the wild life around Alyeska is out and about ..
kim taehyung lover
has anyone noticed his shirt is almost the sames as Suga's in idol or is it just me ?
Cara Cox
Cara Cox Month ago
I really love that green eyeshadow with your eye color, but my eyes are green and don’t know if it would be too much...
Vasundhara Bhardwaj
Jeffree is saying that he doesn't like when people use a skin care product once and give a review 3:16. But you just said that Kylie skin care is not up to the mark by using it once. I mean tea!!!!
Arah Satterfield
"Oh gurl. Wtf? NATE!" XD that's great
brunom72 Month ago
that evening look (at the end of the video) makes you look absolutely super model fierce ... just so beautiful JS xxxx
Simple Fiction
Simple Fiction Month ago
Where are the BTS Armys?? He's got the same sweater as Suga in the Idol mv 💜💜
bayan lucy
bayan lucy Month ago
This makeup review called me poor in 27 languages 🤣
Mentallyillrose Guerra
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Nicole Beechboard
Or even better, buy them bulk spoolies on Amazon 😁
highonimmi Month ago
boughten.....girlfriend just invented a word....ICONIC!
Meagan Evoy
Meagan Evoy Month ago
That's a gorgeous bronzer!
zingest 500
zingest 500 Month ago
"So I don't look like a dead, cold hearted bitch"😂
Cara V
Cara V Month ago
25:46 that lighting thooooooouuuugh
Kelly Barraza
Kelly Barraza 2 months ago
Love uJeffrey
Julia Titak
Julia Titak 2 months ago
I love love the Natasha Denona... just bought it because of your review! Thanks!!! 😍
Tara Muchy
Tara Muchy 2 months ago
I like his sweaters, I wish I could afford😂
Jane Parrott
Jane Parrott 2 months ago
I know Jeffrey is mega -rich but he does stay down to earth! I like his honesty and how he stands up for the common man/woman!
NecromaniacKat 2 months ago
I love that you kinda sang the Beatles 🖤🖤🖤
Karen Hawkins
Karen Hawkins 2 months ago
That last gloss that you added at the end of the evening was gorgeous over the lipstick. You said you couldn't approve it yet, but it made the look complete. i didn't think I was going to like the green, but girl, you rocked that look!
Love Anna 5
Love Anna 5 2 months ago
Love that shirt
kayla Daniels
kayla Daniels 2 months ago
Love the greens on the lids. It makes a nice change from the usual wines and browns. Very nice.
Kristene Bateman
Kristene Bateman 2 months ago
your look is awesome as usual. and the products you approve is right on point. Much Love!!
Judy Hunsucker
Judy Hunsucker 2 months ago
I like the way you always take pictures with your fans.
Judy Hunsucker
Judy Hunsucker 2 months ago
OMG I want your shirt.
Kathy A
Kathy A 2 months ago
I love skin care too so anal about it I love beautiful healthy skin so I will
Yung Ibby
Yung Ibby 2 months ago
Don’t see my channel. Reverse psychology
Jessica Duque
Jessica Duque 2 months ago
bich you guys dont know a thing hes one preety girll and one fucking hot ass person so yeah we love him
Theresa Yarbrough
Theresa Yarbrough 2 months ago
Lion gloss...bam!!
Theresa Yarbrough
Theresa Yarbrough 2 months ago
Who the hay is Tom Ford? Wtf?
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