Testing MORE Scary CREEPYPASTA Gacha Life Glitches

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Today I downloaded the Gacha Life app again in order to test out some more NEW creepy gacha glitches including Nurse Luck, Hannah & Hachishakusama. Things get really scary. Say hello to some new Creepypasta characters!!
Nurse Luck Video:
Hannah Video:
Hachishakusama Video:
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Jul 19, 2019

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Comments 21 704
Undertale dude
Undertale dude 3 minutes ago
Sissy M
Sissy M 13 minutes ago
Devon Mills
Devon Mills 17 minutes ago
This is only fake because you see when the character clicks a new option there’s that tiny second of black when transitioning they have that time to edit it to what the scary part is :/
Gacha_ Eclipse
Gacha_ Eclipse 58 minutes ago
Me: sees thumbnail* OH HELL NAH
Tamara Soldat
Tamara Soldat Hour ago
Jamie Carpio
Jamie Carpio Hour ago
Hachisakusa!?! Thats my bff
Quad Squad Club
Love you Lauren happy BIRTHDAY 😂😉
Lillie Marie
Lillie Marie Hour ago
My name is Hannah
Iranusa Braga
Iranusa Braga Hour ago
Micaela Travels//Travel blogs
Nurse luck. Nurse Unluck
Em and Em Games
Em and Em Games 2 hours ago
Tbh u think this is fake bc there is no proof that Nurse Luck said that because the person could have said it all lol Also: How would she know to look things up and look at photos. I’m not talking about Lauren I’m talking about the people she was reacting to
svetlomir ivanov
svetlomir ivanov 3 hours ago
I try that wiht the nurse ........ its not real
robin winkley
robin winkley 3 hours ago
I am not called Hannah am called daisy
Gaming Mohammed
Gaming Mohammed 4 hours ago
Fnaf jumpscare sister location
Hentai Yuri
Hentai Yuri 4 hours ago
But this first video is fake! Watch the video's name!
bald eagle
bald eagle 4 hours ago
Jonghoe 4 hours ago
12:03 FNAF Jumpscare Sound?
AloraGachaGaming :P Hi :D
Im doing it!
AloraGachaGaming :P Hi :D
Im talking about the hannah glitch
Gacha Queen
Gacha Queen 5 hours ago
Gacha Queen
Gacha Queen 5 hours ago
dionnie vhel flores
Gingerbreadgamer 6 hours ago
And now the side of ky screen is adding up seconds of how muck longer the add is
Gingerbreadgamer 6 hours ago
I ment much
Gingerbreadgamer 6 hours ago
Is this video cursed!!!!!!! Every add that goes on is pire black!!!!!!!🤔
Naomi Angrave
Naomi Angrave 6 hours ago
phew! my name is Trinity!
Naomi Angrave
Naomi Angrave 6 hours ago
when you said hanna i an now scared of you
SEIGIN X 6 hours ago
Oh no YOU HAVE Angela in her eyes IS a man AND staring at u!
Carmela Balatbat
Carmela Balatbat 7 hours ago
The gina glich is not a glich it depends on a posture when the posture is holding someting it will autmatically give it a prop cause it hase a prop in the posture
kazinii wolf G. asesor
Happy birthday laurenzside
Ana Luisa Tuplano
Ana Luisa Tuplano 10 hours ago
Emily Chula
Emily Chula 11 hours ago
The second glitch is... Yep u guessed it ITS LA LLORONA!!!
jennifer sube
jennifer sube 11 hours ago
I am shayla
XxMoniika PlazxX
XxMoniika PlazxX 11 hours ago
Hmm..What About Hannah Stocking? Huh???
Ally Locsin
Ally Locsin 12 hours ago
Happy birday
crispierthanthou 12 hours ago
My name is Hannah
kawii halo Hershey
kawii halo Hershey 12 hours ago
My aunts name is Hannah!!!
etapao apao
etapao apao 12 hours ago
Can u pls tell me
Galaxy_Wolf Gacha
Galaxy_Wolf Gacha 12 hours ago
Also do roblox plz
Jessica Galbraith
Jessica Galbraith 12 hours ago
Do more gacha life glitches
Galaxy_Wolf Gacha
Galaxy_Wolf Gacha 12 hours ago
Alin Vlad
Alin Vlad 13 hours ago
lavawolf999 13 hours ago
subscribbles -lauren 2019
diamond lolbit
diamond lolbit 14 hours ago
the only time it pops up is when I log out of the game and then go back in
diamond lolbit
diamond lolbit 14 hours ago
by the way, a glitch that shows up on gotcha life when I play it is a bunch of the same person that says character name, I am so confused when it pops up
LPS lava Lover talker
Ïts mëh Gâçhä Frîënd
Its so scary if ur a kid
funtimedead the pet fox
Cinthia St John
Cinthia St John 14 hours ago
My name is Ana
LifeWithTrixieChuong 2006
These gacha glide videos are mostly fake and only works a little, they’re mostly just for entertainment, why else do you think the first person kept pauseing?
Nicole Skinner
Nicole Skinner 15 hours ago
its a lie I tried it didn't work
funtime star
funtime star 15 hours ago
That jumpscare is from baby !!!
normapbl1 15 hours ago
Koala Woman
Koala Woman 15 hours ago
Happy late birthday!
normapbl1 15 hours ago
! i love luren!
SK Reese
SK Reese 15 hours ago
Hannah is the 66th character AcTuAlLy
mal and ben all the way
OK gezz PS happy brith day ur awesome love u
It’s Kawaii girl
It’s Kawaii girl 16 hours ago
My name is close to Hannah my name is Hayden
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 16 hours ago
Happy Birthday
Leona Smith
Leona Smith 16 hours ago
Happy Birthay leren side🙂
*Snooci *
*Snooci * 16 hours ago
Happy early birthday
gatcha Goo
gatcha Goo 16 hours ago
I subscribbled to
Rudy_ Puppy
Rudy_ Puppy 16 hours ago
Your terrified of me yeshhhhhhh
Explore SophiasWorld
I knew the one where you do everything that 666 was fake because they used the sister location jump-scare
Addison Willis
Addison Willis 17 hours ago
The very tall woman its ha-ch-saco-sama
Alex 17 hours ago
Happy birthday to you 🎂 happy birthday to you😝happy birthday Lauren zside👑happy birthday to you 💜💙💜💙
reyna armenta vazquez
My brithday starts at January the 4 im ganna turn ten soon
lulu Beme
lulu Beme 18 hours ago
My friend is name hannah
gacha_ noob
gacha_ noob 18 hours ago
Cara Turner
Cara Turner 18 hours ago
Hi I love your videos so much 😉:3
Saith Vazquez
Saith Vazquez 18 hours ago
I want to do that but I also don’t want to do it because I’m 9 years old
Stephania Warren
Stephania Warren 18 hours ago
Is it real or fake? (Pls reply and be honest)
Heather Klein
Heather Klein 19 hours ago
Lauren seaside do the best you tuber
shireen ko
shireen ko 19 hours ago
I watched this its fake
dradica_the_ Daydream
But i don't kill people My name is still Hannah how true 😂
Jackie Lustre
Jackie Lustre 20 hours ago
happy late birthday Lauren😄😄😄😄:-)) :-)) :-))
Miss Spacety
Miss Spacety 21 hour ago
I will never look at gacha life the same way.
Likee Loo
Likee Loo 21 hour ago
Oh my god that second one is Hachisukesama from the urban legend of the eight foot tall women and it was based on an actual eight foot tall women in Japan
Kiwi Audrey
Kiwi Audrey 22 hours ago
Me: My name is Hannah! (Now hope's to get a like for Lauren) Everyone else: Looks at my username. (Comments: Don't like Lauren!)
Milly Billy
Milly Billy 22 hours ago
I literally just watched the nurse luck glitch this morning! 😂😂
Brig Vascik
Brig Vascik 23 hours ago
I'm hannah
Theater Nerds
Theater Nerds 23 hours ago
Happy b day
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