FaZe Blaze
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Testing the FaZe House's diamonds to see if they're real or fake..
WATCH GET LOOSE!: ruvid.net/video/video-8kv7usPHGPU.html
People in video:
Bro Nature: instagram.com/kelv/
Teeqo: instagram.com/teeqo/
Jarvis: instagram.com/fazejarvis/
Kay: instagram.com/fazekay/

My Twitter - twitter.com/FaZeBlaze
My Instagram - instagram.com/blazifyy
My Snapchat - blazikenfaze

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Comments 80
SB SWAVY .0 2 days ago
Jarvis should play call of duty or sum
Isaac Delao
Isaac Delao 3 days ago
Know wonder these fools get rob we know there hiding spots for ice
Yeet Team
Yeet Team 3 days ago
Imagine if there was a function to make it seem like it was real and they were all fake 😂🤣
Sports Seb
Sports Seb 4 days ago
8:36 feeze
Celisety Asmari
Celisety Asmari 4 days ago
i hate you bleze
Xalty 5 days ago
For Real i dont care about fake diamonds i mean it just you know stouf
Cameron Riesch
Cameron Riesch 5 days ago
Best video!
Devin Thompson
Devin Thompson 5 days ago
Teeqo da snitch
fuze _You
fuze _You 5 days ago
Teeqo snitched 😑😯
[RFL] LJ 6 days ago
Your nerves are horrible
Brayden Banta
Brayden Banta 7 days ago
Why were his hands so shaky
Ikky 7 days ago
He do be shaking doe
RonttiRoniツ 8 days ago
Ya’ll acting like fake diamonds are a disaster
SOUPP 8 days ago
2:28 parkinsons ass hands
Victorious -
Victorious - 8 days ago
So this why he didn’t get invited
Yo guys make the best videos I love them I watch it every day
Jonny Tomlin
Jonny Tomlin 9 days ago
buddy has the nic shakes fr
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 10 days ago
Why yo hands also shakey
Andy Cortez
Andy Cortez 10 days ago
2:30 this kid is shaking
Mike Hassell
Mike Hassell 10 days ago
Imagine he tested his and it was actually fake 😂😂😂
George-Anthony KOBAL
Who is here when FaZe Blaze isn’t in the FaZe House any more 😖
Allen Moua
Allen Moua 10 days ago
There's no way the diamond tester goes up that fast🤔
Midnight 11 days ago
Sad to see faze faking simple videos like this now smh
Morgz Cox
Morgz Cox 11 days ago
Who is faze?
Ramon Vlogs
Ramon Vlogs 11 days ago
Where Roman
almighty nutsack
almighty nutsack 11 days ago
when you can hear the beeping going off whilst telling Kay its fake xDDDDD smh
Muhammad Abubakr Siddique
Blaziken sounded better
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 12 days ago
Diamonds are a scam anyway 😂
Tiarnan Bracken
Tiarnan Bracken 12 days ago
What's the name of the song that on the Outro
Sonny Williams
Sonny Williams 13 days ago
That settles it blaze is a fucking thief fucking rat bastard
iVOLTZY 13 days ago
9:47 Love how Kay tries to blame FaZe when he gets caught.
MR PeperoZzz
MR PeperoZzz 14 days ago
Some master class acting
Zach 14 days ago
Bro Jarvis and Fraser are so bad at acting
Aulona Hyseni
Aulona Hyseni 14 days ago
@ 4:38
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 14 days ago
someone give teeqo the oscar already
AK rules
AK rules 14 days ago
Imagine they actually had fake ones, that'd be awkward
xothi_ 15 days ago
Hahaha this video definitely was not fake 🙂
HUNTER CADDY 15 days ago
Jon's Random Stuff
Jon's Random Stuff 16 days ago
Poor Jarvis that's his only chain
Lit Hype
Lit Hype 16 days ago
When did he change his name to just blaze
P E R E Z 16 days ago
Is faze apex alone in the old faze house ???
CamzMagic 16 days ago
You cold? You hands are shaking like hell
Beach Boys Official
This shit so funny how bad it is😂😂 I was dying how they all looked so fake surprised😂😂😂😂 whhhhaaaattt brooo
Danny Burke
Danny Burke 17 days ago
Them Brits are terrible actors everyone else is kinda believable lol
Soar_wyatt 0820
Soar_wyatt 0820 18 days ago
Is there a way to test the tester
The_OfficalDre 18 days ago
How to join faze
Edwin Somarriba
Edwin Somarriba 19 days ago
Can i join i suck
Dolbec Entertainment
hahaha good 1
Avro 23 days ago
bro jarvis and kays hair make me wanna barf. perm asf
Retro 24 days ago
u love Justin
u love Justin 24 days ago
Porn has better acting
Goon 24 days ago
1:24 Faze really got VVS diamonds 🤯🤯
Nbayoungboy King
Nbayoungboy King 24 days ago
ImDatYDD 25 days ago
Nobody in faze got real diamonds
tracey tucker
tracey tucker 25 days ago
Fake ass video
Aliocution 25 days ago
10:05 u can hear it beep g, the vid is fake
King King
King King 25 days ago
8:26 , 8:27 , 8:28 , who saw the cuts
P GOYAL 26 days ago
Nice spelling of jewellery 👌👌👌
rudolf schulze
rudolf schulze 27 days ago
Parkinson is kicking
Chris Carrier
Chris Carrier 28 days ago
Love how this guy had a faze Pokémon name n now he’s to cool so he calls himself faze blaze lmao
inzamam moesafier
inzamam moesafier 29 days ago
Watch them get robbed
STX-ASSAULT 29 days ago
Lay off the alcohol shaky hands
Jayden S
Jayden S 29 days ago
Teeqo:what if they gave us BOOOF😂
puppet meamari
puppet meamari 29 days ago
Why did you steal Jarvis girl(damn)
Charlie Adkins
Charlie Adkins Month ago
kay lookalikw ohgeesy
Ed .
Ed . Month ago
I hate fake videos
SVoPPiX Month ago
If the next time you do this prank on Charlotte diamonds maybe gifted by Kay i hope she will freak out😂
DeRailed Month ago
The chains are as fake as the video
oBeamy Month ago
shaky dave
SRR Month ago
You fucking shit at youtube
xd abdulrahman
xd abdulrahman Month ago
Hi can we be friends
David Drinkwine
David Drinkwine Month ago
Cool concept... but doesn't make any sense how you change function.
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Month ago
How can one get as ugly as Jarvis
Omar Al Shair
Omar Al Shair Month ago
You can just feel the weight of the diamonds 💎
CraZyMonMon YT
CraZyMonMon YT Month ago
But is there a function that makes it real😲
Acr0z Month ago
Jarvis: so they just gave me fake diamonds Me: hit it with a hammer and see if it breaks
DirriDarri Month ago
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia Month ago
Why the fuck was i still subd? Garbage content bruv
David McNeilly
David McNeilly Month ago
Blaze your so mad beacuse your fortnight kebinghs lol
og_dreamer1986 Month ago
Who else remembers the nyc house?? Like the comment if so
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