Testing a REAL Invisibility Shield!! (How Good is it?)

Chris Ramsay
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Today on this episode of UNUSUAL, I'm going to put the Invisible shield technology to the test!
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Sep 11, 2020




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Comments 100
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay Month ago
What's the greatest use for this Shield? GO!
Danial Nadji
Danial Nadji 2 days ago
Hide and seek!!!!!!!!
Lilli 11 days ago
Hiding your big ego
research flat earth
Krogy 18 days ago
Hiding from cops
Teddy Gelman
Teddy Gelman 20 days ago
Prank da friends
Jordan Vallejo
Jordan Vallejo 3 hours ago
I really hope they don't perfect this technology, lol
Hyper 6 hours ago
Gordon’s brother is quite great.
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me 10 hours ago
1:55 you showed a little bit too much there
Bruno Jauregui
Bruno Jauregui 16 hours ago
0:01 I thought the carpet was levitating,
They do have another method where a screen shows video of what's directly behind you. Look up invisible Mercedes.
Can u built car windows with these😅
Robert Hermens
Too cool!
artmannify 2 days ago
Excellent vid! !-) Can i get an invisible shield making me able to hide completely from the PLANNED SCAMdemic used as a trojan horse by the New World Order to crash the world economy while calling it "The Great Reset"??? (Read the book "COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET" by Klaus Schwab - Executive Chairman for The World Economic Forum).
kitterik 3 days ago
id like to see more new concepts and technology being applied, and more of the testing aspect
GAMER 4 days ago
Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap 4 days ago
you must try this in dim light
Skiller S
Skiller S 5 days ago
fakee obviously
That One Guy
That One Guy 6 days ago
Have him make plated armor with this please, he’ll be invisible
Silvercore 6 days ago
What a great video Chris! The inventors name is Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth and I had the privilege of being the first to speak with him following his patent being made public. If you want to hear the details on how this is made, check out the Silvercore Podcast Episode 4 wherever fine podcasts are distributed or you can listen on RUvid here: ruvid.net/video/video-NU6BFSCDwOs.html
Ivan Sicario
Ivan Sicario 7 days ago
I love ya vids Mr. R. ☺️but Obi used the force on that one 😂 cuz wow that’s an amazing shield you got there 😂
Clint Taylor
Clint Taylor 9 days ago
Just a curious thought on this, if you can get your hands on a infrared device like FLIR you should see if this shield can block it from seeing you.
Lóránt Farkas
Lóránt Farkas 11 days ago
They are not as good, as we originally thought but they *do* have their use.
Joe Smeth
Joe Smeth 11 days ago
Im building one for NERF wars with my kids in the yard😂😂
Lowry Λlyx
Lowry Λlyx 13 days ago
It’s the best goddamn thing we gon get so it’s 10000000/10
The Reclamation
The Reclamation 13 days ago
Wait until later in the future... :3
Pyro Trooper
Pyro Trooper 14 days ago
i used to watch you 3 years ago I was 9 or 10
Giant Crabbo
Giant Crabbo 14 days ago
I would make a full suit of armor with that material
Jim Harrop
Jim Harrop 14 days ago
Obie may not have seen you but he sure "sniffed you out" quickly! Good boy Obie!
Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D
So does it work as X-ray glasses?.?
Cool bo
Cool bo 16 days ago
Your not actually fully invisible you can still see some parts of the people but it's still nice
Payton Scott
Payton Scott 16 days ago
Bruh isa green screen
IHAVE5SISTERS 6 days ago
Bruh it’s not
Amisiael Luevanos
Amisiael Luevanos 16 days ago
3:20 he said nazi
fatesub 17 days ago
where can i buy it?
That was awesome,SUBED
Karina Hunter
Karina Hunter 18 days ago
so cool. Would've like to hear from Tate on how long it took to figure it out or if he thinks there are practical uses. Also, unfortunately, your camera was way too close for many of the shots so it was just a blur behind the shield but the opening, with your dog TOOO COOL! Really enjoy these vids as well BTW, love the new door in your office, have you already done a tour of the new space?
Exqzt 18 days ago
if the public has invisibility shields like this....the government has better ones 😳
Anthony's Slime and Putty Channel Art & Muffy Clips
Harry Potter has joined the chat
Flareszn 18 days ago
Hide n seek
Zhafran Azmi
Zhafran Azmi 19 days ago
Wtf this is different from your usual vids and im loving it. Such a giod video
Mike Raphone
Mike Raphone 19 days ago
How do you stop it or make it to where you can see the person cause stuff like this has fallen into the wrong hands.....
IG LuckyFetus
IG LuckyFetus 19 days ago
Shout-out to Tate! His alien technology is amazing 👽
TrackLabz 20 days ago
Very useful for hide and seek
20 Ton Chop
20 Ton Chop 20 days ago
The reason why the military didn't want the contract for the material is because they already had it and also spending a lot of money protecting individual human life is not cost effective.
Andy Christensen
Andy Christensen 20 days ago
would be cool to be invisble. exept for other cause ill think ill be a creepy pervert :D
min doang
min doang 21 day ago
Did capt. America order 1?
The guy in a Hoodie
Nice tattoo 2:35
Alex Cubing
Alex Cubing 21 day ago
Perverts be like...
Bruh 21 day ago
My profile picture is invisible!
smokinjay 2020
smokinjay 2020 21 day ago
H S 22 days ago
I think that's one kind of material that is used to make mobile screen....
Admiral Skywalker
Admiral Skywalker 22 days ago
Damn, I really like you're House 🙌. Looks nice and futuristic
lowesan Dune
lowesan Dune 22 days ago
U could also ask the experts et ufos oh yeah .. they invisable
Jon blablabla
Jon blablabla 22 days ago
I'm sure the government has technology that's light years ahead of this
Cyro Xero
Cyro Xero 23 days ago
I guess my girlfriends have all been carrying this around with them. I don't them anywhere.
fastfordstang13 23 days ago
Can I have my mins back
Warren Boutchia
Warren Boutchia 23 days ago
Been thinking about this type of illusion before I watched this video. I have the next step of moving it forward for you. Would you like to hear it?
VanBus Geo
VanBus Geo 23 days ago
I want this so I can cloak my camper bus and stealth camp!!
Joshua D'lima
Joshua D'lima 24 days ago
Its all about refraction
Krish Paronawala
Krish Paronawala 24 days ago
This is not the first invisible shield video i saw on youtube , but this video is 100 % legit and its not a click bait.
Lindsey Newton
Lindsey Newton 24 days ago
Imagine having these as your house windows....
Lindsey Newton
Lindsey Newton 24 days ago
If I see a plastic shield laying around I’m just gonna assume someone’s hiding behind it lol
SUBHAM SARKAR 24 days ago
Aliens :- oh shit !!!
Some Dude In your recommendations
*Johnny English be Like:*
Zachary Heald
Zachary Heald 24 days ago
This would be the best shower curtain ever
Alec 25 days ago
At 00:05 the carpet looks like a table
Lainsy 25 days ago
just use a plank of wood.
mohlomphehi 25 days ago
The dog knew where you were all along. It was just playing along.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 25 days ago
Great format! Very engaging and editing was well paced. Length is just right. Keep at it!
ReflectTheEmotions 25 days ago
One of these things would work awesome ways in the dark
Lukie 25 days ago
This would be good for a shower curtain LOL
OD Logic
OD Logic 23 days ago
True lol
cao trí nguyễn
cao trí nguyễn 26 days ago
How to buy that invisible card pls?
cao trí nguyễn
cao trí nguyễn 26 days ago
Hey how to buy that Invincible card pls?
Los Freddies Ramos
Los Freddies Ramos 26 days ago
Ngl I saw him the first time he asked
Wade Kratev
Wade Kratev 26 days ago
Where can I buy one?
Vircls Roblox
Vircls Roblox 26 days ago
Whatheck Invisible shield in texts 🤪 Linked words
AwesomeSikh boy
AwesomeSikh boy 26 days ago
How it works is that there is a special thing in the lens that bends light.
NeHoMaR G.
NeHoMaR G. 26 days ago
This could be really useful in a real gun combat, on a jungle for example, the enemy is going to be seriously confused.
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 26 days ago
Am I invisible when I duck behind a desk?
Angered tem tem
Angered tem tem 27 days ago
I will work my arse off to get that damn shield
karl53133 27 days ago
So just imagine what they really have already same with holographics, they have things and technologies hidden that we can't even imagine....
mjoOody 27 days ago
Imagine this in warzone. Daaaamn
Denis Đenis
Denis Đenis 27 days ago
Cool to find wife cheating on you
Viral Bakhai
Viral Bakhai 27 days ago
its amazing that i can see the invisible shield\
David Yusaku
David Yusaku 27 days ago
4:38 can confirm
Sassy the Sasquatch
Thought he said Taint TBH
Kyle Clementino
Kyle Clementino 28 days ago
Loved the length. Short sweet. Interesting. Not merch push. Loved it
How_BoutIBeMe 28 days ago
omg so thats where my dad went
Tonmoy Deka
Tonmoy Deka 28 days ago
that effect itself is not called snells law.. that effect is an application of snells law
fretkillrlives 28 days ago
In high school I tried using my invisibility shield in the girls locker room and got suspended.
anything7441 28 days ago
What is that a freaking projection tv screen
anything7441 28 days ago
So just make the surface of the object mostly vertical lines
Leonardo Pratoumchat
Carbon fiber glasses inside Lens straight and Lie .to seem scope lens
spandan poudel
spandan poudel 28 days ago
FobstaFN 28 days ago
Love the green sheild
Travel Amma
Travel Amma 28 days ago
Great video. I liked the format - drawing in many different scenes to explain the progression. The whole invisibility concept is incredible, exciting. and terrifying at the same time. I'll be looking past the horizontal now for that tell-tale smudge of a vertical....
Nabil BrH
Nabil BrH 29 days ago
WE Can use this during corona lockdown
TilakaDPsy 29 days ago
Are you a family member of Gordon? 🤔
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek 29 days ago
The Mind Of Ben
The Mind Of Ben 29 days ago
i wish it looked more natrual and was a cloak and i owned it and then i would use it to pull pranks on my fam and "skip school"
Mr. KING_KORIN 29 days ago
Someone should wrap they’re Tesla with this stuff
Robert J Kral
Robert J Kral 29 days ago
Awesome video! Instant Like n Sub!!
N.J. E.
N.J. E. 29 days ago
Wearing white or even tan clothing would help I think - cool vid
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