Tested brutally! Bicycle smartphone handlebar mounts

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If you don't want to shell out for a dedicated Garmin or other advanced cycling computer, your smartphone can be a great alternative. The question is, can you really go mountain biking with one on your handlebars? To find out, we test these phone mounts on a hardtail and subject them to some pretty hard hits.
In the same order as the video, here are the mounts we tested with links
Silica Rubber Mount amzn.to/31k2sc2
This one could be great for road or gravel, but for rough mountain biking it's going to move around.
VUP Detachable amzn.to/2Vta34l
Road cycling only. This one can't get tightened enough to work for mountain biking without creeping towards the more narrow part of your handlebar.
GUB metal phone mount amzn.to/2Vp4CDx
Very secure, but potentially hazardous. For a motorcycle this seems good since it sticks out far enough to clear the instrument cluster, but on a bike this seems needlessly dangerous.
Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount amzn.to/2VqfCAq
Quad Lock case for iPhone 11 Pro amzn.to/2ZgNH71
Functionally, this product is as flawless as it gets, but it'll cost you dearly. Another downside is the fact that you need to change your phone case to use it, and not all cases are available. Choose from a variety of mounts.
Samsung Nebula Phone amzn.to/3eBDmZX
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Jun 28, 2020




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Comments 100
Phillip Bregman
Phillip Bregman 13 hours ago
I am more of a commuter, and I use the GUB (third mount), (there aren't too many mtb trails here), I absolutely Love my mount
HunzHurte 17 hours ago
Daaang I might have to get me one of dem new Nebula phones.
OOOHBILLY 2 days ago
I have and use the quad lock. I’m not a mountain biker, but I really like mine. They even have a car Mount for your windshield.
Michael Mourek
Michael Mourek 2 days ago
Good test - nice job
Limitless Gaming
Limitless Gaming 3 days ago
That's no phone from Samsung. That's a toy phone and a leap frog brand at that
Historia Reis
Historia Reis 3 days ago
How about the sec phone holder
Max Klivans
Max Klivans 4 days ago
really had to do samsung like that huh
Sandriell 4 days ago
The Quad lock is nice, but wow, not $70 dollars nice for mount+case.
Daniel Downing
Daniel Downing 4 days ago
Had a Quadlock on my motorbike, phone survived a 50/60mph rear wheel slip out & 30/40mph impact into the side of vehicle (didnt have much luck). Both occasions phone stayed on there solid with no damage, not keen on the case it was rather bulky but considering I could shove a proper case into a bag or storage compartment and just quickly switch it out, I'm grabbing this for my mountain bike once I start going further out, always a mount id recommend, and once you've got the case, the pain of the cost isn't as bad if youre using multiple mounts (car, motorbike & whatever else)
Anil Gela
Anil Gela 4 days ago
I know this is an older video, but I would like for you to test the “bag phone mount” idk how to call it but, it’s a bag that straps around your frame, and has a clean silicone type thing on top of it where you can see your phone.
MrAlexander137 5 days ago
I only went ahead and bought the QuadLock kit because of Seth lol
BIJANO 5 days ago
I got the topeak phone mount that lives in the fork stemcap thing. It also has iphone case with the attachment mechanism like the quadlock and is a bit cheaper. The mount is 20 bucks and the case like 35. I used it on commute and for light trails and it didn't move a bit
Aaron Donally
Aaron Donally 5 days ago
What brakes is seth using?
Lewis Marroquin
Lewis Marroquin 6 days ago
Had the most disappointing experience with Quadlock. For years I’ve used Tech21 as my cases for my iPhones. Ive dropped and traveled with no cracks due to the case. I was introduced to Quadlock and found it to be very practical, slick and easy to mount and unmount. I’ve used it to use as navigation, for Strava and music, riding on paved bike routes. After just two months of using Quadlock, I decided to remove the case from my iPhone Xs Max only to find the entire back of my iPhone completely chattered. Somehow the slick hard shell case, the mount design in the dead center of the case and just vibrations of riding on asphalt chatter my iPhone. Never dropped it with the Quadlock case. Sucks because I was planning on trading up to the iPhone 12 and now just weeks away from release, I either have to pay to replace the back of my iPhone or keep it. At this point, I just reattached the Quadlock case to hide the chatter. Once the case is on, the phone and case look slick and nice. But at what high cost! I reached out to Quadlock and they showed absolutely no concern, asked no questions to try to troubleshoot or anything to remedy the situation. All they offered was for me to return the Quadlock case and mount for a refund. A simple way to just walk away from this. The way they market the product is to basically tell the customer you will have piece of mind riding using their product. But they went to the extent of telling me they cant protect against all drops or vibrations. In my case, just simply riding along asphalt bike routes and never dropping it. I would never want to risk using their product with a new iPhone with glass backs from iPhone X and newer. They forget we are buying their product to protect our over thousand dollar phones. They have their pride applied in the wrong manner. Buyers please be aware with Quadlock.
THE MAYRIO 101 7 days ago
Why is this so entertaining
youtube viewer
youtube viewer 7 days ago
Lol Samsung is better than Apple and cheaper💀💀
Ummey Karim
Ummey Karim 7 days ago
Love this video, very informative! I just did a video on a floor mount for my bike. Feel free to check it out!
E’s epic adventures
Pretty funny 3 year old girls phone!
Dat Seb
Dat Seb 9 days ago
thanks Seth now I know my dad is not the only one who is addicted to that quadlock case lol
Nick T
Nick T 11 days ago
I ordered my Quadlock the other day.
Nick T
Nick T 11 days ago
Baptism by fire? I think you mean trial by fire? 🤣🤣🤣
Skwidz 11 days ago
You didn't use any of RAM-mounts products? 🤔
Dylan B
Dylan B 12 days ago
Hey I'm a bit late to the party but I just wanted to say that quadlock actually does sell a universal mount adapter. It has some good quality 3m adhesive on it and allows you to stick it to any case (or I guess object that you can think of) to mount it to the quadlock receiver. I use one for my S7 Edge, as I really like my otterbox commuter case and didn't want to buy a new one!
as as
as as 13 days ago
thanks for the samsung nebula link
Randy Kuhn
Randy Kuhn 13 days ago
You should add the Spotlite mount to the review
Chris Russell
Chris Russell 13 days ago
I have a motorised bike. It's on a old steel frame MTB, don't worry. Tire problems are a fortnightly fix. I have to either change the wheel, tighten the spokes or change the tube. It's literally 70% of my maintanance lol
Lance M
Lance M 14 days ago
there's a 3m sticker version of the back plate for quad lock that will work with any phone as long as the back is a flat smooth surface.
Trevlo 14 days ago
Personally, I don’t think the GUB had a fair trial. I have that exact mount, but don’t use the grommet. I mount it directly next to the stem on my alloy bars, with the screen laying parallel to the stem. It works perfectly on my MTB and on my hybrid for road rides. And it’s only about $20 on Amazon I also used it on my cruiser motorcycle, and traveled at highway speeds over hundreds of miles using that mount for GPS, it was great!
Paul T
Paul T 14 days ago
Quad lock also do a car mount.
No Back Brakes
No Back Brakes 16 days ago
2:26 did he say dramamorial as is one word if so that is amazing
bendyprissy 16 days ago
Not a silly video at all. The reason I watched this video is because I literally just had my iphone drop out of my handlebar phone holder in the middle of a 1.6 mile single track, decently used trail where I didn't notice until I got to the end of the trail. I then had to walk back through half of the trail where luckily I came across another rider who noticed my phone, picked it up, & gave it back to me. Thankfully there are still some honest people out there! What then freaked me out was that my phone was on, not locked, because I had it on a bike app mapping my ride. And if you are like a lot of people out there, including me, you have a lot of sensitive data on your phone. So the person who picked up my phone had access to all that. Needless to say that phone holder is now only used on the road. That holder was like the one you showed that stretches around the corners, So this video was completely needed! Thanks.
Deluxxzz 17 days ago
Samsung Nebula lol
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 18 days ago
That’s a good phone tho Samsung actually giving us good crap lol
Krishaan Somwanshi
Krishaan Somwanshi 18 days ago
i might buy the samnsung nebula
Sean Gabrielle N. Fruelda
Same i hate tire probles Quick suggestion:use thoes phone holders on a park woth extreme bumbs but buy a dummy phone
Bikeboy tips
Bikeboy tips 19 days ago
i just started a youtube channel and im trynna get some gear and this is exactly what im looking for thank you
Leah Rush
Leah Rush 20 days ago
I like berm peak build and ride the best
Leah Rush
Leah Rush 20 days ago
you are my favorite RUvidr. good job
Robert Neal
Robert Neal 20 days ago
Seth, the best phone holder I've seen or used is actually made by Schwinn. I bought it at Target. It mounts to your stem so it doesn't walk and stays dead center. It's actually a small flat pouch with a clear flip top pocket for your phone. Touch screen still works and can handle rough terrain pretty well. The top phone pocket has only flipped over the bars once or twice but it is still connected and still manages to hold the phone well. The problem is that I can't find it anywhere in the store or online now. It's been great. I can put my wallet or keys in it and the phone on top. It's not too thick like some other pouches I've seen.
Neopentan 22 days ago
i use a quadlock on my commuter/touring bike, really happy with it. the case is also a really good rugged case.
Boris 23 days ago
Good Bye telephone
MOON FAM 24 days ago
Seth can u bring back the trek 4900 and the diamondback overdrive and possibly do a upgrade to it like the giant bike and ur neighbors diamondback. Upgrade as in like handlebars a clutched 1x derailleur and stuff.
2STROKE POWER 24 days ago
Samsung joke was funny one time not the whole video.
2STROKE POWER 24 days ago
Mr joker here uses an iphone and jokes on samsung. How could we ever take his advice serious? He cant even make a good phone decision lmao.
Matt Lang
Matt Lang 24 days ago
If I were mounting a phone, I'd wrap some rough tape around the bar before attaching the mount. Would help deter slipping.
Shaun Beakley
Shaun Beakley 25 days ago
Quad Lock needs the ecosystem Me: Cries in Shaomi
1440p family gamer
1440p family gamer 25 days ago
you should've done the armor-x bike mount too it would have been great to see your opinion
Matt Grata
Matt Grata 26 days ago
You can get the adapter for a quad lock which you could stick on to your phone or case with a 3m tape. Works great but makes your phone bit more bulky.
Nicholas Coulter
Nicholas Coulter 26 days ago
I bought a handlebar pouch for my phone a few months ago and it works great for me, also it's waterproof, very secure and also has space for a powerbank to keep my phone juiced up as Strava and my speedometer just eat through my phones battery. It only cost me £8 on Amazon and i'd definitely recommend it. Only flaw really is because the pouch has a plastic screen on it to allow you to see the screen, it makes the touch act up sometimes especially when I'm typing but it's not that bad
The Boss
The Boss 28 days ago
fidlok needs to make a phone case
Brian Kim
Brian Kim 29 days ago
I love my quadlock! I have one for my roadbike and mountain bike.
anthony silva
anthony silva Month ago
Nice to see you again. Fantastic content as usual!
Max Mordue
Max Mordue Month ago
Does anyone have any thoughts on Rokform mounts and cases? I’ve got a friend who uses the stem mount but am curious how it fairs vs the quadlock?
Stick Figure
Stick Figure Month ago
Dude, that new Samsung Nebula phone looks sick. Did Samsung give you a release date? I can't wait to pick one of these up.
Allan Gray
Allan Gray Month ago
There is a quadlock solutions for less mainstream phone models; quadlock make a universal adapter that attaches directly to either a case or directly to the phone. It gives all photos the ability to use quadlock mounts.
Mike MacDowell
Mike MacDowell Month ago
I have that first phone holder on my scooter/moped. The handlebar area is really thick, and that extra long strap was beneficial for me.
cornfedwyteboy2 Month ago
You could have flipped the nebula face down and it would have worked with the GUB holder
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez Month ago
Damn bro how you gonna do samsung like that when you know your gonna have to upgrade your phone in a week
Ankit Tandon
Ankit Tandon Month ago
Anybody else felt the video was sponsored by Quad Lock n not Samsung Nebula
Vladungu56 Month ago
Watching this on my Samsung Nebula!
Cristian Rodrigo dos Santos
ngl, the last one felt like an add, don't feel to good about it
Cecelia Maurer
Cecelia Maurer Month ago
Toppeak ride case is best!
Andrew Zhu
Andrew Zhu Month ago
"Samsung Nebula" leapfrog phone
shafnet Month ago
Thank you
Mario Hello
Mario Hello Month ago
Miguel Ruiz
Miguel Ruiz Month ago
The sad thing about the nebula is that it’s a better phone than the actual Samsung
Rima Cernauskiene
7:00 my frend have it and it works on eskoter
Kirk Rees
Kirk Rees Month ago
You should have tried a ram mount. Yes theyre expensive but theyre high quality
BeardedNomad Month ago
Daayumn that nebula lookin good! Gotta get one 🤣
Samuil Demchuk
Samuil Demchuk Month ago
Just switch to Samsung and all your problems will go away
36 Degrees
36 Degrees Month ago
Ok that phone bit was actually pretty funny
KaddamanMan Month ago
Nice video. If I may give some critique about the video shoot itself: When you are talking in the shop, I think the second perspective from the side is unnecessary. You are still looking into the main camera, so I think the second perspective is just disturbing. Either look into the second cam, or ditch it :)
James Jenkins
James Jenkins Month ago
Both reasons for phone mounts are dumb in my opinion The first one, you should know where your going or if you are running directions you can still put it in your pocket. Or second if you’re using it for data/ Strava or something you can put in your pocket, wear a fanny pack, waste bag or bag on the bike. Just from experience working in the bike shop I’ve seen more than one person come in because I got hurt using their phone on the bike . HAPPY TRAILS!
Morgan Griffiths
8:13 he put it in the wrong way
Jussi Ahonen
Jussi Ahonen Month ago
I just use a 90cent cheap Chinese iPhone case that I stickered a garmin universal mount on to. I can then attach it to a Garmin mount on my bike. The garmin mount is 90 cent from China or I just 3D printed it with a STL from thingiverse.
DuckDucGooze Month ago
That new Samsung looking fire can’t wait to play snake in 60 FPS
Александр Скосырский
Gub is realy Cool! I use))
damian fonseca
damian fonseca Month ago
Good Job !
Alex Floury
Alex Floury Month ago
Quad Lock for the win! I love mine!
L4WNY Month ago
Ive got the 3rd one for my motorbike, mine also charges the phone. They should do the same for mtb as well. Charge it from the front wheel motion!?
Daniel Pearson
Daniel Pearson Month ago
How to do a sponsored product review without telling your audience you were sponsored by the winning product.
Emily Guan
Emily Guan Month ago
another reason to use these products: pokémon go 🤓
Anthony Cardillo
who else would use it for pokemon go
Dr. GAMER MAN Month ago
Even a cheap phone is a couple hundred me with a 30 dollar phones
Jed Dela Cruz
Jed Dela Cruz Month ago
Or quadlock couldve just provided an adapter to stick it on your own phone cases...
ilan loberant
ilan loberant Month ago
seth: this is probably not good for mt biking also seth: lets take it down the rock garden
The game Human 3.0
That’s a good phone tho Samsung actually giving us good crap lol
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 20 days ago
@CrossjacklΞ yeeto cheeto
CrossjacklΞ 20 days ago
@The game Human 3.0 hi :)
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 20 days ago
@CrossjacklΞ hi again
CrossjacklΞ 21 day ago
@The game Human 3.0 they aint worth for the price tho
The game Human 3.0
The game Human 3.0 22 days ago
CRØSSJΛCKLΞ10 10 iPhones are like $500 cheaper
Afiq Syukri Studios
Make stairs for drama. Name it drama's stairway to heaven
gblan Month ago
One endo and you trash a $800 phone. No thanks
DavMTB5 Month ago
Hahaha Samsung new phone, good one. New sponsor!
The Flying Waffle
Congrats on the sponsor :)
Colton Bradley
Colton Bradley Month ago
Can I have one
NaruS Month ago
$ 100 for a phone? Haha I got my mountain biking phone for $40, bless be to tracfone
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart Month ago
You should test the Rokform case/mount vs the quad lock.
Tobi Smasher
Tobi Smasher Month ago
This dude just lost his dog and he still has the ability to roast Samsung
Asher Crump
Asher Crump Month ago
just a heads up for other videos. showing google maps on your phone may not be the smartest. i easily found berm peak from a simple search on google earth. its not my business to leak somebodys address so i wont. its also a gated community so itd be pointless for anybody to do so.
Mussa Ahmad
Mussa Ahmad Month ago
Everytime he said sasmung nebula i died laughing.
moin Meisters
moin Meisters Month ago
Cool where can I buy this Samsung I need an new bike phone with an large Akku Is 10000 mah enough
Ed Stinton
Ed Stinton Month ago
I ended up going for the SP connect phone mount system, very similar to the Quadlock, you can get a stem cap mount which looks great though I haven’t tried it. The case/bar mount set also comes with a waterproof cover, making it perfect for riding in the rain or in muddy conditions. They have also brought out a wireless charging mount so you can twist your phone on and off without unplugging.. worth checking out! Very popular with motorcyclists too!
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman Month ago
I own this GUB phone holder and use it on a regular base one my Gravel and Roadbike. Rock solid. Even had a crash with it and the phone didn't came out although the handlebar was bend.
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