Test: Check How Fast Your Brain Works

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This fun and simple reaction time test will show you how quick you are and how fast your brain is. Start with this series of reaction tests!

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Feb 21, 2018




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Comments 559
9:25 My reaction time is awesome! And yours?
james njoroge
james njoroge 11 days ago
1000 times better
Pogi_xander1234 Month ago
0.333 0.254
Chelaena Madrinan
Chelaena Madrinan 2 months ago
Mariem Ghanmi
Mariem Ghanmi 3 months ago
1st : 0.4 2nd:0.06
Matrixitookthe redpil
You should have let us count it not clap for it. The counting would reveal if we would have passed the test or not. Clapping doesnt tell us anything about if we failed or not.
Pikachu Let's go
Pikachu Let's go 2 days ago
Brain is the speed of urself for example, the more smart i are is the more fast u are
XxDarkNightmarexX 999
The green-button tapping time was unfair. I’m on iOS so then I had to press the vid twice. One to open the pause. The other one to actually pause it. I would have to guess when the green button will come and I always got it wrong, causing me to get 0.3 and 0.43. Make it fair if you want to test something. Now don’t be a toxic 7 year old saying “oH wAtCh It oN A cOmPuTeR” because I’m not allowed to
Pogi_xander1234 11 days ago
1st attempt-0.100 2nd attempt-0.233 3rd attempt-0.100 I try again is 0.033
james njoroge
james njoroge 11 days ago
it took me 0.100 secs to react to the sound and 0.333 secs to react to the green button
Avert5 28 days ago
WAIT The slow ones were kida hard but the fast ones are soo ez?
Hawol564 Month ago
omg in the sound one here are my results 1: 00.0 2:0.56 3:0.2
Oliver sloth Yo
Oliver sloth Yo Month ago
Bro i made it to the last color thing
tails miles
tails miles Month ago
There's no fate, to control *-BrAiN pOwEr-*
Dj Jmill
Dj Jmill Month ago
Side I done it bright side
Dj Jmill
Dj Jmill Month ago
Eamon Yap
Eamon Yap Month ago
I'm a awp player in csgo , Which means I passed all
HideousBaconV Month ago
At the audio reflex test, i got 0.100
Jason Mogg
Jason Mogg Month ago
The sound I did 0.03 I did bad on some others. So I will keep trying.
First Last
First Last Month ago
3:22 it’s not that hard
Jhing Agias TV
Jhing Agias TV 2 months ago
On that button thing... it took me loads of tries.... 0.16 sec was the best.
Sparkling Stars
Sparkling Stars 2 months ago
my reaction time is 0.66
demon queen
demon queen 3 months ago
Ad on a ad and then a next ad
KillaBee Dj
KillaBee Dj 4 months ago
I passed all tests, whoop, whoop 🙌🤓
Jeremiah Tana
Jeremiah Tana 4 months ago
Supernova gamer
Supernova gamer 5 months ago
I got .276 sec on the red/green button Edit: i did it again and got .113 sec.....then a .066. (Plz send help idk if i am ok anymore)
letplaywii Gaming
letplaywii Gaming 5 months ago
On the red to green button I got 0.100 on literally all of them
letplaywii Gaming
letplaywii Gaming 5 months ago
These were very simple and I had 1 attempted all of them, if it’s truly 1% of the world than common reaction time is very slow
The UNITED 6 months ago
Lol my reaction is below 200 ms
K659-723_0 6 months ago
Kristan Daley
Kristan Daley 6 months ago
For the pause at the Green button thing my reaction was 0.300
mY nAmE is YuB
mY nAmE is YuB 7 months ago
who else paused when the button was green in 0.100? I did somehow
Joshua Hancock
Joshua Hancock 7 months ago
.166 on button
Sehran Asghar
Sehran Asghar 7 months ago
Sehran Asghar
Sehran Asghar 7 months ago
Mine was 0.40
Good Bye
Good Bye 7 months ago
1% of the population is still over 60,000,000 so I don’t feel that special.
Loopy Blade
Loopy Blade 7 months ago
Loopy Blade
Loopy Blade 7 months ago
Loopy Blade
Loopy Blade 7 months ago
oZync 8 months ago
lol .200 for auditory and .166 for visual. I guess im backwards cause auditory is supposed to be faster
Casey Casper
Casey Casper 8 months ago
.066 third audio, lol
Casey Casper
Casey Casper 8 months ago
Lame side
AveragePerson 8 months ago
The video said I'm special. YEAH!
Ersilia Bidonne
Ersilia Bidonne 8 months ago
oussama tuto
oussama tuto 8 months ago
my avg reaction test is 174ms is it good ?
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