Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's Moulin Rouge at PyeongChang 2018 | Music Mondays

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Ice dancing gold medallists from the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir from Canada became Olympic champions after their performance to the soundtrack of the movie Moulin Rouge. A figure skating routine to remember!
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Mar 5, 2018




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Comments 80
Olympic 2 years ago
See more Figure Skating from PyeongChang 2018: bit.ly/2FjDP1l
Md Jobbar gazi
Md Jobbar gazi Month ago
@Sabarna Das v v v
Vera Mogensen
Vera Mogensen 4 months ago
same lol
Aracely Sep
Aracely Sep 7 months ago
Watched this performance plenty of times and never get tired.
Зара Зара
Зара Зара 11 months ago
Мои самые любимые Тесса и Скотт, как же они здорово катаются, их будет не хватать!
Marsha Daniel
Marsha Daniel Year ago
Olympic virtue/mori short dance
Briston Knight
Perfection in everything: choreography, technique, music...
Iva Nedyalkova
Each person that comments that they are coming from the “Spinning Out” series absolutely disrespects this incredible performance.Spinning Out is such a small insight into figure skating.There is no room for comparison between the series and Tessa and Scott.
Anna Day ago
the way he yeeted the door at the end was so necessary
Maria 3 days ago
Here because of personal health reasons and because Virtuemoir gives me healing
marella castillo
marella castillo 4 days ago
Gosh! I’m gonna miss this two! They’re one of the greatest ice skaters ever! And they achieved so many sports goals! May God Bless them so much! ❤️❤️❤️
luv3daysgrace1 4 days ago
Kkanika Sharma
Kkanika Sharma 4 days ago
Evan McGregor's voice flowing on the rink as smooth as tessa and scott
Carmen Capistrano
This is probably one of the most beautiful performances I've been watching on loop for the past 3 hours.
Ioana Vlaicu
Ioana Vlaicu 6 days ago
Beyond the words...
Kang Heejung
Kang Heejung 6 days ago
오마나~~!! 너무 멋지다!!!!! 킹!왕!짱!! 더군다나 평창올림픽이였어~!!!!
Glister blister
Glister blister 7 days ago
Gives me goosebumps always.
Glister blister
Glister blister 7 days ago
Enough of the Spinning out! Respect Tessa And Scott!
Inga Hagemann
Inga Hagemann 7 days ago
This is what intially attraced me to the art of ice skating
Olga Bom
Olga Bom 8 days ago
Just finished watching Alina's LP, and would like to enjoy watching another great program from that OG! Tessa, Moir you were fabulous!!!
leticia 8 days ago
nothing brings me more happiness than this video I swear
Catarina Oliveira
They won, right? That was beautiful
Alice Arsenteva
Alice Arsenteva 9 days ago
Absolutely beautiful
Victor Acuar
Victor Acuar 9 days ago
Oh my tessa..the smile tho..it kills me..congratulations tessa/scott and more power..mabuhay
zilam98 9 days ago
hello kabayan!
jj smith
jj smith 10 days ago
Certainly one of the greatest performances in figure skating history.
Tati Ponce
Tati Ponce 10 days ago
Exelente circo
zilam98 10 days ago
i cried watching this being livestreamed back during the olympics, crying now rewatching it
Haowei Shi
Haowei Shi 10 days ago
Watching this after finding out that Scott is engaged to someone who is not Tessa...can you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart breaking 💔
Inacio 12 days ago
just the best
aly 13 days ago
I still go back to this and try to understand how she back flipped onto his shoulders. That takes a lot of power it’s incredible
Awkward Swine :3
Awkward Swine :3 15 days ago
*Okay, but like, I can't be the only one who randomly clicked on this because I wanted to see some good skating and doesn't understand why everyone is talking about Netflix, right?*
Awkward Swine :3
Awkward Swine :3 13 days ago
@joekel55 ✨✨
joekel55 14 days ago
Like me, i'm a fan of figure skating, ice dance and speedskating for more than 50 years.
L. G.
L. G. 16 days ago
Wow, their interpretation is excelent..
aailuv 16 days ago
Tessa actually looks like her (Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge)
Natalie is Freezing
I don't believe in love because these two aren't actually in love in real life tbh
sonnur nurali
sonnur nurali 16 days ago
02:32 😱😱👌😘
able adelaide
able adelaide 16 days ago
Ok so all the comments led me to Spinning Out. It's lame. but I binged on it anyway......
sanjay k
sanjay k 17 days ago
This video shows , I have to play lover role
Kendra Mullen
Kendra Mullen 17 days ago
I don’t think I’ll ever get old of this program. It’s stunning in every single way
Jasmine 17 days ago
I swear half of those views are mine
Arjjay Meghdoot
Arjjay Meghdoot 17 days ago
it’s been two years.... why do i still keep coming back 🥺❤️
Marie-Claire Girouard
Je crois que tout le Canada aurait voulu être là pour les féliciter à la fin.
meryem cherif
meryem cherif 18 days ago
Everyone talking about this netflix series being inspired by these two when I didn't even know there was a series in the first place. I came here because I missed this performance and that's it.
heigei1 18 days ago
we are the Champions!
ctmjr2012 18 days ago
Incredible, fantastic,awesome
Lea Shimanek
Lea Shimanek 18 days ago
I wonder if Ewan McGregor ever thought he would be in the Olympics
Naomi Ezquivel
Naomi Ezquivel 18 days ago
I've this video plenty of times, but every time I get chills! Such an exquisite performance.
Catarina Peixoto
Catarina Peixoto 19 days ago
a cultural experience™
Kamila Soto
Kamila Soto 20 days ago
Every few months I’ll remember this beauty exists
Emma 20 days ago
The fact that Scott is mouthing the words to most of these lyrics to her while they're skating this routine is absolutely killing me, so cute
Cat Blue
Cat Blue 21 day ago
Story on Ice. Bravo!
Iwona Klonowska
Iwona Klonowska 22 days ago
Perfekcyjne wykonanie gorzej wypadl podklad mozyczny i ta ponura w kolorze i kroju sukienka.
lol 23 days ago
3:43 - 4:31 wow...
Hector Vicente
Hector Vicente 23 days ago
miranda nicole
miranda nicole 22 days ago
'Roxanne' and 'Come What May' from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack :)
M. H.
M. H. 25 days ago
I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but the best part for me, besides the powerful 3:59, was 3:46. When the voices stop, and it’s just the piano and their skates touching the ice in full synchronicity...gives me goosebumps every time.
Bình Lê
Bình Lê 25 days ago
I like 2 dance😍😘
Mari Lima
Mari Lima 25 days ago
Phim Tổng Hợp
Phim Tổng Hợp 25 days ago
Arwen Garraway
Arwen Garraway 26 days ago
My heart stopped for a second. 2:29
Tamar McMahon
Tamar McMahon 26 days ago
Their edges, their twizzles, their lifts, their artistry and synchronicity, their chemistry on ice. I cannot think of an ice dancing team that can so effectively move me to tears. I love the Prince SD with my entire heart and soul, but this FD is just so perfect. The very first time that I remember watching figure skating was watching Tessa and Scott win gold in Vancouver and I will never forget how it made me feel. Best ice dancing team of all time, you can't change my mind.
Александр Олейник
Пара" одно целое"!
Angélica C
Angélica C 26 days ago
Ok this may soud weird but in the second music the girl's voice fits Tessa and the boy's voice fits Scott 2 like that added a special touch in my opinion
Giuli de Piero
Giuli de Piero 27 days ago
I love the final operatic music!!! What song is??
joekel55 27 days ago
,, Come what may,, movie moulin rouge
— emma
— emma 27 days ago
Markphil Diaz
Markphil Diaz 27 days ago
Both are in charaters on the movie.. If you guys just watched moulin rouge? You can relate. You feel the love, the passion the intensity.. I think that made them won. And i think i might go back on watching pairs after this pandemic..
ande breve
ande breve 28 days ago
Esse casal é inesquecível. Lindos! E que performance!!!. Assisto sempre!!
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Month ago
Spectacular 🥇👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼
mlk _9x
mlk _9x Month ago
People are here because of a Netflix serie and me I'm here because of anime 🌚✊🏽
Rosa Nishina
Rosa Nishina 28 days ago
People are here for Tessa & Scott ! the Netflix series will soon be forgotten but the Canadian champions will never be. they became legend...the most iconic couple of all time, the most talented, the most charismatic
Romy Month ago
Not kidding I always come back watch this because it's my favourite routine ever. I miss seeing them skate
Julia S.
Julia S. Month ago
Just brilliant
Bernie Henry
Bernie Henry Month ago
Omg i got major chills at 2:31!
Catherine Martell
That was passionate
Questionable Life Choices
i just love that they're visibly singing along while skating!
Amna Khatoon
Amna Khatoon Month ago
is that difficult to believe that they are just a performer nd not lovers.... this is a passion nd not lovr
Sylvia Niemann
Sylvia Niemann Month ago
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir make figure skating more than a sport - they make it art.
Valerie Abby
Valerie Abby Month ago
Jade Reinholdt
Jade Reinholdt Month ago
when the music slows down i cry
sydlynng Month ago
this song is pretty:0
Norma Ramos
Norma Ramos Month ago
No me canso de mirarlos ....una belleza de Gracia y Erotismo...!!!
Nelle Blixt
Nelle Blixt Month ago
No matter how many free dances I watch, I always come back to this stunning masterpiece. I miss Virtue and Moir♥️
zilam98 Month ago
me too!
PewPew Kachu
PewPew Kachu Month ago
I've been watching the ice dancing part of the olympics for several years, and these two pretty much nail it every time. They're such a perfect pair.
Sofia Benavides
Sofia Benavides Month ago
Has llegado al comentario en español 😊
Sofia Benavides
Sofia Benavides Month ago
Spinning out
EM travel
EM travel Month ago
Yuri on Ice in real life lol
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