TESLA MODEL Y VS. MODEL X... An Opinion From Someone Who Owns BOTH!

Marc Benton
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I have received a lot of questions asking my opinion on the Model X and the Model Y since we took delivery of our Model Y. So here are my thoughts on both vehicles. I know I probably left a lot of info out but I did try to hit the most important things and the questions that I get asked the most.
I hope you enjoy!
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Mar 30, 2020




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Comments 80
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 2 months ago
Many have asked about the measurements for the trunk in Model X versus Model Y. I did the length and width in the video but didn’t do the height. The height is almost identical at 27”! If you want to see the measurements, check my twitter feed. 👍
Jack Ananian
Jack Ananian 7 days ago
Question about range of both vehicles
Eric Leszkowicz
Eric Leszkowicz 8 days ago
This made it MUCH hard to justify getting an X or a used S.
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 14 days ago
@AlanCypress Google it .I just did ,X frunk 6.6 cu ft.
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 14 days ago
@Emma Jade Easton I love this video .He gives important info ,unlike others who talk of superficial stuff.
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 14 days ago
frunk 6.6 cu ft
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 19 hours ago
Great video just what I needed b4 buying
Chuangzhou Guo
I owns model 3 and model x, I wish I can have a model Y . Hah
Tommy Armour
Tommy Armour Day ago
I like the lights and styling of the X, and the dash. But the Model Y seems the better deal.
William Schaub
William Schaub 2 days ago
great job on posting the difference of the Y and X model. Love the gull wing doors but looks like trouble. Order the Y and excited to get it....
dominic tripper
dominic tripper 2 days ago
i guess there will be a 100kwh model y soon
Vladimir Ozeryan
Vladimir Ozeryan 2 days ago
I ordered the model Y and was so excited to get it. I decided to test drive it to make sure I would like it and I absolutely hated the ride and just General feeling compared to the X. I bought the X can’t wait to get it I’ve had one before. You can’t even compare Y and X they are not in same class.
ecron lewis
ecron lewis 3 days ago
AWESOME! thank you for this
Todd T
Todd T 3 days ago
a expensive faster looking Toyota Prius
A K 3 days ago
X looks like a minivan. Does not look cool from the side, sorry.
Marcus Jesus
Marcus Jesus 4 days ago
Thanks for tips !!!!
J Morgan O'Donoghue, MD
Hi Marc loved this video how long did it take to get delivery of your model y after ordering
Richard Genece
Richard Genece 5 days ago
I’m really curious about the infotainment differences between the X and Y. My wife loves SiriusXM satellite and my understanding is that you can order an X or S with SiriusXM satellite native to the car, but cannot do so with a 3 or a Y. I know that you can stream using your iPhone, but what if I don’t want to have to tie up my iPhone to listen to music?
Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan 6 days ago
What about the room in back with 3 adults across? I'm considering a used X if only to get the 6 seat configuration because we are a household of 5 with heights of 6-5, 6-2, 5-10, 5-9, and 5-6. Lots of complaining when the 3 are in back if it's too cramped.
rocktramp 7 days ago
i also saw a report that the flat tops of the gull wing doors dump rain water into the car/ on to the rear passengers when they open
Just Truth
Just Truth 8 days ago
Thanks Marc. Can you comment on spare tire or how to deal with a flat. Also, what other routine maintenance is required as well as what issues should an owner be prepared to deal with if on a trip. Thanks again and hope Tesla gives you a break on the lease. They should probably give you a free car after all the sales you will generate.
MontiR Aruba
MontiR Aruba 8 days ago
What is the depth of the rear of the Model Y when you have the rear seats down from the rear hatch to the back of the front seats? Can I throw down a sleeping bag?
terry de vaz
terry de vaz 8 days ago
very good comparison, Thanks Marc!
zibbyzib 8 days ago
It looks like the “frunk” on the Y is better sealed than the X.
Abebe345 8 days ago
Excellent work.
Eric Leszkowicz
Eric Leszkowicz 8 days ago
This is a really good comparison. Not the same boring stats but new information.
Somashish Roy
Somashish Roy 8 days ago
Very good comparison and honest opinion. I like it !
Joel Perloff
Joel Perloff 9 days ago
Marc - great and helpful video. I am in the same spot. My Model X is coming off lease and I'm considering the Model Y. Can you tell me if the Y has the same door open and close functions that the X has? It's one of my favorite features.
Christa Stalcup
Christa Stalcup 9 days ago
I saw that you have the white seats in the x but got black in the Y. Any reason why you switched? I’ve ordered a gray y with white seats.
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
The white seats are harder to keep clean than the black. If you get them ceramic coated it helps and is pretty much a must for the white seats to keep blue jean transfer from happening.
Mark Schwietz
Mark Schwietz 9 days ago
When the 3 came out, Tesla was "dealing" - wiping out the balance on some of the leases. Sad to hear that they were not too interested in working with you. $2000 loss...but bigger than that your inconvenience. Thanks for jumping in.
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy 10 days ago
why does this guy have california tags on the model y and tennessee tags on the model x lmao
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
uhhhhh, because we just moved from Tennessee back to California.
Tyson DeWald
Tyson DeWald 10 days ago
Thank you so much. Very well done 👍. I love the wood in the “3” & “Y”. However to each their own.
Atharva Gupta
Atharva Gupta 10 days ago
Model y is the girl form of model x
boaz63 10 days ago
Was this filmed in Irvine or Valencia? 🤔😉
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
Clovis, CA (Central Cali near Fresno)
S Kline
S Kline 11 days ago
Do you have any thoughts/comments about the 19” vs 20” wheels on the Y?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
Not really. The 19's will ride a little better than the 20's but I prefer the look of the 20's, especially the black induction wheels.
Cia s
Cia s 11 days ago
Model is X is soooo cool, but you're making me want a model Y.
jmisc 11 days ago
How rich do you have to be and also in the terms of income to afford two Teslas, or even just Model Y? ... RUvidr life is stable enough?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
I do this as a hobby... RUvid pays very little. If I didn't love doing it, I wouldn't do it...it's too much work for the money.
JRB BA 11 days ago
Hey Marc, Thank you for an honest opinion of what you think of each car. I was in the market for a Model 3, but interested in the larger carrying capacity of the Model X. The Y seems to be the perfect fit between the 3 and X. Thanks again for the review!
mrinvincible8 12 days ago
You did an amazing job with this video great video very detailed thank you for giving us exactly what we were thinking we wanted to see. This will surely help people on the fence cause even I wanted to see a great detailed comparison. So thank you and great great job!
Ross Youngblood
Ross Youngblood 12 days ago
Nice review. Love my model X. Would trade down to a model Y, but my wife says no more cars...
Armando De Alba
Armando De Alba 12 days ago
Great job bud helped my wife and I
one love
one love 12 days ago
The model x need some more Improvement. It has potential it just need some more work with the doors. A lot of people complain about the doors, if they can figure that out. The x will be one of the hottest cars on the market.
one love
one love 12 days ago
Good video!!! Great video!!! 👍🏿
Start Visit
Start Visit 13 days ago
funny to hear about “automatic tail gate”, when all crossovers has it now
Start Visit
Start Visit 13 days ago
too much talking, little showing
Start Visit
Start Visit 13 days ago
he measures trunk but actually not showing, why? also should pick white interior for Y
Ilham Ilham
Ilham Ilham 13 days ago
Thanks for sharing
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 14 days ago
I love the review very informative, the ruler is important to me .Give us pertinent info first. You also covered my other issue will the door hit my open garage door like my minivan rear door does. More on the garage setting. I heard the X had seating for 7 ,never saw the rear seats in the video
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 8 days ago
@Marc Benton My main concern is Trunk space my Avalon has 14 cu ft I need more . I travel with 4 people on vacation. Which car will fit a Bicycle ? I have a bike and a handcycle 88 inches long. I do not take bikes on vacation I bike locally with me and a friend only.
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
@Marco Deo Both of them do. The 7 seater Model Y is not out yet. But if you need 6 or 7 seats, I would buy the Model X. The 3rd row in the Model Y is very small.
Marco Deo
Marco Deo 9 days ago
@Marc Benton I thought one of them had seating for 7 ?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
Our Model X was a 5 seater so it was very similar to the current Model Y that is available (also a 5 seater).
2.0 Lyf Pop
2.0 Lyf Pop 14 days ago
What you doing to afford a nice house and two teslas? I know one but he’s a friggin doctor anesthesiologist! Wifey nurse 👩‍⚕️ so they balling 💵 all that hard work paid off
2.0 Lyf Pop
2.0 Lyf Pop 8 days ago
Marc Benton well then amen 🙏 brotha. Whatever it is you’re doing good. Keep up the grind I hope to be there at the top one day with all the hard work 😄
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
God is good.
melissa crandall
melissa crandall 14 days ago
After watching your video it just confirms me wanting a model y. I never want to go back to a sedan and model x is was to expensive for me. Once I noticed the model y is very similar but some what affordable, I want one.
Evangeline Stars
Evangeline Stars 14 days ago
Interesting I don’t see anyone talking about the seating in the comments or addressed in the video. To me the main difference is capacity - the model Y 3rd row I wouldn’t even consider useable. For people who need that third row with 3 kids or taking around more people - model X is far superior. Also very car seat friendly with the falcon doors. You can stand straight up buckling them in.
samuel 14 days ago
Awesome video Marc, love the panoramic roof and wondering will it get really hot inside when driving on 90+ degree days.
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
Well, everyone is different. To me, its not a big deal and its been over 100 here for many days in a row. But you could add ceramic tint to the roof which would help a lot. We still may do that because it does help the car stay cooler.
Jay Chu
Jay Chu 15 days ago
Real question is...which one has more issues 😂
Olivier Pothier
Olivier Pothier 15 days ago
Thank you so much for your good explainations, Mr.Benton. It confirms what I really thought about Model Y.
Steven Roglen
Steven Roglen 16 days ago
How tall are you?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 9 days ago
5' 10"
Suzanne So
Suzanne So 16 days ago
Appreciate your review on the two cars! Honest opinion that seems on point.
Jared Brown
Jared Brown 16 days ago
Thanks for the comparison and your perspective! I think there are two good reasons to purchase an X despite the comments made in favor of the Y (which I agree with for the most part, actually): 1) Range - if you take frequent road trips, which our family does, the range of the Long Range X is important. 2) Towing Capacity - we have a heavy boat and the Y can't tow it. Also, a potential #3, but it's too early to say, is the 7 seat configuration. The X with the 7 seat configuration is comfortable for children and even passable for adults and still yields large storage space. It's not clear if the Y with 7 seats will have as much storage or will have as comfortable a 3rd row. Until the Y with the 7 seat configuration is out, we can't know if this difference will be significant or not. In general, I agree that the other differences are small enough to really consider a Y instead of an X and save the price difference. If you have anything over 3,500 lbs to tow or if you take frequent road trips and want to reduce the frequency of super charging on those road trips, the X may still be the better option.
Kevin Lundquist
Kevin Lundquist 16 days ago
Well done. I have a model 3 that my 17 year old daughter drives. I'm getting the Y next week.
D Smith
D Smith 17 days ago
I believed that Model 3 sales would eat into Model S sales, so to hear someone say the Y will do the same to the X makes a lot of sense. Tesla is like Apple, each product they produce will have better tech in general. This is frustrating and disappointing for loyal buyers, but this makes USED car sales great for people that want an X or S. When Cybertrk comes out, it'll be way better than the Y. I've been watching S used sales drop steeply while X used prices have held. Let's see if X prices go down. I'd still by an X if it was AP2 MCU 2+ (upgradeable for $2500 to MCU 3 like the 3 and Y).
Kamiko Koko
Kamiko Koko 17 days ago
Flex on my ex, in my Model X...and Y. 🤣
Tatoum974 17 days ago
X for big family (2 or 3 kids ) and Y for 1 or 2 kids 😄
Brian roy
Brian roy 17 days ago
Why didn't you take it to a Tesla service center for the falcon door was it to save money
Joshua Zeegers
Joshua Zeegers 17 days ago
Great video. God bless you in Jesus Christ! Trying to decide between a model x or y or 3 or s.
antonio volpe
antonio volpe 18 days ago
why bother ??? cyber truck
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 17 days ago
Because Cybertruck looks like a dumpster.
Xander X
Xander X 18 days ago
Cool now I know to get a new model Y , great video🙃
Mike Wollock
Mike Wollock 18 days ago
Thanks Marc. This is the honest opinion of the x & y that I was looking for.
FrogAndRooster 18 days ago
Good video and agree the model X will probably be dropped !
Stanislav Gotzov
Stanislav Gotzov 18 days ago
This is how things work in USA you pay and you turn back your car hahah.
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan 19 days ago
What amazes me is one major difference between the X and Y which isn't even mentioned. That is the ability to have a roof rack. I want a crossover SUV to have that feature available and you can't do that with an X. Can you imagine a Forester, or Outback, or CRV, or Rave 4 etc. to not have a roof rack option ? Without that the car is just a big sedan.
Rohith raj
Rohith raj 20 days ago
Thanks man, You cleared lot of my doubts.
L V 20 days ago
Why to have two different models same color????
Slenda Mon
Slenda Mon 18 days ago
White is the free color all the other colors cost more.. and also white is sexy on those cars
Jaemey Matherly
Jaemey Matherly 20 days ago
Great video Marc. Not in the market for both for about 10 years but still appreciate the info.
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline 20 days ago
Thanks for this video clip. If I was looking to purchase a new car I love to have Model Y.
Eltro Leromayor
Eltro Leromayor 21 day ago
I love my Black on Black model X ❤️❤️❤️
Abhijit Patel
Abhijit Patel 22 days ago
White or black interior? I see you now have both with X in white and Y in black. We are thinking of a grey Y with black interior but white does look really really nice. Any thoughts?
Adrian Hetmanski
Adrian Hetmanski 22 days ago
Hey Mark, wish u could do a Airport luggage run, how much u can stuff in the Y =)
Michael Soldate
Michael Soldate 22 days ago
Model X is the one you want, Model Y is the one you can afford
Z Man
Z Man Day ago
Take the fully equipped top of the line model Y over the X.
W G 2 days ago
@Marco Deo I did mention that it is "big" and "heavy" (it won't out turn a Miata in the tightest twists), but it is probably the best vehicle I can think of at that size of interior space and cargo room. It drives a lot better than one would expect, but don't expect a magic carpet ride; just a magical aspect of design and engineering for the weight and dimensions that it has to work with. If you want to go on a 90+ mph canyon twist, there are much smaller and lighter cars for that type of task; it shouldn't be any 7 seat vehicle.
A K 3 days ago
Based on looks the x is like a soccer mom van. Whereas the y is more like a compact soccer mom suv.
Z Man
Z Man 6 days ago
Nah. I can afford both. X just ain’t worth the money given how close the Y compares to the X.
Tabitha Wilson
Tabitha Wilson 12 days ago
Hello Naptime
Hello Naptime 22 days ago
This was very helpful! Thank you!
David Farrell
David Farrell 23 days ago
Think the Y is the game changer IMHO. Most people want quality, reliability and simplicity. 300 mile plus range, with some toys (lane assist, adaptive cruise control) autonomous driving is not high on most people priority from what I read. Has plenty of space too. e-niro and kona etc are too small.
Dr. Vladimir Chistoprudov
Thank you so much. This was very helpful.
barebare 25 days ago
It’s fascinating to me that people mention free supercharging as an important thing in a 100k+ car:p
Jim Kaynee
Jim Kaynee 26 days ago
I hope the issues are resolved quickly! These are amazing vehicles!
Givaldo Lins
Givaldo Lins 26 days ago
Very helpful! Thanks for making this video!
mistadj 26 days ago
Does that glass roof generate a lot of heat in the car?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 25 days ago
Not really, there is a coating on the glass. You could also get Ceramic Tint which blocks pretty much all of the UV and Heat.
Jim Bayne
Jim Bayne 26 days ago
I'm buying a used Model X this week from Tesla. 2016 90D with everything but upgraded stereo and 4 yr 50 k warranty with free supercharging for 49k. I cancelled my Y order last week. I think it's a better deal. Would that make you change your mind on the model y?
Marc Benton
Marc Benton 25 days ago
No because of the older tech in the 2016 Model X (unless you pay $2500 to upgrade the MCU). To me, the Y is still the better deal and there isn’t a huge difference in space.
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