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Welcome to the ultimate Tesla day out. Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix takes on a marathon Tesla-based 24 hours that includes: touring the massive Fremont Factory where the Model S, 3 and X are built, road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a Model 3 Performance and going rogue at the reveal party for the new Model Y SUV in the evening, hosted by Elon Musk himself. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Apr 3, 2019




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Comments 1 553
Tom Day ago
I can't believe they call this Top Gear... Top Gear died when Clarkson left.
Biniam Gaming
I don’t understand why people turn on headlights during daytime. It just eats up your charge
Ryan Crase
Ryan Crase 3 days ago
We stopped at that supercharging station at 2am and it was such a great find!! Drive our X from Seattle to LA....and this was a huge help. Loaded up on mocha and snacks before hitting the road!
Cars Of Pennsylvania
does top gear really not research before making these videos?
Matteo Gauthier
Matteo Gauthier 7 days ago
lol he said 20 dollars to fill up
Mango 8 days ago
Hydrogen is the best but water is almost free...so no profit!
Mango 8 days ago
Nicola Tesla is rolling in his grave watching this obsolete cars! made just because petrol is running out...
DrWeeWe 9 days ago
Of course Top Gear a Tesla hater
American Protection
There’s a lot of misinformation in this video
Judge TK
Judge TK 14 days ago
If you are going to be so negative about it from the start why do it at all? I love old-time gas monsters as much as anybody. but I know you are absolutely an ignorant man that if I had you around me for very long I would just simply knock you out so I didn't have to listen to your stupidity. Why don't you tell us when the last time someone on this planet achieved what this man has in the last 100 years? Let us not forget you represent a country that was chopping people's heads off 50-60 years ago. One more thing before I go. I used to watch top gear a lot and enjoyed it very much. But idiots like you have killed the show and I know a lot of people over here in Canada that don't watch it anymore because of your ignorant attitudes from the new hosts. You wouldn't know a man with passion and someone who really cares about the future if you tripped over him. Like I said. KNOCKED OUT ONE-SHOT.
Michael C
Michael C 14 days ago
I hope to one day work in a Tesla factory !!
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 15 days ago
everywhere I comment about hydrogen gets a lot of hate, when I say Japan and S. Korea are aiming to jump over electric and straight to hydrogen, then some scientists shout some science at me saying hydrogen is not possible bla bla, I think many people buy a Leaf and use the battery to power their house, or just hold gasoline until 2023 and buy hydrogen .... the new bimotor Leaf has like 700nm and suddenly huge attention, some russian and other vids on hydrogen cars are getting like 500k views in 48hs and showing people plug in to charge their 400 mile range vehicles, like it was already old hat
16:49 is that MK.?
Mighty Ferret
Mighty Ferret 18 days ago
i would get more anxiety from living in a tiny island....
Channel X
Channel X 19 days ago
So Top Gear now only has w*nkers with preposterous northern accents. Got it.
Lucas H
Lucas H 19 days ago
Great video!
Matthew Franklin
Matthew Franklin 24 days ago
It's a company that like Apple which has a big fan base. The evangelical nature probably has more to do with the fact it's in America. American's get that way about things.
darkwing4 26 days ago
Thank you for an outstanding video, You sir, have job security,, (Great film crew also,, :-)
Panos Rod
Panos Rod 28 days ago
Too much fuss for a car (fans, yelling, yuhuuus)... Tsss, tsss, tsss. Petrol, gas, electric...who cares? They all take your money and give you metal that gets you to work and playgrounds for the kids at weekends. Get your self together people.
John Month ago
"It`s alot easier than filling up with petrol or diesel,getting it all over your shoes"?? If you`re too stupid to fill up your car with petrol without drenching yourself in it you probably shouldn`t drive alt all. And it takes about 2 minutes or so as opposed to this which is what... 45 minutes? And yes i do have "Tesla experience". Once the novelty of brutal acceleration wears off ot`s a shit car
Marc W.
Marc W. Month ago
Most people don’t have to recharge on the go since they just charge at home, and it’s much cheaper.
Catioi Cat
Catioi Cat Month ago
Tesla fans seem annoying
R A Month ago
Y is a killer definitely Elon response the family guys love it so much I did opposed model 3 but y is lovely car and longer range as well.
Once the super quick charge batteries get figured out Then electric will take off. What’s scary thou, is poor drivers, driving fast cars.
Uncle MJ
Uncle MJ Month ago
Musk is a true hero. And no, I drive a petrol car, so no fanboy talk here.
rishin roy
rishin roy Month ago
Looks more like a terminator production factory with all those robotic arms. Hands down, impressive.
Roshan John
Roshan John Month ago
What is it with topgear and all this Tesla hate
Chicken Noodles1030
Where Elian musk
MsPokey1234 Month ago
Here's what I want for my FIRST Electric Car: BASIC Car ( K. I. S.S.) ~ Charge on 110vac~ No Computers ~ Digital Read outs ~ 100
vipsavior Month ago
@00:55 that person just got fired for having a Prius.
Marc W.
Marc W. Month ago
There’s a showroom/store on site so it MAY not be a worker but I’m not sure.
Pun Jab I
Pun Jab I Month ago
"Trusting the system" is a huge mistake to make!
Nigel Rowe
Nigel Rowe Month ago
Serious point: are there any studies that show an increase (or not) of pollution output at power generation stations since EVs became more popular? On a recent trip to China we used the 300kmh bullet train fantastic view of distant power stations belching steam - oh the irony.
Geoff Clements
Geoff Clements Month ago
The most reviewed feature of the Model 3 .... Fart Mode.
Seraphim401 Month ago
Ah yes "Top Gear".
Dick Saunders
Dick Saunders Month ago
Teslas and EVs are the targets of disinformation (lies) put forth by the world's oil companies to protect their businesses! EV's require less maintenance just as diesel electric locomotives and jet engines as compared to steam locomotives and piston aircraft engines.
Rambi Month ago
30sec in and still biased as f, shitshow.
Xly Month ago
Why is a car journalist to stupid to do their research?
Ephraim Fanfair
Ephraim Fanfair Month ago
Model S, Model 3, Model x, Model y.......S3XY 😏 Tesla you naughty bitches
Marc W.
Marc W. Month ago
They wanted to get Model E instead of 3 but Ford already had it 😂
Drmcx Month ago
So, a fat model 3... Got it!
Robert McDonnold
Not a fan of top gear.
Robert McDonnold
Only an idiot wouldn't know how to open the charging door.
Robert McDonnold
Did you actually expect an unbiased review. Apparently this is the first time he's seen a modern assembly plant. He's Trying really hard not to like it.
Krzychu Month ago
Absolutely horrible car.
liviu bardel
liviu bardel Month ago
machines build machines . not smart .
Stephan de Lange
Why do they let Top Gear near a Tesla after all their dishonesty of the past?
hyraxist Month ago
Top gear has seriously lost its charm
Elon musk must be the antichrist i swear
Rupert Russell
Rupert Russell 2 months ago
Interesting you’re comparing the Tesla factory to the Death Star. How long do you think range anxiety lasts for once you’ve owned one for 6 months? Model 3 Performance 0-62 is 3.2 seconds. But that’s not the exciting bit. It’s the 0-30 that grabs you by the bollox!
Krzychu 27 days ago
@Marc W. Yes, I am.
Marc W.
Marc W. Month ago
Krzychu It took me like 6 seconds to read lmao you must be one lazy son of a gun
Krzychu Month ago
@Rupert Russell still too long dude, it's yt comment section not a blog.
Rupert Russell
Rupert Russell Month ago
@Krzychu it's shorter than the first one, how odd!
Krzychu Month ago
@Rupert Russell sorry but i didn't read your comment, too long, waste of time.
Steve Morison
Steve Morison 2 months ago
Nice overview, thanks.
B H 2 months ago
A new key term: Range Anxiety
AMAN BHAGAT 2 months ago
awsm 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻
brad auckram
brad auckram 2 months ago
I would buy it for the fart feature alone.😂
Lavalambtron 2 months ago
I believe steve jobs if he was alive would try to compete with tesla with his very own apple electric car.
Constantinus Augustus
toooooo long a video. bye.
Haresh Kainth
Haresh Kainth 2 months ago
With my first car which was a BMW i only got it because of door lights. I then changed to an Audi A4 for the wheel designs. Then I changed that car to an Audi S3 because of the quad exhausts. Now, i think I will change my S3 for a Tesla because of the fart noise :)
Warren Trout
Warren Trout 2 months ago
SO typical. What HE wants is what you should want too.
meowmix808 2 months ago
You're disturbing the people in the tour car with you lol.
AwesomeGuy 2 months ago
Pause at 5:09. He's literally driving past 4 superchargers and complaining about range anxiety. Also, that's ignoring the cluster of at least 10 others that are close to his current position. Range anxiety is not a thing
Brooke Curtis
Brooke Curtis 2 months ago
Omg, I can’t with the fart mode 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️♥️♥️
Letme Getsome
Letme Getsome 2 months ago
Benj 2 months ago
I just want to slap the journalist so hard
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