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Welcome to the ultimate Tesla day out. Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix takes on a marathon Tesla-based 24 hours that includes: touring the massive Fremont Factory where the Model S, 3 and X are built, road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a Model 3 Performance and going rogue at the reveal party for the new Model Y SUV in the evening, hosted by Elon Musk himself. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Apr 3, 2019




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Comments 80
Amadou Sène
Amadou Sène Day ago
„What did I learn. Nothing.“ Seriously?
Amadou Sène
Amadou Sène Day ago
Normally I like Top Gear Videos but this is a very bad video. You have so many misinformation and you don’t really know Teslas. Please inform before doing videos with false information for millions of people.
I Love Tesla’s
I Love Tesla’s 3 days ago
Hey LowGear Model Y is out in America. 🇺🇸
Lutz Month ago
The on-board computer and all the electronics on board are technologically ahead of all other manufacturers by 6 to 8 years
A. M.
A. M. 2 months ago
Useless car
Avoiding Trees
Avoiding Trees 2 months ago
Did he stuck his fingers in the cups while in the lounge 🤔
Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson 2 months ago
No, the factory looks absolutely nothing like The Death Star.
Inquiring Minds
Inquiring Minds 2 months ago
"Range anxiety is a thing whether Tesla chooses to admit it or not." Range anxiety with fossil fuel cars is still a thing whether you choose to keep it real or not. So, what else is new?
Hugh Tuck
Hugh Tuck 2 months ago
He learnt it all off of Stevie...
Jack Ryder
Jack Ryder 2 months ago
Is it quite interiors compared to 3 and softer suspension?
Graeme Mudie
Graeme Mudie 2 months ago
Typical Top Gear. No research or attempt to unferstand how to use an EV.
Beach Boy
Beach Boy 2 months ago
Correction: no ESSO in crouch end, there is a Texaco on Tottenham Lane. There are two Shell stations nearby. LOL
Jose Centeio
Jose Centeio 2 months ago
3:20 “ you see robots in the floor they are robots “ didn’t get that
jawad jaws
jawad jaws 2 months ago
N Garcia
N Garcia 3 months ago
Why didn't they allow the filming crew in? Capacity or to avoid filming?
N Garcia
N Garcia 3 months ago
I'm more annoyed by the stupid farts than having to stop to charge
agentscu11y 3 months ago
this man is EV novice?
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw 3 months ago
1:50 Toyota, not GM, although GM had previously owned part of if it.
Jonas Weber
Jonas Weber 3 months ago
Only an idiot would not know you can press the button on the charging cable to open the charging trap...
Saul Tineo
Saul Tineo 3 months ago
Top gear always hating on Tesla, funny that top gear main sponsor is an oil brand 😂
JORDAN KIM 3 months ago
Hyundai never reveal their production line,, bcz workers use wifi to watch youtube during their working time 😂
parimal bodgal
parimal bodgal 3 months ago
Milo Carter
Milo Carter 3 months ago
Can you please have a millennial and not a boomer review this car he got so many things wrong
Harry Brill
Harry Brill 4 months ago
00:10 mate I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Star Wars but that does not look the the death star💀😂😂😂
Eddy Boh
Eddy Boh 4 months ago
Skippy, what exactly are you supposed you're doing?
George Lewis
George Lewis 4 months ago
We love our Tesla Model 3 and pre-ordered our Model Y. My wife loves the safety aspects (too many to mention). On the highway we just adjust the radar cruise control and roll. Love the surround video also. I have another petrol vehicle and it costs approx 120$ every 2 weeks. The Tesla... for the same milage $ 16 (Mind Blown).
randombloke 4 months ago
The white Tesla Y is a mockup!
global amnesia
global amnesia 4 months ago
great car, ugly review
Idk 4 months ago
Remember when they lied about the range on the other Tesla they tested a while back, lol saying it died a little short, causing Elon to undo the damaged they caused, when the car still had 20 more miles left in it Don't trust Top Gear when they Review Tesla's, their bias is so clear.
Sid Nahúm Ledón Santos
0:32 Ford interrupting video right on a tesla video in front of a tesla factory.
Glitchy Soup
Glitchy Soup 4 months ago
Please use 60fps. The video is very stuttery. Hard to watch.
ChitFromChinola 4 months ago
How is Top Gear even credible anymore?
mike devaney
mike devaney 4 months ago
The factory actually is like some future dystopian hell
Exo_FDO 4 months ago
In the next ASStra?
E. Camilo
E. Camilo 4 months ago
I wonder if these cars can cost any cheaper in the future. Technically these electric cars have at least 30% less pieces than a conventional car. Let's see what happens with competition in this segment.
Condor1994 4 months ago
It makes me kinda too happy to know a fart is called the falcon heavy lol
Joey Miranda
Joey Miranda 4 months ago
God this presenter is so annoying. Full of bad jokes and crappy narrative pushing
GeorgeGreen 4 months ago
I like this model y design alot more than the ford mach e. It looks sporty and more car like than suv.
Neubs10 23
Neubs10 23 4 months ago
You don't need to charge to 100% almost ever to reach your destination or the next sure-charger stop, the way the network was is to charge the cars to 80 percent, which takes about 20 minutes or so, and head to either the next supercharger or your destination. The last 20 percent of the charge takes as long as the first 80 percent of the charge.
Prince Chauhan
Prince Chauhan 4 months ago
Jan Verheyen
Jan Verheyen 4 months ago
Man why start with all the negativity?
Brian Shortbread
Brian Shortbread 4 months ago
I think he meant *quite figuratively
Alex 4 months ago
If only it didn't look like a Prius.
Snow VOLT 5 months ago
You can change you percentage to mileage
samy saleh
samy saleh 5 months ago
I love reily tesla cars keep going
margu4u 5 months ago
FREE charging 1000 miles !!... > ruvid.net/video/video-kGE1QV3-yBE.html
Capthrax1 5 months ago
Yeah that is not the biggest press in north america, not even close. Wonder what else top gear got wrong. After all they are a entertainment show, not a fact one. Tesla found that out when they sued top gear for scripting a malfunction on one of their cars
Jens Löffler
Jens Löffler 5 months ago
3:47 in german "hochzeit"
Nickyhasnolife 5 months ago
model *S* model *3* model *X* model *Y*
irony 5 months ago
Where is it 8 months later 😂. The Semi? The Roadster?
ben roberts
ben roberts 5 months ago
Low gear
Joe Black
Joe Black 5 months ago
I grew up a few blocks from that rocket display....and still drive by there to visit my parents.
Chirag Gowda
Chirag Gowda 5 months ago
This dude got ELONgated.
Indii G.
Indii G. 5 months ago
Should I buy a model 3 or wait for a model y?
Dove Rock
Dove Rock 5 months ago
Another amazing super produced slickly presented PAID ADVERTISEMENT from the ( er .. GLOBALISTS BBC ) WHIP THEM ALL INTO A "EV FRENZY " yall.. yeha.. ER DON'T MENTION THE PESKY MINING, children labouring in Ghana.. and the whole co2 Hoax.. STILL, NICE CAR ..SADLY TWICE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IT SHOULD BE.. but unethical still the same.
Seawolf 5 months ago
Could be worse. Could be oil-funded terror groups in the Middle East killing your boys. I'm sure the world's largest source of EV battery materials, Australia, treat their children better than yours.
Hermaeus_Mora1 5 months ago
"Looks a little bit like the Death Star"? Maybe I have to rewatch Star Wars XD
Moses VII
Moses VII 5 months ago
The whole range anxiety bit this guy was talking about is for people that haven't learnt to trust the car. When you own one you start to relax and realize it's really not an issue. You charge at home when you want, if you're on a long trip you use the car to tell you if you'll make it.
GuitarD30 5 months ago
98% of the video is of a red head. I’m here for the car.
Thomas Danielsen
Thomas Danielsen 5 months ago
Top Gear, who is this guy?
Ricky Lzanlla
Ricky Lzanlla 6 months ago
Trendy people Suck.... they all have the same traits..!! Pretencious, Envious, Backstabers, and Pusies...just like that weak dude from good will hunting, ruvid.net/video/video-hIdsjNGCGz4.html
Sailing Chloe
Sailing Chloe 6 months ago
high charge and discharge rates will degrade any batteries lifetime. We avoid super chargers altogether. We just use overnight chargers in a hotel. We just use the EVHOTELS.ORG app to find all these hotels. Save your batteries AND your time..... charge while you sleep.
Eurotrash on Tour
Eurotrash on Tour 6 months ago
This makes me hate the BBC even more. I didn’t think that was possible.
Eurotrash on Tour
Eurotrash on Tour 6 months ago
Not fort, but thought. OMG man learn to speak English properly!
MrArchie800 6 months ago
hmm (as others mention) some of the negative points the reviewer infers are not wholly accurate, whether that is a result of inadequate research/knowledge or otherwise the result is the same - take these reviews with a pinch of salt.
Eric Barnett
Eric Barnett 6 months ago
Top schmear!
Spookey 6 months ago
I can't believe they call this Top Gear... Top Gear died when Clarkson left.
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 6 months ago
I don’t understand why people turn on headlights during daytime. It just eats up your charge
Ryan Crase
Ryan Crase 6 months ago
We stopped at that supercharging station at 2am and it was such a great find!! Drive our X from Seattle to LA....and this was a huge help. Loaded up on mocha and snacks before hitting the road!
Cars Of Pennsylvania
does top gear really not research before making these videos?
Matteo Gauthier
Matteo Gauthier 6 months ago
lol he said 20 dollars to fill up
Mango 6 months ago
Hydrogen is the best but water is almost free...so no profit!
Mango 6 months ago
Nicola Tesla is rolling in his grave watching this obsolete cars! made just because petrol is running out...
HT VLOGS 6 months ago
Of course Top Gear a Tesla hater
American Protection
American Protection 6 months ago
There’s a lot of misinformation in this video
Judge TK
Judge TK 6 months ago
If you are going to be so negative about it from the start why do it at all? I love old-time gas monsters as much as anybody. but I know you are absolutely an ignorant man that if I had you around me for very long I would just simply knock you out so I didn't have to listen to your stupidity. Why don't you tell us when the last time someone on this planet achieved what this man has in the last 100 years? Let us not forget you represent a country that was chopping people's heads off 50-60 years ago. One more thing before I go. I used to watch top gear a lot and enjoyed it very much. But idiots like you have killed the show and I know a lot of people over here in Canada that don't watch it anymore because of your ignorant attitudes from the new hosts. You wouldn't know a man with passion and someone who really cares about the future if you tripped over him. Like I said. KNOCKED OUT ONE-SHOT.
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 6 months ago
everywhere I comment about hydrogen gets a lot of hate, when I say Japan and S. Korea are aiming to jump over electric and straight to hydrogen, then some scientists shout some science at me saying hydrogen is not possible bla bla, I think many people buy a Leaf and use the battery to power their house, or just hold gasoline until 2023 and buy hydrogen .... the new bimotor Leaf has like 700nm and suddenly huge attention, some russian and other vids on hydrogen cars are getting like 500k views in 48hs and showing people plug in to charge their 400 mile range vehicles, like it was already old hat
16:49 is that MK.?
X 6 months ago
So Top Gear now only has w*nkers with preposterous northern accents. Got it.
Lucas H
Lucas H 6 months ago
Great video!
Matthew Franklin
Matthew Franklin 7 months ago
It's a company that like Apple which has a big fan base. The evangelical nature probably has more to do with the fact it's in America. American's get that way about things.
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