Terminator Genisys - All Young T-800 Arnold Scenes [BLU RAY]

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The forging, the arrival, the fight and the termination of young T-800.
This Cyberdyne Systems Terminator, Model 101, T-800 series, was produced on year 2029 and then send back through time to 1984 to terminate Sarah Connor.
The Terminator is an infiltration unit, part man - part machine. Underneath it's a hyperalloy combat chassis, microprocessor-controlled, fully armored, very tough. But outside it's living human tissue. Flesh, skin, hair, blood. It's covered with living tissue, including flesh, skin, hair, blood and body fluids.
The T-800 has a circulatory system which is controlled by a tiny pneumatic pump which maintains a constant pressure. This allows the T-800 to bleed convincingly when wounded.
As the tissue is living, it is warm to the touch, therefore a T-800 will not show different from a real human on thermal scanners. In addition, since the tissue is as real as those of human, it can bleeding, sweating, bad breathing and even aging. Given enough time, a T-800 can regrow its tissue sheath, at least if its not completely destroyed.
A Terminator can withstand standard 20th century firearms, up to and including 5.56mm NATO assault rifle rounds, crash through walls intact, and survive explosions to some degree. It can fully operate for 120 years on it's power cell before it drains. If main power source is damaged, it's able to find an alternate source, described on the DVD commentary as heat sinks, harnessing the thermal energy from the hot surroundings. It also has redundant backup hydraulic systems. The T-800 is capable of running internal systems checks; calculating the distance of objects relative to itself; targeting with a precision head-up display; making detailed kinetic studies of trajectories; sampling and analyzing the atmosphere, weather patterns and wind velocity; analyzing human emotional states; analyzing body language and direction of muscle contraction; calculating the force of gravity; analyzing texture and temperature of materials; and sensing radar scans. It is fitted with an internal chronometer.

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Nov 8, 2015




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Creative Channel • კრეატივი
ruvid.net/video/video-tJF9k1R0bPc.html >> Terminator All Future Wars
Bruh this could have been good in my opinion it they didn't try to cram a ton of shit in one movie also some of the acting for fuck sakes, and if they made it more serious and more entertaining in the edge of your seat, also some other stuff
Zik Day ago
Кусок говна, гинезис просто высер....
Tritium Dioxide
Tritium Dioxide 4 days ago
If I'm correct we should watch the series in this order. Terminator 1 Terminator 3 Judgement day (T2) Genesis Terminator 4 Dark Fate
Wall Su Geum
Wall Su Geum 10 days ago
Sniper: death Explosive with fire: alive Wtf wrong with this
That Sniper Uses .50 BMG Round Which Penetrates Almost Everything
ivy league
ivy league 10 days ago
Hugo Olivera
Hugo Olivera 14 days ago
old not obsolete
Echo Sky White Noise
Artists must have been having a heart attack when the cgi terminator's Gluteus Maximus didn't have any reflective light on it. It's either he has the worlds flattest bum or he was built with shadows in place because Skynet knew how people like to censor things. Lol
Levelord 16 days ago
This "Kyle Reese" is a fucking joke
John Hiz
John Hiz 20 days ago
Tenho saudades dos efeitos práticos hoje em dia enfiam CGI em tudo. Não gosto muito desse filme mas adorei o vídeo e obrigado 👍
Curtis Holmes
Curtis Holmes 20 days ago
They couldn’t use the original footage from the first film so the fact that it’s all done again Is amazing
sadas Month ago
Couldn't reveal himself earlier to save those punks, couldn't reveal himself later so that Daenarys will just kill the terminator with 1 shot.
Crassus Month ago
damn, I'd really need that screwer for my bedroom window
sinkingships offools
this sucks
Nicholas LaRosa
Nicholas LaRosa Month ago
So stupid that they didn't use the .50 caliber right away. Would you attack a tank with an f'ing 12 gauge?
Diamondsandgold Month ago
I hope we see another T-850
D4rk Sh4dow
D4rk Sh4dow Month ago
2:45 bro this is from t1 and not from genisys 0:00 - 0:57 t2 teaser trailer 0:57 t salvation
D4rk Sh4dow
D4rk Sh4dow Month ago
Nobody: Karens: i dont know a blu ray but blue ray
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 days ago
Рафаэль Юнусов
Poor gluing of different parts
Flow5tate Month ago
3:08 Remington. 12-Gauge double barrel Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. T-800 is no primitive screwhead. T-800 shops smart, shops S-Mart. You got that!?!
Nimbruh _
Nimbruh _ Month ago
Lmao s-mart
prod prod
prod prod Month ago
RIP mr.paxton
D Smyth
D Smyth Month ago
Commencing warm liquid good faze..
Niatpac Doog
Niatpac Doog Month ago
Antonin Atger Auteur
They litteraly took a scene of Salvation, where the T-800 get out of its mold.
James Paz
James Paz 2 months ago
This is the movie we want. Terminators vs humans, how difficult it is?
@XxKevGodxX without humans for fuck sakes it's a movie about transformers not about flesh
Yeeeter 1000
Yeeeter 1000 3 days ago
XxKevGodxX there is a cyber tron war from transformers but it’s a series on Netflix it’s really good and it has some profanity and cuzzwords and it has chapter1 and will make more chapters later on and it focuses on auto bots fighting decepticons on cybertron
hit ray infinity [smash hit mg testing]
As difficult it is to tell you to loose a few pounds
XxKevGodxX 27 days ago
Don’t worry. Us transformers fans want a cybertron war movie.
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 2 months ago
Oh I always wanted to know how they put the skin on
Terry Schnereger
Terry Schnereger 13 days ago
It puts the lotion on the skin
His Space Marine
His Space Marine 26 days ago
Luketh 87 omg 😆
Luketh 87
Luketh 87 26 days ago
You didnt have the Bio-Flesh regenerator playset as a kid?! Been layin down terminator flesh since pre school hahahahhaha
Matt X
Matt X 27 days ago
In 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' an evil terminator called Cromartie with damaged tissue captured a scientist and stole huge amount of blood. Then forced him to create some formula that he submerged himself in and after some time he had completely new tissue on him. Watch the show.
shadowman Month ago
Abrasax unlikely, the skin can regenerate, this could show that they can just grow the muscle etc on their own, they only used humans for I think the starter skin, then the rest is made by skynet
Anonymous 2 months ago
Looks way more muscular than in T1 and T2.... CGI a little overzealous
Anonymous 2 months ago
@Donat C no he was the exact same model as in T1, that's the whole point.
Donat C
Donat C 2 months ago
Skynet made him more muscular because of his larger endoskeleton on purpose because they knew that there will be a terminator waiting for him
Robert Mcdonld
Robert Mcdonld 2 months ago
I learned alot
Robert Mcdonld
Robert Mcdonld 2 months ago
And that’s how they teleport to different places
Brncray 2 months ago
Robert Mcdonld
Robert Mcdonld 2 months ago
So that is how they get fake humon skin
Matthee Latham
Matthee Latham 2 months ago
Shows that these T800s have terrible build quality
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 2 months ago
Ehh, it probably didn't need much more durability, it's an infiltrator/assassination unit, not a Frontline infantry unit. The moment it is exposed, all it can do is salvage some kind of victory.
El Sonic 28
El Sonic 28 2 months ago
T-800 robotic sound are so nostalgic, i love that model, he is my favorite. Epic endosketeleton design.
Asfhjv Vgddh
Asfhjv Vgddh 2 months ago
Angel Schwedds
Angel Schwedds 2 months ago
Its "Genesis"
Angel Schwedds
Angel Schwedds 2 months ago
Oh your right I see it
gerv55 2 months ago
Соловьев Артем
New Terminators like as 3-6 are no good.
Tony John
Tony John 2 months ago
This is an actual video from Tesla headquarters showing their new A.I
Иван Торбин
watch the video "The 28 Panfilov heroes" The most complete version. ruvid.net/video/video-kSozhsNc3eI.html
Hazza Knox
Hazza Knox 2 months ago
Damn... thought was gta iv music at the start
keeper7keys2003 4 years ago
5:24 Its accuracy sucks.
MrZillas 4 years ago
young Terminator has fresh batteries lol
Nemenis 2 months ago
Uhhh okay...?
Ron Stallworth
Ron Stallworth 4 years ago
You know what would've gone great with this first fight? An Uzi 9mm.
Taylor Piercey
Taylor Piercey Month ago
McLarenBMW Month ago
45 long slide with laser sighting
ShadowWolf98 Month ago
Squallstopher hey its just what ya see pal.
Squallstopher Month ago
@Discozombie 0612 I mean, we both had 4 years to make the comment lol
Discozombie 0612
@Squallstopher dammit too slow ;)
Justin Springer
Justin Springer 4 years ago
they really fucked up the casting to play bill Paxton and the other guys character, seems like they was rushing their lines cause in the 1st terminator before they died was real acting and felt like real emotions, I know the movie isn't based around that, it just hurts to see something so classic get fucked up by two fucks who can't act for shit
cr4yv3n 4 years ago
4:05 Mary Sue
cr4yv3n 4 years ago
shit music..
james baldridge
james baldridge 4 years ago
I would have liked to have seen more of the young Arnold terminator, in that movie..but I guess that would be asking too much wouldn't it?
schwartzy65 4 years ago
Ishtaq Hussain
Ishtaq Hussain 4 years ago
This isn't the full movie
Robert Keick
Robert Keick 4 years ago
Wait who can afford in a post apocalyptic run down war torn world to go to the gym 5 times a week and have a body builders diet? Spotting T800 should be easy. Just shoot all the body builder types.
lilmoris1 Month ago
That's one model, there are many infiltration units
schwartzy65 4 years ago
yea like they are real muscle... its just endoskeleton under there
MrZillas 4 years ago
that's also a good idea for real-life
Kenan Yalcinoglu
Kenan Yalcinoglu 4 years ago
Terminator (Cyborg) the one in Terminator 2 Judgment Day it's same model of Terminator (Cyborg) in Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines and in Terminator: Genesis which is T-850. Terminator (Cyborg) the one in Terminator 2 Judgment Day ain't T-800 and in the beginning of Terminator 2 Judgment Day the Sarah Connor said this time going to be sent more advanced to protec John and tells it's T-850 not T-800. In the beginning of the Terminator: Genesis fight between T-850 and T-800 the T-800 was strong enough to hurt T-850 which is did and some Terminator fans thinks thats old T-800 in Terminator: Genesis which is not. We seen T-850 in Terminator 2 Judgment Day and in Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines too not just in Terminator: Genesis. We seen T-800 in 3 Terminator movies too in The Terminator, Terminator Salvation in Skynet building where John Connor attack by and in the beginning of the Terminator: Genesis.
Squallstopher Month ago
@Kenan Yalcinoglu No, the T-5000 was in Genesys, not Salvation...
Josean rodriguez
Josean rodriguez 4 years ago
he did not lose the fight he let it happen to give john time to set the bombs
Kenan Yalcinoglu
Kenan Yalcinoglu 4 years ago
Are you on about that guy in Terminator Salvation? If so then he was human before and they turned him into machine (Cyborg) and he lost fight against T-800 and John Connor bring him back to life with giving him shocks with cables.
schwartzy65 4 years ago
+Kenan Yalcinoglu it is the skynets model (matt smith)
Kenan Yalcinoglu
Kenan Yalcinoglu 4 years ago
@schwartzy65 I never heard of T-5000.
Doge K9 unit
Doge K9 unit 4 years ago
is pops is outdated t-800 in this movie?
Dan Matrix Show
Dan Matrix Show 4 years ago
check out my versions of the original i did on gta 5
Dan Matrix Show
Dan Matrix Show 4 years ago
always prefered the orignal. it was much darker and gritty. 2 was okay but they should of kept Arnie as a ruthless cyborg. i think thats when it went wrong after the secound film they left no room for much else.
00:00 - 00:57 I've never seen that scene before
Alonso C
Alonso C 15 days ago
It reminds me of Guns N' Fucking Roses.
D4rk Sh4dow
D4rk Sh4dow Month ago
T2 teaser trailer
Squallstopher Month ago
@schwartzy65 And now that I've finally watched Genesys, the rest of the scene showing him walking down the hall and up to the time displacement device is from that film (Genesys). So blend of T2 teaser, Salvation, and Genesys footage
Christian Wind
Christian Wind Month ago
First part is from an advertisement of T2 and the stepping out scene is from Salvation. A true Terminator fan would know this. 🤦‍♂️
Squallstopher Month ago
@schwartzy65 It's actually a blend of footage. Most is from the T2 teaser as you pointed out, but where it shows Arnold stepping out at 00:52, that's from Salvation.
LKVideos 4 years ago
gotta admit, that scene was pretty scary.
LKVideos 2 months ago
@Shako Imnadze 4:21 ar shegeshindeboda ? bolos stsena :D
Shako Imnadze
Shako Imnadze 2 months ago
Sashishi ra iyo gaficeb?
cr4yv3n 4 years ago
Until the Mary Sue shows up then it goes to shit
Dan Matrix Show
Dan Matrix Show 4 years ago
if you like terminator check out my version of the orignal i did on gta5.
Barterchimera1 Abrams
dude this is all wrong u used t1 to t4 OK all from termanator movies loser
Augusta Akabuah
Augusta Akabuah 4 years ago
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 4 years ago
I hope the next one has Muppets in it. Fuck it. Make the next one G rated.
4 Scoops Dammit
4 Scoops Dammit 4 years ago
@Berni0707 I know :)
Berni0707 4 years ago
The track it's called 'Griffin Park' you can find it by Googling it. But it's not exact as the one in the movie. By the way, a new Terminator (1984) soundtrack has been released in vinyl! It contains some missing tracks on the original score including the synths in 'Reese Chased' theme. :D
4 Scoops Dammit
4 Scoops Dammit 4 years ago
+Berni0707 BTW still no news on the arrival scene soundtrack :(
Berni0707 4 years ago
+Jesus Christ Needs to be rated 'R' dear Jesus. God Bless you. :)
The Amaku
The Amaku 4 years ago
the title said all scenes, but in the video, some scenes got cut, especially the "you won't be needing any clothes" part.....
Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor
the first minute of this is better than the entire temerinator genisys film. what a pile of studio that was.
Jack Davenport
Jack Davenport Month ago
@Alex Thorn I don't get the point of the whole alternate timeline bullshit. Seems like just a lazy way to work around the ending of T2.
Alex Thorn
Alex Thorn Month ago
To me, the first 30 minutes or so are great. Right up until they kill the new T-1000 and the T-800. After that.... It falls apart.
moho 4 years ago
+stitcha123 Exactly, for me its like this. Some first future scenes and the 80's moments are the best. Rest of it is total crap. edit: Or you mean that video or movie? xD
Chris Flowers-Smoker1
Could have kept the Genisys Power Reactivation.
Vortex Darkstar
Vortex Darkstar 4 years ago
@Chris Flowers yeah i know
Chris Flowers-Smoker1
The Power Reactivation was used from T2:JD
Vortex Darkstar
Vortex Darkstar 4 years ago
+Chris Flowers unnecessary change
Vic does gaming
Vic does gaming 4 years ago
you wont need any clothes is a really good part of terminator 5
Berni0707 4 years ago
Gotta love the endoskeleton so much, I wish next Terminator movie shows more a T-800 endo.
Bassilbrush1 Month ago
Y’all were begging and you got dark fate
Knight Ode
Knight Ode 2 months ago
If a new big tech company came out making AI chips, and changed its name to SKYNET, would you be scared?
Ron Stallworth
Ron Stallworth 4 years ago
+Berni0707 FUCK YEA.
Tahu 97
Tahu 97 4 years ago
@Berni0707 I'm glad you get it haha
Berni0707 4 years ago
Oh yeah!
ZAHAR GULAEV 4 years ago
Next videos
"TS: TERMINATORS". Short Film.