terminator-copshop shootout

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terminator kicks copers asses!


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Jun 23, 2009





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Vagner Silva
Vagner Silva Hour ago
Rifle ar 180
Daniel Otte
Daniel Otte 9 hours ago
alan denson
alan denson 11 hours ago
Best Scene of the entire Series!!!!
Vintage Eagle88
Terminator killed martin luther king smh
nose tata
nose tata Day ago
Nazi fuckyou!! Austriaco de MIERDA!! Yea! Austiaco!! Not American !! Son the bitch!! you boyfriend Bush ? Make you American? Putito de MIERDA!! Dead NAZI Austriaco!!
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ 2 days ago
These are some QUALITY GUN SOUNDS wtf they are soooo bad
Kevin Harper
Kevin Harper 3 days ago
1300 cops disliked this
Marie Paul guylene
Arnold Sabugara
Arnold Sabugara 3 days ago
"YO VOLVERE" sin duda una de las frases célebres mas icónica de todos los tiempos. ME encanta tanto está película, Arnold Schwarzenegger uno de los mejores actores de renombre, por eso mi mamá me llamo así. SALUDOS🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
T E 5 days ago
thankfully the T 800 termintor says "please."
張於哥 5 days ago
He protecc He attacc But most importantly he'll be bacc
I'll be back.
Adriatik Hadri
Adriatik Hadri 6 days ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'll be back. He's incredible, proffesional actor and he has a lot of talent inside of him.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia 6 days ago
La música, los efectos , trama sin duda lo mejor de lo mejor!!!
0628563687 Said el hajjy
Said el hajjy
Ricardo Pulido
Ricardo Pulido 8 days ago
Fuck them pigs 🐷 go terminator
Il'I be Back
Surigen 12
Surigen 12 8 days ago
I like to think the movie was about a Terminator wanting to kill Sara Connor because of her hairdo....gosh thank god I did not live in the 80s
Vicky Ray
Vicky Ray 8 days ago
A timeless classic by James Cameroon, along with a mesmerising performance by Arnold!
Zero 8 days ago
Why would the terminator flinch at 0.33 or double check in a quick motion haha, feel out of character.
M 78
M 78 8 days ago
they're programmed to behave and move like humans to infiltrate them. it's the austrian accent that was a mistake :p
shirleytwsw 8 days ago
Love when he breached with shotgun and kicked the door open
shirleytwsw 8 days ago
Bad ass scene
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
The gud ole day's, watching this on VIDEO with a pizza and coke in a bottle, GRAVY
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
You got me burning
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
Tech noir,I know it, it's on Pico 😃
tadeu araujo
tadeu araujo 9 days ago
Eu volto kkkkk
Undead Nightorc
Undead Nightorc 10 days ago
That feeling when you realize you're not even safe inside a police station.
Sophie McKenzie
Sophie McKenzie 10 days ago
Typical arnie, has to cause as much destruction as possible...when all he had to do was go through the door to his right lol
amool mymy
amool mymy 11 days ago
جيل الطيبين رجل الزئبق
Ramon Barbér
Ramon Barbér 11 days ago
Very Good
M. Dude
M. Dude 12 days ago
Oh he came back alright
Gabriel Omar Tellez
I feel nostalgia for those years, nothing is as before, the great heroes of action went away never to return and the movies no longer do so, if the world does not end perhaps in a hundred years more when people no longer remember all this maybe we start again as humanity and then new legends may emerge from the ashes of a society that has almost hit rock bottom ... who knows.
Claudia Perez
Claudia Perez 13 days ago
Increíble película ee
Nik Tesano
Nik Tesano 13 days ago
I think that the best films ever made in the 1980s are all very powerful music
ريم محمد
ريم محمد 13 days ago
مين عربي مثلي 😔😔
汀とん平 13 days ago
raheb sobhani
raheb sobhani 14 days ago
The best terminator ever
Sabrina Y
Sabrina Y 14 days ago
Of course the first movie is the best. The second one was good, but I lost interest after that one.
Kairi Loops
Kairi Loops 14 days ago
back when movies were good.
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer 14 days ago
Be funny if the Terminator just sat on the bench and waited.
gsar 15 days ago
They are incapable of making such a great movie again.
neoasura 16 days ago
This scene was truly scary for a few reasons. Terminator was different from most classic Horror/Slasher villains in this because in those other movies..the killer waited until you were alone, they would never come after you with others around. Here, you think being protected and surrounded by armed cops would be the safest bet, but if an entire police station full couldn't stop The Terminator, what the fuck could then?
Milan Mikic
Milan Mikic 16 days ago
J. M.
J. M. 16 days ago
HOW TO DO THIS 17 days ago
When you enter a noob friendly server
8TK8 guy
8TK8 guy 17 days ago
This terminator phenomena if it's real , may god be with us .
HOW TO DO THIS 17 days ago
Cinema gold arnie nails the brutal soulless automaton killing machine role
aussiebear22 17 days ago
1984 = T-800 1991 = T-1000 2019 = LGBT-1000
shirleytwsw 8 days ago
Lol awesome
Jeremy Byron
Jeremy Byron 12 days ago
Arkaine757 13 days ago
Reiser Wasserman
Reiser Wasserman 17 days ago
bi bek!!
Jasper Edwards
Jasper Edwards 17 days ago
which is better assault on precinct 13 or terminator scene here
fujimatosa 17 days ago
It so sad, that they spoiled such a good movie. Only T1 and T2 is a true Terminator
RedneckSpaceMan 17 days ago
Kami Truth
Kami Truth 17 days ago
Don't understand why Hollywood keeps trying to replicate Terminator 2 instead of Terminator 1. T1000 was a great villain back then because the CGI was ahead of it's time but it's gimmicky today. Meanwhile the horror elements of T1 never gets old.
Commodore RuhRoh Raggy
Just another day in America 2019, except this isn’t a school or public area. 😖
Rodolfo Peraza
Rodolfo Peraza 18 days ago
Old school movies for some reason are way better than today's movie's
A Hasnath
A Hasnath 18 days ago
T1000 Vs this terminator who wins?
CelticBommer 18 days ago
This is when humans realise they have the capacity to climb up a fleas arsehole to hide
Vladimir Odessitt
Vladimir Odessitt 18 days ago
Арини тут модный,очки стильные.
Jordan Boyle
Jordan Boyle 18 days ago
Love the futuristic synth music at the end !
Assis Lima
Assis Lima 18 days ago
Engraçado que os faróis do carro iluminam o interior do recinto mesmo quando estão apagados. (0:59)
mike mastradonis
mike mastradonis 18 days ago
Nice Nike promotion at 2:25
Рамазан Багомедов
Да а в реальной жизни надо всех полицаев. Америки расчленить их надо и сжечь их тела
Makzim Danilov
Makzim Danilov 18 days ago
Golden age. Holywood with no feminists, no gay-lobby.
Jaron Talotta
Jaron Talotta 18 days ago
yeah! back when people like Harvey Wenstien could get away with their rape! the good ol days!
michael truthson
michael truthson 18 days ago
They should have run and gotten to the chopper cause this Predator was up close and personal.
Nesrin Göksay
Nesrin Göksay 18 days ago
Detçalların üretim zekası bulaşık katmanlarından oluşmuş esnetiksel bi kat metali yaldız katmanı indan atalarınıgökte uçan allah ın meleklerinle savaş içeriğ ni açıklamak sözcük dağarcığı
sun red
sun red 19 days ago
Did arnold Schwarzenegger use Steroid? Or natural?
R D 19 days ago
I'll be back
TheOneWhoEndures 19 days ago
What year was this movie created?
Victor Victor
Victor Victor 19 days ago
Now How is it that when Reese Shoots the Terminator with a Shot Gun He's Able to Knock him Down and When the Cops Fire Every Caliber in the Building at Him No One Knocks him Down, AnyOne?
Ben Santaguida
Ben Santaguida 19 days ago
This has to be the worst tv clarity in the world.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby 19 days ago
3:01 When you're the lowest paid actor on the movie set.
Tu Ho
Tu Ho 19 days ago
Even today 35 years later department body armor is rated for pistol caliber. You won’t find center fire rifle caliber rated body armor unless you’re SWAT. Excellent scene. The only protection against the Terminator was to hide.
01102 01102
01102 01102 19 days ago
That start of the movie is like how to do a job interview in 2019 swear to God fuck these whores always asking for 30 years experience giving the new people no chance in fucking hell to get any, fuck em and fuck em so hard like that booom car right in their mother fuuuucking body !
Riko Saikawa
Riko Saikawa 19 days ago
The first will always be the best.
Dmitri M
Dmitri M 19 days ago
It’s crazy how Terminator 1 and 2 are so old but better than any action sci-fi movies that come out nowadays .......I hope Dark Fate is half as good as these movies.......James Cameron is involved, soooo fingers crossed
TAL 12
TAL 12 19 days ago
Terminator 1 or 2 🤔 ?
Оскар Де Ла Хойя
Я за терминатора, все правильно и сегодня так нужно......ебучие еофеианы)
Тимур 17 days ago
Терминатор 1984год Т 800.
mauro mendes
mauro mendes 19 days ago
'''''Wanderfull filme
Николай Белов
Вот так надо в Гос.Думу РФ зайти.
Cleiton Santos Costa
Great film Terminator
Nef Gonzo
Nef Gonzo 19 days ago
Terminator 1 has been the best movie, whatever they say.
Carl cooper
Carl cooper 19 days ago
4.03 love that sound
Exxon Gaijin
Exxon Gaijin 19 days ago
*you’ve been back enough, I’ll be back.*
Hip Ohkret
Hip Ohkret 19 days ago
Terminator killed a bunch of random cops lol
Vladislavs Dovgalecs
1:02 When you apply for concealed pistol license at your local sheriff’s office and your application gets delayed again and again...
New Sam18
New Sam18 19 days ago
I'll be back
j mart
j mart 19 days ago
Every employee split second thought When co worker and bosses are acting up😂
Edejamir Costa
Edejamir Costa 20 days ago
.........que áudio ridículo.......................lixo.
samart buansantaer
samart buansantaer 20 days ago
ภาคนี้ t-800 ยังดูท่าทางไม่นิ่งเท่าไร แต่ภาค 2 ดูนิ่งและเนียนกว่าเยอะ
Meatwad MGTOW
Meatwad MGTOW 20 days ago
Pretty much every COD game
Unknown Mexican
Unknown Mexican 20 days ago
Hahaha that cop in the beginning"was just asking to get whack. He was really rude!!!
G. Coleman
G. Coleman 20 days ago
Sarah.... Reese.... 80’s video game music
mcqueenfanman 20 days ago
0:30 to 0:45 Best part ever.
shadowdance4666 20 days ago
There are over 30 cops in this building that will have their next coffee break in HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
nvkulk 20 days ago
Spas 12 ... one handed... nuff said
Frank Black
Frank Black 20 days ago
This movie was just brutal dark cyberpunk horror, fuck part 2.
Michael Castro
Michael Castro 20 days ago
Love the way the terminator assesses the structural integrity of the main entrance before plowing into it! Great attention to detail
Michael Castro
Michael Castro 16 days ago
creepyzebra lol true or just go through the door to his right
creepyzebra 16 days ago
He didn't need the car to smash through though. He could have done that by himself.
757WN 20 days ago
fine youtube... i clicked on this fucking video...happy? you've only recommended it to me for the last fucking 10 days for no apparent reason. now let me get back to more meaningful and creative videos...e.g., a post recommended videos world.
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