TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

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new movie trailer 2 for Terminator 6 Dark Fate starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Aug 29, 2019




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Who is excited?
M Year ago
Ailene Refugio
Carb0nIsMut3 Year ago
niggito burrito
Me 😍😍😍😍😵😵🤤🤤🤤
Madman from the DOOMED PLANET
People pissing on this movie a little early in my opinion. Same happened to Solo.
Art Arthur
Art Arthur Year ago
What we should have been watching the last decade are sequels to the badass Christian Bale terminator...instead, all we got is the SAME cliche time travel plot, chimney soot nanobots, whiny tryhard little girls, lesbians, and an old fart nobody cares about anymore Bringing back Arnold as an old geezer over and over is a joke
Poyraz Tuksal
Poyraz Tuksal Year ago
2.22 cool like
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entropede Year ago
chlwjddn Year ago
2:21 She says that like a robot)
euRuu Year ago
Anyone hear those 28 days later soundtrack? Sounds really similar
Dwi Wahyudi
Dwi Wahyudi Year ago
At this rate, I believe someday Skynet will be tired of all this sequels crap, they might self-terminate in terminator 7.
Turgay Kuzu Piano
I love the terminator. I made a video for that. : ruvid.net/video/video-ci5exyKbUG4.html
Enes fındıklı
The God, give Arnold to our father a long life
Bin Nguyen
Bin Nguyen Year ago
The terminater getting stronger every film Anold still model t-800 sad
Lalboi Manlun
Lalboi Manlun Year ago
It's a Pirate worthy film.
Manor Year ago
next movie *T E R M I N A T R I C E*
SepteMber TV
SepteMber TV Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-PHcgNfc5oLw.html A New Program about Terminator: Dark Fate | Watch Now...
Charles Crisp
Charles Crisp Year ago
I want to like it but I can’t believe they killed off John Conner
Riptile Legend
Wait didn’t the terminator die in genyse
Ace of Rage
Ace of Rage Year ago
1:16 music introduces the terminator
Genos Demon Cyborg
Men I want new robocop
TaBKol Year ago
something: has women the fucking internet:
TDHamm 628
TDHamm 628 Year ago
2:20 to 2:25........... "I'LL BE BACK"
Lazy Dragon
Lazy Dragon Year ago
Yeaaaah no. This trailer leaves me with confusion more than anything.
Saitama Year ago
*gets a terminator trailer on a terminator trailor*
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y. Year ago
Why are there no comments about Sarah killing the terminater, and him not even caring.
Little off the top
Just watched the whole movie in the trailer
Shin Drad
Shin Drad Year ago
Of course people whine, thats all you do, if you dont like it fuck off,simple
Robbie Telfer
Robbie Telfer Year ago
Sounds similar to 28 days later theme music
Only Arnie can say "I'll be back"
Cat Year ago
Who else only watching this because of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Not Aname
Not Aname Year ago
Please be good. Please just be a good Terminator movie.
Daniel Clowes
Daniel Clowes Year ago
2:22 every creeper in minecraft
GingerBreadMan1178 lee
pretty sure the nano bot terminator is the most lethal terminator. Due to plot armors it wasn't able to finish it's purpose.
Their should be some more terminator games for console
Armo Miko
Armo Miko Year ago
How much u bet the old women is gonna end up with Arnold
Armo Miko
Armo Miko Year ago
If this is gonna be a movie with a bunch terminator women can they at least make them hot
Godzilla gaming time! Sevilla
I’m excited for this movie o my name is daniel
Brunz Year ago
Can't wait to see the Immigration political message in this movie on top of all the other shit
Edgar Alvarado
Mexican Terminator! Can't get rid of us, even in the future😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Goose Films
Goose Films Year ago
Wait thats fricking aronold
Walking Tree
Walking Tree Year ago
The ad was the terminator trailer and I’m watching the terminator trailer
farazalitoris ali
I am excited
Brandon Redfern
Why is Sara mad with the t-800
Atomicrc Year ago
So I guess.......this is a “remake” of terminator salvation and genesis (talking about models here not plot) because Markus wright was a near human prototype terminator (I’m assuming the same is gonna be said about the protagonist) and John connors....bleh (Nanotechnology)
i wonder when that feminism bullshit is over and leaves the film industry
The Founder
The Founder Year ago
No Arnold is dying
Ang Li
Ang Li Year ago
Not that I hate CGI or anything, but I kinda miss the animatronics used in the first couple movies ☹️
Hybrid B0i
Hybrid B0i Year ago
I like it that the same actress for the first Sarah Connor is back AS SARAH CONNOR.
Jack Timson The Snoipeh
And not some lame-ass cameo like they did with Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters remake.
Joshua Gant
Joshua Gant Year ago
yall bugging it's only natural to have a female protagonist to shake up the storyline damn. it was already stale af after the last one....
Drycron Year ago
I just want to see a good movie about the future war
Art Arthur
Art Arthur Year ago
Christian bale
bananataco 1236
Why are there so many t-1000s
Mayflor De Lis
Now ive seen old baddasses
Logan H,
Logan H, Year ago
T-800, who is passive?, trains people to kill a terminator...that’s a funny plot
Not Me
Not Me Year ago
I feel like I've seen the whole movie already.
Wonder FN
Wonder FN Year ago
So many fucking females like jesus christ, im fine with the OG Sarah Connor and Arnold but wtf being a terminator seems more of a boy thing, i know all the feminists are gonna be like “OW MY GARSH YOUR SEXIST” but like tbh tho the female “terminator” should honestly be a boy. These recent years they are bringing to many females in to men action movies as the main characters like seriously?!
Agent Chronos
Agent Chronos Year ago
That’s fucking crazy how I just saw a terminator 6 trailer that proceeded to another terminator trailer
Heretic Killer
0:47 Did this motherfucker just grow a second terminator out of himself?
Matthew Mckinney
How many times does carl have to save the world with her before she stops holding a grudge lmao so he tried to kill her water under the bridge I say
Kami Easton
Kami Easton Year ago
More time travel Feminator crap? **Sigh**
Well, I just watched the whole movie
Sir Whatchamacallit
When Sarah said ill be back I was like omg!!!!
Thotslayer Year ago
Sir Whatchamacallit i thought omg!!!!!!!!! This scene is horseshit!!!!!!!
Flamento Year ago
What’s funny is I got a ad of the Terminator movie before the vid😂😂
。N A M E 。
Who else got the terminator dark fate trailer too
Mohammad Oghli
I participate in adobe challenge #CREATEYOURFATE I worked hard on it. I hope you like it Thanks for this awesome challenge ruvid.net/video/video-sVwtnQh3z50.html
Nedelson Year ago
Im going to see this movie just for Arnold. All the other feminists in the movie can go whine about imaginary pay gaps for all I care.
Art Arthur
Art Arthur Year ago
Bringing back old ass Arnold over and over as a main character--sheerly for star power or fan service--is worse than lesbians and whiny girls. Salvation didn't need him to drive the story, and it was kickass
Antimanele104 Year ago
Linda Hamilton is the only woman to be accepted in the Terminator franchise. Because she is the only Sarah Connor in my book.
Señor Hace
Señor Hace Year ago
Zurab Siradze ok libtard
Nedelson Year ago
Zurab Siradze just for Arnolds sake.
Zurab Siradze
Zurab Siradze Year ago
So yo ustill give them money...ok
Mr. Bot
Mr. Bot Year ago
That gurl with the black hair .... is that supposed to be a young Blair Williams?🤔🤔
What I'm I doing here?
Oh boy i can't wait for The T-800 beat the shit and kill this new and improved terminator
Sentinel creed
This is going to SUCK
Come with me if you want to watch this.
What happened to Kyle Reese?
Thicc yoshi
Thicc yoshi Year ago
Why much angry people in the comments?
Auovix Year ago
Didn't think Linda Hamilton being manhandled by a lesbian cyborg could turn me off On a serious note get ready for a lot of cringy sociopolitical imagery, cheesy throwbacks, horrible CGI, and wasted talent. What a shame to see some of the ideas in the action scenes of all the trailers being wasted when it could instead be used on a movie worthy of it. Also watching Sarah Connor get basically neutered in the first scene here is heartbreaking and this horseshit I'll be back scene is anticlimactic as fuck.
Vladimir Cauchemar
Опять бабы...
jj a
jj a Year ago
Oh shit it's the new Mercedes 😂😃🌈
Александр Нау
Вот это графон(сарказм)
Star Raptor
Star Raptor Year ago
you know what would've been cool,if they did it endgame style and had the t 800 and t850 and pops maybe also t1000 work to stop something along side john who we all know would've been so cool if he met his mother again and also kyle resee
Vinnie Fabian
Vinnie Fabian Year ago
So...skynet can never kill John...so they go after Sarah...and they still can't kill her...why don't they just kill her great great grandfather or kill Kyle's mother or grandmother?
Bradley Barnett
They're continuing from T2, which is about the best decision they could make. Forget T3, since it complicated things. Hopefully this turns out well. But from what they showed, the new terminator can create clones of itself, which is... Scary. Then again, it's supposed to be the strongest terminator we've seen so far (Though, that's the tagline for all the terminator movies after T1
Joaquim Tolentino
2:22 Yup She'll be back
Hanma Baki
Hanma Baki Year ago
Why are so many people triggered obviously there females did u think Sara Connor was a dude 😂
No John Conner, screwed timeline because of geniuses , I can understand the new evil terminator but come on do we really need the new cyberneticly enhanced human and the new lady why is she so important most of the resistance died in T3 but didn’t matter because John was still the saviour like they made this franchise into a complete disaster
stoked -
stoked - Year ago
So mortal kombat terminator was designed after Arnold in this movie.
stoked -
stoked - Year ago
@Agent Parker, Federal Bureau of Snowflake Control it's pretty cool.
Agent Parker, Federal Bureau of Snowflake Control
戦闘ロボットスーパー why is mortal kombat trying so hard to push the whole terminator thing? it’s all i see mortal kombat related on yt, are people that bored of the game?
stoked -
stoked - Year ago
@Gianni King ah yes
Kavvi Year ago
No one: Absolutly no one: Feminazis: This is totally equal. No women movies turned into a male protagonist, but we can do that because yes. Equality.
Connor Fox
Connor Fox Year ago
Yes it is.
Janken_ Boii
Janken_ Boii Year ago
Legit got a terminator dark fate ad
Evo Year ago
Buncha insecure 16 year olds in the comments who automatically think a movie will suck if the lead is a female (with or without short hair). At least wait for a "girl power" scene before you band together to review bomb a movie you will never see on imdb. It's getting to the point where people whine "feminism" if a more has more than 1 female lead (and hell for some of you just one).
Derek Ashford
Derek Ashford Year ago
This is not the “real” Terminator. It’s sooooooooooooo obvious. All the money in Hollywood and you still can’t “steal” good enough to fool the public. Until the real creator puts out The Terminator please....save the Judus 30 pieces of sliver.
Andrey Pekun
Andrey Pekun Year ago
If you want to see the cesspool of sexism and misogyny, it’s right in the comments.
11nith Year ago
@-oEmpty - Ok the movie has a lotta female cast but so what? I honestly don't geddit. It's promoting women power? Then again what? It's not sending a message that men are wimps and women are superior or whatever. From what I saw in the trailer they've only shown a teaser of a movie that's trying to tell a story rather than "shove" whatever down your throat. I would see a problem if they portrayed men as some sorta evil organism or something like that. A somewhat close enough example would be CW's Batwoman since that shit just went hardcore. As for the second part of your reply I didn't understand it so I'll leave it at that.
-oEmpty -
-oEmpty - Year ago
@11nithWhat is it with people trying to start arguments I was merely stating the fact that they were promoting "women power" in the movie by having a full cast of women actors(not including arnie)Also if you havent seen any feminist movements a you could have literally searched anything on web by typing feminist and see how ridiculous these people can be sometimes.Are you sure you've never seen such media promoting this?
11nith Year ago
@-oEmpty - What's the message? I mean I haven't seen the word "feminism", "equality" or any of those things mentioned even one time nor did I see a single message saying men need to chop their balls off. Now I'm not gon watch the movie in the theater since I'm not interested in it so you can rest with your Nintendo switch or wife's boyfriend "jokes"
-oEmpty -
-oEmpty - Year ago
People dont hate the movie because of the all female cast of main characters.They hate the message people want to push through movies and all other forms of media.
Mr Wendigo
Mr Wendigo Year ago
Why didn't they have Arnold play as the terminator in mk 11
Mr Wendigo
Mr Wendigo Year ago
@Andres Rod oh alright
Andres Rod
Andres Rod Year ago
I think it messed with his schedules
NiytroZeus Year ago
So the villain is like the t-x but enhanced
The amazing Der
Alex Duviau I cant really see where people get the comparison of t-x I say this because it doesn’t feel like it’s meant to chase other terminators not saying this one can’t attack other terminators and I can’t see a comparison between the rev-9 and the t-3000 except having a personality besides killing
Arzo9779 Year ago
The amazing Der id say it’s a lot of models in one mainly the t-x t-800 and t-3000
NiytroZeus Year ago
It was the same with the t-x but she couldn't split apart
The amazing Der
NiytroZeus I say that because both parts can work independently of the other
The amazing Der
NiytroZeus it’s more like the the t-1000 and inside is a t-800
Anime Lover3003
astala vista baby
VIRTUAL ; Year ago
Hasta La Vista Baby
Hazmat Year ago
I dont feel satisfyed
DJ GAMER Year ago
0:47 ok that terminator looks creepy i like it|HE CAN SPLIT IN TO OTHER TERMINATORS?
Meliodas-sama Year ago
jj a
jj a Year ago
0.56 dis hes not homie depot😂
Dark Shadowz
Dark Shadowz Year ago
yeah seeing a t-800 is hot
Da Year ago
Sarah Connor ain’t shit lmao
Frz_st Year ago
T-800 Will carry this movie.
Bad Cornflakes
He did
Ace of Rage
Ace of Rage Year ago
As always
Michael P.
Michael P. Year ago
Irfan Year ago
Yay, more wamens
Omg this trailer is a mess. Why show the antagonist getting his shit kicked? Why show all the action scenes? Omg they're blowing their load early
Yoshikage Kira
technically, this is terminator three, its the direct sequal of Terminator 2
_KenjiTX1_ Year ago
@Art Arthur I don't want to see anold die just this once
Art Arthur
Art Arthur Year ago
@_KenjiTX1_ lmafao, you like genesys more than salvation? I guess it not about different tastes as much as, some people have taste and some just, dont
Art Arthur
Art Arthur Year ago
@Yoshikage Kira lol, where's Edward Furlong...
_KenjiTX1_ Year ago
@Picksill thank God but I still love Genesis and salvation not so much
Picksill Year ago
@_KenjiTX1_ everything after T2 is non canon
BlueLine48 Year ago
Hey guys, can we take five seconds to praise how cool the bad guy is? I know that everything else in this movie is probably gonna be shit (except Arnie) but the new Terminator looks really neat. Having it be a combo of the first two is something I wanna see in action.
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