TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

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new movie trailer 2 for Terminator 6 Dark Fate starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Aug 30, 2019




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Furious Trailer
Furious Trailer 2 months ago
Who is excited?
M 24 days ago
Ailene Refugio
Ailene Refugio 24 days ago
Happy Boi
Happy Boi 25 days ago
Fuck yea me
SharkBaitShark 25 days ago
niggito burrito
niggito burrito 26 days ago
Me 😍😍😍😍😵😵🤤🤤🤤
Doug F.
Doug F. Day ago
I'll be back, she'll be back..... Come with me if I want to live
2:21 She says that like a robot)
uglyuz 3 days ago
Anyone hear those 28 days later soundtrack? Sounds really similar
Dwi Wahyudi
Dwi Wahyudi 3 days ago
At this rate, I believe someday Skynet will be tired of all this sequels crap, they might self-terminate in terminator 7.
Turgay Kuzu Piano
I love the terminator. I made a video for that. : ruvid.net/video/video-ci5exyKbUG4.html
Enes fındıklı
Enes fındıklı 9 days ago
The God, give Arnold to our father a long life
Bin Nguyen
Bin Nguyen 13 days ago
The terminater getting stronger every film Anold still model t-800 sad
Lalboi Manlun
Lalboi Manlun 13 days ago
It's a Pirate worthy film.
Manor 14 days ago
next movie *T E R M I N A T R I C E*
SepteMber TV
SepteMber TV 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-PHcgNfc5oLw.html A New Program about Terminator: Dark Fate | Watch Now...
Charles Crisp
Charles Crisp 16 days ago
I want to like it but I can’t believe they killed off John Conner
Devil gamer Shreyaan
Is Arnold is the same terminator that was sent to protect Sarah Conner but died
Riptile Legend
Riptile Legend 18 days ago
Wait didn’t the terminator die in genyse
MrTroyMarr 20 days ago
1:16 music introduces the terminator
Yasmin Lee Shin
Yasmin Lee Shin 20 days ago
Men I want new robocop
Scythe-kizmo 21 day ago
something: has women the fucking internet:
Trevor Dalton Hammond
2:20 to 2:25........... "I'LL BE BACK"
Panzer Dragon
Panzer Dragon 22 days ago
Yeaaaah no. This trailer leaves me with confusion more than anything.
Saitama 22 days ago
*gets a terminator trailer on a terminator trailor*
Atom Youn
Atom Youn 22 days ago
Why are there no comments about Sarah killing the terminater, and him not even caring.
Little off the top
Little off the top 22 days ago
Just watched the whole movie in the trailer
Shin Drad
Shin Drad 22 days ago
Of course people whine, thats all you do, if you dont like it fuck off,simple
Robbie Telfer
Robbie Telfer 22 days ago
Sounds similar to 28 days later theme music
AceOfSpades2398 22 days ago
Only Arnie can say "I'll be back"
Can a cat get 100 subs
Who else only watching this because of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Not Aname
Not Aname 23 days ago
Please be good. Please just be a good Terminator movie.
Daniel Clowes
Daniel Clowes 23 days ago
2:22 every creeper in minecraft
GingerBreadMan1178 24 days ago
pretty sure the nano bot terminator is the most lethal terminator. Due to plot armors it wasn't able to finish it's purpose.
I, Frankenstein
I, Frankenstein 24 days ago
Their should be some more terminator games for console
Salty Miks
Salty Miks 24 days ago
How much u bet the old women is gonna end up with Arnold
Salty Miks
Salty Miks 24 days ago
If this is gonna be a movie with a bunch terminator women can they at least make them hot
Salty Miks
Salty Miks 24 days ago
1:57 you don’t have a chance bitch
Daniel Dino rivals da toys Mattel Sevilla
I’m excited for this movie o my name is daniel
Bruno Z.
Bruno Z. 24 days ago
Can't wait to see the Immigration political message in this movie on top of all the other shit
Edgar Alvarado
Edgar Alvarado 24 days ago
Mexican Terminator! Can't get rid of us, even in the future😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Flashaunda Productions
Wait thats fricking aronold
Gegory123 24 days ago
The ad was the terminator trailer and I’m watching the terminator trailer
farazalitoris ali
farazalitoris ali 24 days ago
I am excited
Brandon Redfern
Brandon Redfern 24 days ago
Why is Sara mad with the t-800
Thememelord3726 25 days ago
So I guess.......this is a “remake” of terminator salvation and genesis (talking about models here not plot) because Markus wright was a near human prototype terminator (I’m assuming the same is gonna be said about the protagonist) and John connors....bleh (Nanotechnology)
HAMZAT HOXCHO 25 days ago
i wonder when that feminism bullshit is over and leaves the film industry
Classified IX
Classified IX 25 days ago
No Arnold is dying
Ang Li
Ang Li 25 days ago
Not that I hate CGI or anything, but I kinda miss the animatronics used in the first couple movies ☹️
PaulisAHybrid 25 days ago
I like it that the same actress for the first Sarah Connor is back AS SARAH CONNOR.
Jack Timson The Snoipeh
And not some lame-ass cameo like they did with Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters remake.
Joshua Gant
Joshua Gant 25 days ago
yall bugging it's only natural to have a female protagonist to shake up the storyline damn. it was already stale af after the last one....
Drycron 25 days ago
I just want to see a good movie about the future war
destroyer name_YT
destroyer name_YT 25 days ago
Why are there so many t-1000s
randomstupid sh*t
randomstupid sh*t 25 days ago
arnold should say ill be back smh
Ashkin.E x E
Ashkin.E x E 26 days ago
Now ive seen old baddasses
Logan H
Logan H 26 days ago
T-800, who is passive?, trains people to kill a terminator...that’s a funny plot
Random Person
Random Person 26 days ago
I feel like I've seen the whole movie already.
Wonder FN
Wonder FN 26 days ago
So many fucking females like jesus christ, im fine with the OG Sarah Connor and Arnold but wtf being a terminator seems more of a boy thing, i know all the feminists are gonna be like “OW MY GARSH YOUR SEXIST” but like tbh tho the female “terminator” should honestly be a boy. These recent years they are bringing to many females in to men action movies as the main characters like seriously?!
Lykos Luna-8
Lykos Luna-8 26 days ago
That’s fucking crazy how I just saw a terminator 6 trailer that proceeded to another terminator trailer
Joseph Sharp
Joseph Sharp 26 days ago
0:47 Did this motherfucker just grow a second terminator out of himself?
Matthew Mckinney
Matthew Mckinney 26 days ago
How many times does carl have to save the world with her before she stops holding a grudge lmao so he tried to kill her water under the bridge I say
Kami Easton
Kami Easton 26 days ago
More time travel Feminator crap? **Sigh**
Edan Alexander
Edan Alexander 26 days ago
Well, I just watched the whole movie
Sir Whatchamacallit
When Sarah said ill be back I was like omg!!!!
Thotslayer 25 days ago
Sir Whatchamacallit i thought omg!!!!!!!!! This scene is horseshit!!!!!!!
Yahir Miranda
Yahir Miranda 26 days ago
What’s funny is I got a ad of the Terminator movie before the vid😂😂
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