Tenacious D vs. Foo Fighters - Colombia

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Shot & Edited by: instagram.com/taylorstephens
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MUSIC USED: share.epidemicsound.com/tqBPP
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Comments 80
3ND4 5 hours ago
I enjoyed so much that concert. If you come back to Bogotá, It will be an honor to hang up with you. I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. Me and my gf managed to escape the country a couple years ago. Please, if you come back, hang with us!
GoobTube 5 hours ago
Dave is the best lol
Periscopio 11 hours ago
Aca a los extranjeros los tratan como dioses del otro mundo,,, a uno en el extranjero nos tratan como bollos !!!
man in the cowd
Everyone:What is he doing? Tobey in Spiderman 3: D'sercise.
Pikachu Guy
Pikachu Guy 2 days ago
My country almost didn't let you guys pass trough? I feel ashamed!
zaber mahmud raiyan
wow amazing!
Enrique Angarita
Enrique Angarita 10 days ago
Como pueden haber dislikes en este video???
Nameless Ghoul
Nameless Ghoul 11 days ago
Oh my Satan, it's Satan in his human form
Jordan Jensen
Jordan Jensen 13 days ago
D-zercise needs to be a thing. Now more than ever.
MediaSock 16 days ago
Love these dudes, I was not a fan but after watching the pick of destiny they won me over.
FBIMOUS377 16 days ago
If I saw a man walking through the airport like that for some reason I feel like I'd know that's Jack Black.
Hugo Lopera
Hugo Lopera 17 days ago
Great found band
Jovem Mancebo
Jovem Mancebo 17 days ago
toma no meio do meu ciu,cara maluco hayhayhayhayhyaaaaaa
El Ramon El Noodles
You should totally go to Perth Australia
I'mblue DabaDeeDabuDie
Extra points for singing steely dan
Leonardo SG
Leonardo SG 19 days ago
We want more Dave content!
George Higgins
George Higgins 20 days ago
another great video! what was the soundtrack at the end of the video??
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 22 days ago
Profound words 15:27 spoken by a true ROCKSTAR!!🤘😆
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 22 days ago
What song is that playing? 7:38 It's TRULY BEAUTIFUL🎶👂
Kodii Aroha Lee
Kodii Aroha Lee 23 days ago
Who sets an alarm at 3:22? skull and bones!
Jim Jimmy
Jim Jimmy 23 days ago
"we're at BBC level"
Sebastian Galleguillos
Los Tenacious D necesito Rock and Roll. Wiser words have not been said ever.
Almighty Gesto
Almighty Gesto 25 days ago
Flys like the bee, stings like the D
FandyBass 26 days ago
imposible !!!!!!!!! the holy papi !!! saludos desde Costa Rica!
James Green
James Green 27 days ago
Nice reeble jar shirt Kyle ❤️❤️
angelica Sánchez
angelica Sánchez 27 days ago
Explosivo xD
Richard Montgomery
Richard Montgomery 28 days ago
and WHOOOSH! ...I'll get some.
SynthMad 29 days ago
Ah ):
chris Burtonwood
chris Burtonwood 29 days ago
I wish I could find the backing music used at the end of this vid!
heath ashley
heath ashley Month ago
666 at the beginning, not sleeping... see you bud
Mark Luminario
Mark Luminario Month ago
John Schilling
John Schilling Month ago
Deveroth Month ago
i still can’t believe Kyle Gass is a rock star
carlopits Month ago
Johnny Keeling
Johnny Keeling Month ago
Jack: I'm scared of dogs Also Jack: Has a giant dog face on his shirt.
Gist432 Month ago
A lot on the plate huh? ...well
Master Chief Petty Officer John 117
Channeling his inner nachoooo
F C Month ago
Jack looking more & more like Jerry Garcia every year that goes by 🤣
ron ronron
ron ronron Month ago
15:30.. true 👊👊👊
Carol Zbyszewski
what a rowdy gatherings so random hahah
Michael Guy
Michael Guy Month ago
Nothing against KG & JB, but I would love to see more Jack Black and Dave Grohl adventures.
Trey Month ago
Adam Bruton
Adam Bruton Month ago
Eff you, Kyle, we're going out to the cheap seats! "XD
Official Yaki Clone
We need our world back..anyone supporting staying in..wearing masks..taking a vaccine ..thermal scans..ANYTHING...that the powers that shouldnt be are saying..is a fool that has been fooled
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson Month ago
JB (I think?): That sounds so dangerous. Dave shouting as he's running off to get some coffee mate: IT IS!!!
ozzmark Month ago
Jack loves those animal face shirts...
stephen allen
stephen allen Month ago
I love watching these Mermaid Man & Mermaid Man videos
Simon Kelk
Simon Kelk Month ago
I love Jack Black but cage is my spirit animal!
mebecrzy 1
mebecrzy 1 Month ago
Goodness y'all ever come to VA...please...gotta get a live experience....kinda like an Hendrix Experience in my 🌍😇😈😇😈🌈☀can only hope❤💚💜
mebecrzy 1
mebecrzy 1 Month ago
Yay y'all freakin awesome!!!
A Fierro
A Fierro Month ago
9:33 hahahahahhahahah incredible!!
MiamiH2SX Month ago
Eat some Bandeja Paisa, you'll get even fatter, lol, The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MiamiH2SX Month ago
you guys became fat recently, still the D though..........
BaronHerezus Month ago
Don't think fans would like you any better if you were all muscly and thin. You 2 are deliciously round great musicians :).
Tom Spagnolo
Tom Spagnolo Month ago
Kyle and jack = The meaning of friendship
UnworldlySam Month ago
Accidently left my playback speed at 0.5 from a guitar cover I was watching earlier. The result? The start of this video catching me off guard and being hilarious
chillaxation Month ago
When I grow up, I want to be just like Jack Black................I'm 35.
SpikyToaster Month ago
Lucas Herzog
Lucas Herzog Month ago
I wonder what they told the people who wanted to go to the gym that day
Thordur Hogna
Thordur Hogna Month ago
Lol geniuses
Jack Month ago
watching Kyle get his shoelaces tied was gross but this was a fun video otherwise ☺️
d j
d j Month ago
Q: What do Jack Black, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Dave Grohl, Ben Stiller and Tom Hanks have in common? A: They're all compromised well paid puppets whose strings are being pulled by the CIA in an attempt to manipulate the masses.
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine Month ago
A little makeup and a little weight gain and Dave Grohl is your new Captain Spaulding 🤯
Tj Reeve
Tj Reeve Month ago
Why do they play acoustic all the time ?
Comma Queen Le Baci
where weezer
the demon5
the demon5 Month ago
i think i live with more d
utopiazexal Month ago
scared of Dogs Literally wearing a dog shirt
Kevin McLeod
Kevin McLeod Month ago
Never a dull moment! Love the way he does everything ❤️ . Greatest celebrity ever! It's just that he's so entertaining ! Be safe always cheers mate 😎
Jai Yadav
Jai Yadav Month ago
It’s so nice to see tenacious d helping out smaller bands
The Potato Of Doom
Anyone know the song at 3:32?
Bethanie Brunelle
Bethanie Brunelle 2 months ago
I definitely need a little more D
Juan Murcia
Juan Murcia 2 months ago
Ivy Malia
Ivy Malia 2 months ago
nothing like saying the f word with dave grohl
Ivy Malia
Ivy Malia 2 months ago
I love how there so close friends that they can call each other fat and not care.
risebouquet 2 months ago
"It's a big room. You can't even really call it a room...it's a stadium."
LZRD 2 months ago
Get me some sweeeeeeats
La Condenada Nausea
La Condenada Nausea 2 months ago
Great to see Dave's shirt, i'm too a big Obsessed fan... 👿
Que loco ver a esta gente echando tejo
Newton Heath 84
Newton Heath 84 2 months ago
That moment Kyle was dancing at the sound of a cuban song in Colombia meant the world to me.
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