Ten of the Best Tries from Rugby World Cup 2019

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Re-watch ten stunning tries from Rugby World Cup 2019, from stunning solo efforts to thrilling team scores...
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 60
Jerry Buirski
Jerry Buirski 3 days ago
Reinach's second try in the Canada match should have been on this list as well.
IndianHead24 5 days ago
A lot of forward passes missed
Steve Barber
Steve Barber 6 days ago
I knew tj’s trie would be number one
Ultimate_Dragon 8 days ago
Japan x Scotland... Goosebumps everytime
ラスク/RASUKU 9 days ago
Roh P
Roh P 13 days ago
Where's Cheslon Kolbe's try in the final, the one where he had to beat the legend Owen Farrell to get to the goal line?
russell collins
russell collins 13 days ago
You are kidding me.... Cheslin Kolbe's individual try does not rate in the top 10.
Rocklessness 17 days ago
3:23 number 10 is a ghost
Charlie Wall_S_Hustler
The header is a misprint, Its Ten Tries from World Cup 19
Andy Sweet
Andy Sweet 20 days ago
10000000000000x better than American "football"
青島尚人 28 days ago
Soyo Sugawara
Soyo Sugawara 29 days ago
big man scored try.
Mediahub PTA
Mediahub PTA Month ago
pft. New Zealand can't score without throwing forward passes
Callum Gowar
Callum Gowar Month ago
Pierre Le Foll
Pierre Le Foll Month ago
superb world cup; I could watch all these games once more "(except france vs wales)
davie jones
davie jones Month ago
Man the Japanese showed just how good they can be this last rwc. They can only get better
JOKER K' Month ago
masa kurakura
masa kurakura Month ago
同感。 ただ、英語コメの大半は「マピンピとコルビのトライは?」が占めてるけどね。やっぱり皆そっちの方が関心あるみたい。
iPhone !
iPhone ! Month ago
Zergul Stanikzai
Thats why the name is 10 "of the best"
sai mon
sai mon Month ago
ペレナラ ヤバすぎる。 あんなの止めようが無いわ笑
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Month ago
Scotland vs japan match was full of drama👌👌
PwnagePk1875 Month ago
Can World Rugby stop wanking off Japan for at least 5 minutes? Pathetic.
Mike Louw
Mike Louw Month ago
The video was obviously one persons choice of rugby tries. A poorly made video all in all. Music was drowning everything else out bar the video itself. 2 out of 10.
Charmaine Botha
Charmaine Botha Month ago
How did cheslin kolbes try againts england not make it
Marvin carreño
Marvin carreño Month ago
I am surprised how sissy are the futbol players.
Preni xox
Preni xox Month ago
So proud to be welsh rn I remeber watchin the Josh Adams try amazing
Truth Before Opinions
Adams at 10 is an insult! But then again, the Welsh are used to it.
まぐれの騎士 2 months ago
MBM II 2 months ago
Got to be frogging kidding - Kolbe in Final and the Fiji tries against Wales, beats most of Japan tries FFS
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 2 months ago
This list was made by an English editing team because somehow forgot to add the Springbok 50m maul try as well the tries from Kolbe and Mpimpi.
Russel 2 months ago
Came across this video and yes, excellent tries. But I can't help wondering if this was made to downplay the Springboks winning the WC. As far as I am concerned the final was the best final I have ever seen with 2 of the best tries in this particular world cup. Kolbe's try stands out as one of the best side steps I have seen in a game of such pressure. As far as tactics are concerned the game will be studied for many years to come.
Dy 2 months ago
"I am not South African" but there're so many Japanese players in this video SA players should have been here than Japanese players
juni0rRC xD
juni0rRC xD 2 months ago
What a trash pick for number one
JM7 2 months ago
Japan against Scotland imo was the best try
Erich 5
Erich 5 2 months ago
Like it
a b
a b 2 months ago
Olivier Huillet
Olivier Huillet 2 months ago
Jonathan Joseph’s try against USA and Cheslin Kolbe ´s one in final deserve to be in this video
Niel Rossouw
Niel Rossouw 2 months ago
Terrible list, very biased. Unsubbed and 👎🏻
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 2 months ago
Some Fiji Tries were way better
Dillyn Lakey
Dillyn Lakey 2 months ago
Is it just me or was sevu Reece's pass miles forward?
Stahlz_XI 2 months ago
"Hes more dangerous than climate change"
Discipal4goodmusic 2 months ago
Cheslin kolby in the final??
mititaka kohno
mititaka kohno 2 months ago
Three Japanese Tries have been selected. Thank you! Arigatou!!
C-MONEY 2 months ago
George North 😴😴😴
Fez 2 months ago
Cokos try was average at best, but we all have to act like England are actually good at rugby.
松丸正義 2 months ago
Jamie Odonnell
Jamie Odonnell 2 months ago
Comment section is filled of South Africans crying cause it's all they are good at also drug's and cheating
Dy 2 months ago
SA - 1st place WHERE IS ALL BLACK..? (I am not South African)
Ryan Bertrandt
Ryan Bertrandt 2 months ago
They also good at winning a word cup.. or three😂😂🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Kili De
Kili De 3 months ago
I know nothing about rugby but I love it. American football is trash compared to this
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 3 months ago
It was the best final and tournament ever! It rivaled the 1995 WC.
Zandré Meyer
Zandré Meyer 3 months ago
This list is a scam. The entire list could have been made up of South African tries
David Rath
David Rath 3 months ago
No Colbe try? Was this compiled by an Englishman?
Camille Duma
Camille Duma 3 months ago
Japan Scotland is one of the greatest game I’ve ever seen. I still have chills
knarf zik
knarf zik 3 months ago
Nothing to see here! Cheslin Kolbe would out manoeuvre all those cheap tries and defence any day! Not even Mapimpi’s try was there?! Even after South Africa won the World Cup, looks like World Rugby is still trying to make other countries stay relevant. So laughable!! 😅
Ibrahim ABDUL JALIL 3 months ago
I like Tj Perenara's try
SuperAye 独立
SuperAye 独立 3 months ago
nice tries but I'm not sure about that Welsh player ducking under people when there's such an emphasis on defenders not making high tackles
Juan Diego
Juan Diego 3 months ago
5:22 pase fordward
Ollie Jones
Ollie Jones 3 months ago
Go wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Eduardo Rodrigues Alves
Pra mim o Try do Inagaki foi o mais bonito.
傘と弁当 3 months ago
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