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May 6, 2019




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Comments 13 655
Pedro Israel Chavez
Love your dad. Had me in tears and gives me hope to be a Father one day♥️ Love you guys.
Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris 5 hours ago
I’m watching this again after Shyla’s video ab her father, and man...Allen got me WEEPING😭❤️
Amar Rurkee
Amar Rurkee 6 hours ago
The man which is father here and one women both these persons i saw on ace family and they saying its their father and mother. I didn't get that
Kelly Charlton
Kelly Charlton 6 hours ago
They have such a amazing dad! Elle and her sister and the new baby are so lucky to have a paps like him give a thumbs up if u agree
Valjermayne 9 hours ago
What a beautiful gods gift congratulations again god bless
editsbyrebecca 9 hours ago
i love how landon’s parents both say g.o.d 💗😤
Nevaeh Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson 14 hours ago
Wait his dad is Austin’s dad on the ace family I did not know that 😮😮😮
Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez 16 hours ago
Did she do something to her face ?
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 18 hours ago
Alaïa will have a Cousin
Rajahniye catty
Rajahniye catty 18 hours ago
Next tell Austin and Elle and the baby and Cath
DaniCali XP
DaniCali XP 18 hours ago
Who the fuck gives this video a thumbs down smfh. Congrats to your family. This is what life is all about!
Jason Osborn
Jason Osborn 21 hour ago
Did yall video when yall told Auston and Catherine? If so can yall share the video.
Felicity Kuitai
Felicity Kuitai 23 hours ago
OMG this is the sweetest thing I have ever seen ❤❤❤. I actually cried when his dad cried ❤❤
Candy Day ago
Awww...Landon's Daddy! Such a sweet tender loving Daddy and Grandpa 💙❤️💕! It brought me to tears! Congratulations to all of you 😘😍💜❣️❤️!
Sunny Sunday
Sunny Sunday Day ago
Yall should trll austin and catherine
Ronny Mckindra
love it
Omg I just added y'all and this was amazing!!!! The bell is on and I'm in tears. Omg congrats 😍
niya sky
niya sky Day ago
She said Micheal Jackson has entered the chat😭😭😂😂
Morgan BellaBandit
15:00 IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adela romero
adela romero Day ago
Real Family Vlogs
Your dad is the sweetest!! Congratulations!!
Ally Velez
Ally Velez 2 days ago
Landon’s dad made me cry
april xo
april xo 2 days ago
Shyla looks like Kylie Jenner but the darker skin version she’s so pretty 🥺💗happy for y’all btw the baby is gonna be so pretty and cute
Kimberly Flores
Kimberly Flores 2 days ago
i love her moms reaction!❤️❤️
Laila Alkhars
Laila Alkhars 2 days ago
I was crying when they told his Dad 😢 “This is so emotional “😭✨✨✨✨
Laila Alkhars
Laila Alkhars 2 days ago
I was crying when they told his Dad 😢 “This is so emotional “😭✨✨✨✨
andrea loya
andrea loya 2 days ago
Landons dad made me cry!! 😭
Samantha Valeriano
I love the G O D thing that they have like if u agree ❤️❤️❤️
Jelly Jelly
Jelly Jelly 2 days ago
So happy for this family. Bless
cried for them but not for ace family??
Coleworld Tv
Coleworld Tv 2 days ago
What’s Austin and Catherine’s reaction
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan 2 days ago
This was so sad
rachida Oumhani vlog
Kylie Goode
Kylie Goode 3 days ago
What about your brother
Emma 3 days ago
omg this is like the 4th time i watch this video and the part of the dad always gets me im in tears
Emma 3 days ago
"michell jackson has enterd the chat" lmao
Karla Marie
Karla Marie 4 days ago
Omg i wouldn’t have posted my mom’s video. Awkward much.
Nika D. 1977
Nika D. 1977 4 days ago
Was I the only one crying when his dad found out. So beautiful
Keeley Blake
Keeley Blake 4 days ago
Dad needs to get his own channel
Elli Quintana
Elli Quintana 4 days ago
I'm soo happy you man me cry
dfa are
dfa are 4 days ago
i wish they filmed austins reaction
Daisy Cervantes
Daisy Cervantes 5 days ago
Your dad is such an amazing person god bless him CONGRATS I think it would be a perfect baby💞you guys are such a cute couple God bless all of you😘
Alexicia moore
Alexicia moore 5 days ago
Landon, your dad made me cry CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!🎉🎊🎈 OMG. OMG. OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Your dad just keeps making me cry. He was right tho. You’ll be a great dad Landon.
rylee Benoit
rylee Benoit 5 days ago
I’m so happy 4 your guys love yall❤️also crying but it’s ok
Joanna Liane
Joanna Liane 5 days ago
Aww daddy McBroom!!! 🥺 stop it crying so much ahhh I loved his reaction
Damn grandpa is the best I started crying!!
d M
d M 6 days ago
🙋😲😭😢DAMN DAMN DAMN i dont even know who these PEOPLE are ANY of them but im balling my eyes out thanks to his damn dad 😭😭😭😭 now i got to watch from the beginning to catch UP🙊🙉🙈to see how they/we got HERE😂🤔thanks grandpa
Carla Lopez
Carla Lopez 6 days ago
I started crying when Landon’s dad cried. 🦋😭
Mahdi Dakik
Mahdi Dakik 6 days ago
I started crying when landons dad started crying 😭
Alison Rather
Alison Rather 7 days ago
Shyla’s mom: you were like “THeRe’s A vIruS GOinG aRouND” Shyla: ... Shyla’s mom: and i was like “no there’s not...”
Mari Meza
Mari Meza 7 days ago
I cried once the Grandpa stared to cry it was just emotional you guys will we good parents she will be a good mom
Oreo Gaming
Oreo Gaming 7 days ago
shylas mom is so adorable broooo😭😭😭
jamie harris
jamie harris 7 days ago
Your dad made me cry he is the best supporter ❤️
Islandpride 868
Islandpride 868 7 days ago
I love this video 😭😭😭
Andrea Lenover
Andrea Lenover 7 days ago
Andrea Lenover
Andrea Lenover 7 days ago
I was literally crying with his dads reaction ugh I’m soooo bappy
Alison Neese
Alison Neese 8 days ago
ok am I the only one who is wondering what “g.o.d” means?
Crystal Aguero
Crystal Aguero 8 days ago
Landon’s dad made me cry 😭 they’re gonna be such good parents and grandparents 😭❤️
zoomzoomgt 8 days ago
Seem like mr Mcbroom already knew from the get go. I remember when when he let him walk home from the same talk lol. Guess he changed his mind lol
best black
best black 8 days ago
why is shyla laughing
Allison Nicolai
Allison Nicolai 8 days ago
Will you tell Austin??
Ruby Lee
Ruby Lee 8 days ago
his dad is the sweetest person by far!!❤️❤️❤️
Leslie Oliver
Leslie Oliver 9 days ago
I'm crying too
Stephanie Argote
Stephanie Argote 9 days ago
Who remembers when Landon pranked his dad saying they were gonna have a baby and he took Landon away from the house then made him walk back😂
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 9 days ago
Y is she trying to coppy austins wife
Rene Ruano
Rene Ruano 9 days ago
Ayy happy for u guys
claudia alonzo
claudia alonzo 10 days ago
wait isnt it the guy from ace family at 9:39 elles grandpa
claudia alonzo
claudia alonzo 10 days ago
can someone explain the family tree plz
summer of 19
summer of 19 10 days ago
Stop your gonna make me cry
Cveti Dobrikova
Cveti Dobrikova 10 days ago
I though it’s a normal video and idk it’s not so emotional but in the end i cried ❤️
Anny Vargas
Anny Vargas 11 days ago
God bless that men !! That’s real love ❤️
Mekaylah LL
Mekaylah LL 11 days ago
This is so sad like if u agree
Xo. Josellyynn
Xo. Josellyynn 11 days ago
When Landon’s dad cried I couldn’t stop crying 🥺
Frank Russo
Frank Russo 11 days ago
You guys are truly blessed man. When my wife got pregnant, we were still kids and were kicked out but we fought through it and are still here. Congratulations!
Briana Vela
Briana Vela 11 days ago
Did you guys tell Austin and Catherine
Zoie Holliday
Zoie Holliday 11 days ago
Yo fuck Landon’s mom 😂😂😂
Paityn Renzulli
Paityn Renzulli 11 days ago
I love you guys so much!!! Your my favorite RUvidrs ever!!!! Congrats on your baby!!! Hope you enjoy him/her!!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!!
twins far
twins far 12 days ago
😭😭😭 landon dad very sweet❤️❤️
Morgan Lovaas
Morgan Lovaas 12 days ago
Y'all remember that puppy video?
Yasmine Edwige
Yasmine Edwige 12 days ago
Ikmalreza 1998
Ikmalreza 1998 12 days ago
Now Shyla's "two assets" will get bigger.
Ikmalreza 1998
Ikmalreza 1998 12 days ago
Awww Landon's dad is so sweet just like mine.
Ifamkiss x
Ifamkiss x 12 days ago
Landon and his dad made me cry :( 💕💕💕
ahaha 13 days ago
I really just cried @the end😣
EDWIN CHOLULA 13 days ago
I cried
unknoown139 13 days ago
I cried this was amazing ❤️
Maddie Mojica
Maddie Mojica 13 days ago
Now and days everyone thinks everything is a prank
Maddie Mojica
Maddie Mojica 13 days ago
This is soo extra and dramatic but congrats
Nina Love
Nina Love 13 days ago
I couldn't help it 😭😭😭😭 God bless you guys🙏 You guys will see how beautiful this journey will be 💕
Serafina A
Serafina A 13 days ago
When is the part where you tell your siblings and friends the news coming online?✨
Lissette Alvarado
Lissette Alvarado 13 days ago
CAT Matiskam
CAT Matiskam 13 days ago
Who remembers the first time he told his dad he got his girl “pregnant prank” and he let Landon walk home without phone...
Anna Beilharz
Anna Beilharz 13 days ago
landon's dad's reaction was so cute 😭😭 I cried so much 😭❤️❤️
Grace Mulandi
Grace Mulandi 14 days ago
So beautiful and emotional ❤️
Darl Rapid
Darl Rapid 14 days ago
I Thought The Father Was Shyna's Daughter
Lilou Hamchaoui
Lilou Hamchaoui 14 days ago
Reaction by austin and Catherine ???
Hallie 8 days ago
I was wondering if I missed that video. I’ve been waiting for it
Maya Cortez
Maya Cortez 14 days ago
I cried 😭😭 congratulations 👧🏼👦🏼
Yazzy 29
Yazzy 29 14 days ago
What she mean when she said you a trani or trainee
Lexxy R
Lexxy R 14 days ago
Congratulations to the both of y’all God bless y’all L&S gang love y’all an May many more come to y’all both ❤️🙏🏼💍
Amika D. Page
Amika D. Page 14 days ago
OMG! 😭😭😭❤️ I wish every couple could have that moment like you guys had with Papa McBroom! That was SO beautiful!
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