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May 6, 2019




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Comments 14 043
Sherin El Ghourani
Sherin El Ghourani 3 hours ago
I’m crying😭
Irenea Rikrik
Shyla's mom was so freaking cute...
Hello Out there
What an amazing father, he knows how to communicate with his kids. Very emotional moment
Angela James
Angela James Day ago
Landon's mom acted like she was not happy but was trying to force herself into pretending she was. She didn't do a good job.
Amber Rangel
Amber Rangel Day ago
I cried
Erin De la Peyre
Erin De la Peyre 2 days ago
Austins father
Tea with T & A
Tea with T & A 3 days ago
This looks a bit like the ace family aha
Billie fuckin Eilish
when Landon’s dad started to cry - I LOST IT! but this video made me smile sm
Cardiea Howell
Cardiea Howell 4 days ago
If my parents not happy for me like this then someone else can have them😂😂😂
Abigail Cribeiro
Abigail Cribeiro 4 days ago
Savannah Gomez
Savannah Gomez 5 days ago
This video was so emotional L&S gang! Omg! 😭😭😭😭 I literally started to tear up when Landon’s dad was crying because of how proud he is of Landon and Shyla! 😭😭 then again I am so excited for this journey for Landon and Shyla! 💗😭
Anastasia Beaches
shyla is a bitch. unsubscribe
Kristi P.
Kristi P. 6 days ago
From far away she looks like Rita ora 😍😍😍
Poppy Moore
Poppy Moore 6 days ago
awh no i’m crying when he started crying it was the cutest thinggg
Rafael  Ayala
Rafael Ayala 6 days ago
You are making me cry
Natalie Ray
Natalie Ray 6 days ago
I like how his parents weren't happy lmao dont think they like her 💯 #facts
Romio Garcia
Romio Garcia 7 days ago
I was crying😭
LifeOfNadya 8 days ago
Jodielee Higgins
Jodielee Higgins 8 days ago
Pop's but he made me cry to what a ture blessing xxxx
Vinaila Cheung
Vinaila Cheung 8 days ago
God bless you and your baby and wife 😙😙💝❤️💝😍😘😘😘😘😭😭😭😥😢🧡🧡💙💙💙🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺🌷🌸
edgar lainez
edgar lainez 8 days ago
My dad doesn’t cry but my mom does cry for everything.
Ash A
Ash A 10 days ago
Omg Shylas mom and Landons dad are so sweet
Serina Robles
Serina Robles 10 days ago
OMG this made me cry .
Hallie June x
Hallie June x 10 days ago
I mean like, at this point your dad is used to grandchildren because of Austin lols
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth 10 days ago
Y'all papa Mcbroom got me crying 💟
Bad Bitch
Bad Bitch 11 days ago
Bruh that’s insane he’s only 4 years older than me and I couldn’t imagine having a kid
Adela Aguirre Maldonado
“Michael Jackson enter the chat” I died😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Slime Squishys
Slime Squishys 12 days ago
His dad got me crying 😢😢
Selene Sotelo
Selene Sotelo 13 days ago
Why does London seem more mature the. Austin
Silvia Dubeňová
Silvia Dubeňová 13 days ago
loïc madaka
loïc madaka 13 days ago
You also should have go to austin
meek giles
meek giles 14 days ago
soooo precious !!! OMG!!!!! awwwwwww
Patra’s Vlogs
Patra’s Vlogs 15 days ago
Not the only one who cried 😭
Stinkaboo62 15 days ago
I love y’all so much!❤️
jk _ you thought
jk _ you thought 16 days ago
I don’t understand why mama mcbroom cant be as equally as happy for Shyla as she is with cathrine it’s so RUDE
Lol Chan
Lol Chan 17 days ago
Do anybody realize that when there dad said that Elle and ALAIA he reveled the ace family’s new baby name lol cuz when they found out they were pregnant Alaia wasn’t born and the ace family didn’t announce there baby’s name lol 😆 until to now which they did announce it at 13:39
Shay Smalle
Shay Smalle 18 days ago
See now, I hope and pray my future boyfriend/husband and his family react like this when I get pregnant, because where I'm from, we don't react to pregnancy with such amazement..... Long love, life and happiness to y'all
Nane Ika
Nane Ika 19 days ago
The best part is Landon's dad's reaction!! Thats how you know he loves Landon and Shayla so much!!
Nivikka Dinesen
Nivikka Dinesen 19 days ago
How was trying so hard not to cryy😂🥺😰
Nivikka Dinesen
Nivikka Dinesen 19 days ago
4:12 Shayla:micheal jackson has entered the chat Me:dying😂😂😂
Elsa Marie
Elsa Marie 19 days ago
am i the only one that’s mad that they didn’t film austin’s reaction
Losaline Mieozy Trk
Awwwww congratulations 🎉🎊🎈🍾
Kimberly Burton
Kimberly Burton 20 days ago
who else cried when landon’s dad said he was going to be a great dad🥺
Miss Fiesty Goddess
I cry every time i watch this
pierre jean Natacha
omg I *cried*
Zhané Ella
Zhané Ella 23 days ago
I Died when papa Mcbroom went to go smell the pregnancy test & Shyla freaked out hahaha
RowiesFam Cairns
RowiesFam Cairns 24 days ago
His mama really wanted a vacay instead 😂😂
FRANCEFAM 25 days ago
papa mcbroom is my fav person ever
Madison Somuah
Madison Somuah 25 days ago
Awww your dad made me cry😢😭
Hannah Blair
Hannah Blair 25 days ago
I new his parents would say G. O. D
white Lodge Tarot
white Lodge Tarot 25 days ago
So Sweet how you are teaching that love and vulnerability is a beautiful strength and not a weakness. Thank you
tarek taibi
tarek taibi 26 days ago
This is the most beautiful video I have ever seen. I wish my parents were alive to share everything with me.
Suzy Lawati
Suzy Lawati 26 days ago
what a loving grandpa....GOD bless You
Classic Courtney
Classic Courtney 26 days ago
Awww I almost cried when you told both moms and dad
Karen Medina
Karen Medina 26 days ago
Who’s cutting onions??😭😭😭
Nicole A Taylor
Nicole A Taylor 26 days ago
Papa mcbroom made me cry
Laura Leal
Laura Leal 26 days ago
Barely watching the reactions and Landon’s daddy omgosh!! 😭❤️
Victoria Anaya
Victoria Anaya 26 days ago
OMG y’all had me crying this whole video😭🙏🏽🙏🏽 BLESSINGS 💛
Lonnie Rashid
Lonnie Rashid 26 days ago
Put a RING💍on it !!
anjelica sandoval
anjelica sandoval 27 days ago
Bro im crying this is so emotional lol
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