Telling my boyfriend I'M PREGNANT! *He was not expecting this*

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Published on


Sep 27, 2018




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Comments 100
Camila Arce
Camila Arce Day ago
Oww I just rewatched this and got chills everywhere😭😭❤️
Kaia Lucier
Kaia Lucier 4 days ago
Hi to ya'll watching in 2020
Shelby Rehahn
Shelby Rehahn 4 days ago
OMG, I cried when you asked him to get you a fork. wtf is wrong with me. So cute. I'm so happy for you. His reaction was amazing.
SnickerKoning 5 days ago
Does anybody know where i can buy that sweater Sarah is wearing? I want to buy it for my girlfriend! She loves these vlogs!!!
Dr Idede
Dr Idede 6 days ago
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Waffle Vlogs
Waffle Vlogs 6 days ago
This is so cute🥺.
Ji Eun Lee
Ji Eun Lee 8 days ago
I’m here again after 2years. Missing the good old days :)
aweeza waris
aweeza waris 10 days ago
am i the only one who thinks he looks like Freddie Mercury. 5:43
Sarah Bennett
Sarah Bennett 13 days ago
I know I'm late to this and this comment will probably never be seen but my name is Sarah and my best friend Abbey told me she was pregnant before she told anyone else ☺️ the universe is weird!
益눈LÄÎÑ 20 days ago
I thought he doesn't want the baby TWT then Looks like Its 2018 but i comment 2020!!! Reaction: Oh then congratulations!
It’s me Kendall B
Love you guys congratulations
Karen Montes98
Karen Montes98 25 days ago
I've watched this video like 4 times already, and I cry every single time🥺🥺❤
KT M 25 days ago
this is still the best video on youtube. SO PURE XXX
Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy Month ago
Maja Jakubowska
Maja Jakubowska Month ago
This So So cute I m crying
game lover boy
game lover boy Month ago
Bubble 123
Bubble 123 Month ago
5:15 is my favourite 😍
Cloe Stein Muñoz
2020 year of pregnancies
Original Rose
Original Rose Month ago
Pepper Bowes
Pepper Bowes Month ago
Are you Australian bc I am!?
Chloe Rebbeck
Chloe Rebbeck Month ago
It’s a boy I think
Claire Wood
Claire Wood Month ago
Just subscribed you two are awesome xx
Usisipho Komani
Usisipho Komani Month ago
I watched this when I was pregnant last year. I still cry everytime I watch it 🥺😍❤️.
Helena Marie
Helena Marie Month ago
I’m rewatching this in 2020 and cried all over again.
Mary James
Mary James 2 months ago
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SARAH HOFFMAN 2 months ago
Praying for you
mattie grant
mattie grant 2 months ago
watched this again just to feel something
Aimee Green
Aimee Green 2 months ago
OH MY LANTA this is so cute to come back and watch now with how and where you are at now. You’ve all grown so much and are so beautiful!! Love you guys and your family!!💛
Emily J
Emily J 2 months ago
me 2 years later rewatching your finding out videos bc i love you guys and foxy is so big now🥺
Natalie Toggenburger
„i‘m gonna have to make a fake dinner“ your killing me 😂
Maddy S
Maddy S 2 months ago
I think it’s a boy
Nur Bulut
Nur Bulut 2 months ago
Isabella Sampson
Isabella Sampson 2 months ago
rewatching this awwwww
SpringSprung Edits
SpringSprung Edits 2 months ago
Ciara Shanahan
Ciara Shanahan 2 months ago
I think it a boy. Ps. look at the date
Devaki Bult
Devaki Bult 2 months ago
I love this video. 💙💙
Tara Booch
Tara Booch 2 months ago
So happy 😭
OHMYGOOD im so happy foryou im so happy new it newit having a baby amount OHMYGOD yesa day
daniela 2 months ago
the first video i ever watched
Joanna Zerbel
Joanna Zerbel 3 months ago
Almost two years later still sobbing 😭 💕
Zara Porteous
Zara Porteous 3 months ago
I have watched this video 6 times haha
Hannah Freeman
Hannah Freeman 3 months ago
Foxy boy is so big now 🥺 ugh i love him
Jill Ronan
Jill Ronan 3 months ago
I know how surreal it all is... I was in the ultrasound room and she says, “ok, let’s see if we can get Baby to move positions a little...” I was like “omg there really is a baby in there!”
larissa muscat
larissa muscat 3 months ago
And now look at you guys. Gorgeous couple engaged with a gorgeous little boy and moving into your dream house 💗
c hart
c hart 3 months ago
I think ive watched this 4 times and everytime I cry so cute♡
Megan Ox
Megan Ox 3 months ago
How has this got 6.8 million views? Oh yeh cus they are the cutest xc
SarahJane14 3 months ago
He is so sweet. 😊
Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez 3 months ago
I know this video was from two years ago but I just love how supportive Kurt is!! Y’all make me so happy!
The Brookes Family
The Brookes Family 3 months ago
I just told my boyfriend I’m pregnant as well! On my channel! Xx
Denise Mz
Denise Mz 3 months ago
Sweetest reaction ever 😄😍
The Brookes Family
The Brookes Family 3 months ago
Awww xxx I have just found out I’m pregnant and I’m kinda scared x
Ariane Souza Da Silva
thank God this video just appear to me. I follow this family since then and was the best decision, i love them so much, and fox is so precious I love him sm 🥺🥺😍😍
Janealle Marino
Janealle Marino 3 months ago
So sweeeet💞
Lily Ramé
Lily Ramé 3 months ago
Here I am watching this again, crying a river
Rosie Chapman
Rosie Chapman 4 months ago
the chickpeas watching from inside the oven👁👄👁
Dead Skull
Dead Skull 4 months ago
Where is she from?? Her accent is VERY strong
Random Person
Random Person 3 months ago
Slime Simulator
Slime Simulator 4 months ago
Ashlee Sturm
Ashlee Sturm 4 months ago
Me about to cry here:
Jeremy Latham
Jeremy Latham 4 months ago
"The big-" what? the big what?
Katie Poduska
Katie Poduska 4 months ago
Idk why this just popped up on my recommended page again but I'm so here for it 🥰💖
Marni Abbott
Marni Abbott 4 months ago
Aww the video that led me to your channel! Still so beautiful
HANNAH KITCHER 4 months ago
Anyone else watching this for the 10th time or just me? I love this video!
Harpyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
me being here in 2020 lmao
Shaynae Moss
Shaynae Moss 5 months ago
I just watched your birthing vlog and I felt like I had seen your face before and I thought his face and well behold. I remember watching this video, and crying and it made me sooo happy. Still trying to conceive for 11 months now. Hopefully I get pregnant soon. Congratulations 🎉 ❣️
Amberley Hawker
Amberley Hawker 5 months ago
any one else watching this again and again even though fox is 1
Chloe Pritchard
Chloe Pritchard 5 months ago
I think this was the first video of yours I watched. Now I watch all your vids ASAP, your insta stories, drink your body bloom & using your pity party!
Euridu 5 months ago
Golden Black bees
Golden Black bees 5 months ago
Soooo cute my god mother is pregnant she's getting closer since it's her first time being pregnant
selihom Alazar
selihom Alazar 5 months ago
This is rely cute
Franscesca Stam
Franscesca Stam 5 months ago
The fact that he is so sweet to her ohmygod AAAAA i love them already i dont even know them but AAA
•Itzjustjacob• 5 months ago
hm i think if its a girl call it Kelly if its a boy call it Potter or um-
Celia van der Walt
Celia van der Walt 5 months ago
I have watched this video a million times! xxx
Aight 5 months ago
You put the heartbeat at the background you literally make my heart pumping faster holy im nervous as well 😂
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 5 months ago
“That’s why you have the big...”*vaguely touches his chest*
SAL adventures
SAL adventures 6 months ago
I got an ad for tampons on this
Rachelmarie413 4 months ago
SAL adventures same!!!
Shannon Litt
Shannon Litt 6 months ago
I have watched this so many times! I'm still so happy for you guys! You guys r the perfect couple
Jacinta Reilly
Jacinta Reilly 6 months ago
Watching this now :)
Locksie 6 months ago
I saw this when it was first posted but it came up so I'm watching again because it's so damn cute!
Mia Woods
Mia Woods 6 months ago
Samantha Page
Samantha Page 6 months ago
Yeah I watched this ages ago but I'm in tears.
bria6641 bria6641
bria6641 bria6641 6 months ago
3:30 has me dead!! *holds chest* "tha--thats why you have the"
claire 6 months ago
watching this video in may 2020 and it still makes me cry when Sarah starts to cry
Alice Barrow
Alice Barrow 7 months ago
"that's why you have the big...*hand motions over his chest*" ahaaaa
AvA TrEnArY 7 months ago
Are u kidding, is that why u have the big.........!! Makes me laugh 😂
Ruth Elliot
Ruth Elliot 7 months ago
best reaction ever!!!!!!!!
Sabana Falekaono
Sabana Falekaono 7 months ago
Make a "Fake" Dinner lol
Imy Abby
Imy Abby 7 months ago
Anyone else just get this as their first video on their feed? 😍 what a nice flashback
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 7 months ago
That’s why you had the big (points to the boobs haha)
AKylie 7 months ago
hi i randomly had the urge to watch this video
Sophia H
Sophia H 7 months ago
he’s one year old now!🦊
alannah coleman
alannah coleman 7 months ago
whenever I need a happy cry I come to this video. it is quite possibly my most watched yt video of all time.
angela munoz
angela munoz 7 months ago
I was so excited for his reaction an I started cried😂❤️😢so cute
Emma Lipe
Emma Lipe 7 months ago
my heart was racing right before he opened the drawer
Mislimisli Misli
Mislimisli Misli 7 months ago
Happy tears✨
Alicia Heyneke
Alicia Heyneke 7 months ago
Kayleigh Platt
Kayleigh Platt 7 months ago
This just popped up on my suggested feed 😃 now Fox is one!
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel 7 months ago
Sometimes I come back and watch this and it makes me tear up every time 😭😭😭
Briony Allen
Briony Allen 7 months ago
Does anyone know where this jumper is from ?!
sara perrault
sara perrault 7 months ago
Thanks for the cry 😂😭
B 7 months ago
And now Fox is one!! How time flies
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