Telling Him "I DON'T WANT TO MARRY YOU" To See His Reaction Prank (HE CRIED)

Jack Brinkman
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Today I told my boyfriend I didn't want to marry him to see his reaction and I gotta say... not good. We have been filming a lot of reaction videos but this may have to be the last one since things got heated but I would appreciate it if you guys watch the whole thing to see his reaction to finding out it's a prank ;)
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telling my boyfriend i dont want to marry you to see his reaction prank
telling my boyfriend i dont want to marry you to see his reaction prank
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Aug 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Jack Brinkman
Jack Brinkman Year ago
Lucas Bright Rockstar
Edy Puentes
Edy Puentes 2 months ago
@Kevin Lopez rubber duckie rubber duckie. Is no longer 😕 a thing.
BlazerJake 4 months ago
23:36 Jack looks so disgusted
Anthoner 5 months ago
I still didn't get my IPHONE X, HAHAHAHAH but that's okay because that was a month ago or almost a year.
Adams Aliu
Adams Aliu 5 months ago
Already done
Zaniyah Jackson
Zaniyah Jackson 7 days ago
Nikera Parris
Nikera Parris 14 days ago
My heart hurt me when she say "not with you " that hurt ☹️☹️
Hali Sanchez
Hali Sanchez 21 day ago
gab: like i dont want to any more like not with you jack: ...
Uzi Kalashnikov
Uzi Kalashnikov 21 day ago
This didn't age well
Lola_Bunny _420__
My heart. 😭💔
zyrah martinez
zyrah martinez 21 day ago
Just looking back at the good old days😢
Dontavius Blann
Dontavius Blann 22 days ago
i want one of them to break down what happened FR
Lilly games
Lilly games 23 days ago
Why did they break up
Kevin Kreuser
Kevin Kreuser 24 days ago
u both should not break up
Photography Photos And Videos
I just wonder if this is what happened in their actual break up.
Alexandra Ghobrial
Alexandra Ghobrial 29 days ago
me watching now: 👁 👄👁
Beatriz Azevedo
Beatriz Azevedo Month ago
a Brazilian (me) watching 👀 😂
Gabi M
Gabi M Month ago
Natallie Chan
Natallie Chan Month ago
i miss their intro ;(
Sara Al hajri
Sara Al hajri Month ago
Nobody : Everybody: 👁👄👁 The boys intro : rubber ducky rubber ducky
slowed tunes
slowed tunes Month ago
i love how he still called her sweetheart even when he was upset about her “wanting to breakup”
Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox Month ago
Rather fortuitous wouldn't you say.
Drew Brees
Drew Brees Month ago
Who’s here after they broke up
Drew Brees
Drew Brees Month ago
This didn’t age well
Rachelle Loyl
Rachelle Loyl Month ago
This is not a healthy relationship glad they broke up. Jack is too mature for her. She’s a little bit manipulative.
Aishwarya Tankkar
Yes...his new gf is far more mature loving and respectful towards Jack. I am so happy he found Jaycee. She is great.
Stevie g711
Stevie g711 Month ago
That is emotional abuse. No one should ever be hurt in that way for a prank. Even knowing afterwards that it was a pank - words can not be unsaid. Years after you can still wonder if part of it was true.
Aishwarya Tankkar
Yeah! Absolutely.
M vaz
M vaz Month ago
and they didn't get married:((((((((
C- Breezy
C- Breezy Month ago
Plot twist.... this wasn’t a prank
Jarifa Sadia
Jarifa Sadia Month ago
I wish they could solve their problems and be together. Why is it hurts to see them not together anymore 😭 I'm sorry but it's my inner feelings.
Jarines 1
Jarines 1 Month ago
this didn't age well at all
Jacob Vautier
Jacob Vautier Month ago
All I can say is... yikes. Just... yikes
Khushi Thakkar
Khushi Thakkar Month ago
yeah this didn't age well...
it's Jo
it's Jo Month ago
I like JC she seems like such a sweet girl. but I really hope they get back together. There so so much love between them.
Aishwarya Tankkar
No! Jaycee is far more better than Gab. Gab was purely toxic towards the breakup and Jack handled the whole situation so maturely. Gab even wronged Sydney.
Bada Boom
Bada Boom 8 days ago
These two were fuckin toxic for each other wtf are you talking about? Like wtf does this to someone they care about?
Taffy Lorryn Torres
"Who knows we might get back together." "No" 💔
Abel Rupertus
Abel Rupertus Month ago
Correct me if I’m wrong, but Gabrielle didn’t film an intro, she seemed pretty serious, and never had to turn away like normal, and she was tearing up, so I think this was real, she regretted it, and used the prank as a way to cover up
LIFE WITH 6 KIDS 2 days ago
Lily X
Lily X Month ago
Yea... fr
Isaiah Kaufman
Isaiah Kaufman Month ago
This aged well
JF Matt
JF Matt Month ago
little do they know
moonlight salvatore
omg no the intro literally hits differently now:/
IG Sky.Dweller
IG Sky.Dweller Month ago
Jack has zero simp bones in his body, he’s a direct descendant from the Leoniadas bloodline 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seun Timilehin
Seun Timilehin Month ago
Lol so this came true, circle of life
Katie Wilburn
Katie Wilburn Month ago
This didn’t age well.
Melanie Luft
Melanie Luft Month ago
The observe youtube channel who reads body language should react to this to tell us if he thinks she was being honest!
Obi Ihediwa
Obi Ihediwa Month ago
Sophie Provost
Sophie Provost Month ago
voodoo African ik😪😪
omaruhh Month ago
there was definitely some honesty in this....
Iva Vlahceva
Iva Vlahceva Month ago
This didn't age well....😬😅
ayla zhang
ayla zhang Month ago
omg me replaying every time he called her 'babe' or kissed her 😥
Baby short
Baby short Month ago
26:52 hmmm
Baby short
Baby short Month ago
Its always been there
Kelly McNulty
Kelly McNulty Month ago
Yeah watching this back I’m realizing that there’s no way she was able to keep it that serious for so long she must have meant what she said
Emily Jaggers
Emily Jaggers Month ago
lol this didn’t age well
Fatima Khaled
Fatima Khaled Month ago
Gab you lost a great man💔
Lilah Bertholf
Lilah Bertholf Month ago
Who’s watching after Jack gets together with someone else because i miss the old jack and gab😭
Jatsnok Month ago
Thats life, deal with it.
m tarot
m tarot Month ago
Sivana Month ago
w e d g e s
w e d g e s Month ago
Depression :(
Samuel Minkoff
Samuel Minkoff Month ago
Damn, wish they got married, but exited to meet his new girl one day :)
Noah Roche Edits
throwaway throwaway no
throwaway throwaway
Check his channel, she's so cutee
Franco vigna
Franco vigna Month ago
Plot twist: she actually didnt wanna marry him
peachy Month ago
well fuck
Camila Salcedo
Camila Salcedo Month ago
All the things she said. omg
Madison Sensabaugh
Wow watching this after they broke up is sad
Samira Cantrell
Samira Cantrell Month ago
How does she keep a straight face?
Samira Cantrell
Samira Cantrell Month ago
But I love how he still calls her sweetheart even when he’s upset.
Ryan Month ago
he has angry problem
Sophie Provost
Sophie Provost Month ago
Ryan how. for being told that the love of his life doesn’t want to marry him he was handling it very well
Ny Lewis
Ny Lewis Month ago
I like how there " fighting" while drinking Starbucks.👉👈 I miss them together 🥺
Under the Sun
Under the Sun Month ago
That’s sweet of him here❤️
Jordyn Zehner
Jordyn Zehner Month ago
Sophie Provost
Sophie Provost Month ago
Jordyn Zehner exactly
3lla 8mith
3lla 8mith Month ago
jack has my starbucks order and Gab-(cant spell her name-) has my best friends order
envy serenity
envy serenity Month ago
Jack looks nothing like zack efron 😂
Lae Pitt
Lae Pitt Month ago
Some of these so called prank videos are not funny and are quite cruel
مي Month ago
My favorite video 😂💙💙
Miss Scales
Miss Scales 2 months ago
bioxy. 2 months ago
This didnt age well
Aubree Rose
Aubree Rose 2 months ago
I wonder if this is how the actual break up went🥺
faith 2 months ago
notice how they were arguing and he still calls gab “sweetheart”
emma 2 months ago
“I thought we were going to have kids and dogs and an aquarium” 😐 -Jack 2020
emma 2 months ago
Gab: zac efron Me: SAMMMMEEEEE
emma 2 months ago
Gab: celebrity crushes Jack: oh god Gab: * starts talking * Jack stats making weird noises
LIFE IS STRANGE 2 months ago
The thing why all youtubers not should do this pranks it's becouse this leads to a breakup
LIFE IS STRANGE 2 months ago
After you have done to many of Them
Tim appIe
Tim appIe 2 months ago
R.K Collection
R.K Collection 2 months ago
If you claim that jack never cared about gabrielle you clearly never watched this video
Brenna breska
Brenna breska 2 months ago
Be careful what you prank, sometimes pranks come true! As they know that now!
Amanda Swafford
Amanda Swafford 2 months ago
Watching this after they actually broke up hurts my heart 💔
simah elbarasi
simah elbarasi 2 months ago
Little did they know that they'll break up so soon and there nit getting married😭
DoomCrewLive 2 months ago
wow crazy what happened now lol
Kenzy Heavilin
Kenzy Heavilin 2 months ago
now i feel like she was low key telling the truth
Júlia Rodrigues de Resende Tavares
jack:i might go find some nice Brazilian women SURTEI
Mike H
Mike H 2 months ago
LOL it came true.
Anden Evans
Anden Evans 2 months ago
The same exact wording from their recent breakup “torture” and “RUvid will be miserable”
Anden Evans
Anden Evans 2 months ago
The insane foreshadpwing
Dragonfan247 2 months ago
God I cannot imagine doing that. They must’ve been incredibly strong to be able to pull off pranks like this and still be together. I know they aren’t together anymore but damn I just cannot imaginneee
throwaway throwaway
throwaway throwaway 2 months ago
They say jack is toxic, but this prank was toxic too. I feel like they grew in different directions and became toxic for one another
Justice Provo
Justice Provo 29 days ago
Same that was so sad.... my heart broke for him
Mike H
Mike H 2 months ago
They didn't have similar wits or personalities. It worked in school because they went to a pretty small private school but pulls from sororities and different majors finally broke them. I believe that he thinks that they are getting back together. This channel should be archived or he should change the name as they aren't getting back together. They have broken up before and the quarantine situation this year put couples in situations that made them stronger or break them apart. It is a sign if they can't be together in these crazy times.
Love to Vibe
Love to Vibe 2 months ago
Honestly everything she’s saying in this video sounds like the reasons that they broke up now.
Sydney N
Sydney N Month ago
Abel Rupertus
Abel Rupertus Month ago
vale Month ago
Love to Vibe
Love to Vibe 2 months ago
Well this video really aged well... This is why Jack has such bad anxiety and is so self conscious. These pranks really took a toll on their relationship.
Tatum Booker
Tatum Booker 2 months ago
Coming back after they broke up and accusations made about their relationship from a third party
M00gan 2 months ago
uh oh
JohannesEliassen 2 months ago
Looking back at this video now, it realy feels like she ment it (which I know she didnt)
Vulsey Gx
Vulsey Gx 2 months ago
Who’s here arfter the break up rip
JAY booGey
JAY booGey 2 months ago
This isnt cool cuz when it happened in real life hes gonna kill you
CCCraftieSSS 2 months ago
I have faith in god, he is here for you, don’t let the devil get to you, I know that you are going through something, but god is right next to you
Myli Schell
Myli Schell 2 months ago
my heart broke as his voice got softer and softer ;c
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 2 months ago
You broke his heart🥺
Nola Podolski
Nola Podolski 2 months ago
7:24 omg no it really happened
Imogen Katie
Imogen Katie 2 months ago
I came in the comments to look for a comment like this 😂❤️
Nola Podolski
Nola Podolski 2 months ago
whos here after its really over.... 😕😔
betty k
betty k 2 months ago
what was the intention of this prank? I could never act this out for so long if my boyfriend looked at me like that... why did she drag it out for so long 😕
Cheyanne McKeehan
Cheyanne McKeehan 28 days ago
She did a trial run
auditions with sabrina
You guys give me a heart attack
auditions with sabrina
Nooooo I thought they were the real life Cory and Topanga..... :’(
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