Televangelist Warns Of Satan Burgers

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C-List televangelist Rick Wiles thinks Impossible Burgers are made of demons. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and John Fugelsang, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: tyt.com/trial
Read more here: www.rightwingwatch.org/post/rick-wiles-plant-based-meat-alternatives-are-a-satanic-plot-to-create-a-race-of-soulless-creatures/
“End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned on his “TruNews” program last night that the rise of companies like Impossible Foods, which is developing plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products, is part of a satanic plot to alter human DNA so that people can no longer worship God.
“When you go to your favorite fast food restaurant, you are going to be eating a fake hamburger,” Wiles said. “You’re going to go to the grocery store and buy a pound of fake hamburger or a fake steak, and you won’t know that it was grown in some big corporation’s laboratory. This is the nightmare world that they are taking us into. They’re changing God’s creation. Why? Because they want to be God.”
“God is an environmentalist,” Wiles continued. “He takes this very seriously. He created this planet, he created the universe and he’s watching these Luciferians destroy this planet, destroy the animal kingdom, destroy the plant kingdom, change human DNA. Why? They want to change human DNA so that you can’t be born again. That’s where they’re going with this, to change the DNA of humans so it will be impossible for a human to be born again. They want to create a race of soulless creatures on this planet.”
Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Fugelsang
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Fugelsang
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Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 4 042
The Young Turks
The Young Turks 4 months ago
Do you think Impossible Burgers are the work of Satan? Let us know in the comments.
Leslie Dodds
Leslie Dodds 3 days ago
@kathleen davenport Sorry i am not interested in studying science or monkeys there is too many on you tube I have a life not too the measure i would like as my injuries have been life long and ongoing but I have answered everyone according to GODS word and ive met some crazy folk indeed thank GOD for his wisdom not foolishness and utter rubbish from so called intelligent people but evolution has not one ground to stand on and you have wasted your life with nothing to show for while mine is invested in the kingdom of GOD GOOD BYE and hope you find Christ indeed .
Leslie Dodds
Leslie Dodds 3 days ago
@kathleen davenport What about faith then is this all foolishness we get comfort strength from GODS word and at the communion table we feel GODS presence is this all in our heads the saving of souls which am sure your uncle preaches to see people won for the kingdom of GOD IF there is scientific knowledge that GOD wants us to know we have billions upon billions of years to learn from GOD BECAUSE time shall be no more .
kathleen davenport
@Leslie Dodds Study science sometime. Also study history and it may just expand your thinking. I on the other hand have a life of which you clearly do not. May I suggest you get a life away from RUvid. It is also clear you are bored and have nothing to do. Whereas I do so I will make no further comments to you
Leslie Dodds
Leslie Dodds 3 days ago
@kathleen davenport Oh boy anything but admit there is a GOD ;But give time to study monkeys up trees whom GOD made for that culture tell me kathleen were did the hair go from us if our FOR parents were monkeys GOD intended it for our head but some how we lost all that hair transforming from monkey to human do you think someone is making a monkey out of you kathleen maybe this evolution is from fallen Angels because Satan will use anything even a cheeky monkey indeed .
kathleen davenport
@Leslie Dodds Because doctors are very good and can cut off the blood supply with clamps. It has nothing at all to do with God.
chillchi 4 hours ago
Did they just admit that Jesus was a brown skinned black man?
Elvis Korkutovic
Elvis Korkutovic 3 days ago
TRUNEWS operates on facts and a real belief .. this loser up here only have a agenda and is clear as daylight .and only speak there opinion that support the agenda. In other word they are corrupt and collecting cash to miss inform you.
Tito Grass
Tito Grass 3 days ago
WoW Ana has HIT THE WALL REALLY HARD these days. (Thank goodness I was born a Man)
Tito Grass
Tito Grass 3 days ago
The Young TURDS
Fairness Equality
Young Turk you are drifting away so fast from the truth that I can’t even recognize you Adios
Fairness Equality
How could you call this guy something he is totally against ? That’s so ignorant
Roger Grindstaff
Roger Grindstaff 3 days ago
You are a anti crist , and you better be careful.
Fairness Equality
Who is putting pressure on you to mock Wells ?the Zions or evangelics because Rick is certainly not what you say ,I have seen his programs he just have cojones that you have lost or sold
Fairness Equality
They are not evangelists as the matter of the fact totaling against it ,I have watched their program and they tell the truth much more often than others and I am not even Christian Please do your home work before accusing others
Linda Gentry
Linda Gentry 4 days ago
Wiles tells the truth. People make fun of him all you want to. He is telling the truth. Get ready these evil elites are going to try to kill us all. The flood was because of the fallen angels Almighty God wanted to destroy all of them, they were the seed of Satan. but they are probably already here in Antarctica. They the evil elites are trying to destroy the world. News Flash! news for you all, Almighty God always WINS! If you aren't saved get saved. You will remember laughing when you stand at the judgment seat of Almighty God one day soon.
Pisces Traits- Rule 373
I'll trust Flavcity with a pinch of salt...
Necro Orcen
Necro Orcen 4 days ago
Rick wiles spreads more truth than you, I'm not on board with his hard edge personal views but when it comes to the news.. HE GOES WHERE NO ONE ELSE WHERE GO!! Things you and the mainstream ignore, it'll probably get him banned one day
rcox3362 5 days ago
They spew Bullshit just like Wiles
The Opal Fox Channel
He is absolutely right, you heathens. It's god's will for us to have hypertension, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer so that he can heal us - with medicine care of Astra Zenica...
Majin Tar
Majin Tar Day ago
The Opal Fox Channel 😱 you’re trolling..... right?
New Year
New Year 8 days ago
They are promoting cannibalism the impossible meat is a Satanic Ritual used by white Supremacists they feed that shit to Jail Immates and prison Immates God will put a stop to this it's true Just like Dr sebi and Nipsey Hussle
M Ciddy
M Ciddy 6 days ago
You just got done watching that TI podcast 😂 Chill tf out.
John Stoffell
John Stoffell 10 days ago
The man that said god wasn’t pro life???? You obviously don’t know why he flooded the world! Research they were nephilim dna in all of man, and Noah has zero corruption of his dna, people are blind wake up the entire Old Testament has been diluted
Dontae Coleman
Dontae Coleman 10 days ago
These people are so dumb and blind. Y'all better wake up!!
Debra Staab
Debra Staab 9 days ago
This show is too stupid to watch!
MrOgger151 11 days ago
Although a little wacky Wilds is not a televangelist. He hates Televangelists and makes that very clear.
Timmy Monte
Timmy Monte 14 days ago
Thank God for Bold ministry of TruNews! Every Knee will Bow and every tongue will Confess
Della Russell
Della Russell 16 days ago
Heaven or Hell... Eternal choice
Jane Allee
Jane Allee 19 days ago
Whenever I eat beef, I have terrible arthritis......not so when I eat Beyond Burgers.
Jane Allee
Jane Allee 19 days ago
I eat beyond burgers, and love them better than real meat.....They are made from veggies and soy. Whats wrong with this?
Dr. Zivago
Dr. Zivago 22 days ago
More propaganda brought to you by the seed of cain. it is one of these very seeds who laughed at saying what is in the fast food burgers to taint The Chosen people of God. simply put the cainaanites desire to turn us into cain an baals = cannibals.
M Willis
M Willis 23 days ago
They are making fake meat. Chow down atheists.
Lakers fan
Lakers fan 24 days ago
Every time i see or hear the name rick wiles i burst out into uncontrollable laughter. He's a side show clown. More stuff from him please!
Jane Allee
Jane Allee 19 days ago
Listening to them I hear so much negativity.
Mark T Tabor
Mark T Tabor 24 days ago
Such intellectuals ! You actually get paid for the Nothing burger's you sell. Stupidity in its finest form brought to us by TYT. It is time you old farts change your name to TOTs. At least Rick Wiles stands for SOMETHING ! HE IS ALSO NOT SCARED, LIKE SOME, TO CALL OUT ISRAELI WAR CRIMES AND THE JEWISH , ISRAELI ZIONIST CONTROL OF CONGRESS AND THE POWER THEY EXERT OVER TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY. You guys are jokes spinning hate against Christians. And to all those that refute the fact that the US was never a Christian country, in 2009, 78 % of US citizens identified as Christian. Sounds like a Christian country to me!
The Persian
The Persian 25 days ago
It's time to close the show TYT, no one is believing your fake news anymore, just chk the comments below.
fiama7 25 days ago
You, TYT stink.
mike fromuniontown
Tur*ds usually do.
Christine Tran
Christine Tran Month ago
oh shit, i click this video by mistake. i am never a fan of young turd channel because these people are a whole bunch of moron that spitting shit without any facts.
jay etebari
jay etebari Month ago
don't talk bs about who you dont know young kid
a baker
a baker Month ago
I’m out. Unsubscribed.
Tee Month ago
Rick is lost on this issue but his show has been upfront in fighting for those children raped by Epstein and other politicians, lawyers, ECT. Your show has been sent to nothing on exposing crimes. I will unsubscribe from your sensationalist driven show. Instead of wasting time being petty how about getting justice for our children and protecting them. You opportunistic demons.
zz z
zz z Month ago
Yes, they are work of 'satan' .... They put human meat and blood in them....That's why they are impossible... ....I wish it was a joke.
shiara ruiz
shiara ruiz 8 days ago
zz z that is what i though
Haider Khan
Haider Khan Month ago
TYT i Love ur shows, but more I Love TrueNews, cause they have no corporate agenda and name things the way they are, regardless of any sanktions. Sure since they are a Christian Media focus, its part of their view and belivings. Noone covers Epstein and Trump/Kushner as deep as Rick does, noone. Since there is no proof of all the criminals in the WH, you need to put the dots and thats what Rick does with a history knowledge like noone else. But good to see, that TYT also whatchs and report TrueNews, on a useless topic, but better then nothing. Why dont u report on the Robert Maxwell topics by TrueNews?
Ro T
Ro T Month ago
Young Turds 💩 why did I ever subscribe??!!! WHY! 😭 "TIME TO UNSUBSCRIBE!!!" GOOD BYE TURDS 💩 You all talk with ignorance. I respect Rick Wiles over you all. Everyone knows that food is not made like it used to be including the stupid veggie fake meat that is not real "veggies," why do you think there are so many diseases today. It's because our bodies are not meant to eat this fake food that is plastic but taste like meat...etc. The pancreas and liver cannot do it's job no longer with this substance they use..duh!!! I guess if Satans job is to kill, then maybe he is right you turds 💩. What better way to get rid of people then to make money on meds w/deseases caused by the food and then a short life after. You all must be backed up with too much turd💩💩💩 can't think anymore, your eating too much fake plastic food, the plastic turds can not make its way out. Oh and you all should have slapped dude into reality, Jesus is against murder (abortion) where did he get his info from???!! Be careful asking that guy advice...just say'n - he might tell you to jump. Anyhow, the turds have officially clogged your brain into a fog because you believe your receiving wholesome good food these days. You better watch what you all laugh about. There will be a time when the fake food catches up with you all and it's either going to be heaven or hell situation for each of you....including myself. You probably even know better but chose to pretend in front of your viewers like many people do when laughing at God, I am sure someone at one point in your life like a family member dear to you has told you. Keep laughing, hope he doesn't laugh back, you reap what you sow. Good luck on that wholesome food situation.
Bill Parviz
Bill Parviz Month ago
Making fake meat in the lab, I won't eat it. I am a Muslim and I love Pastor Rick Wiles because he is right. I like you guys but I dont appreciate anyone saying bad things about Pastor Rick W.
Chris حسن
Chris حسن Month ago
America is fake so I'm not surprised.
Tim Swartz
Tim Swartz Month ago
Even though it is still questionable about the actual ingredients in Impossible Burgers...Satan is not involved, because Satan isn't real. You might as well say that the Impossible Burgers are created by the Seven dwarfs and made up of the cow that jumped over the moon...just as valid.
Mark T Tabor
Mark T Tabor 24 days ago
@Ian Lev What crap would that be ? Maybe his reporting of Israeli war crimes upsets you? It upsets me too but the truth hurts pal.
Ian Lev
Ian Lev Month ago
Nope- the veggie impossible burgers are satanic. Seriously, I don’t know if you ever saw Rick Wiles but that guy has a ton of morons that buy his crap. It’s scary
ladydiana531 Month ago
P.S. Natural flavors, in burgers, (Or in other foods as well) are not “natural!” They won’t say exactly what it is, because it’s harmful.
ladydiana531 Month ago
For those of you who have not looked up the list of ingredients in these lab burgers, check out the list below. SOY Protein Concentrate is The First Ingedient in burgers. It has been proven, that SOY is not compatible with our bodies. Look it up! What are the ingredients? What are the nutrition facts? What is soy leghemoglobin, or heme? What allergens does it contain? What was the original Impossible Burger? Does it contain gluten? Does the Impossible Burger contain genetically modified ingredients? Does Impossible™ meet dietary restrictions like kosher, halal, and plant-based diets? WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS? In 2019, we debuted a new Impossible Burger -- and it’s tastier, juicier, and better than ever. Here’s the ingredient list: Water, Soy Protein Concentrate, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, 2% or less of: Potato Protein, Methylcellulose, Yeast Extract, Cultured Dextrose, Food Starch Modified, Soy Leghemoglobin, Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Zinc Gluconate, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Niacin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin B12.
Greg Pearson
Greg Pearson Month ago
CL Wolford
CL Wolford Month ago
The phoney burgers are high in sodium. Rick Wiles is talking of the dangers of GMOs and other frankenfoods that come out of a lab. Monsanto is a major player in the GMO market and even patents seeds. They also expose consumers to cancer causing products like glycophosphate. Interesting that Hillary had a Monsanto executive working in her 2016 campaign.
Gecko Month ago
So and the rest of the story about the Creator is a bit humorous too say the least...........so the Universe is being Created by a person who never had a Mother or Father!! well hows that everyone........hey that's amazing don't ya think! no brothers no sisters ur nope!! and get this!! never went too school nope not kindy uh nothing no University no highschool...and never ever went too a factory job in his entire existence......uh huh and the list goes on.......uh yeah okay.....and can tell you the future events of mankind 2,500+ years into the Future in great detail before it happens!!........like it was yesterday.......um might just leave it there.......so he told us that so few would find that narrow path and understand it.......while the other path was so congested and packed with so many people on it that there was hardly any room there. The Earth was formed too negate the influence of mars..........
Gecko Month ago
Thanks for letting me sit in on your program and listen..............I believe RICK IS QUITE GENUINE in his attempt to say sensible things....... even though it may not come across too the larger community that way.......and what I find hilarious about some of you religious people that I grew up with is this.........SO HERE YOU ARE ........OKAY...........6000 years on and you still don't even know the Correct name of your JEWISH MESSIAH that was never a Christian in his lifetime......(Snicker).....referring too him as Jesus which is not his name at all.........and he knows that but suffers your sillyness.......and had great sympathy for many of you as you haven't got a clue what you are fighting against........ and after 6000 Years of so called knowledge and this and that you still couldn't tell us the correct name of your Lucifer/Satan person who started all this mess in the first place.........uh huh!!.....So apparently the Correct Name of your Naught Nasty fallen Angel is something more like SAM JAZZA?........okay different!!....but I suppose better later than never!!.......
Gecko 9 days ago
@Mark T Tabor COMPLETELY over my head what the hell ya blabbing about .........
Mark T Tabor
Mark T Tabor 10 days ago
@Gecko aaaahh.......and your point, lizard breath? Is not name calling fun? By the way, a rose by any name is still a rose. See ? I'm not a weetawd.
Gecko 10 days ago
Mark T Tabor
Mark T Tabor 24 days ago
You have a rudementry understanding of what religion is and its purpose. (snicker) You need more religious education to understand a simple truth, " There is a GOD". Only a fool would say in his heart "There is no GOD".
Tom P
Tom P Month ago
@Ender41948 the 1st book of Enoch provides the story of the fallen angels and more, Lucifer was the name of the high ranked angel and cherubim who rebelled in his pride against God. Satan means the accuser, it is his job title now. Michael Heiser, Derek Gilbert and Radical Christian explain all this stuff that happened in a spiritual realm, from the Garden of Eden till the last clash at Armageddon.
drno Month ago
The Young Turds💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👾👾👾💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👾👾👾👾💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Kroban3 Month ago
@Lige The Young Turds didn't murder 1.5 million Christian Armenians, the Young Turks did.
Lige Month ago
@GOLDENFLY WARRIOR He's an idiot kid.
are you an idiot or just a kid?
Nino Nucaro
Nino Nucaro Month ago
John3:16 Mitchell
Lots of crap to distract. your channel stinks.
A Colley
A Colley Month ago
He is talking about lab grown cloned meat you dummy. Who wants to eat that?
Joe Pasarell
Joe Pasarell Month ago
These young Turks are the light of s.a.tan.
Joe Pasarell
Joe Pasarell Month ago
This idiot said that Yahusha (Jesus) was not against abortion. How about "You shall not murder."?
Cali Marshal
Cali Marshal Month ago
Well, he's telling the truth
You're ignorant.
G T 2 months ago
What allot of bs. God has every right to destroy His creation for whatever reason he deems necessary. For your guest to imply otherwise denounces his Christianity. Maybe instead of being so blasphemous you should look into the real reason why God chose to send the flood. "Stupider" is that an American word????
Joe Libertee
Joe Libertee 2 months ago
Only reason you are getting a view young turds is that you are showing Rick Wiles. Thanks for promoting Tru News.
You are very ignorant.
John Halley
John Halley 2 months ago
Well Wiles already stated in an interview with the magazine Burkina Faso Today that he identified as “ vege-sexual”, so that already tells you he’s a weirdo. 🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫💁‍♂️👀
Adam Wilcox
Adam Wilcox 2 months ago
I tried the Impossible Whopper. It was great; and it saves animals
@Lisa Victoria are you an idiot or just a stupid kid?
Lisa Victoria
Lisa Victoria Month ago
Because it’s made of human meat you idiot
Miao Wei
Miao Wei Month ago
human meat
ilonka knutson
ilonka knutson Month ago
you said it! the way climate is changing it is going to be difficult to feed all livestock, so let us find some way to feed humanity, I
The World is a Stage
You totally took what he said out of context tho. Whether you agree with him or not, your the ones searching for content.
Aimee12345 B
Aimee12345 B 2 months ago
Wtf tyt it’s pretty obvious food is being grown in labs all you have to do is google it...... your complete lunatics and anyone who watches this crap is low iq
Michael Rowland
Michael Rowland 2 months ago
What a complete idiot.
Adam Barutis
Adam Barutis 2 months ago
Fear mongering about the end times vrs Fear mongering about white supremacy. They think they are different. Cute.
Adam Barutis
Adam Barutis Month ago
@ilonka knutson By the decree of God, for the manifestation of his glory, some men and angels are predestined unto everlasting life, and others foreordained to everlasting death. I was predestined. You were not sadly. Stay loyal anyway though just in case.
ilonka knutson
ilonka knutson Month ago
HOPEFULLY YOU ARE A CHILD OF God , then you have no reason to fear! God bless all and protct you
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