Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why He Fired His Team, Recent Shooting & New Album

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Nov 16, 2018




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Comments 80
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM
THROWBACK to when we bet 6ix9ine he wouldn't top this list 👉🏽 ihr.fm/2RZfzar
DBZ* Zeno
DBZ* Zeno 18 days ago
@Robert Duncan lol
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan 18 days ago
@smooth103 stay mad ahaahahahaha 🐭
DBZ* Zeno
DBZ* Zeno 23 days ago
Anton Komarov
Anton Komarov 26 days ago
@NASdaq dowJONES really then why was Shotti his manager ?
Anton Komarov
Anton Komarov 26 days ago
@Smooth1002 why you think so?
Anthony Iman
Anthony Iman Hour ago
6ix9ine #LivingLegend69
Alexander Thomson
Alexander Thomson 4 hours ago
I hate charlemagne
Look for more LFM
Look for more LFM 4 hours ago
15:00 to 22:00
Galina Ioffe
Galina Ioffe 9 hours ago
You are a regular person though. Cause take away everything you got and all thats left is you like...
BoneAppetit MEH
BoneAppetit MEH 9 hours ago
Ju Da Prinx Beatz.
Ju Da Prinx Beatz. 10 hours ago
@1:00 HE PREDICTS THE 15MILLION VIEWS. WHICH IS ACTUAL FACTS IN 2020/ 15,068,397 views Nov 16, 2018
Craig Hutch109
Very charismatic and engaging to watch for his age and definitely not as stupid as some think
Galina Ioffe
Galina Ioffe Day ago
1:10:20 😂😂😂💀💀 becareful what you wish for cauze might get it 😂😂😂😂
Galina Ioffe
Galina Ioffe Day ago
Apparently you didnt know the consequences of your actions when you got locked up what you got locked up for cause otherwize you would had tried to find a better approach to the circumstances or let it go.
Marcus Greer
Marcus Greer 2 days ago
Yeah 6ix that’s was a pretty speech, but while you’re talking some shits about more than a hour straight, Shotti is SMASHING your baby momma
Robert Vogler
Robert Vogler 3 days ago
Flashing your bits & auto tuning your voice most music know has no skill I like rap but it’ makes you sound way better then you R
Robert Vogler
Robert Vogler 3 days ago
For now
Galina Ioffe
Galina Ioffe 3 days ago
I heard femalez say smd where im at. Ok. Ummm..... yea lol
watch this
watch this 4 days ago
he might aswell make it a trilogy would definitely be the most watched interview ever
The Great Eight
The Great Eight 4 days ago
At what point does he address being on Oblock? Sorry I’m lazy don’t wanna look for it
tokyo osaka
tokyo osaka 4 days ago
Hope I don't get shot at least till I see his next interviews, naturally funny AF he not even trying he just flows on his music and interviews, imagine him on Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel it'll be the funniest SH IT ever
Ghostofselfmade 5 days ago
U should ask people how they lost their family members that's sauvage behavior
Will Tune
Will Tune 5 days ago
Nigga knew he was gonna end up ratting
Belleza Elise
Belleza Elise 5 days ago
This guy talks things into existence. He's a better actor than rapper and extremely intelligent. Everything he does is about marketing himself. He'll be the only hoodlum in history who snitched, got away with it, and gained success because of it. Hope he trades in music for movies.
Its Arnish
Its Arnish 5 days ago
Logan KT
Logan KT 5 days ago
1:09:46 “Until you stop payin em” Charlamagne hit in right on the nail wid that one, foreshadowing that. 💯 Treyway betrayed the code first.
Elijah X
Elijah X 7 days ago
Yo he was right no matter how bad his situation is it always goes to his favor bro this man can't be stopped
KoKane 7 days ago
It amazes me how he could be so smart yet so dumb.
Cameron Graves
Cameron Graves 7 days ago
the "i lied" at the end LMAOOOO
Debbie Christie
Debbie Christie 7 days ago
Here after YAYA!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Le Felly
Le Felly 8 days ago
30:35 just click and look left
Rock Well
Rock Well 7 days ago
Markus 9 days ago
I dont like the guy on the black hoodie
Gundam Evokin
Gundam Evokin 9 days ago
tekashi is a full size hobbit waiting for his neck ta get brizzecked... black blood gang nigga
uncle_gazpacho 9 days ago
He is a phenomenon
Kiyana Latoya Persaud
Ashley P
Ashley P 9 days ago
17:46 Just look at Lenard jumping on the wavw
Hunter Braecklein
You forgot Anuel AA
Candice McManaway
Candice McManaway 10 days ago
This cat has no humility or any ounce of being humble within him -_-
Candice McManaway
Candice McManaway 10 days ago
He sat on those glasses on the way to the interview
moon babe
moon babe 10 days ago
I didn't know this interview existed I watched another one lol
Matt Op
Matt Op 11 days ago
Abdikhaliq Abdi
Abdikhaliq Abdi 11 days ago
50:47 FAX 69
Sariyah Elise
Sariyah Elise 9 days ago
Ybg Gorot
Ybg Gorot 12 days ago
charlamane is such dummb ass --------- how do you compare Crd B with SIXNINE she is not in the same league; straight up with out oFFset she would be nothing
Linda Soltesz
Linda Soltesz 13 days ago
Nothing is ever alyays anything.. People have many aspects to them. Not just what you see or think. Its a meen to and end.. Marketing.
Linda Soltesz
Linda Soltesz 13 days ago
That whole other vidio did seem like y'all were tryen to be negative twards him.. But i only checked the vidio out to see what was up with him.. I'm just sayen. I did subscribe anyway. He gets out there.. He's a subject thats out there. Maby cause he puts it out there.
Zack Thayer
Zack Thayer 13 days ago
He thinks hes the only one allowed to talk .... hold on hold on hold onnnnnnn loud as hell everytime somebody else try to say somethin
Dustin Mitchell
Dustin Mitchell 14 days ago
This dude is a clown his whole life and career is fraud! I could never live life like that even for the fame and all the money in the world!
George Soros
George Soros 14 days ago
Little insecure satanistic puppet, there we will come a day you regret you sold your soul.
eggie carton
eggie carton 14 days ago
People judge too quickly, funniest rapper I know
Alex L
Alex L 14 days ago
Anyone else coming from MuchDank’s version of this? 😂😂😂
Jørgen Haugland
Jørgen Haugland 15 days ago
Trying to act soo philosophical about mediocre shit. Its like he just learned about life at school explaining while prossesing to his parents
3lite /dayshaun Williams
If he was In a interview he would only say Kika and Gummo
Poroskie Bw
Poroskie Bw 15 days ago
15:30 sums it up
Veronica Nixon
Veronica Nixon 15 days ago
He so cute to me very talented he got black people hair he shows no fear fearless
Lebensessenz 15 days ago
Everyone seems surprised that he can form a damn sentence. Your standard is really fucking low. Would be awesome if people stopped adoring rapists.
Jessica Rojas
Jessica Rojas 16 days ago
Tekashi “my thing is” 69
Amir Bradford
Amir Bradford 16 days ago
one of the most iconic interviews of all time
Fil Naum
Fil Naum 16 days ago
My IQ halved over the duration of the interview
TheZacman2 17 days ago
69 has RAGING megalomania.
Ballin 13
Ballin 13 17 days ago
69.. be throwing the best shoutouts...lol
lucasle11 18 days ago
People can hate on 69 all they want. He is in a class of his own way more elevated than all these simps. He is intelligent and genuine dude.
9tres meds
9tres meds 18 days ago
how is no one checking this guy for saying nigga
9tres meds
9tres meds 12 days ago
@powerglideskido i'm just following the precedent that was set by 6ix9ine. if he can say it and hes not black, why cant i?
powerglideskido 12 days ago
@9tres meds u just said nigga and said ur white
9tres meds
9tres meds 17 days ago
@illegal alien im white and i dont hate either
illegal alien
illegal alien 17 days ago
@9tres meds because Hispanics are minorities, white people arent and hate brown and black people. That hard to understand?
9tres meds
9tres meds 17 days ago
J Miller then why can’t i say it
rylie lynch
rylie lynch 18 days ago
So he basically used the blood gang as a marketing ploy and now hes out after serving barely a year. After serving his whole crew up. How is he still alive?
Victor Valdes
Victor Valdes 18 days ago
i swear this interview way better than the first
DeoLute 18 days ago
At 58:30 I thought my video was buffering while I was on a different tab lol
Rosemarie Joseph
Rosemarie Joseph 19 days ago
They did this man dirty stealing his money wow
Joseph OnlineWorldMgmt
Imagine starting a booty site called BootyLoversWorld.com 😂
xavier rodriguez
xavier rodriguez 19 days ago
He said he’s shit is fire 😂😂
Brent Kelly
Brent Kelly 19 days ago
Have to hate 69’he making a whole joke of the “culture”
Glory Compass
Glory Compass 20 days ago
Imagine going out, looking like a skittles ad
TIKTOK Lemonade
TIKTOK Lemonade 20 days ago
69 is a lovely dude
Saimond Gonzalez
Saimond Gonzalez 20 days ago
Yo When 69 come back to the TBC. It’s going to explode
Melon Doggo
Melon Doggo 20 days ago
Iyanna Wright
Iyanna Wright 20 days ago
6ix9ine y'all hating on him but he does have a lot of stream numbers he make more than young boy but I would snitch to if they try to hurt my family and still 3mili
Iyanna Wright
Iyanna Wright 20 days ago
You not the hottest
ryan g
ryan g 21 day ago
It makes so much more sense to know the FBI had visited him 2 prior
Adam Pariseau
Adam Pariseau 21 day ago
I’m gonna tattoo a penis on my face call me big dick
Adam Pariseau
Adam Pariseau 21 day ago
Lock him in a box for 20 years
Adam Pariseau
Adam Pariseau 21 day ago
Pussay of the world?
Streamer cod etc
Streamer cod etc 21 day ago
ist das für eine Brille
C. L. Park
C. L. Park 21 day ago
48:39 broken promises.
Karnav Kashyao
Karnav Kashyao 22 days ago
30.36, tekashi made that nigga loose it
Sir Bleach
Sir Bleach 22 days ago
He had a way of convincing and controlling the conversation
Dot Chicski
Dot Chicski 22 days ago
14 million views and counting.... This guy is unstoppable. Charlemagne just quit it dude..... What do you think it means man?? WTF. This is like Reverse Discrimination on here dude. I hate that they do this to him. I got to give Tekashi big props, no matter. He is handling his own.... no matter what they throw at him. EVEN the N--ga scenario Charlemagne throwing up, BE LIKE 69 SAY IT. Is it cause he Mex-Puerto Rican. Ugggh ,, he ain't supposed to say it.... Man you are seriously digging in the barel for something....
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