Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why He Fired His Team, Recent Shooting & New Album

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Nov 16, 2018




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Comments 63 054
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM
THROWBACK to when we bet 6ix9ine he wouldn't top this list 👉🏽 ihr.fm/2RZfzar
#Trending Vybz-Tv
Who else is a true fan👇🏾 Btw road to 1000 subs I will appreciate your help👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Awake 3 months ago
MUTHAFOCKIN : P JOKES I have ALWAYS been suspicious about Charlemagne. This man has tendencies without a doubt!
Flying Filipino
Flying Filipino 3 months ago
Tekashi 6nitch9ine: Let Your Homies Hang
solitarymaninblack 7 hours ago
Thinking of the Gary Owen video.
Suleman Waseem
Suleman Waseem 8 hours ago
What was that @7:08
Zyon Saint Germain
Zyon Saint Germain 14 hours ago
His reputation is done for
Eli's Montages!!!
Eli's Montages!!! 17 hours ago
You one crazy, insane ass nigga. One day you bloodin then you crippin.
live life
live life 18 hours ago
44:37 "Last call I got from him, that we actually spoke spoke" Reminds me of the video "you must be Mad mad" 😂
live life
live life 19 hours ago
Who else noticed 6ix9ine pulled out two different phones one red: 19:26 one purple: 37:47
captainchaos3 20 hours ago
King of New York? Jay-Z! 1 Billion net worth! Can’t compete with that!
perfectwunn 21 hour ago
When charlemagne was like " take my food rub against your dik and serve it to me ", that was pretty gay.
David Diaz
David Diaz Day ago
Angie and her morning cup of green puke
Mr. Pug
Mr. Pug Day ago
6ix9ine is funny as hell even tho I don’t like him of the way he acts this man can tell good stories shit screw trump I rather hear funny stories from this guy rather listening the senates bitching about trump being impeached while I’m listening to 6ix9ine roasting everyone in the room this man is a comedian and a fucking legend 😂👌🏻
KKarl B
KKarl B Day ago
"So tekashi, do you have any pets?" "Cats is cool but they never gon top my charts" "What do you think about this incident?" "Yea but if I done that it'd be headlines" "How old are you tekashi?" "Im the hottest artist alive"
Odin Franklin
Odin Franklin 2 days ago
I don't know why but I wouldn't mind watching documentary once he get out of jail or prison if he's not out only if Breakfast Club promote
QUEEN KI X 2 days ago
This boi high as hell!! Lmao
aha, i need help
aha, i need help 3 days ago
I think I’m the only one that searched this up 🤷‍♀️
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Day ago
Nah I'm guilty too
war skyy
war skyy Day ago
Nahhh me too 😂
LOUD CLOUD TV 3 days ago
The most delusional interview ever
Tommy's Edits
Tommy's Edits 3 days ago
nigga look like he's wearing dentures
dean handy
dean handy 3 days ago
Notice how he wasn’t saying blood at all lmfao he distanced himself all the way
royal mcmorris
royal mcmorris 3 days ago
He straight ratting on the interview
MM NC 4 days ago
17:45 hahahahahaha, na nigga that nigga is a snitchh fr fr
KwayyyTV 4 days ago
69 snitch on envy quick fast lmfaoo
elijah williams
elijah williams 4 days ago
Hes a snitch but i miss his vibe.
Dave Nadeau
Dave Nadeau 2 days ago
I miss harry potter
Melanie Jarrett
Melanie Jarrett 5 days ago
I Wonder If Char, Envy and Angela get completely sick and eye rolling over all these young rappers coming on saying the same shit, I'm the best, I'm so dope I'm the King omg you couldn't pay me enough money in the world to sit there and waste my life listening to this crap. First of all there is no best in art that is absolutely ridiculous second of all shut up third of all I like The Breakfast Club for the old school musicians and interviews with people that have Decades of experience and stories, this guy is lame and his music is meh
don carlo
don carlo 5 days ago
if he act like this, and no gang bang shit people would respect him as a stand up guy.
Build Abridge
Build Abridge 5 days ago
If 69 ever is allowed back on TBC it will be the most watched interview of all ALL time.
Franky's O
Franky's O 5 days ago
He said no one can touch him , because he's always been a fed undercover
Debonair Watt
Debonair Watt 5 days ago
His teacher told him he'd be dead or in jail in the next 5 years Well teacher was off by a few years but she got it right 🤣🤣
None Ofyourbuzzz
None Ofyourbuzzz 2 days ago
yo Nismo how rich are you if you can't even leave your house without 10 guards? This is the problem with society, "he's richer than u so u can't speak on him", dude ain't safe nowhere how important is money really? Yall stupid
yo Nismo
yo Nismo 2 days ago
yea but hes still richer than u
None Ofyourbuzzz
None Ofyourbuzzz 4 days ago
Debonair Watt loooool
Polar Pi
Polar Pi 5 days ago
Kudos, Tekashi figured out Therapy is bullshit. You need Jesus.
Rs Dhillon
Rs Dhillon 6 days ago
3:00 It's still early tho...lolllll
Brazy Blazer
Brazy Blazer 6 days ago
Christian Alonso
Christian Alonso 6 days ago
Christian Gordon
Christian Gordon 7 days ago
2020 byy free 69
Ed Potts
Ed Potts 7 days ago
“Only two things I’m scared of in life, God first and the FBI”.
Ed Potts
Ed Potts 7 days ago
2020 - What’s gonna happen???
mike brown
mike brown 4 days ago
loud _pak
loud _pak 7 days ago
He said "imma get away with everything I wanna get away with". He told us right there that he been workin wit da police da whole time.
BADNEWZ Da Assassin
80 plus 60 is a 140,000 not 160
Abdelrahman Ghannam
He makes me wanna brush my teeth for an hour
Black Belt
Black Belt 8 days ago
Who Here In 2020👀👀
KeepingYou Fit
KeepingYou Fit 8 days ago
I think tekashi is mixture of Chris brown and Jack sparrow combined 😂
KeepingYou Fit
KeepingYou Fit 8 days ago
This guy is so funny man. I can't believe I watched the whole video😂😂😂😭
Vernon Naples
Vernon Naples 8 days ago
Sorry but hes def on coke lmaooo c'mon "hes buggin" ahahaha
Connor R.
Connor R. 7 days ago
Vernon Naples He is. The pausing in between sentences and hand movements. Head movements forwards. Trust me I know he’s on coke, trust me lol
Charlagmane was warning him so many times
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 9 days ago
Haley Zamora
Haley Zamora 9 days ago
13 mill views
Jonantan Rubio
Jonantan Rubio 9 days ago
This man been snitching lol
They Call Me Gator
This interviews got 13 million views, & he actually did stop the shenanigans like he promised, it just wasn't by his own doing, it was by the feds lmao
Team 4eign
Team 4eign 9 days ago
Why dont Angela wear stainless lipstick I'd hate to drink behind her if we were dating
Aye. Marc
Aye. Marc 9 days ago
He was talkin allet tough shit now look at him ...
Aye. Marc
Aye. Marc 9 days ago
Who’s here from muchdank🤣
Cece Love
Cece Love 9 days ago
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera 9 days ago
If they tried to kill you.. you'd rat all them out too lets be real #FACTSSSS
dc9999 10 days ago
How many books do you think Charlamagne has to sit on to see above the table?
Taekook Shipper
Taekook Shipper 10 days ago
"People looked at me like the catch me outside girl" Me:wheezing on the floor for no reason🤣😂
Lee Body
Lee Body 10 days ago
This nigga is such a clown
ain't gonna lie
ain't gonna lie 10 days ago
When he switched it on chalamaghne and said say sorry lool
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews 10 days ago
34:44 oh hell yea you did lmfao
Eddie Lamarca
Eddie Lamarca 10 days ago
But listen
TBNX DLO 11 days ago
Scr3wBlu3 11 days ago
Not in Houston I put money you can't come in
A13B Zach
A13B Zach 11 days ago
This video got 13 mill he won’t stop
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