Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge #4

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Try Not To Sing Along Challenge Reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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Try not to sing challenge reacted to by teens, original links below.
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Reactors Featured:
Jaxon, age 15
Jayka, age 16
Marlhy, age 16
Jordan, age 17
Anna, age 18
Kenneth, age 18
Olivia, age 18
Darius, age 19
Gavin, age 19
Sydney, age 19
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Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge #4


Published on


Jan 23, 2019




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Comments 15 306
FBE 7 months ago
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Buu Bear
Buu Bear Month ago
I love u guys
the darkness
the darkness Month ago
i will do thank u next asshors
Crystal Guidry
Crystal Guidry 2 months ago
Come on really I can't stop😫
dominic dominguez
dominic dominguez 20 hours ago
i lost the sec one right away i mean come on its queen u can not sing
Maha Al-Khateeb
I literally sang in nothing but I...DANCED
Janet Roady
Janet Roady Day ago
Anghela Medina-plaza
I love all of the songs but i love images Dragon more
Anime_Pokemon ______
I just got through it then I went back and watch it again I win
nilkanthkumar patel
Lol I watched bill nye science guy at school 😂😂😂
Braedon Martinets
I know Darius didn't just call Dolph Lundgren "the guy from Creed"... do yourself a favor and go watch the entire Rocky series XD
Jonarez 4 days ago
Didn't know that Ariana's song
ゲームYUGT 4 days ago
I’ve never heard of the song Bill Nye the science guy.
Lulu Lopez
Lulu Lopez 5 days ago
When they say don't sing why they add don't dance ethier there rudeeee
Fredrik 5 days ago
its not that hard, just watch the video....... EVERYONE that failed, did it on purpose..
Anju Baniya
Anju Baniya 5 days ago
Darius why so cute?
Megs 5 days ago
Ayyy! Me and Jordan would be good friends! We both love queen ×_×
Kyle Carlos
Kyle Carlos 5 days ago
Do you get money when you win?
Fish_Noodles 345
Fish_Noodles 345 4 days ago
You get told that you didn’t lose
TheDoge 777
TheDoge 777 4 days ago
Kyle Carlos Nah
Mc Lechero
Mc Lechero 5 days ago
3:28 she don't have any idea of historic music
renjith narayanan
I danced at the 5th song
Patiee 08
Patiee 08 6 days ago
Apex Predator
Apex Predator 3 days ago
Sorry ?
RoseFox Studios
RoseFox Studios 4 days ago
The heck?
Mr Grey
Mr Grey 6 days ago
My mom game bill Nye a flue shot
Isak Hammarsten
Isak Hammarsten 6 days ago
Queen is the best!!!!!!!!! Arianna=👎🏻
Gzim Beci
Gzim Beci 5 days ago
Tucker Trevino
Tucker Trevino 7 days ago
Damn this is an old video but we still watch it on the daily. Good freaking channel
Infinity Raze
Infinity Raze 7 days ago
i am a simple man i see queen i click.
Gen G
Gen G 6 days ago
thea mardle
thea mardle 7 days ago
Freddy mercury is fucking awesome R.I.P Freddy mercury
Frosty Panda
Frosty Panda 7 days ago
I know seen the movie but not in irl
Unknown 159
Unknown 159 7 days ago
Only 3 guys
Fekete Elena
Fekete Elena 8 days ago
Me:that's easy Friends coming Me:help
aanon ahmed
aanon ahmed 9 days ago
Ah poor crowd on my favorite song believer
Fistey Cascade4
Fistey Cascade4 9 days ago
How about "Do teens know 2010 anime songs?"
Issue Rushing
Issue Rushing 4 days ago
Fistey Cascade4 anime is for queers
amaya 9 days ago
I fear no popular song. But that thing. (Bill bye theme song) It scares me.
Armando Reinoso
Armando Reinoso 9 days ago
Sydney ???
Malik Hassan
Malik Hassan 10 days ago
He said I could do something for. You
Angel Lion Heart
Angel Lion Heart 10 days ago
It's the guy from creed.... IT'S THE GUY FROM ROCKY IV
Aussie Gaming kid
Aussie Gaming kid 10 days ago
I’m bad at this challenge
Mini Cooper Trooper
I do not know the last song but bill bill bill bill. I only know that part. Because you just say it.
B.A.D -
B.A.D - 10 days ago
Who is Bill!?
Yazan Beirutty
Yazan Beirutty 6 days ago
Gaming Winner
Gaming Winner 10 days ago
Why you guys put marshmello song I was gonna sing
Its Dead Shot
Its Dead Shot 11 days ago
I have a crush on sydney💓💓💓👌😊😊😊😚🥰
Juninhow JS
Juninhow JS 11 days ago
Só música boa 💙
Hannah Bellahh B
Hannah Bellahh B 11 days ago
Queen was so hard
Cassandra Fortune
Cassandra Fortune 11 days ago
I have a lotof imagen dragon songs on my playlist
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts 12 days ago
dancing counts no fair😠😠😠
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts 12 days ago
how dare you do not know this song my senpai marshmallow
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts 12 days ago
how dare you don't my senpai marshmallows song
Avien Reyes
Avien Reyes 12 days ago
Why is it that I only sang the song that most of them didn't??
Daniella Isabella Ahmet
I completely lost that challenge I sang every song
Erick E
Erick E 12 days ago
Yes no peace sign or odd future from my hero acadamia
andrea aguilar
andrea aguilar 12 days ago
i am such an old time and new time song person all the way!!!!!!!
Audrey Kim
Audrey Kim 12 days ago
I did it with them, and won.
EpicArch Angel
EpicArch Angel 12 days ago
Never mind I said this for watching him and I regretted saying that comment
Jennifer Stark
Jennifer Stark 13 days ago
Why did you added believer.
Jennifer Stark
Jennifer Stark 13 days ago
Did you ever want me and just so you know I love old songs.
Charmin Balagtas
Charmin Balagtas 13 days ago
WE_ TOGETHER 13 days ago
Laila Robinson
Laila Robinson 13 days ago
No one gonna notice that one part is from mean girls Just me okay
Alexis P Blake
Alexis P Blake 13 days ago
Laila Robinson it’s MV of Thank U Next by Ariana. She made the MV base on mean girls
Gee Mee
Gee Mee 13 days ago
Jayka is my Queen
Gee Mee
Gee Mee 13 days ago
I love her
Mj Goat
Mj Goat 13 days ago
Those song are thrash’s
rojo 9 days ago
Ok but the Bill Nye song
Superkai64 12 days ago
Your mum is gay
Emma L
Emma L 12 days ago
dId yOu JuSt InSuLt BiLl NyE?!?!?!
Your mum
Your mum 13 days ago
@Anna Ariana is really talented tho and I love her
Tifan Chriz
Tifan Chriz 13 days ago
😂 I love darius..
Rømane Deaky
Rømane Deaky 14 days ago
Of course I lose at Queen
Rach J
Rach J 14 days ago
I finally cracked when believer came on
Superkai64 14 days ago
It’s not that’s hard
PewDiePie Jr
PewDiePie Jr 8 days ago
Bill nye the science guy
Superkai64 12 days ago
Hory Shet 😂
Hory Shet
Hory Shet 12 days ago
Thats what she said I am not right
weng pilares
weng pilares 14 days ago
Rebecca Quilliam
Rebecca Quilliam 15 days ago
And believer
Leanna. Rainbow Cakes
This is the best song video here i love it so much!!!
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