Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge #4

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Try Not To Sing Along Challenge Reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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Try not to sing challenge reacted to by teens, original links below.
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Reactors Featured:
Jaxon, age 15
Jayka, age 16
Marlhy, age 16
Jordan, age 17
Anna, age 18
Kenneth, age 18
Olivia, age 18
Darius, age 19
Gavin, age 19
Sydney, age 19
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Teens React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge #4


Published on


Jan 23, 2019

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Comments 14 812
FBE 5 months ago
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Crystal Guidry
Crystal Guidry 5 days ago
Come on really I can't stop😫
falcon_fighter 82
I love the weeknd
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert 10 days ago
Dontchoose Me l
Jo Riden
Jo Riden 11 days ago
This is so cool
shygurl419 12 days ago
I Want To Join you guys
Dawn Burns
Dawn Burns 12 hours ago
bill nye the science guy never herd of it
Sydney plays
Sydney plays 13 hours ago
Lol,my hands were shaking 😂😂
Tadao 13 hours ago
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 16 hours ago
If old town road or high hopes was on I would so sing
Itz_ Jane
Itz_ Jane 21 hour ago
The 2. Song got me and Belivee almost got me but nuh YEA BOI A NEW RECORD (Bcs in these challenges i fail)
Malia Ingram
Malia Ingram 23 hours ago
Loveèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ari
Alextdot - Roblox
thank u, next MY FAV!!!!
JerzeeRose Jaso
Do sunflower
Jayden Auguste
Never sang
Margaret Tolnay
Darius hair is cool
Margaret Tolnay
Jakus hair is cool
unicorngirll101 unicorngirll101
U mean jaxon
Altantsetseg Jamiyan
Dang it, Believer got me
somewhat bts fan
Omg I got past bill nye I never sang
Bronxy Gaming
Ashton Manivanh At gaming
8:21 or 8:22 ⚠️!WARNING!⚠️ Many ppl lost their lives (laughed) in this bill nye video
Ashton Manivanh At gaming
Almost everyone lost it on bill nye lel
XxXGamingRox Day ago
I liked all the songs
Sokhay Lorng
Sokhay Lorng 2 days ago
Bill bill bill bill hahahahaha
Moonlignt Arianator
SaiyanGaming Day ago
Alex Clyne
Alex Clyne Day ago
Ariana is such a good singer but she dosent get that much veiws
Alex gacha life videos
Is gavin gay
WiredDragon7429 2 days ago
I love Jaxon cuz he likes queen and doesn't know the modern eh songs
Brucy_ Bear56
Brucy_ Bear56 2 days ago
I hate mainstream music so these are easy
Jennyforever KAWAII07
Tayya Threadgate
Tayya Threadgate 2 days ago
I love mostly all these songs
Bruh Guy
Bruh Guy 2 days ago
Ariana Grande is a thot
Daniela Hoyer
Daniela Hoyer 2 days ago
I can’t feel my face when I with meaning cocan
Meme Plays
Meme Plays 2 days ago
IDK what u mean sorry
Eloise Gow
Eloise Gow 2 days ago
Cmoooooooon IT’S QUEEN
Carlos And Kaitlyn Adeventures Tube
I totally gonna lose on old town road
Carlos And Kaitlyn Adeventures Tube
These are almost song my sister liked
Carlos And Kaitlyn Adeventures Tube
I lost on Bill nye
Connie Wan
Connie Wan 2 days ago
I lost bill nye
Moonlight Wolf
Moonlight Wolf 2 days ago
I lost it at Believer I'm SORRY
Jermaine Hanson
Jermaine Hanson 2 days ago
We dud this song a couple years ago for a school consert
Lizzy Bates
Lizzy Bates 2 days ago
On believer I failed, I love that came SOOOOOOOOO much, I just couldn't
Dat My Robuk
Dat My Robuk 2 days ago
Deadpool Kalle
Deadpool Kalle 3 days ago
Abe Villadelgado
Abe Villadelgado 3 days ago
Is that in USA
countrie boy Boy
countrie boy Boy 2 days ago
rickard1200 ツ
rickard1200 ツ 2 days ago
No. On the moon.
Alexandra Luna
Alexandra Luna 2 days ago
FaZe Doggy
FaZe Doggy 3 days ago
Beliver almost got me imagine dragons is my fav band
Kayley Red
Kayley Red 3 days ago
Can you Can you put on my favourite song on which is Bad guy from billy Irish
Reales Leckermäulchen07
First :learn english. Second :Ok, everybody his opinion. But at bad guy, really you can't say that's music
A_normal_ Person
A_normal_ Person 2 days ago
Kayley Red huh, Irish 😂
kyle Tague
kyle Tague 3 days ago
I failed on beliver
Captain Rex11
Captain Rex11 3 days ago
Man I miss him
Captain Rex11
Captain Rex11 3 days ago
He was one of the best singers
Dyno Garcia
Dyno Garcia 2 days ago
Porca Puthanos
Porca Puthanos 2 days ago
Katelyn M
Katelyn M 2 days ago
Alexandra Luna
Alexandra Luna 2 days ago
silverprince23 3 days ago
I love Queen, Brian May did'nt died yet, Roger, John, and Freddie died. So, Brian is the last man standing. But, I still love you Freddy Mercury!!!!!
April Murray
April Murray 3 days ago
silverprince23 Rodger is still alive and so is John 🤷🏼‍♀️ so ?
Fritz Thaddeus Almeida
Hey where's thank you Brent?
Oof_its meh
Oof_its meh 3 days ago
I would win because, I don't dance, I sing the words in my head, so I'll be fine at this game
Oof_its meh
Oof_its meh 2 days ago
Alexandra Luna
Alexandra Luna 2 days ago
That's impossible. Ur song just heard the music and it goes thru ur head.
Nicholas Seidel
Nicholas Seidel 3 days ago
Its easy Just dont dance
Awa lily
Awa lily 3 days ago
Bill nye the science guy ugh it was so hard
Yoko Debora
Yoko Debora 3 days ago
Why you can contain yourself with Queen And can’t contain with The Weekend? I love the Weekend but Queen is the Queen 👑❤️🤷🏻‍♀️
Mia BRV 3 days ago
My exact thought haa
Antonella Chew
Antonella Chew 3 days ago
Yoko Debora I literally couldn't contain myself for Queen
João Costa
João Costa 3 days ago
Wtf is the last one?
Gray 2 days ago
João Costa it’s Bill Nye the science guy theme.
João Costa
João Costa 3 days ago
@Jaxthebax im not from the USA
Jaxthebax 3 days ago
@wathu mmodzi YOU DON'T KNOW!?!?!?!?!?
wathu mmodzi
wathu mmodzi 3 days ago
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