Teens React To blink-182

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Teens React to Blink-182. Watch to see their Reactions.
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Reactors Featured:
Kacey, age 14
Tyler, age 14
Jaxon, age 15
Jayka, age 16
​Ulises, age 17
Becca, age 18​
Jordan, age 18
Darius, age 19
Nia, age 19
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Teens React To blink-182


Published on


Sep 1, 2019




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Comments 3 612
FBE Month ago
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film79 26 days ago
And now one of them is proving aliens are real
Steve Pellow
Steve Pellow 29 days ago
How about no doubt react
Chris Alliance
Chris Alliance 3 hours ago
Her angsty is making me angsty
Tim Hopkins
Tim Hopkins Day ago
This made me feel OLD
theactualist 2 days ago
Becca and Darius are my favorites. They're so positive and awesome!
ashley uribe
ashley uribe 2 days ago
this breaks my heart bc i’m such a big blink-182 fan and they barely heard of them :(
Dan Lewsey
Dan Lewsey 2 days ago
Ah Tom DeLonge back before he went insane
Jackson Ling
Jackson Ling 4 days ago
Wtf is ANGSTY??
Okayest At Most
Okayest At Most 5 days ago
Haven't visited this channel very long, and looking at the reactions just makes me undrestand just how out of the loop I am... litteraly the only thing I recognized is Blink 182
zombye x
zombye x 7 days ago
Sub spanish please
curious gamer
curious gamer 8 days ago
Oh my gosh! No, not the child!!!😱
curious gamer
curious gamer 8 days ago
Oh no! Not the child!!!😱
Dani Brito
Dani Brito 9 days ago
What kind of music do they listening nowdays?
Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Cardi B etc.....
Afrohare 9 days ago
A Blink 182 medley without "Man Overboard" and "Adam's Song"? M'kay...
Waca Wacker
Waca Wacker 9 days ago
okay but wheres the weezer video
Minty 10 days ago
No-one pointed out that the All The Small Things video was a piss take of all the boy bands of the day. It's a humourous video, not angsty at all. lol
zachdelaroch 8 days ago
I know it's crazy no one's getting it's a Backstreet Boys knock 😂
Heather Love
Heather Love 10 days ago
Angst = FUGAZI
Dxx Jyper
Dxx Jyper 10 days ago
I appreciate Jaxon's T Shirt
Salamander 13 days ago
being angsty has become frowned upon even amongst ppl who are in. That's troubling. We are becoming anesthetized i guess?
Lola Oliveira
Lola Oliveira 14 days ago
“It has a panic at the disco kinda vibe” this is even funnier bc panic started as a blink cover haha
Professional Cool Guy
Oh my god, it's so angsty... What did you expect????
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 15 days ago
Tom Delong is surely an idiot for leaving what he had in Blink!!!
Xeno87 15 days ago
Yeah he basically went insane with all his UFO and saving mankind thingy. Me thinks it's drugs that turned him.
Nick 15 days ago
I’m 28yo and watching this makes me feel old as hell
Lunch 16 days ago
Jameson Jones
Jameson Jones 16 days ago
“This is early punk” Lmao it’s not even early pop punk 😂
Ace1989 14 days ago
That would be Screeching Weasel
Tobia Lapanje Golob
Yeah I know lol
Dean Brown
Dean Brown 18 days ago
It's sooooooo anxxxxty
Tony Martino
Tony Martino 19 days ago
Blink defines a generation
Fk Kf
Fk Kf 19 days ago
I love becca voice😊🥰 but Jordan remains in my heart❤
何 を くそ
Bagas Nugroho
Bagas Nugroho 19 days ago
Teens react avenged Sevenfold
vivianna salcedo
vivianna salcedo 20 days ago
if one of those girls says angsty one more time
John Cloois
John Cloois 22 days ago
:02 I'm so depressed now, not from the song but from her comment.
No adam’s song? Bruhhhhh😒
Shindig Shag
Shindig Shag 10 days ago
Ramones 21 day ago
Tocarían un tema delicado :v
Timothy Hawkins
Timothy Hawkins 22 days ago
Should played family reunion for them
Benjamin Reynolds
Benjamin Reynolds 23 days ago
sum 41
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 23 days ago
Most/Some of these teens have are already been brainwashed!!!
THUNDERCAT 18 days ago
Okay boomer
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 23 days ago
Who are five seconds of summer??? XD
C H 18 days ago
They suck
Alexandra 22 days ago
Check them. Is an Australian band. The boys are very talented
Louie Vincent Comon
Travis barker, santana and slash is my dream team
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 21 day ago
And Chester Bennington!!!
Max Luquin
Max Luquin 24 days ago
No one noticed the Scott disappeared, and then Tom. Thanks mark for sticking around lmao
Antonio A. Tricoli
Antonio A. Tricoli 24 days ago
Lol Jaxon said that they're early punk... Poor kid has never heard of Bad Brains or The Adicts apparently.
Ty Rodriguez
Ty Rodriguez 5 days ago
The ramones****
The Vision
The Vision 20 days ago
ikr this is NOT early punk
duderanch 24 days ago
Their poppiest song *”so angsty!”*
Michael Bedard
Michael Bedard 24 days ago
Lol they sound different as time goes, true Blink fans know Tom Delonge Was true Blink. Not Matt Skiba.
Daffa Ashshiddiq
Daffa Ashshiddiq 21 day ago
Well they should react about AVA then
Alan Henrique Borelli Garcia
Maybe still in band if Tom stop waste time hunting UFOs
surya 24 days ago
angsty? the man needs explanation about this one
soulassassin0g 24 days ago
5:57 The "grainy filter" isn't a filter that's just how all videos looked backed in the 90's.
Walther White
Walther White 12 days ago
ClutchXD no,the self titled album came out in 2003
David Souvannarangsy
That was filmed in 2012...
ClutchXD 24 days ago
But that was in 2012
Mr. Mystic
Mr. Mystic 24 days ago
React Matt skiba live
Taylor Skinner
Taylor Skinner 24 days ago
They got way better when Matt Skiba joined the band
Harle 11 days ago
Nice troll
johny ubankta
johny ubankta 15 days ago
Not live
Claudel 20 days ago
Emø Trash
Emø Trash 23 days ago
Nice joke bud.
YouTuborg 24 days ago
stupid yong dumpsheet! Новокузнецк 2к19!
soulassassin0g 24 days ago
Frog Clyde
Frog Clyde 24 days ago
4:30 did Darius say "I f*cked tio this one a lot? xD
soulassassin0g 24 days ago
*I f'd with this one a lot.
Aidean 25 days ago
do a classic punk react, ramones clash pistols iggy misfits etc \m/
exposed. -_-
exposed. -_- 25 days ago
Complete trash
xrizbira 17 days ago
Yup those teens are trash
EpicTimTam 21 day ago
rethink your life
Amanda Savage
Amanda Savage 25 days ago
Do a hanson then and now react
FullDisc /
FullDisc / 25 days ago
Smokin Gunns
Smokin Gunns 25 days ago
Barker Rules on the Drum Kit
Nina 25 days ago
it's so frustrating watching this as a 16 year old who loves blink lmao
Oh Its Griz
Oh Its Griz 25 days ago
Mark Hoppus : “sighs” Nia: OMG ITS SO ANGSTY!
Patrick White
Patrick White 25 days ago
Blink 182...... rebellious?
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 23 days ago
Ikr!! XD
The Marker
The Marker 25 days ago
5:14 white ppl have no rhythm lmao
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 25 days ago
So.... angsty
MariaSweetie 26 days ago
No one: iTs So AnGsTy
Tricko 26 days ago
Do you even know wtf angsty is???
Ashley Talbot
Ashley Talbot 26 days ago
Lol. What exactly is so angsty about Blink-182?
Greys Buenaventura
Greys Buenaventura 26 days ago
What's with angsty?
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