Teens React To blink-182

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Teens React to Blink-182. Watch to see their Reactions.
Content Featured:
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Reactors Featured:
Kacey, age 14
Tyler, age 14
Jaxon, age 15
Jayka, age 16
​Ulises, age 17
Becca, age 18​
Jordan, age 18
Darius, age 19
Nia, age 19
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Teens React To blink-182


Published on


Sep 1, 2019




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Comments 80
FBE 9 months ago
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Fitri2305 14 days ago
Please continue make video with Simple Plan,Good Charlotte,Yellow Card,The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or any pop punk band.
Khafidz Hernandez
Please Subtitel Indonesia lur!!
film79 8 months ago
And now one of them is proving aliens are real
Steve Pellow
Steve Pellow 8 months ago
How about no doubt react
El patrón
El patrón 8 months ago
Portuguese, please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Dipson Rai
Dipson Rai Day ago
Adam's song???
Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy 5 days ago
Early punk rock??🤔
Put Meru
Put Meru 6 days ago
Hello becca hochman 🙋
what up
what up 6 days ago
This video hurts.... dont these kids have any culture?
susanti syafira
susanti syafira 7 days ago
hi guys don't worry about it. it happens in generations. i used to listen to my dad's era music. but, it used to be so expensive since some of them are vinyls. i know how you feel Have fun
Seashell Senczi
Seashell Senczi 7 days ago
Bruh if she wanna know what angst is then pls listen to Nirvana or MCR
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor 7 days ago
This band did define a generation. My generation. One more year and I’ll be 30 don’t know how I feel about that 😕
lomattic style
lomattic style 7 days ago
You guys need to do sum 41
Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar
11:05 I k ew he was gonna cone at Ed Sheeran lol Damn my dude xD... but after His Collab No.6 I kinda can’t blame him...
Simon Matos
Simon Matos 9 days ago
“Early punk rock” hahahahaha
Abdul Hisyam
Abdul Hisyam 11 days ago
Omg it’s so angsteyy 🙄 are you listening to yourself?
Nathan Medina
Nathan Medina 11 days ago
The girl taking to the teens talks like she was alive when Blink 182 was formed.
Cucuza 12 days ago
Kinda sad they didn't include Adam's Song. Song hits deep😭
Kaiet Ortiz De Zarate
Reactin to SUM 41 please
Yudistiro Dwipo Dimitri
all the small things is really funny video,.. kids nowaday not gonna get the jokes...
ReFLeXGrAmPY _YT 15 days ago
Make them react to family reunion
Bottlecap trollz
Bottlecap trollz 15 days ago
aNgStY *it's time to stop*
GC 16 days ago
I was waiting for the random fist to the jaw when that kid said "early punk rock".
Charlesvyne Xavier
Charlesvyne Xavier 19 days ago
They didnt realize tom and matt skiba..
N frame sprites
N frame sprites 21 day ago
Hello Jordan! :]
Adam Carmen
Adam Carmen 24 days ago
“This is like early punk rock” Bro you don’t wanna hear what early punk rock is.
Matthew Armstrong
Matthew Armstrong 24 days ago
Tom found aliens so theres that
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson 24 days ago
Early punk rock?
brief patty
brief patty 25 days ago
please react on the band SNOT only few knew them but they're so great band. I wish I can be a reactor too haha like them. Not good in English but I'll try hahah Thanks god bless 😎😎😎
Prod. Swam
Prod. Swam 27 days ago
“Early punk rock” oh the innocent
YAM YAM 27 days ago
Whenever they show the black girl i mute my phone so i won't hear the freaking word
Renchi 27 days ago
These kids don't know how to punk anymore
AleMojGar Vink
AleMojGar Vink 28 days ago
Teens heard a word today and then they think is cool repeating every f$@king time Angsty? ...........bet she didnt even know what it means
Optimist the Bunny
Optimist the Bunny 28 days ago
Oh angsty girl, give her a break this is the first time she's hearing real music, it melted her brain.
Pants and Jacket
Pants and Jacket 28 days ago
6:34 - She's making a statement.
Pants and Jacket
Pants and Jacket 28 days ago
I dont know why this video doesn't make em justice
Night of the Living Meme
Jon Seres
Jon Seres 29 days ago
Did the girl in the Hawaiian shirt learn the word "angsty" on the day of filming?
Arturo Jara
Arturo Jara 29 days ago
The actual american generation is not ready for the style of blink 182
Blazejaw !
Blazejaw ! 29 days ago
Cough. Cough. wheRes adAms SOnG.
Alt Dimas
Alt Dimas Month ago
I wish one of the girls would stop singing 😠😠😠
FBB fan 94
FBB fan 94 Month ago
bl!LNk 182 is classics Pop Punk
FBB fan 94
FBB fan 94 Month ago
Oh boy I’m about to feel old(even tho I’m 25) ugh here we go 😬
Smokey McPOT
Smokey McPOT Month ago
Teens should react to RANCID ..
sophiedavis91 Month ago
“This brings out the youth in me so much” - you’re 19, all you have in you is youth 🙈
Bad Hombre
Bad Hombre Month ago
Early punk rock. 😂😂😂
Alana Estepa
Alana Estepa Month ago
Everyones talkin about the girl who keeps calling them angsty but can we talk about the girl in the flower shirt who was vibing and jamming out the whole time? Shes awesome
james keenan
james keenan Month ago
Listen to K0RN, that’s angsty
"my mum loves this song" you're lucky, I'm 5 years younger than you and when I was listening to blink my mum said "why are you listening to stuff that teenagers listened to when I was 25"
McFreezy Month ago
React to a day to remember next. It's just the logical choice.
AlphaGage •
AlphaGage • Month ago
What if I said.... I’m not a fan of them. Pls don’t crucify me
Pants and Jacket
Pants and Jacket 28 days ago
No big deal
brokennoah Month ago
You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means
Daniel Brás
Daniel Brás Month ago
React to Imagine Dragons!!
Jesus Zabala
Jesus Zabala Month ago
teens react to Slayer Please
Da Man
Da Man Month ago
It so reminds me of sitting at the computer, and downloading there songs from napster. Damn I feel old.
CAZADOR7471 Month ago
I was 14 when all the small things came out.....best time of my life....now im 34 and i still dont have any kids to show this songs.....
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas
'Angsty' is now one of my most hated words
Royal Reviews
Royal Reviews Month ago
Love Blink 182
John Joseph
John Joseph Month ago
Do beastie boys
Nika c
Nika c Month ago
I miss you-blink 182 is the only song that makes me sad n I love it
Jeff Quinlan
Jeff Quinlan Month ago
Have them react to Sum 41.
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil Month ago
I believe Rakim was 18 was this came out.
amber L.
amber L. Month ago
if they had me on here i would’ve known all the words to the songs smh
Hazard Month ago
Blink 182 . Thanks for good childhood. :)
Jahmarl Hutcheson
its so angsty
Muhammad Bintang Rizky Farisy
Your worm hair its the true ANGSTY
That kid said early punk rock bro it goes way way back before blink kid like wayyyyyyy back
I'm more into Psychedelic and Classic rock, but I really love Blink 182's music too
Andrew Pittman
Andrew Pittman Month ago
Omg it’s so anxty
Nehmi Month ago
The "angsty" girl with the braids is really missing the point....
Smiley !
Smiley ! Month ago
I just discover bink 182 in summer 19 and it was the best thing to ever happen
Liliana K
Liliana K Month ago
1968's - Early Punk rock Teens now (in 2019)- early punk rock
Laura mala onda
Laura mala onda Month ago
Most of those fun ideas, and the amazing riffs were the work of Tom
Lenny Gaetan
Lenny Gaetan Month ago
Elders react to Blink 182?
Jadon Clow
Jadon Clow Month ago
When she said her mom was her age in 1995 I choked
bening Month ago
the realisation moment i had when the jaxon kid isnt in kids react anymore, hes in teens react now asdfghjkl
Callum Coppola
Callum Coppola Month ago
Can they react to the foo fighters
Disenfranchised American
It's punk kids
Noc Fordman
Noc Fordman Month ago
십대는 깜박임에 반응합니다 무엇 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Nizam Ijam
Nizam Ijam 2 months ago
"They dont feel old"...like i said..
Colton Hopkins
Colton Hopkins 2 months ago
Please , please , please do teens react to Foo Fighters
Pat Renny Vlogs
Pat Renny Vlogs 2 months ago
Teens react to ALL TIME LOW
Jamison Underwood
Jamison Underwood 2 months ago
Stop her from saying angsty please! 😅
Jamison Underwood
Jamison Underwood 2 months ago
Ugh, I knew I shouldn't of watched this. They didn't even listen to real angsty 95 Blink. And only the early music was Punk, it went more pop punk in 99
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