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Comments 13
Not Applicable
Not Applicable 29 days ago
Why didn’t you just tell the manager on duty teens are outside bothering customers for money at their establishment instead of that drive by talking? Can’t really say much either, you gave em money
FROY Month ago
Dude got gas not cash, so what's the problem about the kid trying to fill his tank up?, not illegal just not cool remember? Hahahahha
Mizz Lisa Marie
Mizz Lisa Marie 4 months ago
Should of looked at his gas tank first to see of it was really on e
Edith 7 months ago
Been burned too many times helping human scum. Why I only donate / volunteer to help animals that don’t scheme.
EndbyMaico 8 months ago
Sooo their car won't start....what point did u prove here
Edith 7 months ago
Ugh, the point is, if it doesn’t start, getting more gas doesn’t help the cause. 1+1 = 2. #Math
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez 10 months ago
They were actually about to call the cops on these kids doing that asking if its a crime. Ha what a loser
THE GOAT 10 months ago
Its solicitation they can be trespassed for it and that is a crime.
Richie Hodge
Richie Hodge 10 months ago
This is why I never give beggars money. If it's a hungry homeless person and you feel charitable, buy them a sandwich
Letit Bemee
Letit Bemee Year ago
Once you give out of generosity, it's none of your business what that person does with whatever you gave them.
COR EvilMorty
COR EvilMorty 9 months ago
Letit Bemee probably a snowflake
Jay T
Jay T 10 months ago
Letit Bemee you sound like a drug addict, go fuck yourself.
mr luigi
mr luigi Year ago
letite ,i beg to differ,if people ask me for money i never give ,if people want it for food i expect they buy food with that money ,nothing else. i only give for a specific reason so it is my business what they do with my charity.
Don Zollars
Don Zollars Year ago
Wrong! If I see they are scamming people I WILL go back and let everyone know what they are doing! And I will call the cops on them and hope I get one that will teach them a lesson!
Uncomfortable Shirt
I'm assuming you got that truck/car with the assistance (if not just simply given to you) by your parents or relative of some sort?
Edith 7 months ago
So many people getting butt hurt over six figures remark. Bath garbage truck drivers and elementary school teachers make six figures these days. If they’re jealous, it means they suck at life.
T.W.D 23
T.W.D 23 8 months ago
@Ben Turner You sir need to humble yourself.
Mitch Beyer
Mitch Beyer Year ago
@Ben Turner That is your opinion. Im 44, busted my ass through many jobs. Now I also make a 6 figure income and proud of it. @Bluetruckdashcam is proud of what he accomplished. He does not sound like a douche at all. You sound like a snowflake
Ben Turner
Ben Turner Year ago
@Above Average Drivers why do you need to mention you're on six figures. Makes you sound like a bit of a douche tbh. People who have money don't feel the need to boast about it, have you ever heard that saying mate? Be humble, it's a much more attractive quality than being boastful. Just saying
Above Average Drivers
Your right, I had some assistance. The assistance came from the cigarette companies. They were marketing products to minors and were sued by the state of Nevada. Nevada took the settlement money and created a scholarship for any high school student with above a C average (look up the Nevada Millennium Scholarship). I used the $10,000 scholarship and worked half-time through college to get a bachelor of science degree that led to a six-figure job. I used that money to purchase the truck used.
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
OP is butthurt he was had by a bunch of teens so he comes back to ruin their fun.
Jay T
Jay T 10 months ago
Scamming people = “fun”?? You sound like a complete moron.
Brian Gray
Brian Gray Year ago
This scam is as old as time itself. They don't need gas they need money for drugs/booze. The answer is always No on the street
Edith 7 months ago
I agree. I report obstacle on road via Waze and they can deal with the police. Often times, their problem quickly vanishes when they see red and blue flashing disco lights lol
gamerguy u know
gamerguy u know 10 months ago
Brian Gray not always I’ve been in the position driving home from work with a good 10 miles left to go and ran out of gas need to get people to give me some
daminox Year ago
You should send the owners of the gas station a link to this vid. Scammers hassling people at the pumps is bad for business. I'm sure they'd be very appreciative to know this is going on at their store.
Mr. RIZZ Year ago
Getting money for drugs guarantee it. I go through the same shit in Florida
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