Teens Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test

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Teens ask their parents any question they want while their parents are hooked up to a lie detector.
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If you had the chance to ask your parents any question you wanted and they had to tell you the truth, what would you ask? Teens ask their parents hard-hitting questions while hooked up to a lie detector. They may not like the answer! Watch to see what they ask and their reactions!
Reactors Featured:
Derek & Edward
Jaxon & Enza
Marlhy & Mick
Myles & Freddy
Vivica & Don
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Teens Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test


Published on


Jan 19, 2020




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Comments 80
Sans the Skeleton
7:40 Me : *laughíng like a donkey*
Cool Bro
Cool Bro Hour ago
Hasti Zadjafar
Hasti Zadjafar 13 hours ago
I love mom more.......*-* omg gggggggg
Code 3
Code 3 Day ago
The dude in the red shirt daughter is wearing hell's makeup
Pizza con Piña
I love how all the question parents make are about drugs, and sex, and Jackson mom is asking if he rubs his nose lol
Kimboshi Gacha
Vivica’s dad seems so cool he be like the cool dad 😂
Caroline Reynolds
Is no one gonna talk about how Marlhy is such a good person
kagomae58 2 days ago
The mom cackling at jackson
I love Roblox
I love Roblox 3 days ago
Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be if the machine lit up green for truth and red for dare.....
Hamudi 3 days ago
Don was locked up if yall didnt know
Sara Kastrati
Sara Kastrati 3 days ago
The boy with black tshirt looks like Cameron Boyce
govind shankar
govind shankar 3 days ago
The father with black jacket laugh like mr chow of hangover.
Leanna Wang
Leanna Wang 4 days ago
The mom at 2:01 tho-
natalia christy
natalia christy 4 days ago
Yoooo loooooooooooooo
_sofi_ 4 days ago
Coloma 5 days ago
bruh I want the type of relationship the dad in the red and his daughter have
bipper insomnia
bipper insomnia 5 days ago
The parents kinda 👌
Ubaid Nur A
Ubaid Nur A 5 days ago
Indonesian 🇲🇨
ymnant v
ymnant v 5 days ago
7:45-7:57 my mom
DerFallen Baker
DerFallen Baker 5 days ago
I'm not a huge fan of these type of videos, but I like this. It's a really good bonding experience
Akili Coote
Akili Coote 6 days ago
Marlthy was in the show, Chicken Girls
Sophia Strickland
“Once a month. You’re not that interesting “ 😂 “sadly that’s the truth” 😂😂😂
Shehara Primrose
Shehara Primrose 6 days ago
I wish I had this kind of cool relationship with my parents.
Draugen 7 days ago
Jaxton's mom is so scary...
Geanna Drascic
Geanna Drascic 7 days ago
"How many times do you look through my social media" "Once a month, you're not that interesting" 🤣🤣
Azul Piccone
Azul Piccone 7 days ago
The guy on the red Shirt is the best dad ever
wassup bitches
wassup bitches 7 days ago
His mother be savage 😂😂
Reverzed_ gaming
Reverzed_ gaming 7 days ago
FBI is coming after them
Drip Center
Drip Center 7 days ago
Wow, Nicholas Cage has really aged poorly
Elli Seelbach
Elli Seelbach 8 days ago
Ich kann das eine Mädchen nicht verstehen 😂
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 8 days ago
emo boy all types of cool sikeeee
Angelo Mejia
Angelo Mejia 8 days ago
The guy with the cross on the chain laughs like a mob boss
chinea Liu
chinea Liu 8 days ago
The parents are just roasting they're kids like dude karen is like "i check your social medias once a month and your not that interesting"
Kevin G
Kevin G 8 days ago
Isnt it much harder to test whether there answers were truthful or not if it's not a yes or no question? Short answers are much easier right? (Honest question)
Shantell De Freay
He so young and do drugs
Gamer Pagtakhan
Gamer Pagtakhan 8 days ago
Why does Jaxon's mom look like Kristin Chenoweth
YT AJMurph08
YT AJMurph08 9 days ago
The dad in the blue shirt is now in jail
Anonymous one
Anonymous one 9 days ago
You kids think us parents are SOOOOOO boring...hehehe you really only know a small portion of how COOL and REBELLIOUS we were! My kids are 20 and 17 and think I never did anything rowdy...lol kids!
Tocoolforschool 9 days ago
These parents seem chill
YT AJMurph08
YT AJMurph08 9 days ago
The one dad in the blue shirt is in jail now
Jesus Najera
Jesus Najera 9 days ago
I live in dallas
Meh My life
Meh My life 9 days ago
ImJustCursed Jennifer
Were any of your children a mistake Dad: HAHAHA- yes.
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 10 days ago
Don was in 60 days in
꧁i love you꧂ -
꧁i love you꧂ - 10 days ago
Me without a dad:👁👄👁
Ali Jawad
Ali Jawad 10 days ago
Need more of Jackson and Enzo
Just A potato
Just A potato 11 days ago
For some reason Jackson’s mom reminds me of Madeline Wunch from Brooklyn nine nine
Afriba Jahan
Afriba Jahan 11 days ago
4:36 that father doesn't deserved to be a father
Allison Busby
Allison Busby 12 days ago
MD Ali K.
MD Ali K. 12 days ago
After this interview the all are going to get their ass wiped
OneForAll | OFA
OneForAll | OFA 12 days ago
5:12 The look in her eyes is priceless.. woooow
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller 12 days ago
Don’t do drugs kids
Moumita Afrin
Moumita Afrin 12 days ago
Jackson and his mom has the best relationship and their qn was so funny 😂
Peppermint Draws
Peppermint Draws 13 days ago
6:16 You will get ticket.
Acxeleon 13 days ago
Am I the only one who loves watching Enza on the react channel?
Ella M
Ella M 13 days ago
I could never do this with my dad...
5:54 technically if you drink alcohol every day you're an alcoholic so...
Vicky Kgoete
Vicky Kgoete 13 days ago
All of this would never fly in Africa, actually not in most non western countries😵😩
Gamesmanster 13 days ago
That laugh at 4:39 😂😂😂
[Charlî] 13 days ago
If ive done this with my DOMINICAN momma i would be at the hospital rn😂
Jedidiah Henaku-Budu
African parents. Please, like Nigeria and Ghana. Pleeeeeeaaaassseeee
InstinctGhost YT
InstinctGhost YT 14 days ago
Jackson's mom sounded like a sadistic parent
Bloony Louis FR
Bloony Louis FR 14 days ago
Children ask other question. Parent first question:do you have a boy/girlfriend.
Leah Forrester
Leah Forrester 14 days ago
The black dad is just spilling beans
ROWAN QUINONES 15 days ago
You'll love too meet adams ruins everything
c. c
c. c 15 days ago
Jackson’s mom is legit scary
Miguel Robles
Miguel Robles 15 days ago
0:00 bruh thats the guy from 60 days in
•Justsomegirlwhodraws •
Oh! How about Teens with preteens (well I'm not sure if 10 is a preteen)
AGENT 9 15 days ago
I’m worried about some these parents
I love prince Milan and the royalty family
But I loved vivica and her dad more
Joey hrabak
Joey hrabak 15 days ago
Dania watching this like 👁👄👁
Unicorn Journal
Unicorn Journal 15 days ago
*"You're not that interesting"*
Just someone who living in 2007
I luv episodes where there are Myles and Jaxon
Sebastian Michael
Sebastian Michael 15 days ago
Jackson and his mother are such an iconic duo 😂😂
SomeSweatyMexican xD
This makes me wanna be a dad lol
Crackcorn [space]
Crackcorn [space] 16 days ago
Jaxon’s mom is a drama queen 👸
Ykcor Madueño
Ykcor Madueño 16 days ago
7:40 lmao
James Shaughnessy
James Shaughnessy 16 days ago
Lol the dad and duster duo of the dad who lost his ... at age 14 lmaooo
Mark P
Mark P 16 days ago
"I know that whenever anything happens, it's out of like love, and because you guys care" Apparently the Navajo aren't the only ones who know how to talk in codes, lol.
Blunt Boy
Blunt Boy 16 days ago
Dad have you ever had sex Daughter Yes DAD WTF WHO IS THIS MO FO HE DEAD
Mareah Neilah Nablo
Who in June 2020?
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