Tee Grizzley - White Lows Off Designer (feat. Lil Durk) [Official Video]

Tee Grizzley
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The official video for Tee Grizzley's “White Lows Off Designer" featuring Lil Durk from his album 'Built For Whatever' - Out Now!
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Comments 0
Angel Lord
Angel Lord 3 days ago
Every song has a story😔
Miya Wright
Miya Wright 3 days ago
OMG, he did his thang on this one💯‼️💕
Letlhogonolo Mothobi
Tee and durk ✨💯✅ . Album will be fine Duo 🙃
Ron 5601
Ron 5601 4 days ago
He too Underrated 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jeremy Butler
Jeremy Butler 4 days ago
Durk is so related to this son because he lost people cost to him 💔💔💔
Jeremy Butler
Jeremy Butler 4 days ago
Tyler Medcalf
Tyler Medcalf 5 days ago
Lil Durk just had to ruin the song🤦
BoogTim 5 days ago
Sharp Nitty
Sharp Nitty 5 days ago
This song is so underrated.. Durk & Tee never disappoint
BoogTim 7 days ago
This song make me upset Because my dad was at the hospital with covid and pneumonia and almost didn't make thank God He did Love you DAD
rexanator619 7 days ago
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James Jimmy
James Jimmy 7 days ago
I will give this millions of views"that's my mission this shit goes hard"loyalty no option 💯💪Durkio went hard on this#O.T.F#GRizzleygang
Lil T-Shirt
Lil T-Shirt 9 days ago
on repeat
Donte Green
Donte Green 10 days ago
Good music
TreTheTerrible 10 days ago
Bro i cried bro love the song but sad story
Y&r mookey
Y&r mookey 11 days ago
Y&r mookey
Y&r mookey 11 days ago
Rip von
Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel 11 days ago
underrated asf
Danny White
Danny White 11 days ago
bitch im uzi ❶
bitch im uzi ❶ 12 days ago
Tiago Canêdo
Tiago Canêdo 12 days ago
Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie 12 days ago
This song is soooo dope.
Lonney EMG
Lonney EMG 12 days ago
This is bussen
krashout Drako
krashout Drako 13 days ago
RUATA VIIIVX 13 days ago
La Melo 2ICEE
La Melo 2ICEE 13 days ago
Best Music video of the year 💯
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny 13 days ago
Damn this gave me chills 👏 ⭐️
Jesse Varner
Jesse Varner 14 days ago
It’s just insane how lyrically talented tee grizzly is and how bad he is overlooked at the same time. You can’t ignore him now 💯🐐
Paul M
Paul M 15 days ago
"This harder than dog shit" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jenn 15 days ago
is that baking soda on the table just supposed to be baking soda or supposed to represent "other stuff"?
Tyrone Spence
Tyrone Spence 16 days ago
Best duo
Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar 16 days ago
Rip to Lil Durk Bro OtF DTHANG 🕊
King Enow
King Enow 17 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-IfcZBR7Z3gE.html 🐂🔥🐂🔥
Tony Nickel
Tony Nickel 19 days ago
Analog trading
Analog trading 19 days ago
I will never be ready for Durks part
Tayy Dotson
Tayy Dotson 19 days ago
So underrated
Otctavius myles
Otctavius myles 19 days ago
This song goes hard bron
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
MollyBoy 1k
MollyBoy 1k 19 days ago
How this only at 1 mill?... people don’t know music mannn
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
david wright
david wright 20 days ago
tee grizzley is one of my favorite rappers in detroit right now
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 20 days ago
One of my favorite songs tee grizzley you are a legend a goat keep doing your thing. Always have my support
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Erianna McFadden
Erianna McFadden 20 days ago
I literally just got chills and cried a little bit this that music that you can really feel i love you durk
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Cody Dawson
Cody Dawson 21 day ago
Ryan Leigh
Ryan Leigh 21 day ago
Miss the old tee music fr
John Robert
John Robert 21 day ago
" he ain't even like that 🤧 it's your fault 😡 what you get him into 🥺 " REAL SHIT
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
leelee price
leelee price 21 day ago
This a different type of hurt right here 😥
thisduderockz 22 days ago
this shits a masterpiece.
ARenee Crump
ARenee Crump 22 days ago
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Flick izrel
Flick izrel 23 days ago
Stop saying tee grizzly underrated he been made it
Rayquan Walker
Rayquan Walker 23 days ago
500 dislikes just 500 ppl that don’t understand real music and real pain 💯🔥
junareth junareth
junareth junareth 23 days ago
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
ThaRealHox 23 days ago
Dante Gaines
Dante Gaines 23 days ago
I ain't gon lie Durk and grizzy they like peas in a pod
jerusareem 24 days ago
The song is amazing but the video absolute ass. Get someone who can shoot like drakes videos
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Ethan Crate
Ethan Crate 24 days ago
they tried to starve us
Ethan Crate
Ethan Crate 24 days ago
im on the block with my brothers my siblings i love my city im one of the realest - the voice - durkio
Jordan Mcfadden
Jordan Mcfadden 24 days ago
The video to the song was sooo smooth man
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
darrell LE
darrell LE 25 days ago
Durk got off on this one
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Justin Hines
Justin Hines 25 days ago
HAH(hard as hell)🔥🔥🔥
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Al K
Al K 25 days ago
Durk and tgrizz goated
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html
Yung $hiner
Yung $hiner 25 days ago
Damn people be sleepin on tee
Maycon Couto
Maycon Couto 25 days ago
BrittanySaucy907 26 days ago
“They talk that killa shit them niggas bluffin...” 💙🙏🏽
nell866 19 days ago
🔥🗑 ruvid.net/video/video-7rgmLYbuQ3I.html 😈
Joshua King
Joshua King 26 days ago
Wow 👉🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
fortnite the best fortnite rapper
Hey tee grizzley I'm one of the people that you robbed my room at the dorm you should cashap me 500 bucks for the money you took from me from my laptop it's $shanewascher
MELLOW 27 days ago
Melodic shit like this will forever be over tht aggression ass rara shit to me it’s a good mix between the two n tht street shit aint sweet mamas crying burying they sons over this shit and tee really good at harmonizing he needa do tht shit more
Luke Conklin
Luke Conklin 27 days ago
Most underrated rapper ever!
George Minor
George Minor 28 days ago
Wish this song was longer.
Nastassja Black
Nastassja Black 28 days ago
My Bestfriend was murdered and I deadass called his mother the next morning smfh. Til this day I replay that call in my mind and feel like shit
Nastassja Black
Nastassja Black 28 days ago
Durk never miss yo...ever...
Jessica Henny
Jessica Henny 28 days ago
This is Phenomenal 👏 🔥 ⭐️
Rashad Boykin
Rashad Boykin 28 days ago
I hate the smell of the perks when I’m pissing
Rob Okeafor
Rob Okeafor 28 days ago
Bout time it got to a million i probably watched 1,000 times
Ejthasickest 28 days ago
"I got My Own Problems, Money Aint Gone Solve Em" "They Try To Starve Us, If It Wasnt For My Mama" thats some Real Sh*t🙏
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson 28 days ago
Tee going hard. Blasting it throughout the city. 🔥 But for real. I cannot imagine living through this life. The song is tough. The storytelling is harder. But that experience...I never want that type of perspective.
Winston Barnes
Winston Barnes 28 days ago
SiR SMOKED 0uT 28 days ago
I can't believe Grizzley went harder then Durk but he did. That verse fire!!
Whodattsnation 29 days ago
Best part of the song is 1:50 🔥
Everything Cannabis
This one gives me goose bumps
Tjmakinpros 29 days ago
Why he took so long to take him to the hospital
Rayquan Artis
Rayquan Artis 29 days ago
Bet song on the album wish von could’ve been on this one
YNGABE Month ago
Tee is playin rp in in real life
zachandbro Month ago
This was so deep just listening to it and the music video brought it to life
Harjeve Satia
Harjeve Satia Month ago
Banger Banger
Ashley George
Ashley George Month ago
Wow 😂😂😉
Matthew Haslacker
Dam yall need to make more music like this now this is some of the best I have heard from both artist great job 👏 it's a daily 🔥 👌
Wizz Month ago
This shit hit different especially when momma started crying... it aint easy to give a mother that kind of news
Marquis Blakemore
Specially while that beat was still going on
Trippy Villain Sensei
Trippy Villain Sensei
Anthony Ferrell
Anthony Ferrell Month ago
Goat 🐐🖖🏾🔥🔥
Uncle spot tv
Uncle spot tv Month ago
Aarron M
Aarron M Month ago
Drippedtoofunny Tv
Bro you gotta love this nigga cus growing up in Detroit I kno exactly how that shit feel 💯💯
Mike James
Mike James Month ago
He so underrated it's crazy. This my shit 🔥
makaveli Month ago
Bruh that some real I hate the smell of percs when I'm pissing
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Month ago
he got poped!!!!!!!
Alexevan78 Month ago
Up in here b4 1milly views let's go. Let's get a Trilly. Detroit313
Ethan Leung
Ethan Leung Month ago
Hey makes these like movies makes me wanna watch more and the song is so good so heart touching 👍🤟🔥🔥🔥
Kawa Month ago
This song is literally on repeat man
Jess Cota
Jess Cota Month ago
Tee grizzley & lil durk🔥🔥
Da real Q Bands
Da real Q Bands Month ago
Dam this shit aint at a mil yet wtf🔥🔥
OMG! 😂 #shorts
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