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Tee Grizzley
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The official video for Tee Grizzley "Built To Last" from his album 'Built For Whatever' - Out Now!
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May 11, 2021




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Eric Smith
Eric Smith 11 hours ago
“Don’t gotta like me but respect me that’s what u gotta do”🔥‼️
Kyandre Tubbs
Kyandre Tubbs 22 hours ago
But they run off with a quarter instead trying build a brick with me
Kelon playz
Kelon playz Day ago
Bro I thought you were just a gamer infill I seen 5 of yo song this nigga a whole rapper
Kelon playz
Kelon playz Day ago
When he said bro came home from jail and he crashed he talking bout NLE Choppa
Michael Lewin
Michael Lewin 2 days ago
Itz all love
APRIL BEBE 3 days ago
Talk to 'em I'm just chillin' at the crib, right? This shit fuckin' me up You gotta talk to 'em, man Lookin' at my son like, "Damn, I got a human" (this shit real) 'Member when I felt you in your mama's stomach movin' (I do) Lookin' at my jewelry like, "Damn, I'm really stupid" (that's crazy) Lookin' at my past like, "Damn, man, I been through it" (it all) Lil' brodie came home from jail and he crashed (damn) Then brodie called home from jail and he laughed (what's up, nigga?) Gotta match my nigga energy, I can't be sad (I can't) We ain't trippin' on no time, bitch, you know we built to last (you know that) I see niggas be who they wanna be on the 'Gram I see bitches with the niggas that they said they ain't had (damn) I was in the ninth grade yelling, "Get a bag" Catchin' contacts packin' up the boy without a mask (I remember) Gettin' fast money That shit you pullin' out on camera, that's my gas money (that's light) God, how I make it here? I just ain't had nothin' Sittin' in the bullpen starvin', eatin' bag lunches On my way to court 'cause I was movin' like a crash dummy (was crashin' out) Gotta hold myself accountable (yeah) If God don't exist, then how I make it through these obstacles? (Tell me that) I ain't do it on my own, that's impossible I was prayin' hard for this shit, that's what you gotta know Don't gotta like me, but respect me, that's what you gotta do 'Cause I'ma try to put you in the morgue, fuck the hospital (nigga, you outta here) And puttin' trust in niggas been risky (it has) I was a lil' nigga knowin' niggas been iffy like (I do) I would let niggas get rich with me (I would) But they'll run off with a quarter 'stead of tryna build a brick with me (fuck 'em) Don't even kill 'em, let 'em watch us get litty While he walkin', we gon' ride Forgis on the 650, bitch (turn up) Big Grizzley, fuck with me, bad bitches, fuck plenty Me and bro just made a cut face, that's a buck-fifty Play with me, duck fifty, if it's up, it's stuck with me Glock 27 stuck to me and it bust quickly Lookin' at my son like, "Damn, I got a human" (this shit real) 'Member when I felt you in your mama's stomach movin' (I remember) Lookin' at my jewelry, brodie like, "You goin' stupid" (you goin' crazy) Lookin' at our past, I'm like, "Brodie, we been through it" (ayy, for real) Baby Grizz came home from jail and he crashed (damn) But we can't forget, before he left, he got the bag (he did) And he still rich, hope you don't think he in there sad We ain't trippin' on no time, bitch, you know we built to last (nigga, you know that) I see niggas be who they wanna be on the 'Gram I see bitches with the niggas that they said they ain't had I see niggas without the bag they said that they had And for some reason I believed them, I'm like, "Damn" (niggas cap) Ain't paranoid, I'm just on high alert (alert) Smokin' weed to numb the pain, yeah, I'm high and hurt Can't no clinic pills help you when that chopper burn Like an STD, but that's just how some people gotta learn (go get 'em) Ayy, I ain't scared of nothin' roamin' this Earth If somethin' scare me, it's gon' go in the dirt (you hear me?) 'Member sleepin' at the trap, they used to line up at the door on the first I'm with the nigga that put your bro on a shirt (he right here) Let me talk about my past Abusive household, multiple failures (facts) Ramen noodles kept us from starvin', I'm tryna tell you (facts) Headaches, stomachaches, nigga, heartaches Turn you into shark bait 'bout our cake Let's talk about my future, though Now we excited 'bout what the future hold Trips out the country, we done got used to those Bustdowns, got a few of those (got a few of those) These bitches see us and they do the most Don't play with us or it's your funeral (don't play) Back to my past, show these niggas where we came from Fightin' for nothin', we was just tryna get our name up Now we tryna get our change up You do that, they say you changed up We just told our story, never tried to get our fame up Lame nigga, I'm in that foreign doin' the dash (doin' the dash) How you gon' stop some niggas that's built to last, huh? Lame nigga, we in that foreign doin' the dash (doin' the dash in this bitch) How you gon' stop some niggas that's built to last, huh? (You can't, nigga)
Kass B
Kass B 3 days ago
“I ain’t scared of none wrong on this earth. If some scare me it’s gon go to the dirt” Hardest in Detroit
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 3 days ago
Bro LYRICALLY Murdered this shit litty
Nick Gill
Nick Gill 4 days ago
Free them boys!
DubbPlays 4 days ago
I could've sworn I heard "I'm seeing niggas without the bag that they said that they had" in this song
Billy Dulin
Billy Dulin 5 days ago
Love it! Got me in my Memphis feelings...Goddess Balek
rexanator619 5 days ago
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Jojo_N_Dat 5 days ago
Looking at my son like damn I got a human
Dominic C
Dominic C 6 days ago
Shit hits harder than grandma when she hear me in her change drawer 😂😂😂😂
Nay Da Great Music
Alex Wohlwend
Alex Wohlwend 7 days ago
The Realest In Podcast
Terry Hills
Terry Hills 8 days ago
🥰❤ he baby
Terry Hills
Terry Hills 8 days ago
awe he baby
Julito SinCorte
Julito SinCorte 8 days ago
Tee Grizzley is a goat!! Good heart nikka.!! RESPECT MY BROTHER I LOOK UP TOO YOU!! You a MOTIVATION!!
Lil_ta 15
Lil_ta 15 8 days ago
He never flop 💯🤟🏾
LilGoat 420
LilGoat 420 9 days ago
Damn bro shit really real in the street like holy moly bro Tee Grizzley you inspire me to do things people say are impossible
J 9 days ago
"lookin at my son like damn I got a human" .. same thing my wife and I were thinking having our kids
MatthewTheGamer 9 days ago
This man got so much jewelry but don't flex nothin. Get nothing but straight respect from me
Editzflyguys Robinson
First day out 2.0 with the sad and hype parts
Ramong Odom
Ramong Odom 10 days ago
I see niggaz without the bag they said they had and for some reason I believed them I was like DAMN
wylie binns
wylie binns 10 days ago
I feel this right here. I dont even listen to Grizz like that
NGLniall 10 days ago
Never though tee would have a kid
Bruce Hoyt
Bruce Hoyt 11 days ago
Tee fan base real af he got 1.7 followers and 1.7 view solid 💯🤘
DAVID Williams
DAVID Williams 11 days ago
A I talk you yesterday
Wuu420 _YT
Wuu420 _YT 11 days ago
Shivers ran through my mf body when I heard 1:55
Zay Shiesty
Zay Shiesty 12 days ago
Void HD
Void HD 12 days ago
The beat is more fire in this!!! Please!! PLEASE! Change this song on apple Spotify etc to this version!!!
Charles (JJ) Ford
Charles (JJ) Ford 12 days ago
Messiah Antwi
Messiah Antwi 12 days ago
First Day Out pt 2
Jew Lemmon
Jew Lemmon 12 days ago
Dam..benmar shot this too
Adilex B
Adilex B 13 days ago
“Lookin at my son like dam I got a human “😭😭
Jacob Fritz
Jacob Fritz 13 days ago
That niggastraight slaps # big facts
King Croc
King Croc 13 days ago
is that a babby c:
YOOBREEZ 13 days ago
Never miss
Kdubb Mainy
Kdubb Mainy 13 days ago
Rno - Topic
Rno - Topic 13 days ago
Doug Mackenzie
Doug Mackenzie 14 days ago
Michael Ayodele
Michael Ayodele 14 days ago
the first 1:20 mins of this song makes me feel blessed
CeeeDizzle208 14 days ago
hardest grizzley song ever facts.
Ventex. 14 days ago
God bless this dude. One of the best out there rn fasho
King Enow
King Enow 15 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-IfcZBR7Z3gE.html 🐂🔥🐂🔥🐂🔥
ᒪIᒪ ᑕᒪᑌᗷᘔ ᒍIT
Bearded Brandon
Bearded Brandon 15 days ago
You killed this 1 G🔥
Adi 15 days ago
Free baby grizzley
Forest russell-Yount
Watch out tee please they try to kill brothaz that figure it out n help others
Robinson Kambi
Robinson Kambi 16 days ago
Tee Grizzley about to blow up big time, 🔥🔥🔥
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 16 days ago
Shout out to grizzly RP like this if u been in that bih
be great
be great 16 days ago
Free baby grizzly 💯Tee gonna hold it down
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis 16 days ago
Tee Grizz is savage
Ernestronika Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota
Here...!!! Choose me and help me, please... take me with you... o/ 02/06/2021
Dell Zilla
Dell Zilla 19 days ago
Ain't scared of nun roaming this earf, if some scare me it's gon go in da dirt🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jordan Voorhis
Jordan Voorhis 19 days ago
rey luzunaris
rey luzunaris 19 days ago
If this song doesn’t hit you then you ain’t listening
Olivia Hineman
Olivia Hineman 19 days ago
Looking at my son like dang I gotta human 🙏
paranoise 19 days ago
Man this whole album fire, keep being unique nd being u bruh 🔥🔥
Joey Joe
Joey Joe 19 days ago
I ain’t never seen someone so underrated
Von'Jose Tha Plug
Von'Jose Tha Plug 19 days ago
🥁🎹 by me 🔌
John Wurfel
John Wurfel 19 days ago
Damn I got a human🔥
ThreeFou DaBervy
ThreeFou DaBervy 20 days ago
Ab3L G.
Ab3L G. 20 days ago
harder then ever grizz
Quamir Battle
Quamir Battle 20 days ago
One of the best rappers 2021
Donald Gray
Donald Gray 20 days ago
I ain’t scared of nothing roaming this earth, if something scares me it’s gonna go in the dirt
Standalone 21 day ago
truly a work of art
Sylvester Minh Hoang DeSouza
"I would let n.ggas get rich with me, but they gon run off with a quarter instead of tryna build a brick with me"
Rod Williamson
Rod Williamson 21 day ago
Angel King Beauty TV
Spazz2Recklezz 22 days ago
Put that add in the video then tee 😭😭gotta get that bag
drippy  Yello
drippy Yello 22 days ago
God it good🙏🙏🙏🙏
Myron Rose
Myron Rose 22 days ago
“If God don’t exist, then how did I make it through these obstacles.” Amen
The Energy Gaming Channel
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 22 days ago
I was in a bad mood till i heard this 🎶🎶🎼🙏
Adam Watts
Adam Watts 22 days ago
Aaron Sharp
Aaron Sharp 22 days ago
The goat
Bobbie jo martinez
Bobbie jo martinez 23 days ago
Tee spit that dragonfire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!
X6FOOLIO 23 days ago
crash dummy buck 50 i see you
Matthew Landry
Matthew Landry 23 days ago
Tee's hoodie is fire
Yung joe 3800
Yung joe 3800 23 days ago
I been slappin Tee since first day out had 200k views
Black Broski
Black Broski 23 days ago
Christian Field
Christian Field 23 days ago
Underrated af. T never disappoints with his songs
Patros Hannish
Patros Hannish 23 days ago
That hoodie fire af!
Chris Stockfleth
Chris Stockfleth 23 days ago
Somebody that’s a fan tell me I’m not tripping and tee had a song called high alert that was on this album and what happened to that song
RAP MANAGEMENT 24 days ago
from Yo Verse With YNW "Freddy" I said that real nigga became the best 🔥
AlbinoRhyno16 24 days ago
Need more tee grizzley and fredo bang songs
Steven peralta
Steven peralta 24 days ago
this go hard af
Jose Gaming
Jose Gaming 24 days ago
man them noodles kept me from starving that and bologna sandwiches
Crystal gable
Crystal gable 24 days ago
Him and Von ALMOST tell stories as great as biggie pac n hov
Ring Thebell
Ring Thebell 24 days ago
Sound like YS from California
Ring Thebell
Ring Thebell 24 days ago
Now he wanna be woke
RealEyes Relize RealLies
Another banger. Period. 💯🙏🏻🔥
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 24 days ago
Smokin weed to numb the pain ya im high nd hurt " 🔥 IFYKYK GrizzlyGangg 💀💪🏿
HeziLuvzz FN
HeziLuvzz FN 24 days ago
kinq jD
kinq jD 24 days ago
Nigga doesn’t have a single bad song frr
Hortencia Ramirez
Hortencia Ramirez 24 days ago
Grizzly make a life
Joe Gholson
Joe Gholson 25 days ago
Sada can't fucc wit T grizz !