Tech House Mix - February 2019 (Reworked)

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Due to numerous requests, the February Tech-House episode was returned to the channel, it had to be re-recorded and deleted songs that were blocked and add new ones. If the mix is blocked again this time, I’ll be completely disappointed in RUvid D:
This guest mix by Dj GUI SANTOS:
- soundcloud.com/santos-dj-gui
- facebook.com/santosdjgui
- instagram.com/santosdjgui
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- Igor Stepanic
- Michael Nunes
- Bae B12
- shyvixx
- Arthur Correa
- Kurt Bird
- Stephan Fischer
- AlsepH
- Chris Damiano
- Stefan Moldenhauer
- miya4ro
- Mr. Fox
- Lucifer2302
- Philip Gedge
- Galen Embry
- Callum Burns
- Jason Myers
- Omar Jay
- Zili Music
- Darren Mount
- Charles Denver
- Chris Barrett
- Mat
- Jennifer M Jackson
- Jason Scullion
- Anne-Laure Lepasteur
- Iva Grkinić
- Roland Mikler
- Andrea Boggon
- Tobie Kotchilea
- Mercenary Slater
- mark wint
- Brian Spracklin
- Zander James
- Helen Carpenter-Waters
- Martin Cammann
- Marcel Finzinger
- Bjoern B.
Great art by: Aku 悪
- Cosplay photographer and photoartist
- From Saint Petersburg, Russia
- www.artstation.com/akunohako
Wejustman Music:
- fb.com/WejustmanMusic
- vk.com/WejustmanMusic
- twitter.com/Wejustman
- Discord: discord.gg/RJnwUhC
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Mar 14, 2019




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Comments 187
luis hnzz.
luis hnzz. 5 days ago
México Rivera Maya 🇲🇽🍻
Ivan Jakovlev
Ivan Jakovlev 6 days ago
Biviano Cazares
Biviano Cazares 6 days ago
Jorge Luis Jauregui Pastran
Mas malo esto imposible...
Shane Holmquist
Shane Holmquist 12 days ago
Who is the artist on the second song?!
Juliana Silva
Juliana Silva 17 days ago
Que vibe 👌😎😎😎😎😎😎
valleco-faval Valleco
Muy buen mix desde mexico
Jakub Kuśmierz
Jakub Kuśmierz 20 days ago
20:30 - 24:00 the best part of all mix💜🤘🎵. if anybody knows what is that song, please give me it name 😁
DJ Tokie
DJ Tokie 19 days ago
Turn off the Lights (feat. Alexis Roberts) - Chris Lake, Alexis Roberts
Aaron Brock
Aaron Brock 22 days ago
What’s that second track ...nice!!!!
jakeline chavez
jakeline chavez 24 days ago
pa ug
pa ug 24 days ago
4:30 ?
Kumari Sky
Kumari Sky 26 days ago
That was freaking amazing!!! 🙏💙
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 28 days ago
what is the name of the second track? with the female vocal?
lvl99abra Month ago
How can I start to make my own tech house music? which software do you guys use??
PeazeMind 29 days ago
Fl Studio , Ableton, Logic Pro, Cube base
Onur Aydın
Onur Aydın Month ago
You are maniac!!!!! Super mixxxxcc
Ulises Moreno
Ulises Moreno Month ago
auchhhhh..... mete la cabesa al hoyo
ACID TRIP Month ago
track 54:10
Onasis Vargas
Onasis Vargas Month ago
RD activo
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez Month ago
Nombre del tema del minuto 32:00?
Valentin Rode
Valentin Rode Month ago
Alexis Suarez
Alexis Suarez Month ago
1:20:00 Is that a part of Soul Reaver's soundtrack?
Jared Alegria
Jared Alegria Month ago
In what souls reaver part?
Ryan Ferreira
Ryan Ferreira Month ago
Track 43:00?
Walter Ians
Walter Ians Month ago
Chris AG
Chris AG Month ago
The Tracklist?
Trapping game
Trapping game Month ago
Nice set
Yo-Ko Month ago
Argentinaa..!! 🇦🇷
KCKinetic 2 months ago
Absolutely epic 👌🏼🔥🔥🔥
Martina Mcmahon
Martina Mcmahon 2 months ago
10 mins n 50 secs in....Goosebumps..x x
Gian Marcos Fernandez
Im in love with this mix! 😍😍😍😍 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 .
Brenda Cordova
Brenda Cordova 2 months ago
In love with this mix 😍 thank you!! 💕
Carlos Rubio
Carlos Rubio 2 months ago
KexGo 2 months ago
2:05 voice?
DJ Cosmin
DJ Cosmin 2 months ago
loads of good Techs
Eletrode_kms 2 months ago
Sebastian Orellana
Sebastian Orellana 2 months ago
Auuuuu!! 🇨🇱❣
Carla Lavadie
Carla Lavadie 25 days ago
Erik Aurelio Lopez Hernandez
Awasome Awasome
boxer0704 2 months ago
"MOLLY" anyone 😁😁
LukeInside 2 months ago
Honestly a mediocre set and the images are cheesy as heck. I don't have anything against the beauty of women. These are somewhat too vulgar though.
Gabriel Franco
Gabriel Franco 2 months ago
Qual nome da música dos 10:15 a 14:20 ???
Riber 23
Riber 23 2 months ago
Nu jo ke
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 months ago
10:00 awesomeee Chile tho the house the party madafaca viva la droga conchetumsre i el sexooooo
Un Punk Mugroso
Un Punk Mugroso Month ago
Eso no es nada, deberías escuchar el techno en todo su esplendor, sus variantes como dark techno, acid techno etc.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 months ago
@David Peres saludos pinche bóludo culiaoo meo tema del minuto 10 40 asombrosas la hueaaaa - - _- -
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 months ago
Wujssjajja i Bo soy real g for l ife madafaca quajja de donde x reporta daría perraa
David Peres
David Peres 3 months ago
Jose Lopez vo soy shishi
Caio StayGold
Caio StayGold 3 months ago
Is there a city/country where this style is huge? Or it’s underground worldwide?
Lilbouncyy y
Lilbouncyy y 3 months ago
Caio StayGold chile we Hear it a lot
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 3 months ago
Dominican republic 👉🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
GalantianAmethyst 3 months ago
Yakov Yakovlevich
Yakov Yakovlevich 3 months ago
Joshua 3 months ago
Very impressive.
Andrej Lesjak
Andrej Lesjak 3 months ago
Crazy picture, ❤ it 💥💥💥
Anais Belén
Anais Belén 3 months ago
dale eso dale dale dalo todo ehehe
Sebastian InAJar
Sebastian InAJar 3 months ago
Is that... an Orisha worship song in the beginning????
Juan Manuel Lamas
Juan Manuel Lamas 3 months ago
Me gustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Claudio Resquin
Claudio Resquin 3 months ago
Claudio Resquin
Claudio Resquin 3 months ago
Abiura 3 months ago
Best video ever xd
Antonio Damien
Antonio Damien 3 months ago
I'd say more like deep house
Alukar i'm
Alukar i'm 3 months ago
But its Not a Really tech house 😉
Alukar i'm
Alukar i'm 3 months ago
@Vadim Sim 🖐🙏
Vadim Sim
Vadim Sim 3 months ago
Thank you
HH ELECTRONIX 3 months ago
It's clear ! My thumbs up for a good time with your mix. Greetings from Hamburg HH ELECTRONIX
Facu Snipe
Facu Snipe 3 months ago
Alex Popa
Alex Popa 3 months ago
viva tech house
Alex Popa
Alex Popa 3 months ago
i literally feel this in my chest bruh absolute feels
cokindigena 3 months ago
rave in my head, dancing in the rain, drops, humidity, vibes willing to fly. Amor ven a bailar.
Sarah Darvelle
Sarah Darvelle 3 months ago
Cant get enough of this mix right now! Great tracks
juan ruben martin calvo
Hola 👌👌👌
Gonza Massenzio
Gonza Massenzio 4 months ago
22:19 song?
vTr 14 days ago
Chris lake - Turn off the lights
genilson dj Cogumelo
muto bom show
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