Tech House Mix - February 2019 (Reworked)

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Due to numerous requests, the February Tech-House episode was returned to the channel, it had to be re-recorded and deleted songs that were blocked and add new ones. If the mix is blocked again this time, I’ll be completely disappointed in RUvid D:
This guest mix by Dj GUI SANTOS:
- soundcloud.com/santos-dj-gui
- facebook.com/santosdjgui
- instagram.com/santosdjgui
🔥Tracklist Free Download mix in 320/kbps all Arts, Sound and Visual Effects:
- www.patreon.com/posts/tech-house-mix-24556212
🔸Patrons: www.patreon.com/wejustman
- Igor Stepanic
- Michael Nunes
- Bae B12
- shyvixx
- Arthur Correa
- Kurt Bird
- Stephan Fischer
- AlsepH
- Chris Damiano
- Stefan Moldenhauer
- miya4ro
- Mr. Fox
- Lucifer2302
- Philip Gedge
- Galen Embry
- Callum Burns
- Jason Myers
- Omar Jay
- Zili Music
- Darren Mount
- Charles Denver
- Chris Barrett
- Mat
- Jennifer M Jackson
- Jason Scullion
- Anne-Laure Lepasteur
- Iva Grkinić
- Roland Mikler
- Andrea Boggon
- Tobie Kotchilea
- Mercenary Slater
- mark wint
- Brian Spracklin
- Zander James
- Helen Carpenter-Waters
- Martin Cammann
- Marcel Finzinger
- Bjoern B.
Great art by: Aku 悪
- Cosplay photographer and photoartist
- From Saint Petersburg, Russia
- www.artstation.com/akunohako
Wejustman Music:
- fb.com/WejustmanMusic
- vk.com/WejustmanMusic
- twitter.com/Wejustman
- Discord: discord.gg/RJnwUhC
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Mar 14, 2019




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Comments 233
Alexander Nikolaevick
I wanna this mix on Spotify uwu
Илон Маск
Илон Маск 24 days ago
Tracklist go
Алексей Мельников
What the first song?🙏🏼
nastya malygina
nastya malygina 28 days ago
Any patrons: why can't we put this in disco Fan: :-D
badbwoy JOE
badbwoy JOE Month ago
Fessloo Lüsser
Fessloo Lüsser Month ago
Whats the song 4:52 ?😍
Giuseppe Bulgari
Giuseppe Bulgari 2 months ago
Sal fuera como me sigas borando mi música te corto la cabeza
Aviccon Gandalf
Aviccon Gandalf 2 months ago
00:01 name?
Animal Mother
Animal Mother Month ago
@baton567 you're welcome. I'm also happy knowing we found some really good music!✌️
baton567 Month ago
@Animal Mother you make me really happy. Thank you so much, really.
Animal Mother
Animal Mother Month ago
Flashmob - the lone brazillian
baton567 2 months ago
I wanna know too
DJ JAMAR_2880 2 months ago
espectacular, wow
Julio Marambio Aguilera
Aquí en Valparaíso
Evgeny Shustroff
Evgeny Shustroff 2 months ago
мега музло !
Christian Sebastian Suñiga Dorado
Song please 27:27
Animal Mother
Animal Mother Month ago
@Christian Sebastian Suñiga Dorado the music is too good for us to not know. 🤭
Christian Sebastian Suñiga Dorado
@Animal Mother Your work is very interesting, and thanks for sharing what you do.
Animal Mother
Animal Mother Month ago
@Christian Sebastian Suñiga Dorado you're welcome, brother. I'm currently attempting to search for a lot of these songs. 🤪
Christian Sebastian Suñiga Dorado
@Animal Mother you are very kind, thanks for your comment.
Animal Mother
Animal Mother Month ago
camelphat & ali love - dopamine machine
Jack Yearby
Jack Yearby 3 months ago
awesome tunes ....... I got my ring piece battered to this mix to lose my anal virginity.... what a night..
Kix Trix
Kix Trix 4 months ago
felipe toledo
felipe toledo 4 months ago
32:36 cuál es?
Town Off Festival
Town Off Festival 4 months ago
49:00 song please??
macaroni man
macaroni man Month ago
Franko Ferreri - Remedy?
Quantum Stunt Monkey
Great Mix!
Tolga Ciftci
Tolga Ciftci 4 months ago
Best mix!!!
NIKKI SHERMAN 4 months ago
Best Work Remix Yet!!!
Alejo From Youtube
Alejo From Youtube 4 months ago
what's the song at 35:15 so fire
macaroni man
macaroni man Month ago
Martin Ikin - No No?
carlos 5 months ago
Excelente muy buen nivel.
luis hnzz.
luis hnzz. 5 months ago
México Rivera Maya 🇲🇽🍻
Ivan Jakovlev
Ivan Jakovlev 5 months ago
Biviano Cazares
Biviano Cazares 5 months ago
Jorge Luis Jauregui Pastran
Mas malo esto imposible...
Shane Holmquist
Shane Holmquist 5 months ago
Who is the artist on the second song?!
Juliana Silva
Juliana Silva 5 months ago
Que vibe 👌😎😎😎😎😎😎
valleco-faval Valleco
Muy buen mix desde mexico
Jakub Kuśmierz
Jakub Kuśmierz 5 months ago
20:30 - 24:00 the best part of all mix💜🤘🎵. if anybody knows what is that song, please give me it name 😁
DJ Tokie
DJ Tokie 5 months ago
Turn off the Lights (feat. Alexis Roberts) - Chris Lake, Alexis Roberts
Aaron Brock
Aaron Brock 5 months ago
What’s that second track ...nice!!!!
jakeline chavez
jakeline chavez 5 months ago
pa ug
pa ug 5 months ago
4:30 ?
macaroni man
macaroni man Month ago
Dirty South & Anima! - Next To You
Kumari Sky
Kumari Sky 6 months ago
That was freaking amazing!!! 🙏💙
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 6 months ago
what is the name of the second track? with the female vocal?
lvl99abra 6 months ago
How can I start to make my own tech house music? which software do you guys use??
PeazeMind 6 months ago
Fl Studio , Ableton, Logic Pro, Cube base
Onur Aydın
Onur Aydın 6 months ago
You are maniac!!!!! Super mixxxxcc
Ulises Moreno
Ulises Moreno 6 months ago
auchhhhh..... mete la cabesa al hoyo
ACID TRIP 6 months ago
track 54:10
Onasis Vargas
Onasis Vargas 6 months ago
RD activo
Ivan Hernandez
Ivan Hernandez 6 months ago
Nombre del tema del minuto 32:00?
Valen Rode
Valen Rode 6 months ago
Alexis Suarez
Alexis Suarez 6 months ago
1:20:00 Is that a part of Soul Reaver's soundtrack?
Jared Alegria
Jared Alegria 6 months ago
In what souls reaver part?
Ryan Ferreira
Ryan Ferreira 6 months ago
Track 43:00?
Sweelozz 2 months ago
G dom - make it bun dem ;)
Walter Ians
Walter Ians 6 months ago
Chris AG
Chris AG 6 months ago
The Tracklist?
Leon G
Leon G 7 months ago
Nice set
Yo-Ko 7 months ago
Argentinaa..!! 🇦🇷
KCKinetic 7 months ago
Absolutely epic 👌🏼🔥🔥🔥
Martina Mcmahon
Martina Mcmahon 7 months ago
10 mins n 50 secs in....Goosebumps..x x
Yolaidis Ramis
Yolaidis Ramis 7 months ago
Im in love with this mix! 😍😍😍😍 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 .
Brenda Cordova
Brenda Cordova 7 months ago
In love with this mix 😍 thank you!! 💕
Carlos Rubio
Carlos Rubio 7 months ago
KexGo 7 months ago
2:05 voice?
DJ Cosmin
DJ Cosmin 7 months ago
loads of good Techs
Electrode_kms 7 months ago
Sebastian Orellana
Sebastian Orellana 7 months ago
Auuuuu!! 🇨🇱❣
Carla Lavadie
Carla Lavadie 5 months ago
Erik Aurelio Lopez Hernandez
Awasome Awasome
boxer0704 8 months ago
"MOLLY" anyone 😁😁
LukeInside 8 months ago
Honestly a mediocre set and the images are cheesy as heck. I don't have anything against the beauty of women. These are somewhat too vulgar though.
Gabriel Franco
Gabriel Franco 8 months ago
Qual nome da música dos 10:15 a 14:20 ???
Riber 23
Riber 23 8 months ago
Nu jo ke
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 months ago
10:00 awesomeee Chile tho the house the party madafaca viva la droga conchetumsre i el sexooooo
Alvaro Felipe Hernández.
Y el sessso
DJ WASSAP 27 days ago
Nu & Jo Ke - Who Loves The Sun remix
Micky Bass
Micky Bass Month ago
I feel to not need to understand the language to be able to understand this lmao
LŠV 3 months ago
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 4 months ago
@doña ossesla verdad eQue solo me Gusta minuto 10:00 en adelante
Caio StayGold
Caio StayGold 8 months ago
Is there a city/country where this style is huge? Or it’s underground worldwide?
saber on the beatzzz Boi
Caio StayGold chile we Hear it a lot
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