TEARING DOWN MY HOUSE!! *kitchen demo*

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If you're reading this comment "how many granddaughters does she have"

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Sep 21, 2021




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Comments 1 936
YouTube 25 days ago
oddly satistifying! 😌
Kim Huskey
Kim Huskey 2 days ago
When you apply the moisturizer of your choice, PLEASE Do Also apply not only to your Entire neck front & back but also your chest-the girls 👧🏼
davidboii15 11 days ago
Jaclyn Hill got a comment by RUvid!!! I was like cool she's accepted too and I like that because jaclyn is legit a pure soul woth pure good intentions Then my girlooooo Morgan Adams got one... and let me tell ya I nearly fell off the bed tryna get my reading glasses to double check what I was seeing!!! ♡♡♡Good things are coming your way Morgan!!! You are actually accepted and wanted by such a mainstream platform!!! Keep doing you and keep being real with us and keep going with the vlogs ♡♡♡
Wisdamn Maglangit
Wisdamn Maglangit 19 days ago
LMAO why is youtube here
Goose 21 day ago
How you gonna comment, but not put in the trending page...
Teresa 22 days ago
@morgans vlogs RUvid commented what a flex
April Rush
April Rush 2 hours ago
You should totally repurpose the broken tile pieces into a back splash or something. So once your done renovating you have pieces of the original house .
Sylvia Kort
Sylvia Kort 16 hours ago
The décolletage is the area under your neck but above your breast…collar bone area
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor Day ago
you are beautiful...just throwing that out there.
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor Day ago
you do know all that work taking the doors off the cabinets was not needed at all
Melanie 2 days ago
stars of gold
stars of gold 2 days ago
Hearing your grandma say block a bitch had me laughing so hard
Sydney Jordan
Sydney Jordan 2 days ago
the only loose screws here are in my head ;)
Kylee Adams
Kylee Adams 2 days ago
Your dad is killing it with the dad jokes
swedishjulia 2 days ago
Morgan is the 90s mom we all wanted
• RACHEL • 3 days ago
I love how your dad is always down to help with reconstructing y’all’s houses. Such a great family!🤍
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 3 days ago
No update?
Jynda Murray
Jynda Murray 3 days ago
Mine just came in today! Thank for the code
Jynda Murray
Jynda Murray 3 days ago
Girl. are you good. I’ve come back daily and sadly no new uploads. Starting to worry. Don’t you leave us!!!!
Avril 3 days ago
Morgan, please use gloves 😂
J K M 3 days ago
Lmao I always say naked mole rat
Stephany Kirk
Stephany Kirk 4 days ago
Kudos to you for all this work ur doing to ur house❤️😂❤️
Stephany Kirk
Stephany Kirk 4 days ago
Sorry hit the laughing emoji fat fingers
Kai Monstaaa
Kai Monstaaa 4 days ago
Did Morgan survived the ghost hunting session????? 🥺🥺🥺
Carly Derr
Carly Derr 4 days ago
I wish you uploaded every day I’m sooo impatient lol
Ashley Blocher
Ashley Blocher 4 days ago
When’s the next vlog coming???
DeadWasabi 4 days ago
Your dad is a BEAST! Its great to be able to have your family help you with everything instead of having to rely on contractors that would rip you off
Colleen Belcourt
Colleen Belcourt 5 days ago
MORGAN...It's been two weeks girl, where is the next vlog!!!!!!!!!
tori hicks
tori hicks 5 days ago
Hey Morgan i could really do well with one of your videos right about now. I don't have friends by choice and your videos get me threw my dark night of the soul.
Willow Rayn
Willow Rayn 6 days ago
Jesus loves youuu!!🤍🤍🤍
Casey westerman
Casey westerman 6 days ago
Morgan u ok? Where have you been? Hope all os well.
Matthew Bedford
Matthew Bedford 6 days ago
Where are the vlogs sis?
doLL liFE
doLL liFE 6 days ago
Morgan! SAME! My body cannot handle the summer heat and humidity. I am completely miserable in the summer. I have no energy, and have trouble breathing just moving around and am just always tired, so tired and lethargic that I just want to lay down and sleep. Then fall hits and the air is cool and crisp and I am thriving and have 100X the energy and my body and mind feels so great and I become so so so happy. My mother always said it’s because we are Nordic and Germanic peoples that descended from the Vikings and we are genetically programmed to thrive in cooler climates.
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander 6 days ago
9:59 is LITERALLY me wtffff
NOYB 6 days ago
here in New Zealand. Jif is a creamy bench/pot cleaner or whatever.. its weird hearing its PB in another country
Just hacking Around
Where's the next video??? Sorry, it's just always such a hilite -of the week- of the month.
Jynda Murray
Jynda Murray 6 days ago
Ma’am ima need you to drop a vid soon.
A J 6 days ago
Omg when they started tearing down that arch above the stove my heart sank! I loved that part 😩😂😅
Gretchen 6 days ago
Jess X
Jess X 6 days ago
Omg that exact paragraph she was reading from the back of the picture, my parents have a framed picture up on their wall with those exact same words on! I mean we aren’t religious so it’s a bit random but it’s a really nice picture of the ocean and the sand with footprints
brieanna129 6 days ago
But what’s the routine what are the products Morgan!!!
Giorgio Stavrianides
Super dad in 🎬 he is the best 👌
H8M3 7 days ago
HoodHippie 222
HoodHippie 222 7 days ago
I need a new video morgan 😫 my days are boring without you!!😂
Amelia Schable
Amelia Schable 8 days ago
Jesus hand crafted this 😂
Courtney Burke
Courtney Burke 8 days ago
Only the real ones know about the beef about peanut butter between Morgan and her fam😂
Courtney Burke
Courtney Burke 8 days ago
Morgan looking cute asf when doing work and I’m there in my oversized Walmart t shirt with holes in it😂
Joanna Marie Segura
Your family’s support is one I wish I had growing up.
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 8 days ago
Girl it's been two weeks. I just started binge watching this. Need at least a weekly update video.
Kailee Paige
Kailee Paige 9 days ago
Question what is Morgan’s Pinterest
Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson 9 days ago
Morgan you really should get your dad some chocolates or something, you're really lucky to have a dad that helps you out like that, what a sweetie.
Lexi Buckmeier
Lexi Buckmeier 9 days ago
When she sneezed in the beginning I caught myself actually telling her bless you as if she would hear me
Sydney 9 days ago
Anyone else just anticipating Morgans next video? 😩 I have rewatched all your videos at least three times. 🧡
Amanda Kirk
Amanda Kirk 9 days ago
I don't know if you see all of these but I just wanted to stop by and just let you know how absolutely incredibly stunning funny and beautiful you are. Your are an inspiration and someone that I admire. I am new here but watching your growth and seeing your struggles girl were the same! Beautiful inside and out. I also want to say yours and rylands vlogs together mean so much to me. I was very close with my brother and he passed away seeing those moments and beautiful memories for you to have forever are absolutely heart warming. Be safe my queen ❤️ much love from New Brunswick Canada
Shanti Veit
Shanti Veit 9 days ago
Sarah Vans Mootoo
Sarah Vans Mootoo 10 days ago
Girl i am so excited to see the end product of your hard workkk! Omggg
Kai Monstaaa
Kai Monstaaa 10 days ago
Morgan baby are you okay 🥺🥺 Where are you....
Sarah Mathews
Sarah Mathews 10 days ago
Does your dad help your brother too? Do yall hire him or how does this work!? I'm so confused! Lol id loved to do a project like this! If only I were in Colorado lol
Sarah Mathews
Sarah Mathews 10 days ago
5 mins and 9 secs until the intro is over. You're welcome
A Wise Duck
A Wise Duck 10 days ago
PLEASE tell me where you get Morgan’s earrings from, they’re so cute and I love them so muchhh
Amy Allen
Amy Allen 10 days ago
Dads that are in the building game are invaluable! Your channel gives me so many flashbacks to my family! I loved my dad renovating my kitchen, he moaned but he secretly loved it!
Audrey Pipes
Audrey Pipes 11 days ago
hpcamm3 11 days ago
AHH THOSE OLD FLOORS!! They haunt me.... I ripped up all the carpet out of my house (built in 1970's) and was faced with those horrid floors! They were so brittle just the process of ripping up the carpet shattered them. Also, your dad's bit of "wanna arm wrestle" literally made me cry laughing
Heather Timmins
Heather Timmins 11 days ago
How awsome that the whole family working together. Love it a lil jelly
XxKarlosxx XxxX
XxKarlosxx XxxX 11 days ago
Morgan it's been 3 weeks since u uploaded anything on ur main channel and 2 weeks on ur vlog channel girl r u ok? U can't call it a vlog channel if u don't vlog atleast 3 times a week... Get it together girl and hope everything is alright.. we love u so keep us updated we worry 😩😔
Katie Jernigan
Katie Jernigan 11 days ago
I thrive in the cold too….seasonal depression twins 🤣🤣
sarah 12 days ago
Where’s the next videooo? We wanna see more house tearing lol
Maggie Leuenberger
Maggie Leuenberger 12 days ago
Yesss I was going to say at home laser hair removal is AMAZING! I used to go in clinic and get it done but the cost is ridiculous 🥴 Just make sure you do it consistently, i rarely shave my legs now
Rayleen Nunyah
Rayleen Nunyah 12 days ago
Mam... Ive had a long week. When will you upload? ✨😩❤❤❤❤❤❤
Paige S
Paige S 13 days ago
Damn if only I had Morgan’s dad to help me with my home renovations 😂 can you rent him out?
Beelzeb00bz 13 days ago
Morgan I need house updates please I’m living for it 💕 thank you
Jenn B
Jenn B 13 days ago
You have me so pumped to move back home here soon after 5 years in shitty Florida, I get to be with my dad again and I'm getting a house 🖤🖤🖤
life7777 14 days ago
What foundation do you use? flawless skin
Anna H
Anna H 14 days ago
Grandma Erin Blockavich
taylee lemoine
taylee lemoine 15 days ago
Why skip the reading part ¿?
graison lenfest
graison lenfest 15 days ago
wear? were? wait. WE ARE
graison lenfest
graison lenfest 15 days ago
omg where does OMG where
graison lenfest
graison lenfest 15 days ago
where does the hair go
Tiffany you know
Tiffany you know 15 days ago
All my grandparents have now passed, and I just love love love your grandma!! Your all's relationship is so reminiscent of mine and my grandma's was!!
Katlyn Johnson
Katlyn Johnson 15 days ago
I fucking (sorry for my language grandma) LOVE GRANDMA. She’s so honest but in a loving way, and that’s exactly what you and ryland need. 😂
Darienne 15 days ago
I absolutely love your grandmother. "How many granddaughters do I have"? *Chef's Kiss
Carmen Homa
Carmen Homa 15 days ago
Anyone with a father like this-please take a min to call him & say thank you.
riananicole24 15 days ago
My seasonal depression is also in the summer 😅
Chelsea R.M.
Chelsea R.M. 16 days ago
Impatiently waiting for you to upload again. I need my house remodeling buddy on in the background 💖
Tyler Frakes
Tyler Frakes 16 days ago
Omg I’ve been eating frosted mini wheats with peanut butter for weeks now! Yasssss! 😜❤️ #twinning
Liv_Turegredit 16 days ago
I watch all your vlogs etc and coming from somebody that is a bit older than you and I am always watching you put these moisturizers and cleaners and getting peels and all this and let me tell you a secret to skin. JUST USE SOAP! Ivory, coast, dove whatever but just use bar soap to clean your face then pat it dry and thats it! I tried all that stuff when I was younger too and i was breaking out all the time and my face was oily and awful!!! I met an older woman with the most beuatiful skin and i asked her secret she said I just clean my face with a bar soap and occasional use a little Vaseline lotion just plain old Vaseline lotion. STOP putting all that stuff on your face it's the problem! I am telling you!
Karyna 16 days ago
03:00 Where are your shades from?!!
Cayla Bachelder
Cayla Bachelder 16 days ago
Honestly I love watching you grow ! I have been watching your stuff since you have been on RUvid ! It just warms my heart that you can be you and not care what other think ! I'll be watching until this project until it's done !
Austin Ital
Austin Ital 16 days ago
I love these videos so much ❤️❤️
Pretty. In.Peach
Pretty. In.Peach 17 days ago
Lol you need to try muddy buddies the peanut butter flavor 🤣 exact same snack but easier
finn mp3
finn mp3 17 days ago
morgan, just so you know, coconut oil is so good for your face. it just takes the makeup off without tearing the skin.
Jayne Carr
Jayne Carr 17 days ago
i bet their parents are so glad they moved home
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 17 days ago
Living my home reno dreams through Morgan's life.
Chelsea R.M.
Chelsea R.M. 16 days ago
Nicolle Van Dyke
Nicolle Van Dyke 17 days ago
Morgan!!!!! Sage cleanse or Palo that darker room, it has major negative portal ju-ju vibes.
Klaus Black
Klaus Black 18 days ago
What if the cross is on that shovel/pitchfork whatever, so that the previous owners could hang it up? Like, they probably didn't want to buy a new one so they just used resources they had to fix it?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 17 days ago
me. I love being cozy wrapped up in a hoodie, staying home on a rainy day. It’s my favorite thing ever!
Madi Murphy
Madi Murphy 18 days ago
I have my own jar of peanut butter too
Ashley Mufasa
Ashley Mufasa 18 days ago
You may have asbestos tile
Brittany Manne
Brittany Manne 18 days ago
I love being along for this ride, we are going to look back on these videos one day and be shook
Brianna M
Brianna M 18 days ago
I just love this❤️
yoitsjust 18 days ago
i cant wait for you next vlog update morgan. im feeling very low and so down rn and my distraction is to binge-watch your vlogs and ryland's. but i already watched all of them so im rewatching again while waiting lol
Miranda Brady
Miranda Brady 18 days ago
It’s so inspiring seeing you just work on something and seeing someone making progress it makes me want to renovate my life😂
Lauren Ivie
Lauren Ivie 18 days ago
Thank you for posting your journey I love it
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 days ago
mean to her🥺💛
Alicia Schreiner
Alicia Schreiner 18 days ago
the clip right after "I am a thinker." IM DYING 💀
Lilli Knoblauch
Lilli Knoblauch 18 days ago
My seasonal effect happens from October 1st to March 1st.
ninjamonos 18 days ago
I love yhay uoir vlogs have segments now, like a newscast or a variety show. It's like 1) Beauty time 2) House Ipdaye 2)Starbreaks: when we break for a quick Starbucka run 4) Reminder that a bitch is still amart:in college .
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 days ago
If someone buys the device please let me know.
$45,600 Squid Game Challenge!
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