Tear gas and arrests as Hong Kong rally for universal suffrage descends into chaos

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Tear gas was fired in Hong Kong after police shut down a rally for universal suffrage in the city’s business district on Sunday, January 19, when two plain-clothes officers were assaulted by hard-core protesters amid the chaos. Thousands took part in the police-approved demonstration to demand electoral reform for September’s legislative election and urge the international community to impose sanctions on the city government if their calls were snubbed. But it descended into mayhem when police declared the rally over after skirmishes between protesters and officers nearby.
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Comments 80
Andrew Hsu
Andrew Hsu 10 days ago
like don’t like China
SaiyaN eLiTE BaRdoCk
8months of protests . (covid19 joins party)🙉👀 where'd everybody go
SaiyaN eLiTE BaRdoCk
8 months of straight protests hmmmm covid 19 will fix that ✌
assassin Month ago
Respect from Poland!
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen Month ago
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen Month ago
Love AndLight
Love AndLight Month ago
Those police come from the main land they are the enemy
Anonymous Anonymous
An umbrella a day drives riot police away.
raju Month ago
May be China is right now paying for its karma Coronavirus
Dylan Green
Dylan Green Month ago
Looks like city 17 in half life 2
Poh Geok Tan
Poh Geok Tan Month ago
They’ve no goals. They won’t achieve anything except destroying themselves. Idiots
NSA Month ago
Also you are an idiot
NSA Month ago
This comment have been sponsored by the Chinese government
vu pham
vu pham Month ago
Glad that HK back at its usual
Disaster Vocano
Disaster Vocano Month ago
The times of 中共 would ends by 2020
Disaster Vocano
Disaster Vocano Month ago
天滅中共 had become reality with wuhan virus
Emilio Javier
Emilio Javier Month ago
So that's how China had to deal with the Umbrella Movement and Hong Kong protests. Create a new virus to threaten the lives of the protestors but it got out of hand and now the Chinese government can not control their newfound coronavirus. And they blame it all on the Wuhan meat market as an excuse.
Ian The Cool Thief
Ian The Cool Thief 20 days ago
New evidence suggests that the virus might have not originated in the market, in fact, it may have not even originated in China.
Sonny Day
Sonny Day 2 months ago
sha'h ha's
sha'h ha's 2 months ago
hongkong 💪💪💪💪💪
Pierrot Rioux
Pierrot Rioux 2 months ago
Is this the reason for the new Virus? to stop the protesters from demonstrating?
ChampaAinjel 2 months ago
Ya think 8 months of civil unrest and the emergence of the Coronavirus are coincidental?
FreeLy 2 months ago
Unfortunately, now we all know why China didn't interfere. China has more crisis to deal with internally.
Aran Erem
Aran Erem 2 months ago
They are ruining the whole place.
Aran Erem
Aran Erem 2 months ago
It's time to wake up. This madness has to stop.
Christopher Edwin
Christopher Edwin 2 months ago
I’m curious how that mattress got in the middle of the road
C Palmer
C Palmer 2 months ago
South China Morning is definitely pro-violence! Shame on you! These are not protesters, they are rioters/thugs! The are not pro-democracy, they are anti-democracy and pro-violence!!!!
MixSona Productions
MixSona Productions 2 months ago
Then we have coronavirus
yumiko yukio
yumiko yukio 2 months ago
American police:We will shot them if they do that
Infoworld 2 months ago
Great keep people away from Hong Kong.
michael li
michael li 2 months ago
Protesters are anti-Christ as they have no respect to observe Christ Holy Day, Hope they are Chinese enough to respect Chinese New Year.
JAGE MIDU 2 months ago
Cringe TV
Cringe TV 2 months ago
Top Series 1000 subscribers challenge
It's Fun😂
Jen YS Lim
Jen YS Lim 2 months ago
Hong Kongers will not be celebrating Chinese New Year but US New Year!!!
ZP J 2 months ago
Tom Hess
Tom Hess 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-VHVAeIho3yU.html oops... Davos, Swisszerland...
buddy man
buddy man 2 months ago
Send Corona virus to HK riot
Eddii 2 months ago
Sad how those who escaped poly I have raided again to try to seek refuge (because they think they won't be caught ) and have taken what they can , yet the Chinese police show a completely different view on they police force
Zaio Hellgren
Zaio Hellgren 2 months ago
Yes here they look all nice and tidy, no pictures of those 3 kids in the subway
ItsMaiku 2 months ago
what a great 2020
Timbuck Too
Timbuck Too 2 months ago
The SCMP is back to spreading lies and INCITING RIOTS. The China government should be arresting the editor and owners. You all noticed how HK went silent when SHTF in Iran. Now that the Iran situation has settled down HK starts up again. Obviously the CIA types are controlling the sheep dogs in HK. Funny how it take so few sheep dogs to herd many SHEEPLE. Funniest thing is that the sheeple don't even realize their being used.
RD4590 2 months ago
You are ruining your own lives.
熙桀 2 months ago
Johnny Fan
Johnny Fan 2 months ago
The protest is this ongoing??
Bella Blackmist
Bella Blackmist 2 months ago
All these comments insulting protestors and rioters, but you don't get freedom by calmly asking for it. No one ever has. Let them fight. Let them yell and wreak havoc till the world not only hears it but listens to it. Take your freedom if peace didn't work. It's FREEDOM.
Alex So
Alex So 2 months ago
Bella Blackmist I can’t tell which side you are on
Bella Blackmist
Bella Blackmist 2 months ago
@Alex So not only that but by kissing their own governments shoes either
Alex So
Alex So 2 months ago
You won’t get freedom by kissing America’s shoes
J KD 2 months ago
They are destroying HK. ruvid.net/video/video-Uwdn9E0LVUw.html
Bella Blackmist
Bella Blackmist 2 months ago
Free Hong Kong! Free china!
Joe Mogo
Joe Mogo 2 months ago
shame on you! destination: Ha Noi - My Duc - Viet Nam !
Zawad Hossain
Zawad Hossain 2 months ago
Mclaran Ma
Mclaran Ma 2 months ago
Nobody cares about Hong Kong protest anymore. You even see the viewers dropping within each video.
Sock Cucka
Sock Cucka 2 months ago
Free Hong Kong
EKFIK INC 2 months ago
Winnie the Pooh must fall. #DestroyCCP
Naga Ashura
Naga Ashura 2 months ago
China China only China.
ʌryx 2 months ago
Poor HK people, sad that people have to go through months of CCP torment to have such simple demands.
FosterChild 2 months ago
Nuke china
Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins 2 months ago
Romania. "food for thought". They are a great example of how to get rid of communist governments...
Magdalena Rincon
Magdalena Rincon 2 months ago
Paint ball
Yay4Life 2 months ago
Always unnerving to see the flood of pro-CCP Chinese netizens rushing to comment under these videos with either blatanly irrational nationalistic ideology or slightly more credible but still quite blatantly false pro-Beijing propaganda. It is interesting to even see some of them trying to pass as non-Chinese, although I do not rule out the possibility that some non-PRC citizens may also be quite strongly pro-CCP. The funniest thing is, these people conveniently choose to ignore the fact that they are having to use a VPN to even get on youtube in the first place, given that their beloved government does not allow them to roam the internet freely.
adolfo platero
adolfo platero 2 months ago
I'm just wondering, wer did they get their resources( the rallyist)? hu supported them? just asking, why did they destroy public property?
Big Al
Big Al 2 months ago
Faux-democracy's toy barricades are no match against the police.
jimmy tran
jimmy tran 2 months ago
How def and blind are the Chinese and HK government.
Takara •Sato
Takara •Sato 2 months ago
If i could have any wish it would be for everyone to live in peace.
sai76 2 months ago
When is the Chinese government going to send in the tanks so we can see the Hong Kong massacre.
Dhhsncnd 2 months ago
Protests won’t help no more, they should go attack the military camp
Yuen Yook May
Yuen Yook May 2 months ago
The Chinese Government should arrest all violent protestors and sentence them to 10 years HARD LABOUR.
BMcCosmic 2 months ago
@Yuen Yook May they just want democracy sorry if they don't accept a totalitarian regime I'd say annm anarchist society is best for Hong Kong
Yuen Yook May
Yuen Yook May 2 months ago
These violent protestors bring shame to Chinese people all over the world. Such disgusting behaviour.
Matthew Jay
Matthew Jay 2 months ago
Wootzie 2 months ago
The people want chaos. The police should just stop and let the rioters trash the place.
busy boy
busy boy 2 months ago
the english refuse x 100 years to give universal sufrage to the territory and the new land lord , the comunist not only they do not care bu instead of mouving foward they do the only thing they are master at.Spending the people cash on a 6000 soldiers to scare the locals.The H.K. elite is a bunch of spineless mean people that wish tension dissipate to go on making cash with the comunists.Beijing in the last 22 year they did not get 1 thing right.A radicalized generation is what they got with their power obsession. If H.K. does not mouve foward china will pay the conseguence because dictatorship red or white does not have legittimacy not even for the development sake.Its funny that the gov. that is so reluctant to redress people grievances HAS NOT EVEN BEEN ELECTED , NOT EVEN IN 1949.
J 2 months ago
Both sides should restrain & let it cool down , otherwise HK will self-destruct & all to lose
HO랑수 2 months ago
Freedom Hong Kong-from Korea🇰🇷❤🇭🇰
Quaker 2 months ago
@Shufan Yao China is an animal spreading virus..
Nguyen Hoang Duc
Nguyen Hoang Duc 2 months ago
@Shufan Yao They are right. South Korea is a colony of the American empire, South Korean boys serve their American masters in almost everything, and South Korean women are once again comfort women, but this time they serve American imperial soldiers.
Shufan Yao
Shufan Yao 2 months ago
Dude, all my Korean schoolmates think Korea is a dog of America. So they all immigrated.I just feel sorry for you guys
HO랑수 2 months ago
@Nguyen Hoang Duc Taiwan no.1🇹🇼HAHAHAHAHAHA🤣
Nguyen Hoang Duc
Nguyen Hoang Duc 2 months ago
Let's free South Korea from being a colony of the American empire! Go, Kim Jong Un!
Jacob Angnganay
Jacob Angnganay 2 months ago
And soon escalates into open rebellion
Leap Tech
Leap Tech 2 months ago
Remember, remember the 5th of November.
Lai Ping Law
Lai Ping Law 2 months ago
Dear HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, In Central yesterday 19.01.2020, your beloved “Peaceful Protesters” brutally attacked 2 ‘unarmed’ Police Community Liaison Officers directly in the head with bricks, metal rods and other hard objects. The Officers were there to communicate with the event organizer about ending the protest early as some rioters started to conduct acts of arson and road blockages around the area. And what’s more ridiculous was that “Reporters” were caught on camera aiding in the escape of the assailants. So the question to you is, what Human Rights Abuse BS and Police Brutality are you telling the whole world? HK did not have any Human Rights issues until the emergence of your beloved “peaceful protesters” who abuse citizens and police alike. What about “our” human rights? STOP LYING TO THE WORLD, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH!!! Click into this link to watch videos of the attack: www.truth-hk.com/post/1l-19-01-2020 尊敬的人權觀察, 昨天(2020年1月19日)在中環,您心愛的“和平抗議者”用磚頭,金屬棒和其他硬物直接襲擊了兩名“手無寸鐵”的警察社區聯絡官。官員們在那裡與活動組織者就提前結束抗議進行溝通時, 一些暴徒隨著開始在該地區進行縱火和道路阻塞的行為。更可笑及不可思議的是,“記者”被困在攝像機前,以協助襲擊者逃脫。 因此,您要面對的問題是,您在向全世界講述什麼是“侵犯人權”和“警察暴行”?正因為您們心愛的“和平抗議者”的出現,他們無理虐待公民和警察,香港才出現人權問題。那麼“我們的”人權呢? 人權觀察, 請停止向世界說謊,!!! #SayNoToHKRadicalProtesters #SayNoToHumanRightsWatch #FakeHumanRightsWatch #StopViolence #RestorePeaceInHK #SupportHKPoliceForce
123OGNIAN 2 months ago
time to start trowing boiling water
Qinsmoon 2 months ago
nothing new in hongkong
Creator De Coatrack
Creator De Coatrack 2 months ago
Death to HK Protest Death to america
Richard Kung
Richard Kung 2 months ago
1 year later... no better situation, locals not better off, youngsters not smarter. All you can see is downward spiral of standard of living.
saravanan kesavan
saravanan kesavan 2 months ago
Wherever the British go or leaves the territory will jump into a pathetic situation. Hong kong is just an example of that.
Peter meter
Peter meter 2 months ago
起來!不願做奴隸的人們! That is the first sentence in the anthem. But the only ones which stand up are the people in HK. The mainlanders want to stay slaves.
Roosevelt Franklin
Roosevelt Franklin 2 months ago
Throw those cannisters over PLA in ex-tamar
Cheng Yiq
Cheng Yiq 2 months ago
I guess protest is back on the menu boys
深入浅出 2 months ago
想革命就要拿出肯流血的毅力,要有坚定的信仰。两天打鱼,三天晒网。这不叫革命,这叫小孩子过家家。这大半年下来,老共没正眼看你们,在他们眼里你们就是一群乌合之众。你们敲破几个红绿灯,喷点涂鸦。扔点砖头,堵塞交通就能革命了? 拿出点实际的东西出来吧,别搞那些不入流手段。勇武派跟警察对着干呗。打死几个警察,或者被警察打死几个。慢慢形成小型武装部队。你们的政治诉求老共才会理你。革命的意思能理解不。不是你革他的命,就是他革你的命。别搞那些不入流手段。勇武派拿出不怕死的精神和警察正面刚。
Quan Alyssa
Quan Alyssa 2 months ago
深入浅出 他们本来就是孩子啊 出来挣零花钱的
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