Team LeBron - Half Court Shots Contest - 2020 NBA All-Star Practice

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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *very nice* 1:18 💚 👇👇👇👇👇🔥💃
Andrae Bush
Andrae Bush 3 months ago
Lol I just peeped they’re shooting for money.
Lqwitlingo 3 months ago
Who else came to watch Ben Simmons miss terribly 😂
JC LOPEZ 3 months ago
They should play knockout ,it would be awsome, who agrees
Tommy 3 months ago
Reggie Miller and this crew are the best announcers RIP pop smoke
Tariq Mussawi
Tariq Mussawi 3 months ago
What are those women doing on the court?
DedicatedDad 3 months ago
Ben Simmons needs to make a basic free throw before trying to shoot that range lol
Randopalooza 3 months ago
Spoiler........only AD makes it.
Ako Si Mondy
Ako Si Mondy 3 months ago
Guys lets hug to hug! If you hug me i will hug you too I love you
Mccmarcus corall
Mccmarcus corall 3 months ago
Where's Stephen curry
Niss K
Niss K 3 months ago
Its just too damn crowded
James Harrison
James Harrison 3 months ago
Dont understand how these guys are air balling a half court shot that bad. Some are feet off.
lamengheir26 alpha
lamengheir26 alpha 3 months ago
Why the hell lebrn had to put saliva on his hands and touch the ball, so gross. Worst part is everyone will touch that ball.
The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier 3 months ago
Westbrook: I'm gonna make it. James: I will make it for sure. Curry: Hold my mouthguard. No, Give it back. I like it bitten.
EtelorveHc49 3 months ago
Rex lourde
Rex lourde 3 months ago
OP ben simmons
Shift Lyfe
Shift Lyfe 3 months ago
you guys are gonna hate me for asking but are half court shots actually that difficult on a professional court
Hans Alli
Hans Alli 3 months ago
6:07 Diego Luna in the house
yazidau 3 months ago
They need trae young
Jon Willems
Jon Willems 3 months ago
Bruh LBJ looks like a football player out there
Six rings Of steel
Six rings Of steel 3 months ago
Pause at 3:54 Just endure how Bradley Beal averages 5th in the nba and didn’t make the all star game 🤦‍♂️
Dirty South
Dirty South 3 months ago
Harden and that dad bod tho
Mike 0z
Mike 0z 3 months ago
Scottie & Mike are chillin & we’re doing suicides 🤣. All part of The Zin Masters plan!!!
mugaward 3 months ago
I think kwahi is regretting not going to lakers..silently...
Lemongrab 3 months ago
Why was the females there??
Fornicras 3 months ago
Only shot they didn't show was Simmons' lol.
Country Style
Country Style 3 months ago
i like the format of the All Star now but they should go back to the West vs East
yano agnis
yano agnis 3 months ago
nba all star is incomplete without kd..klay and steph..its sad
Mikz Ann
Mikz Ann 3 months ago
Steph would have rocked this 😅
Kelvin Njugush
Kelvin Njugush 3 months ago
Commentators are boring
lutjen lee
lutjen lee 3 months ago
need steph curry
Franz Kaiser Gerafil
Its easy for my curry
The Notebook
The Notebook 3 months ago
So funny how Chris Paul Joins the tall guys
crazytottoa 3 months ago
3:25 song name?
evan jenkins
evan jenkins 3 months ago
Bron got his trump shots @ the end😀😜
Collin Huey
Collin Huey 3 months ago
so what with all the killings . make the shot and contribute your earnings to prevent violence in your community
Team Kadima
Team Kadima 3 months ago
I’m expecting Ben Simmons to make it
Labaron Foster
Labaron Foster 3 months ago
Devin Booker was somewhere prepping for his 70 point game the next week
北冥有鱼 3 months ago
Lebron’s strength
castine bridges
castine bridges 3 months ago
Where’s LAMELO BALL 🏀 when you need him 😂
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 3 months ago
Stephen would made his shots
rarepepper cooked
rarepepper cooked 3 months ago
HUNKYO Shin 3 months ago
I did want to see Damian's shot
SDALiiON 3 months ago
Everyone: Half court shot Ben Simmons: Just passing the ball to the rim
Ewolf5150 3 months ago
#57 is on someone’s “whoever brings home the fattest chick” wins list. Her veins filled with that juicy gravy
Zou Loe
Zou Loe 3 months ago
5:33 Ben missed the shot and seemed happy
Zou Loe
Zou Loe 3 months ago
When Ben Simmons took the shot: Everyone in the stadium stands up
sohum sapra
sohum sapra 3 months ago
Kawhi looks happy
slavko milovic
slavko milovic 3 months ago
Go nikola jokic...is the best center
bigcuz9286 3 months ago
Looks like everybody in the comments had the same thought as I did when I saw Ben in the thumbnail.
John Maz
John Maz 3 months ago
People watched this shit?!
Caleb Shivrattan
Caleb Shivrattan 3 months ago
Who cares about Obama? He did NOTHING for your country!!
rodrigo mendes
rodrigo mendes 3 months ago
5 min between shots smh
erika hardman
erika hardman 3 months ago
Chris Paul such a snitch 2:45
Xian Ying liang
Xian Ying liang 3 months ago
1:17 Kawhi trying to get that ball. But kid snaps it loll
Saiman Pro
Saiman Pro 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Bt5ELpkvWUU.html стих про Ивана Урганта
X3M VIDZ 3 months ago
everybody:😀😆😁😃😂😄😊 kawi: (-_-) (˙-˙) (¬_¬)
Theophilus Frimpong
Theophilus Frimpong 3 months ago
Everyone used to wanna be like Mike. Now everyone wanna to be like Steph.
Jeremy Wang
Jeremy Wang 3 months ago
Miss curry a lot
First Last
First Last 3 months ago
Curry wasn’t invited. Would have been over too soon
Nizampower Gaming
Nizampower Gaming 3 months ago
Ben simmons like ' I want no nothing here'
The SuperHeart . Org Foundation
I could make 3 half court shots in a row... Just give me a few hours LOL
LaRock 3 months ago
🧱 🧱 and airballs. Yeah ok. Maybe next year go for full court shots. Lmfaoooo sad ass nba
ViralBeatbox🎤 3 months ago
This is annoying. I cant even see who shot half court on the fucking angle.
bruyen7 clip
bruyen7 clip 3 months ago
Steven adams could win this effortlessly! 💪😁
laupakhei1 3 months ago
Ben Simmons lol
TheSportsGuru 3 months ago
5:51 That was a sick catch on the rebound.
Zack Wong
Zack Wong 3 months ago
5:36 Basketball: Am I a joke to you?
Artour Reeves
Artour Reeves 3 months ago
My favorite point guard chris paul
Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier 3 months ago
Just watching these superstars mingle and have fun with each other while the announcers blab about nothing 😂
Joshua Briggs
Joshua Briggs 3 months ago
Where's the button to mute the announcers on this thing?
Shizzy Shiz
Shizzy Shiz 3 months ago
No warriors there . They then won all them championships. Whole team hurt
whaaa03 3 months ago
Jerry west not doc rivers
rolas_21 3 months ago
Simmons was like "aight imma just catch the rebounds guys"
Joy Tenchavez
Joy Tenchavez 3 months ago
did lebron trade kawhi?
SubK 3 months ago
Someone should’ve got tha bitches off the court
Joseph Cox
Joseph Cox 3 months ago
Had to turn volume all the way down. Announcers were annoying the shit outta me. Anyone else or just me?
Carmen Baez
Carmen Baez 3 months ago
Reggie needs to be muted at ALL times
moontakeen whitaker
moontakeen whitaker 3 months ago
Lebron...ain't ....no body
don't care
don't care 3 months ago
Lebron is the greatest athlete ever.
BKlungness 3 months ago
God forbid these commentators actually commentate on what is going on instead of having they’re own conversations
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