Teaching my wife the first Nirvana song everyone learns

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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Music is Win
Music is Win 3 months ago
I'll show her Through the Fire and Flames next if you sign up for Guitar Super System: guitarsupersystem.com
Christopher Beaton
This guy seems to think your wife is sexy.
scum slob
scum slob Month ago
Mr. Siege
Mr. Siege Month ago
O lord
Leonard Byrne
Leonard Byrne 2 months ago
Your wife is a very sexy girl
Leonard Byrne
Leonard Byrne 2 months ago
Your wife is a very sexy girl
Michael Mcdowell
Michael Mcdowell 47 minutes ago
I've been missing a note this hole time. It was the last note before repeating
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan 6 hours ago
Before long bethany will be shredding!!! You go young lady!
Dalton Harrington
Dalton Harrington 23 hours ago
What’s your age difference lol
Should’ve been aero zeppelin
Andy Fisher
Andy Fisher Day ago
Are the guitars tuned down 2 steps? Or is my guitar tuned incorrectly?
Arvin Pialane
wishing i also have that guitar so i can practice :((
John Gurung
John Gurung Day ago
Knew what it was as soon as he said chorus lol
Carter Flavelle
Carter Flavelle 2 days ago
As soon As I heard her play the E string with the chorus I knew what song it was. LOL
GuitarGeek 2 days ago
Wow! She is beautiful and her voice and smile are awesome, you are very lucky man!
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 2 days ago
hehe I learnt About a Girl (Doesnt count its two chords), then Polly. Still haven't learnt their super popular ones yet.
John Conroy
John Conroy 2 days ago
that was fun!
Ronald Redface
Ronald Redface 3 days ago
Does this use different tuning? It doesnt sound at all right when I play it.
Jay 3 days ago
Holy crap your wife looks exactly like a much younger version of my grandma, sounds just like her too, it's blowing my mind lol.
Dave Kerr
Dave Kerr 3 days ago
You wife is very pretty.
Leynard Aguilar
Leynard Aguilar 3 days ago
amazing guitar 😍
Radovan Šifra
Radovan Šifra 3 days ago
That was first riff I've ever learned not just from NIrvana. Screw you for being right. 😂😂😂
tzx slash
tzx slash 4 days ago
With a youtube tutorial this song took me around 45 mins get it
Kenneth Chartrand
You guys are such a beautiful Couple. All the best....
louis masar
louis masar 4 days ago
Do another video with matching multi-thousand dollar guitar’s don’t wanna forget to alienate your less fortunate viewers... I have seven guitars which is 6 more than I show off...
Devourme 4 days ago
Wholesome thumbnail
Regolith 4 days ago
I literally saw this video, went and played the song, and then came back not knowing that was the song.
Staem Wu
Staem Wu 5 days ago
Actually no one cares about your nirvana shit, just teach us how to get a waifu
Karol Kozł
Karol Kozł 5 days ago
i knew that will be come as you are! :)
Chris G
Chris G 5 days ago
I was really expecting smells like teen spirit haha
Trumpney 5 days ago
well, this literally was the first Nirvana song I learned. You win this round.....
Glenn Dwyer
Glenn Dwyer 5 days ago
That is tricky to keep rolling.spec for beginers.i spent weeks trying to teach a mate that had been playn for 12months that riff.once you get it yeah but till then..
Supple Specimen
Supple Specimen 5 days ago
I literally learned this riff by accidentally hitting the e string all the time and thinking “huh that sounds like the beginning of that one Nirvana song”
MirageOwl 5 days ago
"You're a masochist" So she's basically saying there is going to be payback xd
David Banner
David Banner 6 days ago
Just found this channel. Great stuff!
Mohsen Rezaee
Mohsen Rezaee 6 days ago
You look so happy together... wish you both the best. My fiancee has recently started to ignore me, for no apparent reason, not one that I would know at least... I'm devastated... I just watched the way you treat each other and I can't have such a thing...
Jeffrey Dean
Jeffrey Dean 6 days ago
"... and I swear that I don't have your gum..." That song makes no sense. :D
Sofia Whitehouse
Sofia Whitehouse 5 days ago
It says ‘I swear that I don’t have a gun’
Kitchen Crusader
Kitchen Crusader 6 days ago
Once he said chorus pedal I knew
stationbox 6 days ago
My first song was lithium.
Go To The Channel Jacob's Bass Covers
You should teach Sweet Child O' Mine Solo! LOL!
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts 7 days ago
First one i learned was teen spirit
UTube4Junky 7 days ago
Lucky dude!! ..and yes, guitar playing is cool too... ;-)
Swafflemanish 7 days ago
Come as you are is A: the best easy riff ever, and B: the easiest east riff ever. Also, there is a sort of odd, but satisfying symmetry to it.
T-T Productions
T-T Productions 7 days ago
Hes like "its pink like ur........ nails"
Julius Freeman
Julius Freeman 7 days ago
1:55 "Am I hot or cold?" "Your hot" Pfff easy for you to say
somerandom nameorsomething
i woulda thought the first nirvana song everyone learned would be "about a girl"
Bethann Grasso
Bethann Grasso 8 days ago
I actually learned Heart-Shaped Box first XDDD
LST NEWS 8 days ago
get her some hair bands
WHD PHD 8 days ago
Anyone know what guitar Tyler's playing, looks sweet
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 8 days ago
Impressed that you manage to have a wife AND all of that equipment.
Цветелин Станков
Хорошенькая тетинька!
andrew page
andrew page 9 days ago
You married up. Congrats man
Branden Wilson
Branden Wilson 9 days ago
I can play just bought my son a guitar and amp for his birthday and we had a few sessions and now he just doesn't seem interested anymore anyone have any tips so I can get him back learning?? Thanks in advance!!😊
lumen6996 9 days ago
"But you shouldn't" I love this end.
CN938 9 days ago
It's the second nirvana riff that I learn
Nesty 9 days ago
I quickly knew it was come as u are and i dnt play guitar but me and some friends would try to play it by ear and lookin for the tones and yea it was the first one we try ,i think cus its slower
casual crab warfare
You’re wife is really smart.
casual crab warfare
Sucks when the band breaks up
Taffy is trashy
Taffy is trashy 9 days ago
For some reason I just started playing this on my bass last month out of almost instinct, I didn't know it was a common thing people do lol
TurboDuckHead HD
TurboDuckHead HD 10 days ago
Come as you are.. And I’m at the bit in the video looking for a Chorus pedal.
Drinkyoghurt 10 days ago
I remember trying to learn this song. Still haven't but I remember trying 5 years ago.
MuikuliWander 10 days ago
Joke's on you. The first Nirvana song I learned was In Bloom. But this was second.
zCottonCobra Z
zCottonCobra Z 10 days ago
the first nirvana song i learned was about a kurt
Mark Lyon
Mark Lyon 11 days ago
I thought it was gonna be "Polly" by Nirvana....nowthats a good and easy song to start with the guitar
“She’s getting stronger” - Dave Chappelle
Johnny Bullseye
Johnny Bullseye 11 days ago
I played my own music for years before I ever bothered to learn someone else's. It was Jambi by Tool.
Chase Madison
Chase Madison 11 days ago
About a girl is the easiest Nirvana song to learn, it's one of the first songs I teach people when they start to learn
James Creaser
James Creaser 11 days ago
dont teach her to much she'll get u back with that wireless amp lol
Heretic Life
Heretic Life 12 days ago
Some of those sounds and phrases when hooking up that pedal to the board could have been another type of video..... “Uggghghhhhhh there ya go” “Shove it all the way down” “There ya go, You’re a pro”
Douglas Burroughs
Douglas Burroughs 13 days ago
That was the 2nd Nirvana song I learned bro.. Lol
Ross Lee
Ross Lee 13 days ago
Holy jesus-fuck-shit, Batman, you have a lot of pedals.
DrNerdRage 13 days ago
Its everyones first NIrvana song for a reason. When I started Bass, I learned more playing Come as you are than any other song when I first started.
Jasper de Vries
Jasper de Vries 13 days ago
Who else learned this song in the Eighties while living in the eighties?
dezessete 13 days ago
"There you go, now shove it down"
Andrew_Jeffers 301
Andrew_Jeffers 301 13 days ago
not gonna lie this could be a good tutuorial for anyone watching great video
Jay Redding
Jay Redding 13 days ago
First one I learned was Teen Spirit. And I figured it out by Ear when I just stared playing.
Husk 14 days ago
Actually if he was torturing her that would make him a sadist not a masochist.
Don Green
Don Green 14 days ago
OMG! What song was that on the Outro? It was bad ass!
roachb 14 days ago
its pink just like your, uhhh, fingernails
Milan Jaff
Milan Jaff 15 days ago
I started with Polly and Breed :D
Ted Aldrich
Ted Aldrich 15 days ago
Wrong smells like teen spirit was mine I learned it in a day
President of The Internet
Pretty good, she did well for one session. Hardest part of learning the guitar is the first month
DarkestofTimes 15 days ago
false, everyone learned smells like teen spirit first
Mr puma Vol 7.0
Mr puma Vol 7.0 15 days ago
The worst bassist On YouTube
This is wholesome
Anyone But Trump
Anyone But Trump 16 days ago
About a Girl was the first Nirvana riff I learned. Come as you are was very soon after
Juan Olivos
Juan Olivos 16 days ago
Shows us all weve come a lonnnnng way from the beginning great video
Karson Vicary
Karson Vicary 16 days ago
First nirvana song I Learned was lake of fire
Austin Silva
Austin Silva 18 days ago
This man has more pedals than my guitar center lol
marellius28 18 days ago
i recognized that song off the first note played :D couldnt play it before. never thought about playing it. now i can. im a total noob. but that sounds awesome. ty :D
S . Storumus
S . Storumus 19 days ago
I’m a beginner for 6 months, and learned the riffs in order of Come As You Are, Teen Spirit, About a Girl, and Drain You
gokblok 19 days ago
It's pink, just like your...
Md Chand
Md Chand 19 days ago
You both are so sweet 😍
Bill Hader
Bill Hader 19 days ago
I broke the law. The first nirvana riff I learned was heart shaped box.
Cody Durfee
Cody Durfee 19 days ago
I think she knows how to play, your just showing off that your wife is much more beautiful than the typical square looking nerd's wife.
Rocio Zapoteco
Rocio Zapoteco 20 days ago
Can someone help me what fret and number of string please 🥺
Joonas Vuomajoki
Joonas Vuomajoki 21 day ago
What is it with these RUvid musicians putting their beautiful wives/girlfriends in their videos like almost to prove everyone that they aren't lonely nerds...? At least Adam Neely is still a basement dwelling weirdo with a bunch of cats...
Evan Pearson
Evan Pearson 21 day ago
she basically better than kurt now
Stac Master
Stac Master 21 day ago
Hey, maybe she's a piano player? You know ,this is a sort of process of elimination. I'm thinking she's a ziffer woman!
Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado 22 days ago
I learned smells like teen sprit
Josh Perry
Josh Perry 23 days ago
Teach her Smoke on the water and call it quits.
Nathan Read
Nathan Read 23 days ago
everyone watching know how lucky she is to even know what a pedal is when learning this song
Victor Barbosa
Victor Barbosa 23 days ago
2:19 That can sound weird if you close your eyes and listen
Matt Foley
Matt Foley 24 days ago
First nirvana song I learned was heart shaped box smh
VibeChecks 24 days ago
Bro i learned about a girl first
Take Flight!
Take Flight! 24 days ago
You should of gotten her a Squier Strat to learn on. 😂🤣😂
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