Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. ©: 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Aug 31, 2012




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Comments 100
Veronica Valdez
Veronica Valdez 16 minutes ago
Eerqqw no lghutrasde
Alejo Bedoya
Alejo Bedoya 48 minutes ago
8 years Of Red
Fran Aguirre
Fran Aguirre Hour ago
8 years of red♡
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 2 hours ago
I didn't realize it was a one take
Jennifer Poblete
Jennifer Poblete 2 hours ago
Okay, this is so nostalgic, literally Taylor is a bop!
Dannica Allysa Laquihon
Is this about harrehh
Calison Vartz
Calison Vartz 4 hours ago
Why do the walls of the first room look like cardigan crochet?
Robert Winkel
Robert Winkel 5 hours ago
I remember how shock the internet was on her transition to pop was.
Endangered Person
Endangered Person 5 hours ago
_We are never ever ever listening this song_
หอบดูก Hobdoog
I heard this song when I was 16 and now I'm 24, honestly, I listen to this song everyday.
Omar Yassir
Omar Yassir 8 hours ago
2020 ??
This is one of those country songs which I jams to
Jezreyll James
Jezreyll James 10 hours ago
Happy 8 Years of RED ❤️
Purplealchemist 13 hours ago
I can’t believe this video is all one shot. Right?
Flakita 2oh9
Flakita 2oh9 15 hours ago
Watching this after a break up🤧👍🏽
He Xa
He Xa 15 hours ago
Happy 8 years of RED album everyone ♥️
Mariam Hussain
Mariam Hussain 19 hours ago
this song i looking for 2 years
Rose M. Saleh
Rose M. Saleh 19 hours ago
8 years and two months later, this is still a masterpiece.
Maci Kynsley
Maci Kynsley 19 hours ago
That one guy dressed up as a bear low key creepy to me-
Pradeep kumar
Pradeep kumar 22 hours ago
Covid Shit brought me here lol
ნიკოლოზ ახმეტელაშვილი
am i just who came here from smosh?
Ong Xin chuan
Ong Xin chuan 23 hours ago
To those that don’t appreciate me
Jacky Regalado
Those wensies are such a mood
Ash Campbell
Ash Campbell Day ago
Taylor is a furry. Confirmed.
mansi mohan
mansi mohan Day ago
Life is too short to pretend that you hate TS ❣️
Mónica López
2020 and Im still coming back to this
Vanshika Mudgil
8 years later, still my fav breakup song
Jerin fiha
Jerin fiha Day ago
she looks like she’s in her early 20s and now she’s 30 like the years pass by
Johnlloyd Pabroa
If you were watching October year of 2020 your a legend.
Mary Slaughter
I like this song
Brent Christian
Tiny font means anoymnous
Brent Christian
Im getting your mail - in real tiny font. When I said I needed space
Lien Day ago
Ana Helena Carignatto Passadori
Lets admit, we all had a crush on the lion guy...
九条てぃ Day ago
今英語の授業で歌ってます( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )
Olga Quintanilla
i still love you, omg the british accent
Aagnik Paul EAE20B124
Love how she depicts stories.
ßæřæ Hęřě
انا التعليق العربي الي تبحثوا عنه ايه انا
Loati Palau
Loati Palau Day ago
Taylor swift:no I'm not marring you The boy: excuse me yes you
Hiral Arora
Hiral Arora Day ago
1B in 2021❤
Smera Aggarwal
Is it just me or after 8 fricking years, I've realised that the entire video was in one shot.
Kim Shervin Encinas Bitara
Still ❤ Tayyyyy.
Sinichi Melecio
October 2020 who's here?
Leo Robin King
8 years ago i sang this to my ex, and we're still together, planning our wedding.🥴
Ludmila Sanchez
Tabatha & Issac Stepp
2020 still listening to my favorite song
Amaria Daniels
nothing but legends in this comment section 😂
Eljaye Gadir
Eljaye Gadir Day ago
I still remember those time when my former bestie used to sing this to me.💗 Shes really is really an ultimate swiftie before she became arianator hahaja
Nadya Day ago
0:25 frerard haunts me everywhere im so tired
Ben Webster
Ben Webster Day ago
Like, ever
Atiyah Idris
Atiyah Idris Day ago
me notcing she was living under the city and upside down
n Day ago
this song owns my heart
heytutti Day ago
this will always be my favorite song of her
Oliwia Oli
Oliwia Oli Day ago
I want to come here everyday
Madelyn Ramírez Flores #22
I Love this video!
100k Subscribers with Videos Challenge pls
Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020.
Mira-San Day ago
Dora Armida Palacios González
who in 2020?
Anand Naikwade
Anand Naikwade 2 days ago
1 line says a part of my life !!!!!
Priyadarshni Rajawat
Pandemic watch 🙌
Ayça İdil Çiftçi
best song for taylor
fousseymon play
fousseymon play 2 days ago
8 yrs late she still never ever ever ever got back with me
Louise Lane Laxa
Louise Lane Laxa 2 days ago
Lucy 2 days ago
Taylor Swift looks so beautiful!
Charnel Charles
Charnel Charles 2 days ago
You sang the best song ever
Patrick Balquin
Patrick Balquin 2 days ago
If You Watch This Right Now, You're Legend
น้องเดียว Story
I love you Taylor!!
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*I pray whoever read this becomes successfull.*
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*8 years later, If you're still watching, then you're a legend.*
Anshika Rathore
Anshika Rathore 2 days ago
did anyone heard Niall Horan saying Weeee Are Never Ever Getting Back with Zayn😂
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 2 days ago
Let’s have a moment of appreciation for Taylor who actually did these costume changes in REAL TIME!!!🙌🏻👏🏻🤩
Lost 2 days ago
Tabi ben o zamanlar on iki yaşındayım ajdnejd
Nameztone peace
Nameztone peace 2 days ago
I miss this song 😩🥺
shreyansh 2 days ago
hi people from 2023
Rashown B
Rashown B 2 days ago
chill out songs
chill out songs 2 days ago
yung hindi kana marupok🤣
Lol No
Lol No 2 days ago
This is the type of song that reminds you of ALL your exes. 🤣🤣🤣
Diana Guerrero
Diana Guerrero 2 days ago
they ruined animals for me
Cloud Kimble
Cloud Kimble 2 days ago
what is the racoon ? guy on my week has been messed up bro can i get some
Matthew Gray Gubler’s Wife
Don’t mind me running around my house and screaming this song after finally accepting that I’m never getting back together with my ex 😄
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia 2 days ago
she posted this on my 2nd birthday i am now 10
Dmitry Biletov
Dmitry Biletov 2 days ago
So funny song😂😁
Shelby Cole
Shelby Cole 2 days ago
I love this song so much!! Who else is watching it now??
Sloth Avocado
Sloth Avocado 2 days ago
Yes girl
George Sunshine
George Sunshine 2 days ago
I feel like Red era is so forgotten :( It was one of her most iconic ones!
Martin Coronel
Martin Coronel 3 days ago
I still watching it grrr love it 😍
clara listiya
clara listiya 3 days ago
Brent Christian
Brent Christian 3 days ago
This is for Lisa and Dustin
Omkar Soni
Omkar Soni 3 days ago
9 year ago RUvid recommended me to watch a legendary song
Annie 3 days ago
Taylor Swift is the definition of perfect.
William Brito
William Brito 3 days ago
eric li
eric li 3 days ago
*one of the most beautiful music video truly deserves 1 billion views*
eric li
eric li 3 days ago
*one of the most beautiful music video truly deserves 1 billion views*
eric li
eric li 3 days ago
*one of the most beautiful music video truly deserves 1 billion views*
NIGHTBOT COPY 3 days ago
I just randomly listened this song after years and after that it just kept roaming in my mind Taylor's voice is really something I just can't stop listening her songs
a v e r y
a v e r y 3 days ago
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