Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

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Aug 18, 2014




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Comments 100
Michelle Mariee Trinidad
Me encanta buenisima
Choey Mangondato
Choey Mangondato 39 minutes ago
If you're watching these you're a legend
Kaique Andrade
Kaique Andrade 46 minutes ago
Falta pouco pra 3 bilhões gente...
Angélique Martin le nost
On dirait au debut elle a dis assis au toilette 😳😳😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Luis Orozco
Luis Orozco 55 minutes ago
Ami Rodríguez
sophia navarro
the view
LMD Fleur
LMD Fleur Hour ago
ThIs SoNg Is A LEGEND !🤩💜
NAEL POOL Hour ago
i love your music
Romina Liz Vega
Alpha And Lynx gaming squad
Who’s watching this is lock down,quarantine and corona virus(covid-19)
Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding Hour ago
I love you
Rokosieno Thorie
Having TS songs marathon 😆❤❤
Help me to Reach 1Million Subscribers Pls.
The fact that the comment section is still active after 6 years is lit.
Help me to Reach 1Million Subscribers Pls.
Only people who didn't come from Tiktok can like this comment.
Help me to Reach 1Million Subscribers Pls.
I will be back every year the next every decade so I can see this again. Remind me! 2020 : ✔︎ 2021 : 2022 : 2023 : 2024 : 2025 : 2026 : 2027 : 2028 : 2029 : 2030 : 2031 : 2032 : 2033 : 2034 : 2035 : 2036 : 2037 : 2038 : 2039 : 2040 : 🄿🄻🅂 🅁🄴🄰🄳 🄼🅈 🄽🄰🄼🄴
Help me to Reach 1Million Subscribers Pls.
Let's see how many people are watching this in September 2020.
Help me to Reach 1Million Subscribers Pls.
Literally every person in the world can vibe to this.
Samantha E
Samantha E 2 hours ago
I’m just gonna vape, vape, vape, vape, vape 💨
Thant Zin Phyo
Thant Zin Phyo 2 hours ago
aamna aziz
aamna aziz 2 hours ago
Luciana Cazavechia Zulato
I loved mu
cooldude does vids
cooldude does vids 2 hours ago
Who watchin in 2027??
Ghostwolf 3 hours ago
Cover massa esse de Shake it Bololo
Camila Cerron Soto
Camila Cerron Soto 3 hours ago
Hola tu canción mecus
Tay 3 hours ago
mam cruel summer gonna be a hit like this if u release it as a single 😭
센티하다 3 hours ago
이건 진짜 ㄹㅈㄷ엿다.
Ãmã rã
Ãmã rã 4 hours ago
Lol After wap, I needed this to cure my corrupted memory
Sewing With Rahila
Sewing With Rahila 4 hours ago
Time Spend : 5 Hour In Editing Get Subscriber :0 Sad 😭😭😭
valent cia
valent cia 4 hours ago
omg its 6 years ago. i feel like this mv just out yesterday 😂
Mir Mehran
Mir Mehran 4 hours ago
Swifties are indeed legend...coz our boss is Taylor 😘
Wolfgang Kruse
Wolfgang Kruse 4 hours ago
Blöder geht es nicht!
Mickybino player
Mickybino player 5 hours ago
Whoowho 6 years whatching this song in everyday
Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval 5 hours ago
Chris Griffin-“Who’s Taylor Swift” Stewie-😳😱
Louie Lorete
Louie Lorete 5 hours ago
Who's here before 3 billion?
sally kilby
sally kilby 6 hours ago
Love how she's having fun, I think she's brilliant. 😄💖
Rin 6 hours ago
gilbert gavales
gilbert gavales 6 hours ago
why is talors music video is like this its like makenzies music video from dance moms the music video is called its the girl party make sure to see that
Vania Gallegos
Vania Gallegos 7 hours ago
Llevaba horas buscando esta joya, me puse a cantarla en el buscador, y no recordaba si la cantaba Taylor Swift, Katy Perry o Lady Gaga, y estube buscado en los canales de todas JAJAJAJJAJA F
Mr.Jared Cheerful
Mr.Jared Cheerful 8 hours ago
literally the same comments on 1000 music videos
kim jisoo
kim jisoo 8 hours ago
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry owned 2010s, dark horse, roar, blank space and shake it off are iconic
John Vernie Sarmiento
Yay road to 3 billion!!!
Phone Kyaw Zall
Phone Kyaw Zall 9 hours ago
who's here? Am i alone?😑
Yashvi Mistry
Yashvi Mistry 4 hours ago
Noo you are not !!
Megha Santhosh
Megha Santhosh 9 hours ago
Whether you like Taylor Swift or not you gotta agree on one thing. This song is a bop.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 10 hours ago
ËVÎL Wåsïb
ËVÎL Wåsïb 10 hours ago
Let me check how many legends are here after 6 years 1 like=I guy
Mary Joanne Agito
Mary Joanne Agito 10 hours ago
Dear to the person whos reading this- hai **gets awkward**
Yeri Tun
Yeri Tun 11 hours ago
"Palyer gonna play play play" legendry word !!
Antra Sharma
Antra Sharma 11 hours ago
The fact that comment section is still alive in 2020 is lit 🔥
Aaron Catapang
Aaron Catapang 12 hours ago
C'mon 34 million views needed for 3billion
Savitha 12 hours ago
6 years Later, if you're watching this you're a legend.
Bug Lay
Bug Lay 12 hours ago
You can't even keep a guy for two seconds it is true
lance Arguelles
lance Arguelles 13 hours ago
iiTocalifegurl tocaboca
ok guys when I was little bcuz I was born in 2010 so I heard this sound and I remember it and this song was my fav when I was little 🥰
Magdael Jr. Danny I.
can we make it 3b before her birthday?
Mark Paul M. Beloy
Mark Paul M. Beloy 13 hours ago
Why does everyone use the word "legend" in commenting in every music videos/pupolar videos 😂
Wisdom Georges
Wisdom Georges 13 hours ago
Indeed ur a Legend this one will never get old Who's here cuz this song cross ur mind
AnbuXizuko 13 hours ago
i was in 6th grade when hearing and watching this 😅
Puggalug 14 hours ago
Haters? Oh, that’s just a word people use instead of working to fix their own flaws.
Alex Malangis
Alex Malangis 14 hours ago
Well I am still waching this in 11 years I am the legend one
MexicanDrip 14 hours ago
Wow this is crazy 6 years later and I’m listening to this
Joshua Aaron Martin
Joshua Aaron Martin 14 hours ago
marily trejo sierra
marily trejo sierra 14 hours ago
Maybe you don't know how to do those things but you are the best singer in the world.
Nazarena Vergara
Nazarena Vergara 14 hours ago
2020? Ahahaha
guacamole ninja poop
Me looking for the phub theme👁️👄👁️
Arian Garrido
Arian Garrido 15 hours ago
when I was young I keep hearing this song everywhere. Not mad I'm happy :)
Totie Struck
Totie Struck 15 hours ago
Wow. 9.7M likes now
SALO NARVÁEZ 16 hours ago
you are best
2020 LMAO
2020 LMAO 16 hours ago
Can we all take a moment to appreciate the choreography of this song?
2020 LMAO
2020 LMAO 16 hours ago
Fun fact: every second of this song can be a wallpaper
Night mare
Night mare 16 hours ago
6 years later I am watching this I must be a legend😂
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi thanks for ya hope you guys have
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi thanks for ya girl thanks ya for
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi thanks for ya girl thanks ya anyway ya for ya anyway ya girl ya hope you guys had fun doing it
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi we hope you’re having an awesome night
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi thanks for ya girl thanks ya for
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi thanks for ya girl hope you’re well
Tay 16 hours ago
Mama Minn
Mama Minn 16 hours ago
Hi we hope you had a great
Kiom Coco
Kiom Coco 16 hours ago
I remember one time in kindergarten I was humming this, and some girl next to me said "tHaT sOnG is supposed tO bE aNnoYinG doNt liSteN to iT" and I was like "ok" but I liked this song but I didn't want people to not like me so I just hummed it in my head :(
Sienna Hadaway
Sienna Hadaway 16 hours ago
Regina Durón
Regina Durón 17 hours ago
I will never get tired of listening to this song
Healing Waves
Healing Waves 17 hours ago
"Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it." - Kahlil Gibran Infinite Love Beautiful Soul! ✨❤
Imelda Barron
Imelda Barron 17 hours ago
I still watch this since 2014 wow and the players gonna bang bang
100K Fluffy Penguins?
Shake it off - Your Future Self
Help me reach 1k subs with no videos challenge
Who else just randomly felt like listening to this
Ahmed Mohy
Ahmed Mohy 17 hours ago
2020 any one oh ok
Vanessa Jaruga
Vanessa Jaruga 18 hours ago
Yessica ruth Garcia
Yessica ruth Garcia 18 hours ago
Que bonita cansiob
breno Galindo
breno Galindo 18 hours ago
Yas 18 hours ago
Anyone from 2020 ?
Juliana Ferreira
Juliana Ferreira 18 hours ago
Brasileira 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍🥰😘
Juliana Ferreira
Juliana Ferreira 18 hours ago
Amo essa música ,bem animada,como já diz,🥰😍😍
thisisnobody haha
thisisnobody haha 19 hours ago
no its almost 3B views on this omg
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin 20 hours ago
3B let‘s goooo
Sofía Regina Paz Gutiérrez
A like a is´t song
PoTaTo PaNiPuRi
PoTaTo PaNiPuRi 20 hours ago
Brandon Lucifer
Brandon Lucifer 20 hours ago
Shake It Off is sort of a runner up to Wildest Dreams. Not better but just a runner up. Sometimes you just have to shake it off. All your problems & move on.
Bev Hanson
Bev Hanson 21 hour ago
Shake it but you can't be of with it shake it off to a police department men and show them the song
Danielly Chagas
Danielly Chagas 21 hour ago
clinton Moses
clinton Moses 21 hour ago
damn she pretty
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