Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 100
skate shack sample
skate shack sample 4 hours ago
i see billie eilish there
Corina Phayboun
Corina Phayboun 6 hours ago
Why did I see that little girl with the long pony tail and think that was Ariana? Lol. I wish.
Leyh Leong
Leyh Leong 7 hours ago
jeet lakdawala
jeet lakdawala 7 hours ago
I was 9 yrs old when She released Love story as a single damn those days. Taylor and Avril were my ultimate crush gosh love both of them Equally
Miss Stasi
Miss Stasi 7 hours ago
Halsey's mic toss at 7:33 .. epic
Adam Prince
Adam Prince 8 hours ago
I'd flip her the bird but I think she is too smart for that.
nareen othman
nareen othman 9 hours ago
i love camilla but shake it off doesn’t fit her music style
Tubagus 10 hours ago
why the fvck am i sad she's singing love story oh i miss the old her much
lizzielou742 12 hours ago
Freaking misty copeland, are you kidding me?!?! EPIC
nareen othman
nareen othman 13 hours ago
Ale XdXd
Ale XdXd 13 hours ago
alta performance se mando Taylor
Ella Zmrhal
Ella Zmrhal 14 hours ago
Does anyone see the little girl on the right get hit in the face at 0:23?
DragRaceOpulence 14 hours ago
Who is the one behind Kesha.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 14 hours ago
Woooow It was amazing I was speechless, Taylor you are brilliant ❤️
Anshit Thakur
Anshit Thakur 16 hours ago
That transition from IKYWT to Blank Space gives me chills
Valentina Muffolini
Valentina Muffolini 16 hours ago
Sashenka 17 hours ago
this is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity
Aramay Codiapit
Aramay Codiapit 18 hours ago
TAYLOR SWIFT is the best among the best for me!!!
Lauren Walker
Lauren Walker 18 hours ago
Am I the only one who still loves the fact that t swizz’s mum knows every word but her dad doesn’t..? Hardcore relate.
Lauren Walker
Lauren Walker 18 hours ago
6282628828 time I’ve watched this and I still love it
Veronica Kartika
Veronica Kartika 18 hours ago
My favorite😍😍😍😍
Marc Aaron Toribio
Marc Aaron Toribio 19 hours ago
Why I keep coming back to this video 30% - To watch Taylor perform 70% - *POSITIVE COMMENTS*
Jdpfk -
Jdpfk - 20 hours ago
5:13 who’s she? She just stunning
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah 20 hours ago
info tech
info tech 20 hours ago
if you don't know, the person that she is pointing at 0:51 IS SELENA GOMEZZZ
Schalkebrar The Teo
Schalkebrar The Teo 23 hours ago
Alice Hitie
Alice Hitie 23 hours ago
Totally Spies
Totally Spies 23 hours ago
She did not include her album reputation's songs here. Why???????
pari devi
pari devi Day ago
all the dislikes were from people who were in awe of her show and clicked the wrong damn button😇
Yonko AMV
Yonko AMV Day ago
Everyscend of this is Iconic
Eswar sai
Eswar sai Day ago
My life filled up in this single song
Luzviminda Dela Cruz
Anne Sensei
Anne Sensei Day ago
I thought it was her concert hahahah 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
eric li
eric li Day ago
*please support this music genius on apple itune download*
Anny Pereira
Anny Pereira Day ago
todo dia eu vindo aqui rever essa lenda
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Day ago
If I could only go to one concert in my life, I'd want it to be Taylors.
Layla White
Layla White Day ago
When I mention that Taylor Swift is my freakin’ idol, everyone thinks about the girl who is famous for having a million boyfriends but she is much more than that. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she creates the most meaningful music ever. When I watched her Miss Americana documentary I cried and cried. She is absolutely amazing and deserves everything in the world.
Hana Suzuki
Hana Suzuki Day ago
keep in mind that this is an AWARD SHOW not a CONCERT!!!
Mark William
Mark William Day ago
I think this is the year U should do the Super Bowl Tay.
Mido Bugatti
Mido Bugatti Day ago
The best blondie in the world 😍
John Taylor
John Taylor Day ago
Hi Taylor I’ll say you really know how to put on a show or capture an audience I. I find you so exciting and interesting You so super talented Great Job ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👌👍😇😎💚💜🍒🤪💕👄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😄😆😃😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
AbdulQadir Tv
tri puji astutik
Taylor swift ❤️❤️❤️
William Brito
Maya Arrouk
Maya Arrouk Day ago
I bet this isn't your first time watching this performance
Maya Arrouk
Maya Arrouk Day ago
And this is exactly why i stan the artist of the decade. Forever and always x
sebbe91 Day ago
7:37 that dude to the left tho lmao
Katrina Villasoto
Mama Swift is crying. Selena's crying. They're so proud. I'm crying too.
Jordan Luttrell
I really wish she would record a version of i knew you were trouble like this one!
Juan Luis Vinet
Ella de verdad está cantando en vivo!? Si es así canta muy bien, un poquito bajo el volumen de su voz pero de qué hay talento lo hay
Ricley Marques
I Love Taylor swift the best of all💫💫💫
Patricia Barão
I only noticed now that all the names from Taylor's albuns are written on the piano 😅😍
Patricia Barão
It's so sweet to see Selena and auntie Andrea (they know each other for years, she is like a auntie for Sel) singing together, side to side 😊
Athalla Tsaqillan X IPS-1
to be honest guys who's dreaming that you're the kiddos around taylor
Mukona Ramovha
The fact that I know each and every dance move in this performance really shows how much I've watched this perfomance,kinda obsessed
Lüane Decorniquet Gaudron
When she do a medley of her hits and it’s missing so many songs... she is the artists of the decades and probably the next one
Ira Joy Guarino
Ira Joy Guarino 2 days ago
Honestly, with or without that title, she is the Artist of the Decade. I think everybody knows that.
Crystal Tibayan
Crystal Tibayan 2 days ago
I watched this for like more than 5 times... I'm so proud of her!
Shruti Chaudhari
Shruti Chaudhari 2 days ago
Kate Artigas
Kate Artigas 2 days ago
the kids dance better than me. life is so unfair
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 2 days ago
It's been 10 years and Love Story still hits the same.
skate shack sample
taylor swiftion
Kate Simmons
Kate Simmons 2 days ago
Her smile is the absolute best :)
Tessa Hillman
Tessa Hillman 2 days ago
She is the epitome of artist of the decade!!!!
CRAZY Games g
CRAZY Games g 2 days ago
Support me, subscribe to my channel, and when you do, I'll subscribe to your canal support, but don't forget to activate the bell and watch my videos, think about bringing happiness into a human heart.😍❤❤
Mbasa Philiso
Mbasa Philiso 2 days ago
Not even one song from reputation 😭😭💔💔but she still queen❤️❤️
Ricardo 2 days ago
she's a legend in music omg
Sousa Trip
Sousa Trip 2 days ago
19'10'2020 🤞
Riffat Islam
Riffat Islam 2 days ago
Watched it over 100 times but still enjoying it
Loveandcakes A
Loveandcakes A 2 days ago
Me too!
Mehrodj Imamov
Mehrodj Imamov 2 days ago
I knew you’re rich Towler
Mehrodj Imamov
Mehrodj Imamov 2 days ago
NPC3 Stars
NPC3 Stars 2 days ago
When ever she hits the high notes , you really get to feel them
Ashit Chettri
Ashit Chettri 2 days ago
How can someone forget "Lovestory" by Taylor Swift it cannot be Erased 😊😊 and "Trouble" wow .. This video took me back to those days of my life when Her songs were like 😍❤ wow Teenage years were beautuful spent with her songs ..
aj gullod
aj gullod 2 days ago
I love how Kesha's vibin every songs
Cami 2 days ago
she's *💫ICONIC💫*
Savitaj Vander
Savitaj Vander 2 days ago
Who's the best? Like: Taylor Swift Comment: Taylor Swift Move: Taylor Swift Breathe: Taylor Swift Guys, there's just no need of voting...we all know she's the best
Reza Arasteh
Reza Arasteh 2 days ago
you are the best. I love you
Willard Caydan
Willard Caydan 2 days ago
I Love, I knew you were trouble new BEATS!!!
rohit kyasa
rohit kyasa 2 days ago
why are all the top comments made are from last 3weeks when this video is released 1 year ago
Filipe Goncalves
Filipe Goncalves 2 days ago
what a moment
PinkyyDev 2 days ago
Ilove you taylor
The Haunted Elevator .
Ankit kumar
Ankit kumar 3 days ago
คามิน ศิริวัชระกุล
9:45 I got cramp by watching this.
Llanely Perez
Llanely Perez 3 days ago
Anzala Aiman
Anzala Aiman 3 days ago
Everyone b really vibing thru her performances shows how ionic she is!
Richard Picone
Richard Picone 3 days ago
You know she is a true legend when she wins artist of the decade and even disappears for a year lol. I would be upset if ANYONE else got this award
Victória Bragança
Eu amo essa performance demais
Charx 3 days ago
i watched this at least 46 times and im not ashamed to say it
Alysha 3 days ago
It annoys me that I keep hearing starbuckslover instead of exmanlovers 🤦‍♀️😂
Ganesh N. Salunke
topias grande
topias grande 3 days ago
I watch this 20+times on a week
steve bob billy bob JOE
2:24 taylor's swift father pretending he knows the lyrics to her song when he doesn't, but still trying to show he loves his daughter.
Fatima Imran
Fatima Imran 3 days ago
A literal goddess 💛❤️
SophieAmazing 3 days ago
I have watched this about 20+ times, and I JUST realized the female dancer in Lover is Misty Copeland 😍
Claudia Carla46
Claudia Carla46 3 days ago
I watch it again again in 2020 never bored 😂💙
topias grande
topias grande 3 days ago
Utkarsh Khatri
Utkarsh Khatri 3 days ago
She is one of the most amazing artists in the world her every song has a meaning in it. I remember a year back I was not a very big fan of Taylor but when started listening to her songs repeatedly it made me love her so badly. Nowadays I used to listen to her songs every day long and it doesn't matter what's the occasion is, her songs are just lit. Now I knew what she is right now it is just because of her hard work and dedication towards the music this made me release when I saw Miss Americana on Netflix.❤❤
Rodrigo WAWS
Rodrigo WAWS 3 days ago
Única que teria alguma condição de concorrer com ela para esse prêmio seria a gaga , mas foi justíssimo ela ganhar 😍
Roque Joao
Roque Joao 3 days ago
Linda demais 😃💞🤩
Shanmathi Velu
Shanmathi Velu 3 days ago
10:39 Taylor: High on lover!! Me: High on Taylor
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