Taylor Swift - Blank Space

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Nov 10, 2014




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Comments 100
Paulo gamer
Paulo gamer 23 minutes ago
Amo essa música ❣️❤️❤️
Arcade Collectors Europe
Mother Shania made way better music and was WAAAAAY hotter........it was not even the same universe
The FanTasiA
The FanTasiA Hour ago
Abighail Vasquez
Sisas pana, soy el comentario en español que buscas:3 xd
Liat PlayList gw anjim
From future 2021 Check ^o^
Johns Banana
Johns Banana 2 minutes ago
Mihira Karn
Mihira Karn 2 hours ago
Str3am cardigan.🙏
Mihira Karn
Mihira Karn 2 hours ago
taylor swift
Alan Antony
Alan Antony 2 hours ago
Lets see how many likes can j get in one month
Ali Al Bader
Ali Al Bader 3 hours ago
Taylor u so sharp. A lady of wealth n riches. A princess, queen of some kind
Shadhin Ahmed
Shadhin Ahmed 3 hours ago
Let’s see who’s watching this in November 2020
Alona V. Trujillo
Alona V. Trujillo 3 hours ago
Oh shit
Alona V. Trujillo
Alona V. Trujillo 3 hours ago
Man I knew I was in trouble from the get but it was all worth it OMG.....
SuYeolYam 4 hours ago
Amritansu Dutta
Amritansu Dutta 4 hours ago
Me looking at my maths paper:you look like my next mistake
azujajaja 5 hours ago
This is a parody of technoblade`s song blitz, am I right?
Dani H
Dani H 5 hours ago
Can't wait this to be re-recorded
Stephanie Vanhoutte
Who came here after The TikTok trend Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed in a daydream
GiL Suase Vlogs
GiL Suase Vlogs 5 hours ago
I remember the house. This is the house in Ready Or Not.
Azabet Vivanco
Azabet Vivanco 5 hours ago
now i realize that this could have been a song of 50 shades of Grey
Sneha Parameswaran
Sneha Parameswaran 6 hours ago
Addicted to blank space baby...
hannah 6 hours ago
still one of the best music videos ever
Shizun Nanase
Shizun Nanase 6 hours ago
The biggest fan of Taylor swift is Bart Baker. He loves to make parody on her
Alrikus1338 7 hours ago
I'm getting bored of walls 2.
Coco Sunrise
Coco Sunrise 7 hours ago
1989 album was the best for me 🖤
Vitor Fernandes
Vitor Fernandes 7 hours ago
this has got to be top 3 best song of the decade
Meera Arun
Meera Arun 8 hours ago
James Galvesolo
James Galvesolo 8 hours ago
starbucks lovers is already an iconic line.
Bishu Chakrabarty
Bishu Chakrabarty 8 hours ago
Nobody really cares which year it is.😕😂
VVT Toys and Games
VVT Toys and Games 8 hours ago
loving this song
Gourav Pasi
Gourav Pasi 8 hours ago
I love it when all the music stops for a moment❤😍
Soviet Reich CountryHuman
this was made before my b-day 😳
Soviet Reich CountryHuman
its nov, 11
nailea3102 8 hours ago
This song is the anthem of toxic people😂😂😂😂
Oscar Moguel O.G.
Oscar Moguel O.G. 8 hours ago
So I’m a guy (married) and I love this song lol but I feel so fake having to act like I’d never listen to “Girly” music 😭
Thunder Graphics
Thunder Graphics 9 hours ago
Migi Fernandez
Migi Fernandez 9 hours ago
The way Taylor smiled at the second guy (last part) rlly gave me goosebumps. 🎯🎯😵🤕
Stan gaey kweens
Stan gaey kweens 9 hours ago
Nur Saleha
Nur Saleha 9 hours ago
How many people are seeing it on December ?
Adieu Nightmare
Adieu Nightmare 9 hours ago
3:40 Did she just trip?
Rj dy
Rj dy 9 hours ago
1969 Shelby Cobra💓
Thug YTS
Thug YTS 9 hours ago
Alessandra Pahinado
she's the real sweet but psycho
Maribel Singian
Maribel Singian 9 hours ago
'cause you know I love the players and you love the game
Trường vũ Sơn
Trường vũ Sơn 10 hours ago
Amine Gamer43
Amine Gamer43 11 hours ago
Gards King
Gards King 11 hours ago
Who is here from the blade
진아 11 hours ago
kitty ella mae
kitty ella mae 12 hours ago
2020 anyone??
Aman Agarwal
Aman Agarwal 12 hours ago
Very very bad singer, I don't know what she is singing after listening this song i feel like 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢
Paula 13 hours ago
Has anyone noticed how beautiful outfits Taylor wears?
Mysha -
Mysha - 13 hours ago
Perfect makeup for hallowe’en
Butter cup
Butter cup 13 hours ago
What a toxic relationship :/ I can assure most of you have been at one at least once !
Kirt Dacara
Kirt Dacara 13 hours ago
Mingi's Love
Mingi's Love 13 hours ago
5 years later and I am back at it cause I never left😉💝✨
Rama Rana
Rama Rana 13 hours ago
I'm badz hahahaha
Rama Rana
Rama Rana 13 hours ago
Thanks mam my princess hahahaha
Jassie dela Cruz
Jassie dela Cruz 13 hours ago
Priyanshi Rana
Priyanshi Rana 14 hours ago
No bad hahahahaha you watch me hahahahaha
Priyanshi Rana
Priyanshi Rana 14 hours ago
Where r u now hahahahaha
Abhi Tambulkar
Abhi Tambulkar 14 hours ago
Sat,31 Oct 2020 And you?
Indrani Mitra
Indrani Mitra 14 hours ago
3:39 😂she is looking funny
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 14 hours ago
Anndddd, the Best Songwriter of this Generation award goes tooooo... ... TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT!
Brook Fox
Brook Fox 15 hours ago
Blitz survival games
정국Bunny 15 hours ago
William Brito
William Brito 11 hours ago
Hanna Rhea
Hanna Rhea 12 hours ago
Yeah queen
jasmera9889 15 hours ago
ッHana 16 hours ago
Anyone listening to this hymn in quarantine?
Tamara R Hunt
Tamara R Hunt 17 hours ago
does anybody remember Mattys Bs remix to this???
Patrisha Rumnong
Patrisha Rumnong 17 hours ago
Those times her voice ❤️🥺
Avery Brist
Avery Brist 18 hours ago
aia Cena
aia Cena 18 hours ago
i miss this song🥺✨❤️
Peter Swift
Peter Swift 18 hours ago
2.7 B SOON ❤️
William Brito
William Brito 11 hours ago
Lorly Caperida
Lorly Caperida 18 hours ago
Editor:How many times do I have to edit this? Taylor swift:oh hold my cat I gotta go take this call
Takudzwa Cleopas Manzini
2020 ✅🤨
Lps Fire
Lps Fire 19 hours ago
Its not star bucks lovers .....
Xxloser_fruitxX -
Xxloser_fruitxX - 19 hours ago
Omg I loved this when I was five memories
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Brown 19 hours ago
Tay Tay forever & always 💞
AaliyahBeAmazing Roblox
who's just bored in covid and watches this everyday
KGG_VLOGS!! 20 hours ago
#1 yes I’m watching this in 2020 #2 that poor Shelby Cobra 🥺
Logan Barnett
Logan Barnett 21 hour ago
Team tata
Aia 21 hour ago
I still feel the same everytime I listen to this song
Gail Vlogs
Gail Vlogs 21 hour ago
Sebastian Rueda Bermúdez
Nobody cares if in what months you are watching this because this song doesn't get old
Sebastian Rueda Bermúdez
2014 was a big year for music
Kassiah Montoya
Kassiah Montoya 22 hours ago
tvtime2122 22 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Imagination” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...I love you..........
Leandra Gabriela
Leandra Gabriela 23 hours ago
Oi, Paulo, meu bem, o que que é esse bilhetinho aqui ?
Karan Kaur
Karan Kaur 23 hours ago
Get the video to three billion likes in 2021❤️💜
natalia Day ago
with this song I started to listen to taylor. iconic.
Mah Moraesz
Mah Moraesz Day ago
William Brito
William Brito 11 hours ago
Roiii, Mah né?
Lorena Buck
Lorena Buck Day ago
I stand for Taylor. We stand for Taylor. Let's show them that Taylor is not alone we are with her. Free Taylor's songs.
selena rodriguez2000
stop saying who’s here in October 2020 we never left
Dominique Angelakis
She smashed that car
Meh and Slime
I love you you taler
Kishore P
Kishore P Day ago
Who's still watching it in 2020??
selena rodriguez2000
Meh and Slime
Me right now
Sasha Bootcher
I love watching Taylor go crazy
Manognya Chakrapani
I used to think that its 'Got a long list of Starbucks Lovers' :)
Papa Razzi
Papa Razzi Day ago
Lets see whos still hearing this in October
Andrea Tizon
Andrea Tizon Day ago
Holler if you're watching this in 2023 onwards
Bundle of Pumpkins
Who’s watching on halloween
Lil mess
Lil mess Day ago
After 5 years. Still iconic.
Ghadeer Alhussein
Lyrics please ?
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