Taylor Swift Accepts Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music

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Taylor Swift Accepts the Woman of the Decade Award at Billboard’s Women in Music 2019!
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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 60
Kristhell Lapa
Kristhell Lapa 11 minutes ago
Shine Above Star
Shine Above Star 30 minutes ago
Dumb demi says he's always nice to me-
Valeria Pokemon
Valeria Pokemon 2 hours ago
Guys she says she is a mirror and everything they thought she couldn’t make she did like her sing mirror ball that’s says I can change everything about me to fut in
Kimaya K
Kimaya K 3 hours ago
She desrves a better crowd
Norlyn Joie Azaula
Norlyn Joie Azaula 5 hours ago
"Drop a song that we made yesterday..." hhmmmm drop an album, yes?
Mary Basumatary
Mary Basumatary 8 hours ago
Jourell NOVA
Jourell NOVA 20 hours ago
The way she explained the Albums to her place in life was sad very sad :(
Kenyatta Allen
Kenyatta Allen 20 hours ago
There's nothing wrong with Taylor but, she ain't woman of the decade that's for sure Rihanna definitely deserves that award
Mugdha 8 hours ago
Riri is perfect, but Taylor deserves this award. Taylor or Beyoncé. But I think Taylor deserves it.
Mugdha 8 hours ago
Lolll I really really like rihanna, but she is not a good songwriter
Rodney Chang
Rodney Chang 21 hour ago
Your speech didn’t need to be this damn long
Saurosabani Sabani
kruti patel
kruti patel Day ago
Oh my god Taylor! You are so strong! You said it all.. we see you.. we acknowledge your hardwork, your talent, your energy, your opinions.. your everything.. I know I don't need to say this bcs you know it better than me but still.. NEVER LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING PUT YOU DOWN IN ANYWAY . .so much love Taylor.. just.. you always make me feel so overwhelmed with love for you.. so much love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺
Dave Day ago
folklore is the new era. Another start of remarkable decade for Taylor Swift.
Khushi_ Day ago
she didnt mention Ari ;(
Mugdha 8 hours ago
Because she doesn't support Taylor 🙄
Dog K
Dog K Day ago
God I love this woman
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
🚫 🛑 Taylor ‼️
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
🤩I L💫VE U TAYL😇R ⛓️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛⛓️😍
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
Rachelle Reitzel
Abuse, manipulation, control, n toxicity is NEVER OK !!!!!!!!!! Not at home, not at work, not at school, not on the street not in neighborhoods. Nowhere, no time, no way!!!!!!! Just because something is legal doesn't make it right!!!!!!!! Scott and scooter should be ashamed of themselves and all the other abusers protecting and enabling each other!!!!!!!!!! Idk how any of u manage to get any decent sleep!!!!!!!!!! If scooter was smart he'd sell her back her music for less than he bought it!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously that immature boy doesn't believe in himself seeing as he has to prop himself up by using others talents and worth!!!!!! If u want any respect and actually really fucking care about TAYLOR like u said u do u would sell her back her music PERIOD.
Rachelle Reitzel
It's ur house 🏡 🎙️🎵 TAYLOR!!! U MAKE THE RULES 💜💛❤️💗💚💘💓🖤💙🧡
Maya Gros-Slovinska
This made me cry 😭she's so strong and stands up for all the haters. She stands up for herself and other woman. She's just the nicest and best human being everrr. I love you taylor ❤️ also that look she made when she said billie eilish- that was so cuteeee
SekkaiRaimu 2 days ago
"Whoa this is going great so far..." Is that a reference to the 2009 vmas incident? lmao
Harshada Jagtap
Harshada Jagtap 2 days ago
The way she said 'he's nice to me' its like pointing towards Justin....."SICK"
saidah Khudayr
saidah Khudayr 2 days ago
she is a lyrical genius
Yogesh Nagar
Yogesh Nagar 2 days ago
christian smith jr
i hate you people. you killed my great grandparents my grandparents and all of my children. you are the probllem and you ran into the wrong devil, now you arent going to survive little jesus you are the sacrifice, thats you, you are jesus returned to commit suicide sgain, get on with it, flo get go bye bye boom boom.
christian smith jr
i keep wondering if you understand that i nknow your tricks and its wasting all of your time if you think your tricking me because its never been that way, im way sharp i figured it out day one when rip a spoke out like a disaster reborn after a long stale mate in my life . i hate spies, because they robbed me my entire life, the early nes are almost all dead, the new ones got buried in a set of eyes way opened long ago, i was a little kid when i caught them messing with my great grandma 3 years old in paramount, they wanted her to take her top off, she eventually did. i hate spies . all of you, the most uneeded people on earth, my great grand mother proved it to me, she had a brain, my mother got pregnant as a whore who got raped. im the product of that rape, satan the devil, fuck you, you are only cowards and thats just shit. you are worth shit. thats not scary unless its stuck on your shoes, shoe shoe shew shew get out little mic e shew shew rat shit, you are doing a job thats going to lead you to kill yourself if you dont wake up soon. boom boom, it happens all the time. spies always kill themselves, cause they cant figure out whats going on by themselfisness getting in the way.
Sumeera De Alwis
Sumeera De Alwis 2 days ago
11:54 anyone catch her “we are never getting back together” reference??
Blue Grey
Blue Grey 3 days ago
K Yo
K Yo 3 days ago
tag yourself im jamila lol
Camilo Espinazo
Camilo Espinazo 3 days ago
Their words are heartwarming
Camilo Espinazo
Camilo Espinazo 3 days ago
Like ever.
Christine Sanchez
why is the audience so dry omg
Rodney Chang
Rodney Chang 4 days ago
One of the longest speech ever and didn’t needed to be that long I’m sorry it was very unnecessary
kymopoleia 4 days ago
Yeganeh Behdin
Yeganeh Behdin 4 days ago
She is a real queen
Veronika Stupar
Veronika Stupar 4 days ago
Ladies lern from this wonderful human being. I love her so much 🤗
Blue Grey
Blue Grey 4 days ago
Despoina Krt
Despoina Krt 4 days ago
As much as I love Lana and I agree she is very influential in music industry, especially the aesthetic vibe. TAYLOR. Y O U ARE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN IN THIS MUSIC INDUSTRY. YOU ARE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. THANK YOU.
your average commenter
“whether it was a savvy music production, it wasn’t” lmao
razel kaye
razel kaye 4 days ago
This was released December 13th love it
Châu Nguyễn Minh
Billie was so cute
hossinini Af
hossinini Af 4 days ago
این بنده خدارا بیسار توی صفحه میاد دوست ندارم توی صفحه من دیگه بیاد چون هر بار خواستم حذف شد کنم رنگی مشکی را میگم تمام متشکرم بای
indexandthumb 4 days ago
Taylor Swift is an immature idiot.
Blue Grey
Blue Grey 4 days ago
ibliveinme 5 days ago
curious why she didnt mention lorde
ibliveinme 3 days ago
@Alexandra Dun thats what i thought but lizzo, nina nesbitt, camila, princess nokia, etc. and halsey like you said are pretty well known? just feel like some of them came up around the same time as lorde. idk probably reading too much into it anyway
Alexandra Dun
Alexandra Dun 3 days ago
She said newer faces in the music industry* Lorde is well known. I don't know why she said Halsey tho, she has multiple hits
Martin Beutler
Martin Beutler 5 days ago
A historical speech!
kiki, im like TT
kiki, im like TT 5 days ago
the way she diss scooter lmao yes gurlll fuck scooter 🔥💪
kiki, im like TT
kiki, im like TT 5 days ago
now she owns 2 albums lover and folklore im sooo proud of her! 😭💖💖
the 6th album is belong for tay tay
💖taylor swiftttttttt!!!!! i love you
Reputation 2017
Reputation 2017 5 days ago
11:15 That goes to you, SIA. Now that everything was clear about the support, we know that you and your music sucks and obviously Scooter Braun that seemingly always he has been nice to you. Fuck Y'all!!!
Dorsa Shooshtari
Dorsa Shooshtari 5 days ago
Alexandra Dun
Alexandra Dun 3 days ago
No way u lying 😭😭
charlie simpson
charlie simpson 5 days ago
Did the room not listen to her words properly. She’s saying all the right things and the audience are giving her nothing. That should be the best award she ever receives and replied with a powerful speech and the room isn’t getting it or supporting her enough
josep vilanova crespi
Thats the new women of the decade 20s folklore
hanyad v
hanyad v 6 days ago
I like how ppl think twice before clapping for her......... how nice
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