Taylor Swift Accepts Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music

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Taylor Swift Accepts the Woman of the Decade Award at Billboard’s Women in Music 2019!
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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 100
Liza 11 hours ago
_she is too strong_
you wont miss this holiday gift from spotify
Plss the crowd is so dead. The disrespect
wulfric 2 days ago
Kim K could never 😂😂😂
Hyrum Lentz
Hyrum Lentz 2 days ago
11:51 "Like...ever."
johnnybsteelriff 2 days ago
Taylor, fuck'em all, let your talent do the talking
Keeping up with Kaia
Taylor rants more than Kanye
Cecillio Relucio
Cecillio Relucio 2 days ago
"And I will never ever forget that, like, ever." - Taylor Swift I think she just reminds people that she is the creator of one of her songs.
Cecillio Relucio
Cecillio Relucio 2 days ago
I love you Taylor Swift 💙
lexi lex
lexi lex 2 days ago
berra’s daily
berra’s daily 3 days ago
i will never get bored of watching this speech.
Franziska R.
Franziska R. 3 days ago
the way I love her
Natalie Mauney
Natalie Mauney 3 days ago
When she mentioned Billie Eilish and Halsey I died those are my three favorite people, Taylor, Billie, and Ashley just YES
antonio camacho
antonio camacho 3 days ago
I'm surprised she mentioned a lot of female singers that are singing and recording but didn't mentioned her very good friend Selena Gomez. I thought she was going to mention her, but she didn't.
Anjali Mishra
Anjali Mishra 5 days ago
She can be a standup comedian too
Anjali Mishra
Anjali Mishra 5 days ago
Taylor is made for music 🎶
Swiftie Prince
Swiftie Prince 5 days ago
Women of the Century!
Lenka Chládková
She should’ve thanked Tahani for teaching her how to dance, where would she be without her🙈
Swasthi Tomar
Swasthi Tomar 6 days ago
She simply deserved all what she got..... that's it
bube udeh
bube udeh 8 days ago
"just keeps making art"
bube udeh
bube udeh 8 days ago
roxx_ 92
roxx_ 92 8 days ago
😑😑😑 the peak of white feminism
Shreya Mathur
Shreya Mathur 8 days ago
Elaborate?? She mentioned black artists tho..
TRG 8 days ago
Literally the same thing is happening to Billie eilish that happened to Taylor. Her debut album has been massively successful and people can’t stand to see women succeeding. Everyone is always saying how her brother made her and that he’s the only talent when the truth is they are a team and both work well together, and both of them are extremely talented
Chipmunk Park
Chipmunk Park 10 days ago
Taylor for president!
Devin Rox
Devin Rox 11 days ago
Where's Kanye to interrupt her now?
Ula Fathinah
Ula Fathinah 11 days ago
she look like president
Brianna Miller
Brianna Miller 11 days ago
Feels appropriate she isnt dressed like barbie for once.
Brianna Miller
Brianna Miller 11 days ago
Potentially harry styles shade. Shes happy bro and you dont like me
Βασίλης Αναγνωστάκης
She said that she realised that if a woman gets to the top people are uncomfortable. Have you ever heard of Maddona adelle bony Tyler. Like you are not the only one
Candela Jordi
Candela Jordi 9 days ago
She said that is normal in the industry and she is speaking against it. Exactly what you commented is what she is talking about most of the 10 minutes of her speech
Enoch Posada
Enoch Posada 12 days ago
What did Taylor do? Release a lackluster album with a few bops? Ohhh but she talked about equal rights OOOOOOOHHHHH
Alexander Valverde
Alexander Valverde 13 days ago
I love this woman
Muskan Saxena
Muskan Saxena 13 days ago
Wht is this audience mannnnn
Muskan Saxena
Muskan Saxena 13 days ago
If I were in the audience I would havw clapped and screamed sooo hardss
sajith buddihka
sajith buddihka 14 days ago
She is a Genius
Luciana Granados
Luciana Granados 14 days ago
The girl standing next to her just like: 🧍‍♀️ for 15 minutes straight
Mohsina Parvin
Mohsina Parvin 16 days ago
she gives matured speech than trump
Mansoor Yousaf
Mansoor Yousaf 17 days ago
just here to say shame on this audience. have a good day
Ace Jordan66
Ace Jordan66 18 days ago
"He's always been so nice to me" Lmaoooooo
Nelly Candy
Nelly Candy 18 days ago
And now, i am a Swiftie 😍😍
Lawrence Blue
Lawrence Blue 19 days ago
Taylor Swift deserves her fame and all the hard work through education from childhood to adult and the hard work towards her passion also dedication.
Daria Snytko
Daria Snytko 19 days ago
Thanks for this amazing TED talk, Tay💘
Abaee 1345
Abaee 1345 19 days ago
She is nice
Chelsea 19 days ago
bout to be woman of the decade 2020-2030 too
Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison 20 days ago
Taylor. I'm really happy for ya and Imma gonna let ya finish but Britney had one of the best decades of anyone ever, and I...why are the Swifties comin at me with tasers???
g swift
g swift 17 days ago
Britney ?! PLEASE 😭😭😭😂😂😂
Andres Chinea
Andres Chinea 20 days ago
Love the fact that the audience is not eating up her shadiness and victim hold.
g swift
g swift 17 days ago
5:05 anyways
Anqita Roy
Anqita Roy 20 days ago
She’s so intelligently spoken.
Aarna Shah
Aarna Shah 21 day ago
she is sooo amazing shading people ....hahha
Brigid Indigo
Brigid Indigo 21 day ago
0:01 Of course Taylor loves Jameela because Tahani's Taylor's best friend but Taylor's not her best friend.
Blue 28
Blue 28 21 day ago
14:53 *two albums in one year with a complete different genre than the ones before* I love her
Bowman Mirror
Bowman Mirror 22 days ago
I love taylor
jemma_ac 22 days ago
it was the end of a decade... BUT THE FREAKIN START OF AN *AGE*
jemma_ac 22 days ago
jemma_ac 22 days ago
Mrigank Sharma
Mrigank Sharma 22 days ago
Taylor hats off to this speech 🙏🙏🙏..... You should be the women of the 21st Century
MULLABLANCA 23 days ago
the power!
JAMEL, Abulkhair U.
She represents the WOMEN of this decade!!!
me 23 days ago
I love how she supported billie it was so fricking sweet I bet she would have love someone telling her 17 year old self what she said to her 🥺
Bodhi Chinnaiyan
Bodhi Chinnaiyan 23 days ago
Thank you soooooo much, Taylor! If you don't like her, you don't like music!
Travis Schmidt
Travis Schmidt 24 days ago
evan 24 days ago
queen things💅
Dheeraj Mehta
Dheeraj Mehta 25 days ago
man I love this woman
Rebekah Yohler
Rebekah Yohler 26 days ago
the audience sucks wtf
Abdul Moizz
Abdul Moizz 26 days ago
The sole reason the audience is sooo dead is because they don't get intellectual talk....they applaud cursing, "awkward" , gibbersih celebs..who fake being blunt and brave...and just stick out tongue on stage and talk in a hippy non sense way.
Pooja Priyadharshini
yup ! she is...
Joanne Clayton
Joanne Clayton 28 days ago
Amazing creative Artist and Advocates for those coming behind her. An extremely Intelligent Lady also.You gotta Love Taylor Swift a Well Deserved Award for an Amazing Trailblazer!! Shine Bright Sweetheart 💜☄☄🏆🏆🥇🥇
remuel dignos
remuel dignos 28 days ago
Stan Queen Taylor 💕
Jonniel A. García Vázquez
Te amo♡
Xoie Veck
Xoie Veck Month ago
I feel so lucky seeing her bloom and grow up. I am officially a Swiftie
Mahika Shakya
Mahika Shakya Month ago
I love how this was posted on 13th December😭❤️
Mahika Shakya
Mahika Shakya Month ago
This is the real Livi yea
this made me smile so much
Suz Month ago
She's so classy! Thanks Taylor for always being such a great role model for women.
Jami Month ago
Vashon Beynum
Vashon Beynum Month ago
I love her and one day I gonna be like her
You need to calm down
0:32 she is trying to say that no one has interrupted her like Kanye did in 2009. Whoa, you are the best Taylor
You need to calm down
I really hope Taylor stands for president in the United States. Her acceptance speech will be the most powerful one in history
Bobo Asia
Bobo Asia Month ago
the way she adores lana TASTE!
Bobo Asia
Bobo Asia Month ago
plss she loves lana's music and personality
Sophie CW
Sophie CW Month ago
That was one of the most elegant, well worded, and clever speeches I've ever heard. She makes me feel so incredibly proud to be a woman.
Fitness Life
Fitness Life Month ago
One thing I'm missed badly in this speech is Ariana Grande's name 🥺
Theo Steven
Theo Steven 21 day ago
She is not a new comer tho, so i guess there is no need to mention since her concern was about the new and younger generation.
pihu sharma
pihu sharma Month ago
proud of you taylor -swiftie
Zodwa Dinah Rawu
This audience is wayyy to dead for this bomb ass ted talk she gave👀... Kinda salty coz good sis taylor put forward sum good ass points in there😒
London's Quite Big
Isn't she classy
Lydia Martin
Lydia Martin Month ago
She's so brave and yet so kind... I want to be like her when I grow up
Lydia Martin
Lydia Martin Month ago
Why is the audience so boring and dead? She really gave the most inspirational and moving speech wtf
Lydia Martin
Lydia Martin Month ago
She deserves this award. She's by far the most resilient, kind, humble, genuine and strong woman. Love her
Michael Light
Michael Light Month ago
You’re a legend, I don’t think that audience deserved the chance to listen to you. I’m not sure they’re able to understand the importance of the words you said. However, your speech will live for decades and you’ll be remembered. You’re not only the woman of the decade but you’re actually the woman of all decades.
Michael Kong
Michael Kong Month ago
This has been a video for me to improve my listening skill
TrashyAqua Month ago
Sis really did whatever the hell she wanted in 2020. She released two albums within 5 months.
Makiee J.
Makiee J. Month ago
What I really about like Tay Tay is just so smart. She knows what she's doing and even in her darkest times, she can make art beyond it. People judged her too much, I can say. Maybe because of FAME which she conquered everything. I grew up watching this woman. And I've seen her music changed constantly. I remember one of my respected seniors, told me, not to listen to her song so much because it's just about a breakup song or a romantic one. Actually, as a teenager like her. I love it. haha! I mean, at that age, who wouldn't. We all love fairy tales, not because we grew up watching DISNEY but we hope to see what our parents have. And I think it's the same with her. Now people constantly threw her with words that are not TRUE. BUT, who said, she couldn't make another type of MUSIC? This woman, grew up making her OWN, so I'm sure she has what it is to prove everyone wrong. And now, her albums are a variety of emotions, romance, sense of humor, and life realizations, to which I can relate again. Taylor worked HARD to what she has now. She reaps what she SOW. She's indeed the WOMAN OF THE DECADE!
Swiftie world
Swiftie world Month ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ best comment
Joebelle Guisingmadali
"Doing whatever the hell I want" Um yeahhh 2 albums in 2020.
Harshita Munde
Harshita Munde Month ago
Billie Ellish , Becky g , Dua lipa , Camilla Cabello , Halsey and Taylor Swift....... My forever favs ♥️♥️♥️💕✨ Happiest birthday Taylor Swift 🥳🎉♥️.... You're forever fan 🥺🥺♥️
Harshita Munde
Harshita Munde Month ago
@suscribite Billie Ellish and Camilla Cabello aren't trash....
suscribite Month ago
Only Taylor, Halsey and Dua, the rest is overrated trash
Theodore Roosevelt
She’s a bit cringe but sur very smart
Neeru Malviya
Neeru Malviya Month ago
She took name of every best female artist except selena even though she's her best friend
alicia eden
alicia eden 6 days ago
Pay attention listen to understand not to respond with criticism LOL Selena Gomez isn't an upcoming artist she's already been singing for years. She was talking about breaking out female artists
Tactix88 Month ago
What has she ever done except release cheesy break up pop songs that have little substance. Guess the bar gets set pretty low.
Marshmallows are awesome
If you think all she does is bring out chessy pop songs then you have never listened to her discography
Callum richardson
Franziska R.
Franziska R. Month ago
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos Month ago
Who's here after our queen taylor drop's her sister album "evermore"
Cartoon World
Cartoon World Month ago
The people dislikes this video are seriously such an idiots
MercuryFever Month ago
I get why she feels robbed by this private equity thing but music is something that is being sold. Like real-estate. It's a product. Plain and simple. I'm not saying I stand by what Scott and Scooter did. I'm merely looking at this objectively. Plenty of new artists get crappy deals. They get taken advantage of because they want to make it and the people with deep pockets are sort of like Ursula the sea witch in The Little Mermaid.
sxnnyskies Month ago
This was posted on her birthday 🥳
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