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This is the song that Zeppelin stole the intro to Stairway to Heaven from. Not a soundtrack, but quite the tune.


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Nov 11, 2010




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Riluberto Rumualdo
So many no sense full of hate comments. The succession of notes is different and , anyway , even if you find it too similiar , that intro is only a small piece of much more. This is really important , stairway is made by many great riffs and there is a totally unique vocal part that accompanies them.
Rowan Murphy
Rowan Murphy Day ago
I dont think that Led zeppelin stole ok so dont hate me on that what I want to say is Why would you sue them 40 yrs later I mean stairway to millions is the greatest song in the world and think LZ is the greatest band in the world and then comes a band no ones heard of 40 yrs later saying its there's no ones gunna agree thier liars why would you do it 40yrs later when you could of done it when it was first made they would have a chance then now there's no way anyone's on their side
Ondřej Dvořák
Is Jimmy Page ever going to admit his inspiration? I don´t know, you would have to ask him directly in privacy.
Ondřej Dvořák
I´ve got a conspiracy theory, Randy California did not want to make noise around that, because the bird and spring Queen could be his Wife Robin born in May. Jimmy may have had a crash with her and sang this broken heart longing song from east to west coast, mocking "California" for a land of gold diggers, singing about its fires in the time he wrote the song etc, it´s a rip off, seducing song to Robin and mocking to Randy. It´s a theory. Just so you may have your answer.
Carl Marks
Carl Marks Day ago
Fuck this shit song... I'm outta here.
Ondřej Dvořák
Ondřej Dvořák 7 days ago
Whatever... no big deal to fool deaf ear
Ondřej Dvořák
Ondřej Dvořák 7 days ago
Take it easy, guys, the DNA of StH is here in first 40 seconds
Ondřej Dvořák
Ondřej Dvořák 7 days ago
Go to StH video, find 5:56 guitar solo launch and then listen to the cello 0:14 , flute 0:18 , violin 0:25 , orchestra 0:32 ... Jimmy Page is getting mad and has to play it out loud, what the song is about and whom did they rip off. Bonus: spinet 0:58 and 1:36
cdb934 10 days ago
Love all the butthurt zeppelin fans. Go check out the song writing credits on their first 2 albums lol. They stole everyone’s shit.
OICU812 12 days ago
Only a tone-deaf, ignorant judge would find in favor of whomever sued Led Zeppelin... Sounds similar, but, note-for note and as a complete composition not even close..!
pumpertube 13 days ago
Jimmy Plagiarism.
samele di lauro
samele di lauro 26 days ago
Plagiarism lu cazz!!!!
Davy 27 days ago
We all know J Page is a copycat
journeyquest1 27 days ago
You sure they didnt copy their sound from Moody Blues? lol
David Ventura-Paz
David Ventura-Paz 28 days ago
I ain't a Led Zeppelin freak but Stairway isn't a RIP-off of this! They're two different songs. Taurus is also a lovely well-written song on it's own. Two different songs from two respected composers.
Ondřej Dvořák
The flute part at 0:18 is base line of the StH solo at 5:56
Michel Bernardo
Michel Bernardo Month ago
Tout les groupes ont pris à droite à gauche. Mike Oldfield à bien utilisé son intro de "tubullars bells " d' un album de MAGMA (M.D.K.)1972 .Listen this album from the french band.
0HAbraxasH0 Month ago
stairway to heaven is definatly no copy ...maby influenced by it...
bladerunner12 Month ago
It's arpeggiating over the same chord progression but it's not the same melody at all.
Microverse1 Month ago
This song sucks. And is it just me or does that guitar sound a little out of tune at points?
Miki Hall
Miki Hall Month ago
Scrolling through and there’s Uncle Cass
grape vids
grape vids Month ago
I’m a guitarist and it’s been changed up a bit in stairway to heaven if you look at tabs and listen carefully at the end the pitch is different
steve jenkins
steve jenkins Month ago
Don't sound a damn thing like stairway that is why it lost in court totally different tune.
Mehdi J
Mehdi J Month ago
its similar but not the same you see when you play certain chords in a certain order songs can be similar. even if they stole this they did a good job at changing it
arie kusumah
arie kusumah Month ago
In a sentiment mooddddddddddddddd
arie kusumah
arie kusumah Month ago
My.. Funny valentine
martk fartkerson
ehh it's just a short instrumental without much progression.
龘纛爨灪麤彠 –
"I know I did not hear Taurus until 2014." - Jimmy Page
vuriby 3 days ago
@龘纛爨灪麤彠 - Page sure ain't a saint tbh
龘纛爨灪麤彠 –
@Dan O'Bannon So you call Page a liar?
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 4 days ago
Yeah i would have thought oh they were just inspired subconsciously, but that claim is trying to hard and makes it look bad. Like when Disney claims "We never heard of Kimba" yet the japanese animators had learned how to work with colour in Disney's own studio.
Dan O'Bannon
Dan O'Bannon Month ago
they toured with Spirit, they all heard it.
Ebe Dave
Ebe Dave Month ago
Jesus Christ is Lord ✝️ Maranatha
Wedge Kubrick
Wedge Kubrick 2 months ago
definitely not stolen, many songs have similarities. Also people can get inspired by songs, it's not always "stolen".
NoahBones 12
NoahBones 12 2 months ago
the riff taurus uses has been used for over 300 years, literally just a major progression riff. stairways riff is a LOT more complex than these lousy 3 notes
Marcos Reyes
Marcos Reyes 2 months ago
TheArcelle 2 months ago
please hear nothing at all from Gentle Giant
Peggy Joseph
Peggy Joseph 2 months ago
Listen to the Big Mama Thornton, Muddy Waters sessions you will know immediately where Zeppelin formed their sound from. They took the blues roots of these sessions and electrified it, used the heaviest most talented rhythm section anywhere, and perhaps the greatest of all lead players to eventually rule the rock world for many years. Good on them they were fantastic but their core sound was given by blues players in America. Similarly a large portion of 60's, 70's, and 80's melodic rock owes much of it to the Beatles. Probably the most influential artists of all time. And Paul said he was trying to copy Buddy Holly oddly enough. So there you go all part of the eternal song it would seem.
Mathis der Maler
Mathis der Maler 2 months ago
So apparently if you're now using descending chromatic scale you're stealing Spirit ? Good thing Led Zepp won the case recently.
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 months ago
Ad-lib.... enough said
Alexander Sabulis
Alexander Sabulis 2 months ago
I think you could find a lot of songs that use that chord progression. Not a rip.
Ethan M
Ethan M 2 months ago
_"I'm really influenced by Mozart and Bach, and it's sort of in between that -- like a _*_Mach_*_ piece."_ ruvid.net/video/video-H7vk5keNbRc.html
Darcy Chatoian
Darcy Chatoian 2 months ago
What was his name?
brian peterson
brian peterson 2 months ago
It most certainly influenced and was the Genesis to the guitar intro for sth.....but that is irrelevant, all music is an amalgamation of everything the artist heard before.
They didn’t steal it. They both sound way different
Jaymz Kryst
Jaymz Kryst 2 months ago
I was feeling "Time in a Bottle" too. That's the thing - musicians have 12 tones to work with, there's bound to be similarities. I think it's worth noting that the rest of the song (lyrics, solos, drum fills and such) was obviously not Spirit's. So thank the gods Jimmy subliminally took some riff from a second rate song and DEVELOPED it into an icon. Wasn't that Zeppelin's style anyways - all the blues songs they reworked. Good try Spirit, but no dice.
ジェイ 2 months ago
It is "formal song" 😁 LZ is thief,Its very disappointing
arthur ring
arthur ring 2 months ago
Einsamer Wolf
Einsamer Wolf 2 months ago
I don’t thing LED Zeppelin stoled it but if they did, it’s dousen’t metter because Starway to heaven is quiet the best song ever written in Rock n Roll history and more.
Russell Crea
Russell Crea 2 months ago
I think Zep should win the court case, but this is a really cool instrumental song especially considering it was recorded in 1968. There is a good chance Page 'appropriated' part of it but then it was altered enough to make it their own. I don't know why ⅓ of the people would thumb down the song if based solely on the music, I assume it's more of a vote for Zeppelin and against the lawsuit.
Tom G.
Tom G. 2 months ago
The legal bar for copyright infringement is and should be quite high. I read about the roots of the law when people like Mark Twain had whole books published by others with not a cent recieved in other words straight out theft. That's what the law was intended to deal with. Not a bit of one song sounding like a bit in another song. Besides SWTH is an incredibly infectious /catchy tune; whereas...
violentauntie 2 months ago
Clearly influenced if not plagiarized, y'all toady fanshites can bite my stairway...
server1 2 months ago
The appeal court has come to a final verdict ---- Both songs are shit......
Meme kings
Meme kings 2 months ago
Manga de pendejos, opinan mierda, si les es posible péguense dos tiros en la cabeza por aquello de si la primera falla. NO PUEDEN SER IGUALES PENDEJOS, SERÍA UN COVER ENTONCES. Referente al plagio existe mucha posibilidad.
guywalker29 2 months ago
To illustrate a nightmare. Think of getting into a fender bender, imagine, when the other driver swings the door open and you hear Stairway. Same accident, but when the other driver swings open the door and you hear Taurus. Just a gentle dream.
grimble grumble
grimble grumble 2 months ago
Jimmy Plage 👻
smudosixfive 2 months ago
Spirit Taurus stole it from Johann Pachelbel Canon in D!!! ruvid.net/video/video-jQkb9DWCbZ8.html
Dann Singleton
Dann Singleton 2 months ago
WOW THAT'S AMAZING ...... that someone can try to reach that far and TRY to connect it to stairway to heaven ... ROFLMFAO, hope they got counter sued for attorney fees ;-)
Jane D
Jane D 2 months ago
def a rip off. anyone who refuses to hear it is intentionally deaf.
dpanza1 2 months ago
A copyright lawsuit in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals brought me here.
Marc Chiarini
Marc Chiarini 2 months ago
Is it just me or does the very beginning sound like a few notes from The Lord of the Rings?
Paul Barile
Paul Barile 2 months ago
Led Zep built a career on plagiarism. Why are people acting like this is brand new? it is a David and Goliath story except Goliath is a repeat offender with a lot of money. Fuck them.
I like this song and Spirit (RIP Randy), but there's a reason Randy himself never filed suit. It's a bit similar but definitely NOT the same riff.
Mark Barlow
Mark Barlow 2 months ago
Idk mate. Sounds very similar.
jtc1964x 2 months ago
Of course they stole the intro - not even a question. But there is a rest of the song following
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 2 months ago
I don't know there are a lot of songs that resemble one another. Songs influence songs. This isn't like Carrie Underwood blatantly stealing the NFL Sunday Night Football song. She didn't even bother to change the name of it, "Game On". It is literally the exact same song. This is not that.
trell3k 2 months ago
It has some shared elements for the guitar riff but not the same. Glad the courts didnt let the widow cash in on this..
Johnnie Hobbs
Johnnie Hobbs 2 months ago
Uhm... Led Zepplin did not steal the Stairway to Heaven intro.... news{dot}law/led-zeppelin-wins-stairway-to-heaven-plagiarism-case/
maytag1964 2 months ago
Yep, they are both guitars and neither one sounds like "Pop goes the weasel". It's a draw, End of case.
Annie Smith
Annie Smith 2 months ago
To those of you who don't play guitar, you have absolutely no concept of how unalike these songs are. NOT remotely the same tune. Yes, there is a part that sounds somewhat similar. As every song invokes some similarity to some other song. That's it. Spirit, GET OVER IT!
howzerman1 2 months ago
There's a LAWYER who's sure All that glitters is gold And their suing for a stairway to heaven When the LAWYERS gets there they know If the courts are all closed With a word they can negotiate what they came for....LOL
just forfun
just forfun 2 months ago
there are some few notes of similarity but plenty of different titled songs have them....to say it's copy of stairway is way out there in left field...
howzerman1 2 months ago
The same part that is allegedly stolen was itself stolen from My Funny Valentine.
QueenGaGa 2 months ago
The estate manager is dissatisfied. He had demanded compensation of millions of dollars and acknowledgment that Wolfe had contributed to "Stairway to heaven". He is considering appealing to the US Supreme Court, the highest court in the US. In the two court cases, the jury did not hear recordings of "Stairway to heaven" and "Taurus". They had to rely on sheet music. I'm convinced that the court made the right decision, and that the US Supreme Court will follow that decision.
Phil Niemi
Phil Niemi 2 months ago
Slightly similar but in all probability a coincidence.
Ryan Bullock
Ryan Bullock 2 months ago
Spirit should have to pay Led Zepplin a portion of royalties that they have received from people listening to this song, which they never would have even known existed before the lawsuit.
herve le borgne
herve le borgne 2 months ago
Ghozer 2 months ago
Description needs updating... www.cbsnews.com/news/led-zeppelin-court-rules-band-did-not-plagiarize-riff-for-stairway-to-heaven-2020-03-09/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab7e&linkId=84021938
Paweł Karpiuk
Paweł Karpiuk 2 months ago
Ni sądzę - ale podobieństwo jest. Głowy bym nie dał....
Giacomo Mancini
Giacomo Mancini 2 months ago
Francesca Canova
Francesca Canova 2 months ago
The stairway to somewhere, but not to heaven!
Steve Timmons
Steve Timmons 2 months ago
Certainly some similarities to Zep, the Beetles and... Bach, and many others. Arpeggios do sort of sound like arpeggios, don't they?
Libbie Clowns
Libbie Clowns 2 months ago
Yeah, so it has the one part that definitely sounds like the very beginning of S to H, but then S to H completely deviates from this song so I'm thinking this was a good decision.
Win battle in court for "Stairway to Heaven" The guitarist Jimmy Page and the singer Robert Plant are left with the great victory in the Court
billy bob
billy bob 2 months ago
Zeppelin DID NOT STEAL the intro. Francis Malofiy is full of Shite and in it strictly for the money.
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart 2 months ago
This song is stupid and so is the lawsuit. The only similarity is the 5 note walk down in the intro and beyond that, it doesn't go anywhere.
patbyc1977 2 months ago
No way
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