Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov Win Gold - Full Free Program | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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Russia's Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov claim the Pair's Figure Skating gold medal as they perform an excellent routine to Andrew Llyod Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar for their Free Program at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
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Mar 7, 2014




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Comments 80
Leirix61 13 days ago
Ksenia & Fedor were flawless! Don't like olympic champions who touch ice! 152,69 is a joke!
totally crypto
totally crypto 14 days ago
What is that move where he holds her hand nd swings her around called?
joekel55 11 days ago
@totally crypto A " forward-inside death spiral" of the highest level (4)
To Dimensions
To Dimensions 18 days ago
Arousing audiences’ aesthetic feelings in natural flows...completely beyond rough physical attentions. The choice of music is so rich.
Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez 19 days ago
Ganesh Garg
Ganesh Garg 22 days ago
Светлана Пуляева
Elena Skvortsova
Elena Skvortsova 23 days ago
Why did they got no deductions? She touched the ice
Александра Свиридова
She didn't fall. Deductions only for falls, too long programs, costumes that violate the rules, banned elements etc.
Любава Кынина
Gibby Cates
Gibby Cates Month ago
I’m not being hateful toward the American pairs skaters, but I thought once the CCCP broke up and the Soviet government stopped funding their elite skaters that the Americans would catch up to them in terms of advanced technique and artistry. That hasn’t happened. Why are American pairs skaters not as competitive as their Russian, French, etc. counterparts?
joekel55 11 days ago
@Gibby Cates Because there isn't a "good" tradition (coaches) of pair figure skating, on contrast there is in men, women and icedance and that results in worldtop places. All depends on the basics.
Maire Ni Laoi
Maire Ni Laoi Month ago
Don’t you wish the announcers would shut up and let us get lost in the beauty
Надежда Катанова
Великие Татьяна и Максим! Люблю бесконечно !!!😍😍😍
Josephine Bernal
The greatest ❤ So beautiful ❤❤❤
Дмитрий Шалый
Это высший пилотаж!!! Татьяна умница, талант! Траньков силища, вот такие у нас пермяки! Горжусь земляком!
Tan Po Khen. Poniman.
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Sara Bower
Sara Bower Month ago
Whenever I’m having a rough day I come and watch this. What incredible artistry and athleticism. Such tremendous movement and stunning arrangement of the music. It humbles me and reminds me of God’s goodness in our universe that someone could compose such beautiful music, and that musicians could perform it so wonderfully, and two athletes could so flawlessly execute a routine like this to it. Just humbling and awe-inspiring!!!
Натали Натали
Круче Господа никого не было, и не будет!!!
____ Month ago
They look like fairies
lele oliva
lele oliva Month ago
Roberto S Zaninovich
Superb !!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Натали Натали
Иисус Христос - Супер Звезда!!!
Anggit Aji
Anggit Aji Month ago
Siapa yang nonton orang Indonesia?
Валентина Корсак
Мои самые любимые спортсмены!!! Оюожаю!!! Люблю!!!!
Primila Jacob
Primila Jacob Month ago
H Chao
H Chao 2 months ago
I know its not ice dance but they look like they're dancing!! so smooth and precise, making such difficult moves look so easy, and little nuances in the choreography!!
Fiona Fang
Fiona Fang 2 months ago
Pia 2 months ago
Ice skating is so hard I really admire the people who can do it.
نسرين طه
نسرين طه 2 months ago
Раиса Иванова
Юля талант и совершенство.
Jay R
Jay R 2 months ago
I have watched many ice skating performances but this one attracted me the most because how beautiful this couple looks. And Maxim’s physical build & the way he moves is exceptional, different from other male skaters
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet 2 months ago
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet 2 months ago
G Mostofa
G Mostofa 2 months ago
mind blowing
Bernadette Garden
Bernadette Garden 2 months ago
Absolutely beautiful💕
Eva Zsigmond
Eva Zsigmond 2 months ago
the most unnerving piece of music ever
Александр Рева
великолепное выступление!
Zineb Elkoutni
Zineb Elkoutni 2 months ago
This is amazing, I loved their great show
Galina Kompancova
Galina Kompancova 2 months ago
Татьяна и Максим браво, браво, браво!
К К 2 months ago
Cesar Klein
Cesar Klein 2 months ago
Perfektion 👍👍👍👍
αγησιλαος μυρτιλος
angels flying over the sky of the stars
Светлана Беликова
Апсолютные чемпионы!!!
Lucas 2 months ago
This program is just hideous
Pg/06340 2 months ago
evelina ekholm
evelina ekholm 2 months ago
Anubis The Lycan
Anubis The Lycan 3 months ago
Nobody: Figure skaters: **yeet**
свет души моей
Музыка просто отвратительна для них👎
Lars Ruffer
Lars Ruffer 3 months ago
Скорость,синхронность потрясающие! Обороты,выбросы,подкрутка и все так чисто! Шедевр!
Sỹ Phúc
Sỹ Phúc 3 months ago
Зинаида Григорьевна
Единственная пара ,которые мне очень нравятся после Кати Гордеевой и Сергея Гринькова! Очень красиво! Гордость наша! Спасибо Вам Таня и Максим!💗💗💗👍👍👍👍 !!
Andrew Fuller
Andrew Fuller 3 months ago
They seemed out of sync through good portions of this.
Andrew Fuller
Andrew Fuller 3 months ago
She was and a half second or so behind him on and off. Or he was ahead of her. Either ways.
Who Am I?
Who Am I? 3 months ago
She got her maskera on his shirt after she hugged him.
Bonnie Bester
Bonnie Bester 3 months ago
I love figure skating but can't bear watching Pairs...seeing them throw women thru the Air and stuff...makes my stomach turn!!!
jeans are too tight
Sarah 4 months ago
i cried and im not even russian
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov 4 months ago
They are on steroids. They should be banned....from Olympics
nadja rocha
nadja rocha 4 months ago
Pontuação injusta.....,,,,eles deveriam ter mais
Justise Mcgraw
Justise Mcgraw 4 months ago
I would definitely die doing this
Лаки Лакмус
завораживает! браво Таня и Максим!
Как птица как чайка
PrincessMegan Elsa
PrincessMegan Elsa 4 months ago
Beautiful ♥
Александр Заваров
Согласен с лайками насчёт лучшей произвольной олимпиад приятные воспоминания
Corinne Popin garel
Corinne Popin garel 4 months ago
Ils sont juste magnifiques !
Nina Kwiatek
Nina Kwiatek 4 months ago
czy ona jest zbożem
Matheus Geraldo
Matheus Geraldo 4 months ago
Someone after Spining Out ?
Life Lea
Life Lea 4 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks the music didn’t fit? But still, this is so beautiful!:)
Oegres I
Oegres I 4 months ago
Ребята достояние России! БРАВО!
kathy rag
kathy rag 4 months ago
Bruh, I was think she was Angela from the office.
ВИКА.К. 4 months ago
Смотрю и пересматриваю это легендарное выступление! И каждый раз, уже наверное сотый, в конце - слезы от избытка чувств, избытка эмоций! Спасибо, ребята! Вы стали легендой!!!
Aricia Storch
Aricia Storch 4 months ago
"they're both in tears" "im in tears" i laughed so hard
Lyan can
Lyan can 4 months ago
Hello 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
gemma soyls
gemma soyls 4 months ago
They didn't skate the choreography well and were out of sinc in the unison parts.
Ирина Кузьмина
Красиво до одурения!!!
Jefferson Braz
Jefferson Braz 4 months ago
Parabéns 👏👏👏👏🌎
Сибирь 4 months ago
Я помню как болела на Олимпиаде за Максима с Татьяной.Хотела,чтобы наша пара взяла золото.Они очень сильно постарались и выиграли!!!
Linzy C
Linzy C 4 months ago
i hate side by side spins they scare me so much
yallow rosa
yallow rosa 4 months ago
Irina Rodnina and Aleksandr Zaitsev were better
Youtube subscribers BD
Roman Nieuwkerk
Roman Nieuwkerk 5 months ago
when he threw her mad high in the beginning my stomach turned
Зинаида Григорьевна
Какой сентиментальной Максим,поцеловав лёд! Спасибо Тане и Максиму ,вы лучшие!
carmen rubio
carmen rubio 5 months ago
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