Tati Westbrook aimed for James Charles. It hit her instead.

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0:00 - Intro
ACT 1:
4:29 - What's up with Tati Westbrook?
9:13 - Tati breaks her silence
14:58 - Debunking the entire "apology" video
21:36 - How it went down in 2019
25:34 - Manipulation tactics and a new attitude
ACT 2:
32:52 - The plot to take down James Charles
38:14 - The art of the 40-minute exposé video
42:08 - RUvid gets involved
46:57 - Defending Tati Westbrook
51:42 - Ending Tati Westbrook
ACT 3:
55:22 - Reversing the narrative
1:00:20 - Updates to Part 1 and Part 2
1:06:39 - Where do they go from here?
1:08:31 - This will all happen again
1:11:33 - Thank you for everything.
Tati Westbrook aimed for James Charles. It hit her instead.


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Aug 25, 2020




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Comments 100
dangelowallace Month ago
The fact that this all happened over VITAMINS . . . it's like some sort of vacation bible school version of Breaking Bad.
Miar Angle
Miar Angle 3 days ago
@winnie then it’s sexual harassment Lmao
Expecto Maxima
Expecto Maxima 12 days ago
No hate man, i like ur vids but do your research abt the real truth behind yummy, its abt pedos and exposing hollywood, dont simply make contents without knowing the whole truth. No hate just this is bad you didnt do your research
Christian Santiago
Christian Santiago 18 days ago
Hey lol
Casual Fan
Casual Fan 22 days ago
Wait is the music in the sponsor stolen from two dollars twenty?
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Month ago
yes............ just yes
Gabby Cipollina
Gabby Cipollina 2 hours ago
insider made an article about you and said that you're rising up
That Euphonium
That Euphonium 3 hours ago
its ethos
Steffie C
Steffie C 4 hours ago
Watched all 3 vids in 1 day and im a deangelo fan! SUBSCRIBED!!! Good idea letting the shane video get demonitized.... I WAS blind in love... NOW I WANT TO CLAW MY HEART OUT!
erin marie
erin marie 5 hours ago
She could’ve been hyped up to make a video but coerced? I can understand them having a part in encouraging the already standing idea she had of exposing him.
Pitbulls Go boom
Pitbulls Go boom 5 hours ago
Why does he look so smart?also why does he sound why he’s gonna hire us as a hit man and we’re in training?😂new to the channel but love it
Maryam Rashid
Maryam Rashid 6 hours ago
His videos are soo well edited, well scripted and thought out. So enjoyable and thrilling to watch.
amy heather
amy heather 6 hours ago
www.insider.com/dangelo-wallace-interview-youtube-shane-jeffree-tati-drama-channels-2020-9 yall
amy heather
amy heather 6 hours ago
this guy is so cute and hot at the same time,,, how can someone be that beautiful? I came here from an INSIDER article and damn you have a nice face
Daniel Olusanya
Daniel Olusanya 6 hours ago
Great channel 🙌🏾 u remind me of Lupe fiasco lol
Red Rosey
Red Rosey 6 hours ago
I hate when she said ( we both apolagaized to each other ) , like he apolagaized for trusting you , and you tried to ruin his life maybe .
‘TheDancingPanther ‘
Chris Cobb
Chris Cobb 12 hours ago
The reason she gets so much flack is because she put out the video trying to destroy a friend, that is someone I for one could never trust.
lancey 13 hours ago
StellaUCN 14 hours ago
after your next video (yes i know this is very late), could you maybe talk about rorochan_1999? a lot of kids still don't understand, and i think this needs to be spread about because stupid edgy gacha kids are making videos about her and being like rOrO iS mY wAiFu!~~~!!!!!1!!!!11111!11!1!!11!!! when shes a 14-year-old girl (if alive, now 21 i think) who commited suicide on stream because her viewers told her to do it. and in the hospital, she literally said "ジャンプを後悔しています" which LITERALLY MEANS i regretted the jump. this is honestly ridiculous, and i think the king of youtube drama content would be GREAT at explaining this. this seriously needs to be spoken about. (there is videos of her jump and past live streams, and i recommend NOT watching them because most of them are very strange and/or scary, and may be disturbing to some people. there is a version of her suicide with only the audio, and that still made me scared but i am NOT a sensitive person. so um... yeah watch them if you're brave.) -Someone smart enough to know that Roro is NOT a anime waifu to mess with.
passionate Belieber
passionate Belieber 14 hours ago
You are way too much smart for your age
Azeb Cyrus
Azeb Cyrus 14 hours ago
That whole new video she posted was basically “if I’m going down, you’re coming with me”
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas 15 hours ago
I really appreciate him calling out the very slanted way that a lot of the Tati-bashing was coming in. It seemed like a lot of the worst and more gendered insults were coming from people who were looking for any reason to call a woman things like that. Really well thought-out and fair assessment of the situation. Kudos, man.
laberynthe 15 hours ago
I'm not sure if I care about drama at all. It makes my head hurt. This entire thing hurt my feelings and made me depressed. I don't even watch these channels, dude. But I clicked on this series because this is fucked up and I needed to watch it because the truth is super important in a place where perception is so easily skewed and manipulated. I mean, this shit made it into the news! People believe anythiiiinnnng. Especially those of us who take everything at face value. Like. Fuck these grown ass people, you know? James is a child. Do I find him annoying and very white? Yes. But he's still a child! And he deserves all of the things he's obtained because he worked for it and networked and honestly supported people he believes in. These people are irresponsible internet citizens and they need to get help. Especially Shane. He's definitely clinically fucked up. That's just my intuition as a mental health enthusiast. I am not a professional but know enough to realize he needs all the help.
Gamma Whale
Gamma Whale 15 hours ago
Why are these videos seemingly only dealing with gay stuff?
Sunday K
Sunday K 4 hours ago
sexism in combination with double standards sells? I mean, obviously
OrangeandBlack 16 hours ago
A bit off point but this man Dangelo's voice and pattern is extra soothing and interesting. First video of his I've seen. Subbed.
Ciarra Balsomo
Ciarra Balsomo 17 hours ago
"Team Edward or the ... Other one from Twilight." You were obviously team Edward. 👀😂
Vex 19 hours ago
To me the only very obvious thing about this is that Shane and Jeffrey are relatively intelligent individuals. That however doesn't include emotional intelligence. When you're intelligent but able to distance yourself emotionally you can easily manipulate people. Tati however is most likely of average intelligence but on the higher end of emotional intelligence scale, which makes her often act with generosity, impulsivity and be the kind of "protector" or "martyr" in her relationships. It also makes her the perfect target for manipulation. I don't follow any of these people, but that's kind of what I've seen. Only my opinion though, because we people are hella complex and there's not enough information to form more than an educated guess at best.
youssef ziad
youssef ziad 20 hours ago
Sick profile pic
Genevieve Gates
Genevieve Gates 21 hour ago
You're famous!!!! You're on the front page of Yahoo!!!!! www.yahoo.com/news/era-list-youtube-celebrities-over-163000142.html As a famous canceller of people. Which you're not, but still, cool
Rizhwan 22 hours ago
Eagerly waiting for your new content!
Kirara Kurokawa
Kirara Kurokawa 22 hours ago
Diversity hire
Sina B
Sina B Day ago
Please make more videos I love youu
Renata Rocha
Renata Rocha Day ago
I believe Jeffree is behind the whole thing he seems so manipulative
Jade Lin Lee Chen
Any sane human in existence would have reached out to their friend after hearing serious accusations about them. There's literally only a few reasons why you wouldn't: a) you're a crappy person, b) you're not really friends, or c) you're the person spreading those accusations in the first place.
Gregory Nash
Gregory Nash Day ago
Larray really called Tati out
꧁Luxt꧂ _
꧁Luxt꧂ _ Day ago
This is why "Great power comes with great responsibility" I'm very proud to be one of the people who has been there since his lifehacks and "mACarOnI nECkELAce" I'm also proud of James achievements.. #ProudSister
I D K Day ago
I’m so glad I found your channel. Your intellect, eloquence, wit and dry humor is amazing. The way you break down the psychological aspects and reasons why people do the things they do *chef’s kiss*. I have a few questions that I hope you have the time to answer ☺️ Your 3 Jeffree/Shane/Tati videos have, in a way, also been centered around James Charles, and I would love to know your opinion of him. Do you believe he is 100% an innocent victim? Or do you think he is also part of the problem? Personally, I feel he’s just as toxic as the unholy trio you’ve spotlighted. I would love to know your thoughts! (Maybe even in video form? 😉😏) ❤️
Sangwoo Oh
Sangwoo Oh Day ago
Can you make a video about Jaclyn Hill? I hate the beauty community but shes just always in some drama and her lies don’t make sense??
Matt Michel
Matt Michel Day ago
'there must be something in the water in la' excuse you. tati is from seattle, james is from new york, shane is from long beach, and jeffree is from orange county the issue is not with my city, its with the people who move here wanting to 'make it' who will do almost anything to do so you dont blame a child for getting cancer. you blame the cancer
noklayev Day ago
aud Day ago
honestly woof thank you so much for bringing up the homophobia of going the "he's a predator bc of his sexuality" route
Kix Musaid
Kix Musaid Day ago
Imagine believing anyone in the “beauty” community
Talk about Cuties next. Wait, never mind. I don’t want you on the FBI watch list
Edu A
Edu A Day ago
U should mention how pewdipie influenced james charles to upload the no more lies video.
Vimbai Magumbe
you should make a video about azalea banks and how her career ended i think that’d be really interesting and i love your vids man
_ElisabethArtsyGirl _
You must be a leo lmao
Reckless Recovery
"2021 version maybe his couch will be even uglier" lmfaooo
Alyssa Ortiz
Alyssa Ortiz Day ago
Tati is awful but out of those 3, she’s the least awful one tbh I still think James should’ve hit her & Jeffree with a fat ass lawsuit
LVW Day ago
This guy has such a smooth, soothing voice. I don’t know who any of these people are but I’ve listened to the whole series just for the voice and clearly laid out content that even I could follow. (My oh my...so much ugly in “beauty”) 🤭
Ingrid Mulder
Did she read the text from a tablet?????? She was fake and is still fake.
Ingrid Mulder
I never liked Tati.
pretty spectrum xxx
You're the only RUvidr that makes me sit still and watch an one hour video roosting someone. Go judge put the hammer down!
AjaMalaysia Var
Wtf is she looking at? Like in her "Breaking My Silence" video??
Liu Melina Sánchez Alvarado
PLEASE do a vid about glam and gore and all the drama surrounding her
your classic lesbian Bitch
I just want a WHOLE ass documentary like for real. Like on Netflix. Also Like in how there are a million history documentaries. Lol I just can’t wait until 2320 when RUvid historians get interviewed and talk about this huge 𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒍 and I want there to be parts that go into the homophobia and racism and manipulation.
Jordan Smiles101
Day 1 of asking D'angelo to do a video on the Gabbie Hanna drama
allan smith
allan smith Day ago
truth hurts
Algorithm 2 days ago
Dangelo plz marry?
chloe rain
chloe rain 2 days ago
the last two minutes i- oh my goodnesssss 🥺🥺
chloe rain
chloe rain 2 days ago
i think for a quick apology video james did the right thing bc if he tried to film a video defending himself that wasn't prepared with receipts he just would've gotten the same hate sooo smart move
Jack Chapman
Jack Chapman 2 days ago
As Trisha said, all these beauty youtubers need to go hide away in a closet somwhere
Kim Haas
Kim Haas 2 days ago
Normally, I don’t watch gossip videos about RUvid beauty gurus in a cat fight but Tati has bothered me for a long time. I’m only vaguely familiar with Jeffree and Shane, neither of whom strike me as ethical role models. It’s Tati that gets my attention, perhaps unfairly here. For the last several years, I’ve dropped into her videos but never subscribed. Her reviews were interesting but I didn’t like HER. Something about her put me off my kibble. Then when her Bye Sister video came out, it all crystallized. Tati is the ultimate narcissistic mean girl who thinks people owe her something for their success, they should be grateful. And she’s extremely envious that the time was right for James to capture the attention of a whole lotta people on RUvid. So, like many queen bees, she set out to destroy him with a smear campaign. Ok, maybe she didn’t do it all herself but I completely 100% believe she enjoyed every minute of it especially when James lost subscribers at first. Anyway, I don’t care about any of these people. But I especially don’t feel sorry for Tati whose karma caught up with her. Mean girls are always going to be mean girls. She’ll have a hard time rebuilding her brand. Maybe she’ll come back, who knows. But no one should feel sorry for her. Or Jeffree or Shane. Or James for that matter, whose 15 minutes of fame are probably almost up before he is supplanted by some hot new thing. Tati, ironically, had the best chance at longevity and she blew it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But oddly satisfying.
Kim Haas
Kim Haas 2 days ago
Watching to the end, no, Tati is not a caring person. Tati is a narcissist. Don’t believe me? Go watch Dr. Ramani videos. Tati fits the description to a remarkable degree. She’s extremely good at coming off as a caring person, a nurturing person. But she sees her protégés as an extension of herself. I doubt she actually recognizes James as a real person. That’s why she was delighted when he was young and poor and fawning over her and did her wedding makeup but was vicious to him when he decided to have a life and career that didn’t center around her brand. What we have here is a narcissist out narcissisted by a bigger narcissist. Jeffree is the real predator. He knew what Tati was because like attracts like. Then he used her as his flying monkey to stir up trouble and get an insane amount of attention. Mission accomplished. But don’t expect Tati to learn her lesson or experience an epiphany or anything like that. Her whole image is a facade. It’s all made up, like her full coverage foundation and her hygenic backgrounds. There’s no THERE there, which is probably why she hasn’t been back. Jeffree got rid of her by exposing what she really is. Neat trick, eh? Do I think she cared about James throwing himself off a balcony? Lol! She probably fantasized about it and how she would come back with an even more tragic video where she expressed her sorrow. Let’s put it this way. If Tati was really as caring as you think she might be, she’d be a luxe version of EmilyNoel83 who really is a nice person with a balanced personality. She ain’t. These are horrible people. Shallow, vain, selfish, callous and cruel. Now, if someone would please get them off youtube, we’ll all be better off.
Gacha_ Rosaline
Gacha_ Rosaline 2 days ago
Jaycooper 2 days ago
I don’t know any of these people, or how I got here but i’m here for the ride
Beanz Burrito
Beanz Burrito 2 days ago
Gaslighting and smear campaigns ARE ABUSE. Tati should have been xharged. I am so glasd he had support. My mother is NPD, and this kind of abuse is INSIDIOUS and unforgivable.
Ashlee Rae
Ashlee Rae 2 days ago
They all knew what they were doing and what ripple effect so much drama could have. Positive or not products sold out and insane over the last year. That’s just my opinion
Talabata 2 days ago
You would make an amazing lawyer. 🎯💯
Talabata 2 days ago
You would make an amazing lawyer. 🎯💯
James Porquez
James Porquez 2 days ago
See these 2 are great manipulator:, Shane Dawson and Jeffree star just look at their body language they are telling that they coerced her to post a video about James charles
marquis sagnia
marquis sagnia 2 days ago
new pfp but.. no new vid
arosequartz 2 days ago
So after all this I have learned a few things: Never get involved with the beauty community there's nothing *beautiful* about it. Jeff Star is the most phony, aggresive, jealous, narcissistic man I know. Shane is disgusting. Straight up disgusting. He doesn't need money he needs therapy asap. Tati was...I thought she was actually okay from a distance. From looking in from the outside, she got a little too nosy in the drama, manipulated to go at james charles, took that to a whole new level, and hasn't taken responsibility for her mistakes. In the end, they all made horrible mistakes, are not taking responsibility for anything, and if I ever saw them on the street, I'd run the other way asap. They are all dangerous, manipulative, and need their social media accounts shut down. Now.
・Bav Breezy・
・Bav Breezy・ 2 days ago
Love the new set up 💞 looks great!!!
Emma 2 days ago
Hey can you do glam and gore
Roxanne Daily
Roxanne Daily 2 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 I love this video !!! Keep up all your great content . Your take on all these issues in the best possible way ,you get right to the point and makes total sense out of serious complex issues. Thanks🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Umbriel 2 days ago
Idk about y'all, but this is starting to really look like Orwell's 1984
Cillian Simon
Cillian Simon 2 days ago
5:24 SHADE! 😅 Really though, she was so banking on Shane's cancellation, her mentioning Shane's old content right when she's accusing him of orchestrating James's cancellation and right smack in the middle of Shane's cancellation because of his old videos...the timing was impeccable.
typical_pisces 2 days ago
You should talk about Among Us. And people sexualing the colors.
Pink Crewmate
Pink Crewmate 2 days ago
And the people saying it is literally an anti lgbtq secret nazi hangout
Ellen G
Ellen G 2 days ago
Oh please.... if James Charles actually jumped off his balcony from the 50th floor then you might have actually seen some authentic crying
anime anime
anime anime 2 days ago
On the side what the hell is she looking at it's distracting
• simply savannah •
Make vid sis vs bro now pls
Melissa Allison
Melissa Allison 3 days ago
Tati is a co-dependent empath.. that’s why she fails to see her responsibility in the situation.. she views herself as a good person who only wants to help but demands reciprocity or she becomes vindictive ...
M G 3 days ago
God I hate Tati.
Thomas D
Thomas D 3 days ago
25 AUG = dangelowallace 1.64M subscribers
bumplebee 3 days ago
Are we gonna talk about how weird it is that these fully grown-ass adults are/were super close to a teenager?
India Knipe
India Knipe 3 days ago
Jeffree bringing up victims of police brutality in his apology was just so tasteless
Ascher 3 days ago
I just need you to know that this whole series lives rent free in my auto play and that it’s so familiar to me that I can quote certain parts of it- you always say “on average only 33% of you made it here anyway so if you did you’re special.” What if I’ve made it there 600 times d’angelo. What then.
Ascher 3 days ago
I’ve given you Atleast $8 dollars from my views alone and I wish you got more of it for the amount of times I’ve seen them lmfao
mallybailee 3 days ago
"there must be something in the water in LA that causes an allergic reaction to accountability."
TehShanno 3 days ago
I blasted James Charles to friends but not over the Internet over that Tati rant. I have since looked into it, including this video, and feel horrible. He was a kid still and got horrible flack for stuff that wasn't really looked into enough before they knew. Some of your comments were hilarious though so keep up the work.
Vaneska59 3 days ago
"I guess she was self reflecting but instead of using a mirror she was looking at herself in a brick wall." SHOTS FIRED, OOOOH!!!
Boro Api Sarah
Boro Api Sarah 3 days ago
What a snake
Lihle Tsipa
Lihle Tsipa 3 days ago
Miss your videos and it’s only been like a month 😂
G G 3 days ago
Tati Westboro Baptist Church. 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Simone Schultz
Simone Schultz 3 days ago
Cmon Tati, your actually manipulating your audience here so it’s not ok to allow yourself to BE manipulated but it’s ok to BE manipulative.
Gwendolyn Bingham
RUvid dosen’t forgive, we forget, then somebody brings it up and we all ignore it, and are like nah that was in the past or no that didn’t happen! This is what RUvid is. We created this monster of drama.
Alma Fermin
Alma Fermin 3 days ago
watched every ad get your coin king
Greyson Reichensperger
New content cop
Olga Dalit
Olga Dalit 3 days ago
Voracious Reader
Voracious Reader 3 days ago
OK, so I watched a different video of yours and thought I’d check more out, but at the 3:14 mark, I’m done! Zero interest in people who make money the way you’re making money, essentially by using your new viewership to leverage income for simply “talking about what [you] want to talk about.” Well, guess what? The only people I’m interested in giving opinions about basically anything are people like Stephen Fry, who actually challenges my mind. What you’re basically doing is using drama from other “personalities” to give you a big enough wave to sustain your commentary on the things they’re doing wrong....so how is that doing anything but generating income from creating more drama about nothing?? I mean, if you want to do that, and you find a niche and some cash, fine, if that’s what you want. But don’t think you’re going to get respect and viewership from thinking, educated people who have a lot more going on than to listen to this junior high school hallway gossip. Forget it!
fiesel datches
fiesel datches 3 days ago
His videos are high quality, factual, and informative. Very valid criticism.
CrazyLoveOwl 3 days ago
ngl, i would want d'angelo to narrate my life, dude's voice is great
Can you stop getting near the mic so closely i can litteraly hear your spit in your mouth its uncomforting.
Juniper Hill
Juniper Hill 3 days ago
I love RUvid Premium.
AllPeopleUnite 3 days ago
13:00 This would make a great a "American Crime Story: Season Whatever" if it weren't so inane.
Vaneska59 3 days ago
The fact that we lost Jenna Marbles online but are left with those people speaks for itself. I hate that.
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