Taron Egerton & Awkwafina - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Taron Egerton and Awkwafina share their love for Elton John and Miss Piggy and talk about their films "Rocketman" and "The Farewell."
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Comments 80
Norma edith Silva
El es hermosoooo 💕💕💕💕 🇦🇷
Russian DL. / Драгслаб
How many times she said "like..."?
Noah Casper
Noah Casper 13 days ago
It’s cute/funny that Taron doesn’t really know about MySpace. You’d think he’d be the exact generation to have used it. I’m 10 years younger than him, and I know what it is, although I’ve never used it.
planet of the aliens
Where can I get her jacket?
AndyJmovies 2 months ago
Awkwafina not being oscar nominated for oscar was a shame but glad they both got the golden globe
Maren Schultz
Maren Schultz 2 months ago
If they don't talk about dark crystal i will be so upset
Can we get three drinks in these two and send them on a second date?
Mark N.
Mark N. 2 months ago
Well now I don’t know what to do. 😂 or 🍆
Paula Safira
Paula Safira 2 months ago
In the future I'll tell my kids she was Mulan 😅😅😅
SoS Z 2 months ago
The two biggest 'snubbed by the academy' in 2020
Zoe Jean Louise
Zoe Jean Louise 2 months ago
Two biggest Oscar snubs this year
Philip Moore
Philip Moore 2 months ago
I am super pissed she didnt get an oscar nomination
Gustaf Persson
Gustaf Persson 2 months ago
Wow, two actors that the Oscar's snubbed
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner 2 months ago
Awkwafina, that Oscar nomination for The Farewell should have been yours....Thank you so much for daily inspiring my life saving Mobileye Intel career success story based in Jerusalem Israel at my start-up where I daily save lives from car accidents and for inspiring my Oscar Academy Award winning journey. I may have High Functioning Autism but my Autism never owns me and defines who I am.
patrick lane
patrick lane 2 months ago
I loved Awkwafina in Crazy Rich Asians! "Bak Bak Bitch" lol. love it
Jeremy Stubbs
Jeremy Stubbs 2 months ago
*They won Golden Globes but were snubbed for Oscars*
MisterRandom2 2 months ago
Nice to see Rian and skekLach getting along in real life.
Justin Shea
Justin Shea 2 months ago
Awkwafina's New Yorker accent is showing here! 😂
Duan Kai Neo
Duan Kai Neo 2 months ago
the snubs are physically painful
rihanna fan
rihanna fan 2 months ago
They were both ROBBED
Bianka Rocha
Bianka Rocha 2 months ago
Can’t believe they got snubbed by the Academy
Aaron Malixi
Aaron Malixi Month ago
I think it’s really uncanny that both of them won the Golden Globe and both were snubbed at the Oscars. That is just so eerie...
Gwanny18 2 months ago
Think Taron Egerton (The Rocketman) and Geroge McKay (1917) both deserved an Oscar nomination for their performance ! This year, they really snubbed young actors.
maymakvm 2 months ago
No oscars?? wow
Brendan Taylor
Brendan Taylor 2 months ago
They fit their astrology elements in their dispositions here.
Josh 2 months ago
They looked so comfortable to watch together, they're backing up each other so both shine in this interview.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 2 months ago
I agree.
Julia DaSilva
Julia DaSilva 2 months ago
nothing but respect for golden globe winning icons
Deanna D
Deanna D 2 months ago
I truly love them so much and seeing them together makes me so happy!!! And congrats on their well deserved wins!! Such beautiful and talented souls.
Natacha G
Natacha G 2 months ago
Our two Golden Globes winners!
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
and now they're both golden globe winners.... that's fucking awesome well deserved for both of them
stargazerlse 2 months ago
They're like chalk and cheese but it kinda works here so I'm happy :)
Becca Schuster
Becca Schuster 2 months ago
And now back to back golden globe award winners 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Jehoshan Peiris
Jehoshan Peiris 2 months ago
Who's here after seeing these two happy faces win golden globes
acLewBert 2 months ago
And they both won Golden Globes for Best Actor and Actress! Congrats, guys. :D
Zoe Wright
Zoe Wright 2 months ago
They both won a golden globe!
Don Faustino
Don Faustino 2 months ago
Amazing how these two just won (deservingly) their Golden Globe awards for Best Actor M/F for Comedy/Musical, but are constantly on the honorable mentions list in Oscars discussions 😐
Allan Inandan
Allan Inandan 2 months ago
Jorge Ochoa Ramírez
Both winners for Best Actor and Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes 2019. Congratulations, well deserved!
Amanda Jans
Amanda Jans 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this because we’re always watching them answer questions about themselves in interviews so it’s really interesting to see them ask questions of their peers. Taron’s questions for Awkwafina were interesting and well thought out
Riddle me this
Riddle me this 3 months ago
I need Emilia Clarke and Daisy Ridley to do one of these together.
S Chan
S Chan 3 months ago
@Ryan Klinker i would need sunscreen for the amount of light being reflected off of their pearly whites
Ryan Klinker
Ryan Klinker 3 months ago
The amount of big smiles would be unprecedented!
Natalie Molena
Natalie Molena 3 months ago
Variety brought us this yet they published an article with a list of the worst movies and put rocketman on it🖕
Kwak HaEun
Kwak HaEun 3 months ago
I love this video. So insightful, so honest. There is something beautiful in their conversation.
Carlin Jahns
Carlin Jahns 3 months ago
I wonna see Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone
I would love to see Taron as Wolverine and Awkwafina as Jubilee
El Señor Xan
El Señor Xan 3 months ago
Put Britney and Christina together
Art Hoe
Art Hoe 3 months ago
He has to sit there and pretend he's seen her shit acting? That's the ultimate actor right there
Margaret J. L. NICOLAS
Taron Egerton as a host 😍 . Yes, please. Name the show... Go!
Akirasu Rei
Akirasu Rei 2 months ago
Or him having a podcast and inviting fellow actors and other people in the industry talking about their craft. Either way, I'm in.
Adam Patla
Adam Patla 4 months ago
Muppet Christmas Carol is THE best version of A Christmas Carol.
ElizaLanga 4 months ago
And handsome he is.
Nathan Francis
Nathan Francis 4 months ago
Awkwafina is really funny.
Alvin Niel
Alvin Niel 4 months ago
Taron for Wolverine
ettie edwards
ettie edwards 4 months ago
Taron have a deep voice.and i love it❤❤❤❤
Usha Shrestha
Usha Shrestha 4 months ago
Taron Egerton is ♥ ♥
K Parker
K Parker 4 months ago
Yessss, finally two people that I think would have an amazing conversation!! Sometimes they put together two people that are just so similar I have no interest in watching, and sometimes they pair people of SUCH vast differences in experience level in the industry that it feels like one person may not respect Examples of similar people: Kristen Stewart and Shia Labeouf, Chris Evans and Scarlett Jo, etc.
jarednil69 4 months ago
These two are so serious! They should loosen up!
Emma Iannella
Emma Iannella 4 months ago
He is so adorable
Lara -
Lara - 4 months ago
I've seen so many interviews with Taron, I already knew almost everything he says.
jolie 4 months ago
I see she lost that fake ghetto accent when she does more serious interviews 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Adrian Frias
Adrian Frias 2 months ago
S. Jay it’s called code switching
Donut Domination
Donut Domination 4 months ago
Yeah yeah
jbela 4 months ago
This was an absolutely adorable video. The interview was very dynamic, both actors getting to know each others favorite pastimes and experiences and interests in the acting world. I felt like I was watching a very cozy interview, with Taron looking his best with no socks :)
Benzaiten 4 months ago
Taron channeling his inner Graham Norton!
Janneth2211 4 months ago
Chris Pratt and Aubrey plaza please !!
Janneth2211 4 months ago
Will C 😔
Will C
Will C 4 months ago
They're not in any awards contenders this year.
Victoria C.
Victoria C. 4 months ago
Merkwurdiig 4 months ago
wheres her blaccent? i guess she only uses it for attention?
sophia sandoval
sophia sandoval 4 months ago
hannah thorpe
hannah thorpe 4 months ago
He’s not as charming as she is
Nolan Valerio
Nolan Valerio 4 months ago
they literally start a comfortable conversation 28 min into the convo lmfao
Nolan Valerio
Nolan Valerio 4 months ago
they look like they’re struggling on stuff to converse over lmfao it’s sooo awkward at times lol
Tristan Jay
Tristan Jay 4 months ago
Always wondered how this whole thing works,do they just allow the actors to speak freely or are they given questions to ask?
Scobie Whitebeans
Scobie Whitebeans 4 months ago
I really like this series, but this pairing was a mismatch.
Ban Fasso
Ban Fasso 4 months ago
Actors on actors? Never heard of her. Awkwafina sounds like it should be a bad local rapper’s name.
Ban Fasso
Ban Fasso 4 months ago
Na Na That makes more sense
Na Na
Na Na 4 months ago
She's a rapper and that's her stage name, she's like a rapper that accidentally became a actor who is now getting oscar buzz.
Ban Fasso
Ban Fasso 4 months ago
koney Oh I bet she does lol
koney 4 months ago
she does raps though
sparklyseventies 4 months ago
wow I’ve never loved something more I fucking love them
Maria Cristina Pedroza
I can totally see these two in a Rom-Com
Andy Ward
Andy Ward 4 months ago
Who the fuck is Aquafina? I never trust celebrities that are somehow famous before I’ve ever heard of them. Before oceans 8 id only heard her name once or twice. Am I supposed to treat her like an established name just because the powers that be decided to push her?
RogerC 4 months ago
Brief bio: "Nora Lum, known professionally as Awkwafina, is an American actress and rapper. She had roles in the films Ocean's 8 and Crazy Rich Asians and the lead role in The Farewell. She has released two albums, Yellow Ranger and In Fina We Trust. " Born: June 2, 1989 (age 30 years), New York, NY (source=Wikipedia)
YB BA 4 months ago
He is so calm and she is so anxious
MAGA OFFENSIVE 4 months ago
Asian women are gorgeous
Andrew 4 months ago
Two of my favorite movies I watched this year, The Farewell and Rocketman.
Faith Hudson
Faith Hudson 4 months ago
They were both in Dark Crystal together, to bad they couldn't talk about it!!
Faith Hudson
Faith Hudson 3 months ago
@Lloyd 1738 I don't know...it would make scents for them to talk about it but didn't
Lloyd 1738
Lloyd 1738 3 months ago
why couldn’t they talk about it?
Isabel Sim
Isabel Sim 4 months ago
I love how Awkwafina is just so chill and laid back with the way she speaks. She doesn't try to show off with flashy eloquent words and vernacular. She's just cool with who she is :)
Berk Ç.
Berk Ç. 4 months ago
*Still waiting Robert De Niro and Al Pacino*
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen 4 months ago
awkwardfina makes me puke, I'm a Voss man.
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