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Re-live each of Tape Face's hilarious performances & auditions on America's Got Talent 2016! From his first audition all the way to the final performance on AGT 2016! What's your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments below.
Original Clips:
Tape Face First Audition:
Tape Face Judges Cuts:
Tape Face Quarter Finals:
Tape Face Semi Finals:
Tape Face The Final:
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Sep 14, 2016




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Comments 80
lewis harrison
lewis harrison 9 hours ago
This guy looks like he belongs in Arkham asylum or something 😂😂
Random Girl
Random Girl 13 hours ago
Mels attitude annoyed me
ALYSSA MILLER 15 hours ago
Me: Eats tacos and cinnamon twists while watching dese vids. Me: Scrolling through the comments
UngarToTheMax 16 hours ago
Even watching it all these years later I’m still laughing about it
Speed Move
Speed Move 16 hours ago
Justin Likewise
Justin Likewise 16 hours ago
This is cool for some street performances but that's about it.
DueMagician921 14 hours ago
Funny how he has sold out full stadiums while you comment from your computer or phone
dondy catorce
dondy catorce 17 hours ago
its funny
Gus Rivera
Gus Rivera 19 hours ago
Whoever disliked this don’t got tape on there mouth
KuCinG KeLabu ID
KuCinG KeLabu ID 21 hour ago
I think he resembles Jared Letto actor Joker.
şeref hoca
şeref hoca Day ago
GN Channel
GN Channel Day ago
What a music?
Imagine he had a stuffy nose...
jordeezy 23
jordeezy 23 Day ago
So creative
neibor22 Day ago
czemu każdy po angielsku
peter mozaya
peter mozaya Day ago
Bro this guy is idiotly smart
해볼꼰대[I'll Try]
잘 보고갑니다 ~~~^^
Nílton Silva
Eu não canso de vê esse vídeo
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Day ago
😂😂 El final quedo èpico
Chelsea Facey
Estelle Ballejos
Did anyone look at the views lol #tomuch
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas Day ago
did you know tape face has a lip ring
Freeman Griffin
I would have buzzed him out of the competition and said NO NO NO! Not my taste at all!
DueMagician921 14 hours ago
Good thing you aren't a judge. You would be fired with your level of idiocy
Ruslan B
Ruslan B Day ago
the 1st performance is nice, the rest is *hit..
Ivan Enriquez Arauzo
No puedo creer que les guste esa basura, perdida de tiempo...
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 days ago
aleksmikipapa 2 days ago
Кончена нігрітоска фу.
Duy Vũ
Duy Vũ 2 days ago
Name of music
Henry Warbrooke
Henry Warbrooke 2 days ago
Love to see more of tape face very imaginary great performance
Aditya Raina
Aditya Raina 2 days ago
Mah bruh became a finalist without saying one fkn word
Sing with Aakanksha!
Imagine his tape got finished and he had his performance tomorrow😂😂😂♥
Jhenina VLOGS
Jhenina VLOGS 2 days ago
How does he does that
Mighty Kids
Mighty Kids 2 days ago
Can he talk 🤷🏻
Zack Falz
Zack Falz 2 days ago
pertunjukan gak jelas tolol
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez 2 days ago
What is that song he does with howie
Trisha Urvan
Trisha Urvan 2 days ago
Lean On Me is hilarious
豆乳さん 2 days ago
ibrahim yegin
ibrahim yegin 2 days ago
turkiyede olsa adami daldan sikerler o kiza yapdiyigibi
Zoey Goldman
Zoey Goldman 2 days ago
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this men is a artist
Marshal Fcuker
Marshal Fcuker 3 days ago
Most dumbest thing I've ever seen
DueMagician921 13 hours ago
Then you haven't read your own comment
mY dOg SaYs:
mY dOg SaYs: 3 days ago
So ur telling me a guy wit a tape on his face looked like he just came from a rock band wit those clothes almost won America’s got talent…wow just wow
peter mozaya
peter mozaya Day ago
Dean Young
Dean Young 3 days ago
I just want to know, are these two voices his own?
Pengwin Playz
Pengwin Playz 3 days ago
Man: Wiggles his thumbs a bit then puts half a jacket on and starts dancing Howie: Brilliant!
просто так
Он показывает то что страшное может быть смешным:)
Algernon 3 days ago
Why does he look like penguin from Gotham
Chiara Portillo
Chiara Portillo 3 days ago
Que mala onda la chabona! 14:59 PD: no entiendo ningún comentario xd😅
أنا عسل
أنا عسل 3 days ago
أكو عرب باطيارة🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cryo smith Smith
Cryo smith Smith 3 days ago
In movies
Cryo smith Smith
Cryo smith Smith 3 days ago
Jim carry should play as people he as played before on stage
kanarya kanarya
kanarya kanarya 3 days ago
Ne güzel seyirciler sessiz güzel bı şekilde izliyor müzik sesinu duyuyoruz amk bizimkiler hayvan gibi bağırıp duruyorlar neye tezahürat yaptıklarını da bilmiyorlar
TIK TOK GAMERBR 3 days ago
no 2 SHOW What is 2's music? ??
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 3 days ago
*This guy is amazing,and funny,and creative* ❤❤
Peter Parsons
Peter Parsons 3 days ago
Mel B, what your to good to help an act out on stage? At best, you only had average talent in your day. You certainly didn't have the guts to perform alone. Poor effort 3 / 10
DueMagician921 13 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-jUUO5JeT-QA.html begs to differ. Actually research before you comment next time
ivan carlos da silva silva
Esse cara é bom fatoche
Justin Kim
Justin Kim 3 days ago
He doesn’t have like genuine talent. But the comedic and slightly creepy execution is amazing
DueMagician921 13 hours ago
Yet he does have genuine talent. He knows how to act.
Richard C
Richard C 3 days ago
He is weird and I like it
Egy ponty
Egy ponty 3 days ago
12:26 music name plss
ADVIKK 3 days ago
12:18 song name please??
Limi Bosi
Limi Bosi 3 days ago
I don't know if people are being satirical saying he got a lot of talent but I would have buzzed to judges cut and have him out. I am shocked how they got him to finals by just doing stupidest things ever.
DueMagician921 13 hours ago
good thing you dont judge. Stick to comments about things you know. Your idiocy is irrelevant
Limi Bosi
Limi Bosi 3 days ago
I am not a hater but I am just too old to like these stuff. Maybe my age's fault.
It's_Me_ Ayeza
It's_Me_ Ayeza 3 days ago
Curtis Sherrill
Curtis Sherrill 4 days ago
Very talented; Mel not so much.
Dein Vater
Dein Vater 4 days ago
This guy is a legend xD
Бабий Магнит
Блин, такой он талантище, вообще, крутой!
Бабий Магнит
крутые ребята конечно!
@Hammadi Onse コメ荒らし乙
Hammadi Onse
Hammadi Onse 4 days ago
Ş0ço ieubėkķfrbkqbssb Nn encnlqmybmbnevnv
Young BUFFALO 4 days ago
Coi cười mún bể bụng
Jackson Boss
Jackson Boss 4 days ago
I see why they got rid of MelB lol
Kursty Ashby
Kursty Ashby 4 days ago
This guy is a legendary dude he was good at comedy
Random things
Random things 3 days ago
And i was good at see ur comment
Archie Ubiria
Archie Ubiria 4 days ago
cristian franco
cristian franco 4 days ago
Dejo este cover.. espero que guste.. ruvid.net/video/video-FxB54cMn7v0.html
Просто Алеша
Unrecorded R
Unrecorded R 4 days ago
Petition for got talent to make (Got talent music) becuz we are bored of singers and musicians winning we need a different show for other talents except music and dances! so we need a different show for music and a different one for others so that we can see more of talents like this whos with me?
Laura Santos
Laura Santos 4 days ago
Nobody: my insecurities: 13:26
William Zhang
William Zhang 4 days ago
Brilliant acts. They look simple even childish on the surface but they have obviously been well planned to the every lasting detail. I especially liked the final act. Every trick in it must have been practiced many times over to maintain the smooth tempo. Who knows how many more tricks went into planning these acts in the process of getting them perfect, but were left out to make the acts smooth. This guy is a genius.
Jakobo Alvarez
Jakobo Alvarez 4 days ago
Soy el único que habla español acá ? Like si no
Bapynkmen Nongbri
Wt ?
MikeGrinch124 4 days ago
ну молодец же =)
lazy gamez huyter
He really took a chance on his third act with the whole “Ghost” reference
William Zhang
William Zhang 4 days ago
​@lazy gamez huyter Thanks. I never saw that film. I just found that scene on youtube.
lazy gamez huyter
William Zhang Ghost is a movie, in it two people, well, have a bit of fun while making pottery
William Zhang
William Zhang 4 days ago
The ghost reference?
lazy gamez huyter
This guy nearly won from doing whatever he wanted. Perfection
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