Tanks that DON'T CARE in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I'm playing the T95 and Tortoise, two tanks that don't care what's in-front of them!
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 544
Hector Morey
Hector Morey 3 days ago
I have a general question: I find myself hoarding old tanks, last count I had over 100. My question: What is the average number of tanks that some of you keep? Thanks for your replies!
Alyssin Williams
Alyssin Williams 3 days ago
Does one get XP for blocked damage at all?
Joshua 5 days ago
I challenge anyone out there to 3 mark this beast. This is the definition of insanity
Damien Engemann
Damien Engemann 7 days ago
Which one is the best? Badger or T110E3? Or JgPzE100?
JCA017 8 days ago
I fcked up with my STA-1 becoz of that fat turtle jeezz
Nico Linder
Nico Linder 8 days ago
6:03 Killed that Strv by staring at him angrily enough
FistUp MyAss
FistUp MyAss 9 days ago
Tonto Bb
Tonto Bb 10 days ago
How did u bet the name quickly baby. Cracks me up
T95E2 also abandoned.
Firebird_528 16 days ago
Tier IX "sweet spot"? I normally do -5-9,5k in my Obj 257, even if 90% of these games were 2-3k damage and 2-4 kills its just frustrating how capitalism works on a communistic tank.
Seven Nyaa
Seven Nyaa 16 days ago
Alexander 20 days ago
I tought Jagdtiger
TomassoM Meils
TomassoM Meils 21 day ago
War thunder is better
Priyanshu Dey
Priyanshu Dey 23 days ago
You dont play the game u just waste the interest and talk a lot during the game!!
FlouMiix 23 days ago
Well played! Enemies hates you
No bow Ties
No bow Ties 23 days ago
Does anyone think that the t110e3 is worse than the t95???
Bob Heale
Bob Heale 24 days ago
please do a review on the turtle
rasta galicto
rasta galicto 25 days ago
Weakness of t95 is center of his truck pad
xXKombat _GodzXx
xXKombat _GodzXx 27 days ago
Sometimes I use a light tank like tier 3 or 2 as a sniper tank which the M3 light tank I think? Is honestly the best sniper tank even though it's a light tank, I gained 24k in total Experience and tank Exp per match I gain like 1 or 2k Exp. Which is O.p at the time. I think it's still is I think? XD it been awhile since I used the m3 (someone plz correct me if I'm wrong).
Erika von Tirpitz
Erika von Tirpitz 28 days ago
I love the dmg tho
jonathan Wieringa
jonathan Wieringa 29 days ago
There's this one sad guy who's really pissed and keeps pinging the map for a solid 40 seconds non-stop phaha.
Veselin Simic
Veselin Simic Month ago
I have an old video from older patch where i did 1 vs 9 with 1%HP..but i cant watch it anymore since the patche's moved on.. Anyone willing to help me to retrieve video and post YT..for free or not i just wanna keep those memories :)
Wray Day
Wray Day Month ago
Playing a T-95 back in the day before the game became World of Medium tanks pressing 2.... yeah.... pure joy.
Angelo Nitu
Angelo Nitu Month ago
I make with torto 7,7k dmg...and i just smeash the red team!!😁😁👀😎
Telecasterland Month ago
I would of blacklisted Snake_1973 in about 2 seconds
Jesus of Nazareth
I hate people camping on, t95, t30, jagpanther, jap e100, e75, etc etc
Mike Patton
Mike Patton Month ago
When its top tier its great, but tier 9 and most 10 can damage it with gold from distance. The power creep made it irrelevant. Dont grind it, jut buy a russian premium and have more fun
MilleniumExodus Month ago
Who the fuck play WoT in 2019!? O.O
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Month ago
The doom turtle was my first t9, even ran it in some clan wars back in the day. Was beyond happy once the e3 was introduced, minus the painful grind for it.
Random dude
Random dude Month ago
Those who wont use word "fuck" should not use phrase "who dont give a..." Because you clearly give a fuck for something when you hesitate while trying to not give a fuck
amio overlord
amio overlord Month ago
shut it. BP is slower
logflogger Month ago
i will always remember 1 shotting an IS7 with a T95. Was only trying to track him, but BOOM! ammo rack.
Albert Ho
Albert Ho Month ago
"hitting French Wheeled Light tanks feels so rewarding" me, in the crusader: *puts in 4 6-pdr shots into the wheeled LT, doesn't feel rewarding*
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter Month ago
The only thing that has changed is everyone and their grandmother spams gold at it.
flodA reltiH
flodA reltiH Month ago
All that map pinging...
Spy Smocking
Spy Smocking Month ago
9:29 Wtf is that reload time????
Spy Smocking
Spy Smocking Month ago
Mile WorldOfTanks wow its like a better version of the jagdtiger 8.8
Mile WorldOfTanks
4 secs
Gopnik Overlord
Gopnik Overlord Month ago
wait the T110E5 and the S. Conq are T10 TD's?
John Barton
John Barton Month ago
Slotmech Month ago
Handle a Doom Turtle with care; they have a nasty bite. ☣😏😂
ZGuy0fSci Month ago
It's tanks/vids like this first one that make me glad for the 6 or so years of WoT that were worth mostly for it before a nerf too far in the 9.0's and such. . . good times.
TheSnazzyComet Month ago
QB you should do another video of your old favourite the Comet! Or the IS-3, haven’t seen it on here in a while
bob allen
bob allen Month ago
I wondered why I wasn't getting notified about his new videos, $5 per month... give me a break
DaDa Month ago
I wonder where the idea for this video comes from...
Tommy SANDVIK Month ago
You haven’t been uploading replays by other people lately
Minik Jonas Brændshøj Søgaard 6A Rødding Skole
peonatre Month ago
T57 heavy and AMX 50 B
Twipzzz 13
Twipzzz 13 Month ago
Always top tier.. Have u some deal with WG?
Jakeup07 Month ago
I had the t95 back in the day on beta for xbox360 and I remember 1 game on malinovka where I literally crawled right through the middle of the open field and just took all the shots and kept on crawling and spotting. Other than that it was super hard to do much in battle because some of the maps were so big you couldn't help if no one pushed you into battle.
Mehrunes86 Month ago
T95 aint as fun as it used to be, with all the "got no fucking skill gold pussies"
Claus Bohm
Claus Bohm Month ago
10:09 "Run away, run away" or as Angry Nerd says "retrograde" but really fast!
Nib-Na5ty Month ago
So what does it have a big health bar?
Michael A. Stuart
I don't have either of these tanks yet, and have played against them a number of times without luck of course! Now I know why-- wow! great vid!
GRhellinas Month ago
I loved your video for these amazing TDs! But, unfortunatelly, the WoT do not create any events for tier IX vehicles!!! So, what's the point to have the tier IX tank?
Robert Piskorski
I love my new T28 Concept...here a replay for Quickybaby: wotreplays.eu/site/5054739#glacier-muckilein-t28_concept
Mile WorldOfTanks
But its a good replay tbh
Mile WorldOfTanks
Only 2k dmg
negan28 Month ago
I admire ur persistence with this game. I start playing this game 4 years ago but this last years Wargaming is full p2w mode so i stop playing ,im waiting for the day wargaming will stop the p2w tanks nonsense , but hey if ppl buy it them i guess they won't stop.
Charles Robson
Charles Robson Month ago
You don't hold the W key in the T95 that's just plain crazy quickybaby, you tap it a few times set the adaptive cruise control, sit back or go grab a beer and enjoy the scenic tour of the map, the speciality of the T95 is when the world gets you down you just hop in, smile and stop giving a monkeys!.
HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar
France LT is chicken on open field
Attila P
Attila P Month ago
Since randoms last 4-5 minutes nowadays, it became frustrating to play with t95 and all slow tanks. Sometimes you cant even shot one because the teammates run ahead and kill everyone till you get there (or they die fast and the enemy horde surround you and kill you in no time). I think only fronline has fun in wot.
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