Tanks that DON'T CARE in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I'm playing the T95 and Tortoise, two tanks that don't care what's in-front of them!
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Comments 80
Joseff Zerafa
Joseff Zerafa 4 days ago
My plan is to get the T95 and then not get the T110E3, because the T95 works better with my play style.
Asian Zhildude
Asian Zhildude 4 days ago
I don’t like prerecorded shit lmao
Ryan Jackton
Ryan Jackton 5 days ago
8:43 My playstyle
Awaken 6 days ago
Quickybaby likes midget porn confirmed
louie renault
louie renault 7 days ago
1 thing that didnt change Black Prince
Calvin Payne
Calvin Payne 16 days ago
Warthunder is better
Rubnoob 17 days ago
😎 gangster t95
mos 855
mos 855 17 days ago
Please tell me why blitz on my pc doesn't look like this and how I make it looks like this
Mikestion 20 days ago
*longe barrele*
Chuck Graham
Chuck Graham 23 days ago
I've had to stop playing my T-95 simply due to team mates leaving you alone and letting you get circled up by a med. or light and arty. Once spotted, your arty focused and it just wears me out being hit by some ass wipe sitting in the back of the map.
Fábio Marques
Fábio Marques 25 days ago
Play War Thnuder its a better game ;)
Tech & On the side
Tech & On the side 25 days ago
Likes freaks in real life🤣 I know what you mean🤣🤣
Joseff Zerafa
Joseff Zerafa 25 days ago
I would say that the T110E4 is the best tank destroyer in the game! Think about it, it has a semi-treversable turret, amazing alpha damage and good penatration.
AKalashnikovT 29 days ago
3 mark the churchill game carrier and I'll believe you're into freaks, and yes, I've done it in console
Evil Duolingo bird
Fun fact: the only surviving T95 tanks after World War Two was actually found in a tiny Bush in the middle of France.
Quentin Sandy
Quentin Sandy Month ago
First tank Pancake.
tycool 10123
tycool 10123 Month ago
Poppin Cherries
Poppin Cherries Month ago
Jimothy Month ago
Turtle tank
The Pilot Penguin
The tortoise is like John wick, it kills with extreme focus and efficiency, it’s name is legendary
linguini Month ago
How much did you get paid for this
Statue Demon
Statue Demon Month ago
I dare you to be in live stream but looks like a live stream to me
Brandon Korb
Brandon Korb Month ago
We really gonna let that freak comment slide like that 😂😂
panteret Month ago
guess you had to play 50 battles to get this one?
Ro Roelafson
Ro Roelafson Month ago
letting his Freak Flag Fly !!! lol
Rudy Gallardo
Rudy Gallardo Month ago
You gained a sub, that banter is superb 😂
Jairald Mandique
i think your piloting
As soon as u said doesnt give monkeys i closed the vif
TheFiftGuy Month ago
I really wish they buffed the badger to make it a tier X version of the badger honestly, I don't mind having more alpha for a slower reload, but that armor needs work
Dustin Sanders
Dustin Sanders Month ago
You know the t95 actually passed its trials. It was just never used. So in testing it was a success
Philipp Q
Philipp Q Month ago
This feeling when you oneshot a fast moving car with arty acros the half map. Just awsome
Niunkin Month ago
Ooh ye i remember my T95.. i was playing from start to 2014 never played for stats "oden mortis" clan hated me cos i hated campers so i used to push them out from cover 😀 anyway T95 game started and i went strait in the midle of the field and all.enemy team was firing at me so i reached enemy base with 80% hp and kolled more than half team alone .. monster TD
The BandZ011
The BandZ011 Month ago
This is the most AWESOME TANK i drove back then with 13 kph 😁😁😁 sadly i sold out, i plan to buy again 👊👊👊
-Sun- Month ago
everyone has these badass tanks and im so jealous but the grind is so real
Alan Month ago
AT15: it was at this moment, he knew, he fcked up
LxV3nDeTtAxX Month ago
T95 will fuck you up, eventually......
Bozhidar Month ago
i hate this tank...i can't penetrate this beast :D
SMOKE Month ago
Haha yeah Tortoise looks like Fiat Multipla
seth hardy
seth hardy 2 months ago
That pinging was pissing me off
tom bez
tom bez 2 months ago
That panicked meds hilarious
Ghostcamel 2 months ago
h3h3 V A P E N A T I O N
Jeremy Clarkson.
Jeremy Clarkson. 2 months ago
shut up meg
Whosthemaster 2 months ago
Still prefer war thunder, no offense
Zydlik7 2 months ago
I loved my T95 back in the day. It was the first tank I ever really liked.
Ivan M
Ivan M 2 months ago
Lol at 10:00 they realised the done messed up. If they had legs they would be tripping and falling on their way out
COOKIEor Else 2 months ago
The AMX 40 should be in this video
Cristian Micu
Cristian Micu 2 months ago
tanks that dont care? t95? who do you want to fool QB. or your a fool yourself HEAT goes through cupolas like nothing and your dead in one minute. and guess what :nobody is tracking him, nobody knows his weak spots and tier 8's , right you never face tier x in any of your battles with t95 and competitive tier x players who know what to do with t95, so you consider this tier 8 battle to be more representative to showcase on your youtube video isnt it your audience on youtube and twitch is all idiot tomatoes, quickybaby? your a joke
Cedil Gaming
Cedil Gaming 2 months ago
Everybody gangster until the t95 uses his repair kits for his slightly damaged tanks
Krazykal 2 months ago
A double hilting? Oh my!
Igor Arsic
Igor Arsic 2 months ago
Once i penned a t95 in the lower plate with a standard round from a t43... It has 144 pen...
Chan Kazu
Chan Kazu 2 months ago
TheAlphaStrain 2 months ago
I had over 600 battles in my T95 before they changed the top speed to 20km/h. Yes, a lot of the times is was super frustrating considering you're on your "daily double" and your team wins before you get a chance to shoot something. But I still enjoyed the hell out of it.
Micho Micho
Micho Micho 2 months ago
am i close or /good all ,,top a da morning to ya,,really say f,monkey when u do //whatever real organic micho /laibach
Vendetta 3 months ago
Thats why im getting it
Dan Z
Dan Z 3 months ago
Tortoise is AT with sloped armor and a huge gun. Prove me wrong!
Andrija Lukic
Andrija Lukic 3 months ago
YEAH The Tortoise very powerful tank in War Thunder, it can stand on the mid of the map and just bounce the shells, I'm enjoying it when my Nazi 1T bomb hit it directly on the top ufff yeah...
DarioDerHut 3 months ago
It was one of the funniest tanks on tier 9 that i played. 14 km/h is not a big problem. In my opinion a much better tank destroyer as the T30 and i played both. Also it is one of that tanks i didnt sell. It was so fucking easy to get T110E3. But maybe i like this tank just because it is a legend of my early wot days :D
Ahmad Ejaz
Ahmad Ejaz 3 months ago
I just love the way he use to avoid bad words
william nordgren
william nordgren 3 months ago
same for 7:25 since his qrusie control isnt on and the tank turned explain this
william nordgren
william nordgren 3 months ago
at 05:04 how did he control the tank if he had his hands up
Ossuum 3 months ago
At the very beginning there was no american tech tree at all.
Mike 3 months ago
T95:I will get the kill as soon as I reach the frontline
that noob
that noob 3 months ago
When I'm in my T30, I like to team with a T95 because they are my perfect hull defense and I can shoot perfectly over their top. It just takes a lot of coordination if they have to maneuver.
MTF Captain
MTF Captain 3 months ago
Tape a 155mm to a turtle.
21wowfan 3 months ago
Ignis Ferrum
Ignis Ferrum 3 months ago
Nice mic - Rode NT. Have one myself, good quality.
Deadz Gaming
Deadz Gaming 3 months ago
Is this pre recorded?
The impaler Vlad
The impaler Vlad 3 months ago
O yeah and when arty shits you from above u sit and cry
Genesis Gaming
Genesis Gaming 3 months ago
What a bullshit video
Damn son where'd you find this.
9:20 what is that player you are shooting doing? Ive seen better players at tier 5. Standing out im the open and trading damage. At least he is standing at a angle not his side or front turned to you, though not like it helped him very much. And i am worried at tier 5 that players are gonna be too good at later tiers.
Radu Constantin
Radu Constantin 3 months ago
aaa look, two meat pinatas, every time I meet them in the game I absolutely wreck them, I guess they work against total muppets.
Emilio Vega
Emilio Vega 3 months ago
Versus tier 7, anyone..
Deanne Clyde Noarbe
Deanne Clyde Noarbe 3 months ago
Looks like lamborghini with a long barrel gun
William Smith
William Smith 4 months ago
Americans weren't in the game in the beginning... the real funb game was pre-america
Boris Hasarrived
Boris Hasarrived 4 months ago
Lamborghini ass tank.
Mighty Limpit
Mighty Limpit 4 months ago
It may be slow but it just doesn't die
Malthe føns dissing
When you say tanks that don’t care I think about this” cuz I don’t care you can shot me everywhere but when I look at you your dead “
Vilius Erminas
Vilius Erminas 4 months ago
Sometimes i think that not you played with that tank you just comment it so prov it make a video where you play.
Ace H
Ace H 4 months ago
“Protect my butt” -QuickyBaby
RebelGaming 1.5.1
RebelGaming 1.5.1 4 months ago
Anyone notice the T95 is still moving when he has both his hands off the keyboard? This is STOLEN FOOTAGE
TheBlackTribe 23 days ago
U realize u can put auto drive on
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