Tangled: Trailer 1

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What happens when the greatest thief in the Kingdom accidentally stumbles on its longest-grounded resident? Check out the latest trailer for TANGLED and get ready to join Flynn Rider and Rapunzel on an epic adventure!




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Comments 80
BethGoth15 8 years ago
I really wish I could've watched this when it was out at the cinema. It actually looks pretty good. *waits (im)patiently for it show on SkyMovies*
crayolapower 8 years ago
Pascal Forever XD
fk fk
fk fk 9 years ago
The. Best. Movie. I. Have. Ever. Seen!!!!!!!!! (P.S. I just luv the horse (max) in the movie if u guys like him in the trailer, u should see the horse in the completed movie!!! ;) )
Gianni Perritt
Gianni Perritt 9 years ago
@mzhite4ever nov 24
Nicki Britt
Nicki Britt 9 years ago
whats the date that tangled comes out i luv rupunzel disney should have made to versions uggh i would have bought the dvd and went to the movies to see it
cjdstruction 9 years ago
"i have no choice........here comes the smolder" *puppy face* so funny PX
Carrie Canterbury
Carrie Canterbury 9 years ago
@Shazoka me two that was my favorite part lol
Chione Dyrken
Chione Dyrken 9 years ago
@lawkig actually i thought it is more like Rapunzel and Robin Hood. =\
Se Nguyen
Se Nguyen 9 years ago
when is the movie out....
vivalasioux 9 years ago
@lionzero19 then u got no humor at all m8 lol i feel sorry for you.. :(
PrettyLittleOne 9 years ago
@meganerdygamer pixar ¬¬, suuuuure
PrettyLittleOne 9 years ago
@LeG0sTeinCHEn and what happened with andy???? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...... x3
Mila Garcia
Mila Garcia 9 years ago
ahahahahh i wanna see this movie !
Fortunato Acosta
Fortunato Acosta 9 years ago
"i didn't have to do this but u leave me no choice but here comes the smolder" funny
LeG0sTeinCHEn 9 years ago
Wooow. I wanna see it soo bad :D Its the first time that i like a prince in a disney movie. He is really beautifull :D
SorceressDamia 9 years ago
That little lizard is so adorable! Even my dad laughed when he did the little "let's beat him up" fist punch. This movie looks so awesome, I can't wait for it!!!
TsWade2 9 years ago
I hope it does well. Because I'm worried about Disney Animation. Especially hand drawn.
chrischico 9 years ago
@ChicanoLA They replace Kristin Chenoweth for Mandy Moore, too bad
Girl Who Loves Fantasy
@gaaracherry Acutally she's blond because that was how it was written in the original fairy tale
DarkDragonWing 9 years ago
This is great! I can't wait to see it! :) Love Disney animation!!!
@WDI2008 ooh cause they think that naming the movie "rapunzel" minimizes the boy audience going 2 watch the movie.....i know RAPUNZEL is much easier to remember
TsWade2 9 years ago
@FutureDJHero I agree. Barbie Rapunzel movie is stupid and badly written. Disney version will be better.
Angel 9 years ago
I really wanted it to be Keanne's 2D work. :( But after seeing this trailer, I can forgive Disney. :)
Xineal 9 years ago
Hmm... I'm torn. On one hand, Disney used to have subtle humor in their movies, not... Shrek humor. I don't really mind the 3d thing. It's entirely possible to make a 3d movie with a great plot.... it just hasn't been done yet. ) On the other hand... I like the whole "Prince actually getting a character" thing. Maybe it'll even be good character. Who's the villain in all this? Hope it's a good one... at least the eyes are still abnormally big. :P And what are the chances this'll be a musical..?
wizardwarrior713 9 years ago
LOL that lizard The animation in this doesn't look half bad. I'm really looking foward to this.
Lily 9 years ago
i watch the last part with the horse laughing over and over again!!
kogababe 9 years ago
Disappointed by the fact it's not 2D and the guy is a thief rather than a prince :( I don't see this making it into the league of the classics--happy that The Princess and the Frog did though
Lauren B
Lauren B 9 years ago
@gaaracherry Because Rapunzel is blonde and not all princesses are blonde. Jasmine in Aladdin, Pocahontas, Snow White, Ariel...
hardBoss 9 years ago
All that hair and no spit ends, most impressive. I’ll also take cute over beautiful any day.
Marinemiketobe 9 years ago
Actually looks pretty good.
543MRDUDE 9 years ago
looks meh.
Prima Mote
Prima Mote 9 years ago
It looks good, but after Toy Story 3, I don't know if this is a good movie for Disney to follow up with.
cmonparpunth 9 years ago
@fullmetallover637 I thought it was Dane Cook too but it's Zachary Levi from CHUCK!
cmonparpunth 9 years ago
He's soooo cute! haha
Ruby Miltey
Ruby Miltey 9 years ago
@WDI2008 Rapunzel is kindy of a wierd name for this movie
music2012 9 years ago
@love182427 What you only got one eye?
Patrick Wells
Patrick Wells 9 years ago
It's not 2d animation...but at least it's in that Disney style. Maybe Lasseter really can make Disney good again.
Mandolindsay 9 years ago
@gaaracherry Let's take a look at that, shall we? Out of all the disney princesses, I can count only 3 blondes. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and now Rapunzel. And honestly, in the movie, Cinderella is more of a strawberry blonde. So hmmm.... how is that a blond overload again?
Esperanza M.Bravo
Esperanza M.Bravo 9 years ago
@fullmetallover637 It is Zachary Levi... and Rapunzel is Mandy Moore
Scowlingpest 9 years ago
@WDI2008 apparently the inclusion of concentrating on the guy as well as changing the name is to attract more boys to see the film
AreYouNormalBass aka gracemythchild
Guybrush Threepwood?!
thexzomxcat 9 years ago
@gaaracherry Agree with you on the Barbie part, but Rapunzel has always been blond...I think it would actually be more upsetting if she wasn't in this case.
linda petersen
linda petersen 9 years ago
@fullmetallover637 it's Zachary Levi (it's on imdb.com)
Casual Supreme Smasher
You know.... this actually looks pretty good.
PugsnHugs 9 years ago
Rapunzel looks a lot like Thumblina. Shes pretty =)
Shah Syed Dawood
Shah Syed Dawood 9 years ago
he is just like prince of persia the sands of time's hero
fullmetallover637 9 years ago
is the voice of the guy dane cook or steve carell
Catherine Sayshi
Catherine Sayshi 9 years ago
@ 1:22 , only venom used to make that face..
LauraBlue 9 years ago
why does every princess have to be like a blonde barbie???
Elizabeth Fields
Elizabeth Fields 9 years ago
@shewolfx1 Which one? The one when he's getting beat up is Trouble by P!nk.
Kyle Chang
Kyle Chang 9 years ago
Why for did Disney change the name Rapunzel to Tangled ? Because Rapunzel is easier to remember
vjm3 9 years ago
Stupid sexy Repunzel and her plump pouty lip-glossed pink lips.
Nanabobo 9 years ago
I'm... surprised how good this looks, to say the least.
lyingbears 9 years ago
She's been grounded, for like...FOREVER.
Kimberly Z
Kimberly Z 9 years ago
song "trouble" by Pink
Kaede069 9 years ago
@shewolfx1 singer : Pink title: Trouble
Nikki Queen
Nikki Queen 9 years ago
Nikki Queen
Nikki Queen 9 years ago
whats the song? someone pls let me know!!
JrodLuvn 9 years ago
This looks funny.
jessssss624 9 years ago
That must take forever to brush..
Kyle Chang
Kyle Chang 9 years ago
This still looks a Disney version of Shrek.Which was way Disney pushed from 2007-2010 in order to retool because it had to many similarites to Shrek such as pop culture references
darknight910 9 years ago
I love the look of these characters and so far, just from the trailer alone, Flynn Ryder has become my favorite Disney "Prince" since Aladdin.
Gamercory33 9 years ago
Looks preety good.
avenueify 9 years ago
"Alright listen, I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here' comes the smolder."
kjtheman 9 years ago
This is Deffintly gonna be a Movie worth remembering ;D *by the look of the Trailer* ~ Can't Wait !! ~
Austin Schuhmacher
Austin Schuhmacher 9 years ago
the lizard is going to be a laugh riot.
ioet 9 years ago
Teodora Maksimova
Teodora Maksimova 9 years ago
sooo damn funny! just can't wait :))
Teodora Maksimova
Teodora Maksimova 9 years ago
sooo damn funny! can't wait :))
littlemegwashu13 9 years ago
i cannot wait to see this!!! It looks awesome and i love the story of rapunzel in whatever form!!!!!!
rufusdogrules 9 years ago
Likety Like Like Like!!
rufusdogrules 9 years ago
The Princess and the Frog was excellent!! Variety is the spice of life!!
ajshim 9 years ago
It looks like Disney is making a comeback.
sa 9 years ago
that horse cracks me up EVERY time!!
shing villarias
shing villarias 9 years ago
LOL!!!! Love it!!!
Person McPerson
Person McPerson 9 years ago
lol aha... nice...
Louis Hoang
Louis Hoang 9 years ago
Alexandra Von Genk
Alexandra Von Genk 9 years ago
jason dipus
jason dipus 9 years ago
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