Tangled Lyric Video | I've Got A Dream | Sing Along

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If you've got a dream to sing this song from Tangled, follow along to this lyric video.
What dream would you sing about?
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Comments 80
Julian Fralick
Julian Fralick 22 minutes ago
are the two rats the possums from ice age Eddie/crash 0:47
Zander Luperchio
Zander Luperchio 13 hours ago
True work of art
vendingguy47 18 hours ago
This should be a Broadway show
Mia Galden
Mia Galden Day ago
I love the dancing rats and how pascal is confused/disturbed
unoriginal username
im pretty sure the guy with the big nose has the dream we all want inside.
Julian Fralick
Julian Fralick 12 hours ago
true dat
SaltedwithFire 3 days ago
I’m here for 2:02
AMF Videos
AMF Videos 2 days ago
Same. Thanks for the stamp.
Smithkakarot 3 days ago
I wonder how Corkus (Berserk) would react to this song...
Faraz Hussain
Faraz Hussain 3 days ago
Corona anybody?
Hey StoB iT
Hey StoB iT 3 days ago
eugene is a straight up m o o d
Cristian Gomez Montt
"I've got a dream. I will become a gang-star!"
JP Torres
JP Torres 3 days ago
I giorno giovanna have a dream
Samuel Bernhardt
Samuel Bernhardt 3 days ago
1:11 Big nose: I really wanna make a love connection! Me: that is never gonna happen Event actually happens Me: >:(
Blueberry706 4 days ago
I am silly, weird and crazy and sometimes a little lazy, and I admit not really a collaborator. But despite the life I chose and my looks I suppose I always wanted to be an animator! Can you see me at my job at Disney Pixar? Making movies with a giant team! Yes, I'm known to be very strange, But I'm trying my best to change, 'cause way down deep inside I've got a dreeeeeaaaam! I've got a dream! (she's got a dream!) I've got a dream! (she's got a dream!) See I'm not that weird or creepy as I seem! Though some people think I'm dazing I find my dream amazing! 'Cause way down deep inside I've got a dreeeeeam! (Sorry my lyrics are bad. I tried XD)
AMF Videos
AMF Videos 3 days ago
This is super good.
Radu Mihai
Radu Mihai 5 days ago
01:57 Vladimir scared me! He's huge! I didn't expect him to smile!
Desiree Reign
Desiree Reign 5 days ago
Fun fact: the guy that voice Vladimir, the dude with the unicorns, is my boyfriends uncle
AMF Videos
AMF Videos 3 days ago
Really? That's awesome.
Azhar 6 days ago
Giorno Giovanna join the server
kylan seats
kylan seats 6 days ago
American Dad brought me here
T3rraBlox 6 days ago
Giorno Giovanna is gonna fit in with these guys no problem
Leyao Cai
Leyao Cai 7 days ago
Wait a sec, the first guy said his hands aren't the cleanest and the kingdom is called corona
Ibrahim Bolakar
Ibrahim Bolakar 7 days ago
GingerCatEmi S.
GingerCatEmi S. 7 days ago
If Rapunzel was born in the 2000s: I've got a dream! I've got a dream! I just want an iPhone 11!
Jack Rowell-Burton
Anyone actually ask themselfs why do Disney Characters suddenly burst into song?
Jack Rowell-Burton
Me: Mr Mickey do I have to sing Mickey: ...No one will find your body... Me: Wait what? Goofy: *Puts bag over my head* time to have fun, Mickey
Dark Hero
Dark Hero 8 days ago
But this one is a disney character. Flynn himself lol that questioned why everybody was just randomly singing
Илья Радмирович
The best thing about this movie is that criminals in a bar sing this song which I really like. I could say with full confidence that this is the best disney story, its not about a prince or a monster, its about a criminal which life was changed by love and wish of wealthy life style. Ugine is the most relatable character in my opinion
Aldmeri Patriot
Aldmeri Patriot 9 days ago
All these people have more character than anyone in the Starwars sequel.
Srishti M
Srishti M 9 days ago
If you had to pick one of these malicious guys, based on which hobby they have that is the most similar to yours... Who would you pick? I'd probably pick Vladimir, because I love unicorns!
no face belives in lemon tree
Killer, I want me some designer
Sally Rose
Sally Rose 10 days ago
the best character was by far cupid
Del Primo
Del Primo 10 days ago
Tangled>Both Frozen Movies
Lisa Gaughan
Lisa Gaughan 10 days ago
I'm Attila
Dishant Gandhi
Dishant Gandhi 12 days ago
It's hindi version is more exciting
Carolina Villarreal
Who saw Pinocchio in 1:52 up were flynn is hanging
David C
David C 13 days ago
Ugine is bird
David C
David C 13 days ago
Bored Not bird
David C
David C 13 days ago
Pascal does not need rats dancing
Ibrahim Bolakar
Ibrahim Bolakar 13 days ago
Mark Manning
Mark Manning 13 days ago
Can’t wait for the live action movie of this awesome childhood movie! 😍 Thanks disney for working on this! 😍😍
Jordan Kim
Jordan Kim 13 days ago
this show is sponsored by Martin Luther King Jr.
Jordan Kim
Jordan Kim 13 days ago
Rose_ Blue2102
Rose_ Blue2102 14 days ago
*Martin Luther King comes on the screen*
Elna Ghimire
Elna Ghimire 18 days ago
That chameleon freaking out is the best one😂😂
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama 18 days ago
Elna Ghimire pascal is his name
Electrified Heart
Electrified Heart 20 days ago
When the barbarian has a 20 on charisma
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama 18 days ago
Electrified Heart love the dnd refrance there I’m just starting out as an adventurer and I’m doing dungeon master training
Elena Viazzo
Elena Viazzo 21 day ago
*Giorno Giovanna has entered the chat*
Gabriel Macabuhay
Hello Villager
Markiismoo 21 day ago
It's weird seeing the original animation after watching the series for so long
Alex Mix
Alex Mix 21 day ago
But what did he have to break the piano like that?
Brooke Nguyen
Brooke Nguyen 22 days ago
*OMG! you see Pinocchio at ** 1:29 ** Look on top of Flynn!!*
existe_mas 23 days ago
Is it just me or the guy at 0:09 looks like a cholo 😎
solesurvivor 76
solesurvivor 76 24 days ago
This is the only Disney song I actually genuinely liked
Lily Beacom
Lily Beacom 24 days ago
"Sorry boys, I don't sing" * A knife gets thrown at Flynn* "I have dreams like you....." *Doubting face* "No really! Just much less.......Touchy feeling" Wow this should be a meme.
Lily Beacom
Lily Beacom 22 days ago
@Vinh Nguyen One of the best Disney characters.
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen 24 days ago
i Love him most 💜🍀
brianna mcmahon
brianna mcmahon 24 days ago
Flynn Rider me too
Taepioca Pearls
Taepioca Pearls 25 days ago
Flynn Rider is so gorgeous
MONKEEYBOY 04 27 days ago
Girls locker room: OMG, Mr Nolan is so hot Boys locker room:
dinu mihai
dinu mihai 27 days ago
that look tho 0:51 :)))
Lee Johnna
Lee Johnna 28 days ago
Xjj Queen
Xjj Queen 29 days ago
3:06 i love that harmony💖💖
Nexus the zygrade [huge, legendary, shemale]
I’m a slimy snake I can’t make a cake And I’m frowned upon I’d scare a swan But I got a dream But I got a dream I’d really wish I’d get freed from my ball Then I’d give my all But I’m trapped in a box With a some sort of ox But I got a dream I got a dream I got a dream of being released And being relieved As I see the ocean, land and sea And maybe try some tea Oh what a dream
똥꼬발랄 Month ago
나 이노래 죠아해
Del Primo
Del Primo Month ago
"On an island that I own. Tanned and rested and alone. Surrounded by enormous piles of money" Bro, I didn't even catch those lyrics. That's depressing
why am i here
why am i here Month ago
what am i doing with my life. I was looking for music so i could pay it in the background while im writing and somehow got here
Deidara Willian
Deidara Willian Month ago
1:28 LOL
Alfredo Valenzuela
Watch this you Will see him on top of the ceiling 1:29
Alfredo Valenzuela
What is ponicio doing on top of flint rider
Vbluesky30 Month ago
srly nobody ever listen to sister act on broadway on spotify or live? they have a song with this same melody! anybody? no? OK then
Dames For Days
Dames For Days Month ago
I'm nervous, small, and lanky And my confidence is skinny And I certainly don’t have the right equipment But despite my lack of tech And my crippling student debt I’ve always longed to be a film director Could you see me on TV holding an Oscar? Or my name on movie posters everywhere? I’d go down in history Be my generation’s Waititi Like everybody else, I’ve got a dream~ (He’s got a dream/he’s got a dream!/He’s got a dream/he’s got a dream!) My movies’d make the toughest critics gleam~ I’d master every genre Be awarded every honour Like everybody else, I’ve got a dreeaammm (And actually, I'm working on it. I'm studying cinema, going to every meet and greet I can to get my name in the right circles, saving up for equipment, and I have some scripts written for student films with practical effects inspired by Del Toro's filmography! There's always a way to achieve what you want with what you have, you'll just need the resilience of the gods
Jack Washington
Jack Washington Month ago
anyone notice how the hook guy keeps playing the piano even after he's knocked off the keys?
Youngster Joey
Youngster Joey Month ago
IMO one of the best modern Disney songs
zotharr Month ago
I love how all of these lovely folks accept eachother for the dreams they have :) Also, Gunther is my spirit animal xD
soultiger 267
soultiger 267 Month ago
Nobody: Bards In A D&D Campaign:
Super Scorpion
Super Scorpion Month ago
I don't like how Rapunzel caught the old man in her arms🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
Cleverproduct 52
Most under appreciated Disney song!
Clarice Phillips
Why do I feel like Zach Levi voiced all of these?
422rds Month ago
The Greatest Showman has entered the chat
422rds Month ago
All my hope lies with a mouse And I'm about to lose my house And plus I do not have a lot of money But when you wish upon a star It makes no difference who you are Soon everyone will know the name Walt Disney Can't you see me one day making several millions? Making hits that all will reign supreme Though I'm losing my whole studio I have faith in my mouse hero Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream (He's got a dream) I've got a dream (He's got a dream) I've got a dream Mick together I know we'll make a great team And everyone who doubts me Hot dog they soon all will see Like everybody else I've got a dream
tamakona Month ago
Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru
LeDi Month ago
I think finnish version is better cant change my mind 🤠
jake seligson
jake seligson Month ago
Tangled > frozen
Amber Manley
Amber Manley Month ago
Don't worry about Big nose thug's face he probably got a plastic surgery but how did he get those scars and pimples on his face.
michael danyo
michael danyo Month ago
Estelle Putrich
Estelle Putrich Month ago
2:32 Major voice crack in repunzels voice
Gabrielle Clare
Gabrielle Clare Month ago
I like how the big guy has smol unicorns :>
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