Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 101 866
gaming dope
gaming dope 58 minutes ago
3:45 All jojo's fans: is that a jojo's reference
Shannon H
Shannon H 59 minutes ago
And I was gonna respond with 'Hello' and 'How's it going' But I combined the two and said *_H O W_*
Doydoy 203
Doydoy 203 Hour ago
Dude I got a ad bout a murder and the murder victim was named James lol
TheLogan47 2 hours ago
How everyone sees everyone else: **Spidermen pointing guns at each other**
rys 3 hours ago
h o w
Banana Man
Banana Man 3 hours ago
When the duck walked up to the lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand hey bum bum bum got any grapes
Madison Hanson
Madison Hanson 3 hours ago
With the book store story... I bought your book and read it really fast and loved it so much! Thanks for righting a book plz Write more!!!
NarwhalKraze YT
NarwhalKraze YT 4 hours ago
When James doesn’t post for almost 3 MONTHS: iM oK! nO mOrE oDd1SoUt i GuEsS!
Tommy Doherty
Tommy Doherty 4 hours ago
1:52 it’s morgz
oneupgaming 5 hours ago
In Israel there only two seats in the bus
Brandon Garciareinoza
Look dont give up JAMES! (°~°)
gamer djawad
gamer djawad 6 hours ago
you just like me
Tilen Likozar
Tilen Likozar 7 hours ago
Why is the eye piercing on the bus guy moving betwen the left eyebrow and the right one hahahaha lol
justingamer 7 hours ago
3:45 the best jojo reference
Kitten Gamer
Kitten Gamer 8 hours ago
The thing with not talking to employees happens with Jaiden too
Jay Gee
Jay Gee 8 hours ago
Am I the only one that just died at the *how* part?
carolina v
carolina v 12 hours ago
alexander bay
alexander bay 13 hours ago
also james: dont judge someone of there cloths james: yes im saying jugde someone of there cloths
Mister Lagger
Mister Lagger 14 hours ago
nobody: weebs at 3:45 : iS tHaT a JoJo'S rEfErEnCe?!?!?!
spicyflour ooft
spicyflour ooft 14 hours ago
I ment john doe
Tyndarius 14 hours ago
spicyflour ooft
spicyflour ooft 14 hours ago
It was so crazy because my unculs name is john dee
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson 15 hours ago
James: Was to buy my own book Me: wait where did he get all that money
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira 15 hours ago
Here in Brazil there’s only two sits per row in a bus...
Patricia Carille B. Peña
Duge someone who wear anime t-shirt oh it must be you you wear a pokimon t-shirt hahahahaha
Fried Fries
Fried Fries 17 hours ago
I have your book its “COOL”
Adora Estojero
Adora Estojero 18 hours ago
leo vergara
leo vergara 21 hour ago
*H O W*
Alluka 123
Alluka 123 22 hours ago
I love anime
Shan Batej
Shan Batej Day ago
That the #1 rule in the bathroom is too not use the urinal next to another person
Shan Batej
Shan Batej Day ago
I’m watching a video on this and the IPad on the same time and I wanted to say
『 Citrus Rat 』
james. explain to me why you’re peeing in urinals next to people- did you forget the guy code
Sadiyah Hossain
I LOVED the part where you just dragged adam while he was watching his phone 😂 P.S: The earth is not flat :)
Meghan Carney
Me: I can help be less awkward James:Really? Me:Yes DONT LOOK THEM IN THE EYE
Elgutaj TV
Elgutaj TV Day ago
Same my b day is on may 6
Elgutaj TV
Elgutaj TV Day ago
LoryK98 Day ago
Wow, I really have to stop watching Jojo, I've been doing this all day and I need some time off. Oh, hey, a James video! 3:45 ... MUGATTE KURO NO KA?
Jawdabeast Fury
To all of u who have disliked this vid what is wrong with u
RYZYN Day ago
Anyone else catch the sprinkles reference?
SquallyCoin 5664
Hello. *_HOW?_*
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