Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Marques Brownlee
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Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.
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Science & Technology

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Aug 17, 2018




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Comments 80
B. L. Mann
B. L. Mann 2 hours ago
My first time watching this guys stuff. Damn good journalism. Great questions and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Bravo, Sir.
JJ Veliyannukaran
JJ Veliyannukaran 5 hours ago
Elon is like cyborg
Tundra__ 6 hours ago
Listen to Elon with your eyes closed he sounds like he’s 18
Tim H
Tim H 6 hours ago
I thought he'd bring his friend Ghislaine Maxwell along for this video
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 11 hours ago
he is not a good human he has a contract deepstate and get new technologies....he is only a sales man...
Victor Harvey
Victor Harvey 13 hours ago
Is it possible to make a 20,000.00 electric car. Yes. Will they do it. Have u ever seen the joker laugh. On the big screen?.... there’s your answer
Victor Harvey
Victor Harvey 13 hours ago
One of the best channels on RUvid
shark htoo
shark htoo 14 hours ago
How many times did elon musk say uhhh
Sam Aly
Sam Aly 15 hours ago
Anonymous Orca
Anonymous Orca 18 hours ago
This mans makes more money in a minute then I have total
Balanced Day ago
it’s my dream to meet elon one day, even if i just saw him from a distance for only a few seconds would make me happy.
jnorm 18
jnorm 18 Day ago
Question for Elon Musk: are you planning to put more models on your website
MaySixKeyMap Day ago
TheLSSJ Broly
ShoshieCat 2 days ago
2018 Elon: * is one of the smartest people on earth * 2020 Elon: * names his son X Æ A-12 *
ShoshieCat 11 hours ago
Kim jong un lol true!!
Kim jong un
Kim jong un 15 hours ago
*His son will hate his name*
fane babanu
fane babanu 15 hours ago
smart and sane are not the same thing... Einstein was also nuts. (Same was N. Tesla)
mitchib1440 2 days ago
marques is wearing a Vive tshirt? Didn't know you could get those!!! Awesome hearing from Elon though!
Reegan Hellevik
Reegan Hellevik 2 days ago
Billionaire and not a chain in sight
Mohd Yaqoob
Mohd Yaqoob 2 days ago
One Day I will collab with you!!!!
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 2 days ago
If a billionaire says umm a lot while talking then you can also become a billionaire
stauch -worst
stauch -worst 2 days ago
this is how many time elon musk says um l l v
OdgeBodge 2 days ago
Ayush Bahuguna
Ayush Bahuguna 3 days ago
Elon musk does'nt look like a billionaire xd
OdgeBodge 2 days ago
well what does a billionaire look like lmao
ClinicalPain 3 days ago
Its so cute seeing Elon get excited when people say they own his cars
Lil Leela
Lil Leela 3 days ago
why is this is my recommended
hypatia of Alexandria
he is INTP, so am i. i have a lot of these same thought processes, precise word selection/new situation/new person , cautious anxiety. weird to see it in someone else. like seeing a lost tribe member or something..
ziyad768z 3 days ago
This elon guy knows a lot about electric cars, he should start an electric car company
Irsyad Hasan
Irsyad Hasan 3 days ago
Full self-driving vehicles should be implemented everywhere around the world.
Priyansh Gupta
Priyansh Gupta 3 days ago
Atleast someone knows how to talk with Elon.... Remember 'Alibaba Intelligence'😂😂😂😂😂😂
JOHNROCKS911 4 days ago
Is the reason I catch myself stuttering too much is because I’m thinking of the words I want to say too fast like Elon??
Boreless Airsoft
Boreless Airsoft 4 days ago
Elon, can you make underwater jet back packs so I can swim with dolphins please.
Samia Abril
Samia Abril 4 days ago
Why did they say " humans"like they were aliens...
Mohit Khurana
Mohit Khurana 4 days ago
video starting with saying busiest man alive! hehehehee, he think he has met all the men and women! ha! ha!
Santa S
Santa S 4 days ago
Noah Seo
Noah Seo 4 days ago
17:13 constantly repeat this and it will sound like a bird
ziyaan noordin
ziyaan noordin 5 days ago
To sum up what Elon said, uhh, ummm, yeah, ummmm
・꧁༒乂𓆩🄰🅅🄳🄷🅄🅃𓆪乂 ༒꧂・
Bro you should have asked him to lend some million 😂😂😂
Alexis K
Alexis K 5 days ago
Welcome back to another episode of: being a tech reviewer is the best job
The Phoenix Twins
jared gruber
jared gruber 5 days ago
jared gruber
jared gruber 5 days ago
Sreehari Kr
Sreehari Kr 5 days ago
So now he is reviewing a billionaire...
MrOldPal 5 days ago
Missed opportunity to name it Tech Talk with Elon Musk
SABBQ Southern Audacity BBQ
I would like to see a Tesla pick-up truck and even a food truck design!!!
SPOT 6 days ago
pleas tall me that this men live forever!
Sahal Mohammed k
Sahal Mohammed k 6 days ago
Real life tony stark
FinancialRisk Government
Tesla is a failed initiative started and supported by bunch of Chinese Americans like Steven Chu based upon Government funds and and grants and biggest mis-use of US funds! Tesla and SpaceX experiement is nothing but someone starting all those projects where US Federal funding is available so don't treat these products like some innovation. These all companies such as Tesla and SpaceX are combination of following thinking-factors in mindset before creation - 1) think of industries where unlimited/billions of US Government funding available and where US Citizenship can be used and that was the reason why South Africa born Canadian Naturalized Citizen even thought of obtaining Citizenship of US. So the people who keep eye on US Citizenship for decades before they can use it was one of the techniques. 2) See where PIMPS/incharge/Lobbysits of those connections can be located where Government funds can be used/utilized and that is where that Chinese pimp energy seceratry Steven Chu comes in and that is pretty much! Nowdays in the age of exeggeration and fakeness, we also have "Fake-self-made-billionnaire" and Jack Ma and Elon Musk are that example. So Tesla and SaceX and Musk and Chinese's formula is here --- find US Governement funded/grant support sectors + find a way to become eligible for that money by arranging US Citizenship + hire Lobbyist/Pimps/Influence within US Govt like Steven Chu + Have that Govt money's PIMP like Steven Chu reimbursed by Chinese Govt/Contacts/China Located PIMPS + Put all non-chinese and mostly caucasian faces on ownership and founding + appoint China influenced Valuation Firms/Accounting firms/Consulting firms to list Tesla and SapecX on NYSE = Tesla and SpaceX stock price at 900!
Symere Woods
Symere Woods 5 days ago
yeah so like what does this mean
Harry Perkins
Harry Perkins 6 days ago
VoraciousT 6 days ago
Elon Musk in school: like this and like that and yea like yea Teacher in mind: lmfao there not getting anywhere in life cant even structure a sentence Elon Musk later: *billionaire*
LENOVOVO 6 days ago
May I ask a question here, and the question is, " How is Marques introducing himself" He speaks it so fast, I just can't understand what he is saying. I turned on the close caption and the close caption can't recognize what he is saying either. Could somebody please tell me how Marques is introducing himself at the beginning of this video. Thank you.
samuel odei
samuel odei 6 days ago
Just move on
A friendly bowl
A friendly bowl 6 days ago
Elon is the Keanu Reeves tech
Matias Galvez
Matias Galvez 6 days ago
Suhan Venkat
Suhan Venkat 6 days ago
tesla will shape the why we commute in the world. Its revolutionary and will definately go a long ways. Their recent care, the Model 3 was rated the most safe car of 2019. That is a very hard feat, because youa re surpassing companies sucha s Toyota, honda, Mazda, Subaru, and more.
Sudharshaun 6 days ago
I feel like elon is answering to a computer tele prompter.
TechMantra 6 days ago
I think Elon is the most important man for humanity right now.
iGotUsername 6 days ago
ef ue yeh umm yes "Elon Musk 2018"
ToyToyMorty 7 days ago
elon is such a nice guy! :-)
Sean Trahan
Sean Trahan 7 days ago
Elon said uhh umm so many times😂😂😂
Tex 7 days ago
Since you can arrange everything, can you arrange a interview with someone in Area 51? Dying to know what’s in there 😂
Hr H
Hr H 7 days ago
Electric cars are junk! Period! In the US alone, 63% of electricity production is from fossil fuels, in Germany more than 70%. Consumers are also skeptical, why these things can't be sold without government subsides?
AS Tech7
AS Tech7 7 days ago
like like like oh my god he is very nervous
Damian Daalman
Damian Daalman 7 days ago
I dare somebody who scrolls trough this comment section to make a drinking game out of elon musk saying "uhm" Edit: it HAS to be vodka shots
RAM 7 days ago
Everyone complaining about Elon’s speech pattern, please test your IQs (using the Stanford Binet scale: Edition-5), if your IQ is above 145, then you’re in the top 0.1% of the human race (termed Gifted or Genius). Now, imagine the neurons in your brains concocting at least 7 real & variable responses per micro-second after taking into account multiple factors for each variable - now that’s what it feels like! Imagine the processing power! Now, for guys like Elon, this comes naturally and without any stress to his left prefrontal cortex! He has an IQ between 150-155, with a 5% probability of it being close to 160 (Einstein’s). Also, he naturally has a low EQ as well, and I’m positive he talks to himself out loud, a lot! How do I know these traits of his? Feel free to deduce.
Nima Sherpa
Nima Sherpa 7 days ago
i hope he comes into the phones and laptops industry... then apple wud ve a worthy n may be even better competitor
Neotica 7 days ago
I cringed at how nervous he looked.
Sherwin Abreo
Sherwin Abreo 8 days ago
Elon's brain is from the speed force.
Ethan Varga
Ethan Varga 8 days ago
People keep commenting on the choppiness of Elon’s voice but it’s literally because his brain thinks to fast for his mouth.
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Jung-kook ain’t tryna hear yo bullcrap
Y’all are sleep. Elon wants to implant chips in people’s brains.
Soul Knight
Soul Knight 8 days ago
What it do
Muckers 8 days ago
I hear deadmau5 music in the intro.
icewallowcome 8 days ago
15:35 :D
Techi dude
Techi dude 8 days ago
Top 10 anime crossovers
Techi dude
Techi dude 8 days ago
How many times he said Ah
Johnbo 8 days ago
uh uh um
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Morabet Youness 8 days ago
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