Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

Marques Brownlee
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Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.
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Science & Technology

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Aug 18, 2018




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Comments 22 944
Dermotius 3 hours ago
Make a manual tesla
The Eye
The Eye 19 hours ago
hi can you please give me a hint i have a channel and whant to know if i should do gaming or top 10 vedoea or slide ahows and reviews
hireshi-azu 2 days ago
Poor Elon. He's not perfect by any means. But compared to many billionaires he doesn't shun the limelight and actually innovates to help people. Electric cars, it's not the perfect solution for the planet, batteries take a toll to make but at least they don't destroy our ozone as much. And trees we can re-grow, water we can purify again over time. The ozone layer is a whole different mammoth. If that goes away we'll fry like a chicken at a McDonalds afternoon serving. Solar panels to help people power their homes using clean sun energy, albeit not perfect, you've got to start somewhere. And his ambitions with Space-X, again like the solar panels, it is in its early stages (in the GRAND scheme of things). But he's definitely a starter point to making space exploration more affordable as a civilization. He even caters to the average joes with his boring company. But because he's a human and socially active, his memes, his sometimes "human" emotions -i.e; the pedo comment. He gets labeled as an out of control guy. I'd rather have a somewhat loose billionaire around that I can understand and read, and listen to, than a shadow billionaire who's up to god knows what and could showcase an angelic persona in interviews but be a total monster behind the scenes. We all need to remember that Mr. Musk, behind all the money, the stress and whatnot, is a human just like you and I. But he doesn't shun us average joes. He's into memes, anime, sometimes has a bad day. He's a simple man, just with loads more money. I mean, come on. How many billionaires, apart from Bill Gates, whom is semi-retired, takes time out of their insane schedule to sit down with a RUvidr? Not to mention, join another RUvidr's personal show for his fans, because of interest, and trying to connect with people (talking about Musk's meme review). Yeah he's said a few regrettable things, but he hasn't robbed anyone, nor killed anyone. And though not all his ideas are perfect, he invests his money, sleeps on a couch at his office and puts his own health at stake just to grow his companies. And you may say, yeah most people want to grow their companies. But Musk's companies, if you look past the flaws, the early stages, the trials and errors, they're, in the long run all companies that would benefit the better good of humanity. I like Musk, Musk is okay in my book.
Hazlamy Abinan
Hazlamy Abinan 3 days ago
Elon Musk cares more about the earth than most elder people, good for you.
Hazlamy Abinan
Hazlamy Abinan 3 days ago
Elon Musk looks like he doesn't have time for facebook.
Rubeen Sharma
Rubeen Sharma 3 days ago
Elon: Can I write than talk? Marques: Ok.. 👍. but who is gonna dictate? Elon: Bixby, may be 😊 while you edit. Marques: Lets use Siri 💕 Tim: Thanks Marques 😁 Sundar: Fuck ya' ll ❌⭕️❌
TMIO Tesla
TMIO Tesla 4 days ago
Elon Musk 2018: Very important to be tear drop shaped for aerodynamics Elon Musk 2019: Cybertruck
221 b
221 b Day ago
If you look at it from the side it closely follows the shape of a wing. Aerodynamic modelling by independent people confirm excellent drag coefficient in the 3.something range.
Weltschmerz von Gavagai
but when he talks about UBI he suddenly became an idiot righ? LOL
Faiyaz Hasan
Faiyaz Hasan 4 days ago
All that i feel, he needs some rest.
President Obama
President Obama 4 days ago
Next: interview with Jesus Christ
Joshua 4 days ago
Why does Elon remind me of Axl Rose lol
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone 4 days ago
Seeing this interview elon musk looks very down to earth and polite guy
alice locked
alice locked 5 days ago
Now the cybertruck
Julian Rassel
Julian Rassel 5 days ago
He needs to write a book
Gregory House
Gregory House 5 days ago
I used to think MB is just another youtuber... naah this kid is smart.
Supreme Gentleman
I still don't know who the fuck you are. I just know you as Markass Brownlee
Jessica Louise
Jessica Louise 6 days ago
love his way
mobile solution world italy
you are make nice video thanks
Whi te
Whi te 7 days ago
I have a great amount of respect for Elon. One thing that definitely made me admire him was how well Tesla pays its employees.
Kirti lall Srivastava
Tesla can in india
Louis Riga
Louis Riga 7 days ago
This guy actually got Elon Musk in his video
Andrezzi 7 days ago
In my country we have the most expensive electricity than any other country in EU, no Tesla dealership so if something breaks or you get in an accident you are basically fucked. If you calculate everything it will be half price transitioning from gas to electricity to fuel the same Km. But i will need 10 years to recoup the cost of a tesla and break even versus owning a gas car right. I am all for the planet and all cheap transportation yada yada yada but not there yet to pull the trigger only viable in USA.
JeffreyViews 8 days ago
What grown man includes a half inch in his height? Answer: Elon Musk "I'm 6' 1 1/2"", hah.
Leslie 8 days ago
elon musk come out with a manual roadster :))))))))
Madhava Selvan
Madhava Selvan 8 days ago
u soon going through 10m subscribers. congrats
Xynox 8 days ago
If Tesla is barely focusing on speed in a couple years imagine how fast there cars would be
Martin Gregor
Martin Gregor 9 days ago
This guy is pretty smart. He should start a car company.
Nick Mgr
Nick Mgr 7 days ago
Martin Gregor stfu bitch😹😹
Manish 9 days ago
What is one thing we can be sure about elon musk is that whatever he speaks is "unscripted"! Even product launches where tesla is know to "innovate".
Paulo Pechula
Paulo Pechula 9 days ago
That kind of contend is something that sets you apart from other "RUvidrs". I watched the one with Nadella, and it was very interesting. Congrats, and keep on with the good work. Hope we see a lot more interviews here :)
Nicolas Farini
Nicolas Farini 9 days ago
By Elon Musk you mean Tony Stark?
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 10 days ago
“Behind the Merr”
JayWoods 10 days ago
Who remembers when this guy had like 10 or 20k followers
Rick Khan
Rick Khan 6 days ago
actually no one so i will pity you with a like
Fawexx 10 days ago
i really love Elon. That dude is just the most wholesome, natural Individual i've ever seen and heard speak. i wish i could meat this man.
Gavin 10 days ago
Jeroen Jager
Jeroen Jager 10 days ago
I wish Elon Musk was the emperor of the galaxy.
CrystalRe 4w-NewRoman
Connor Graham
Connor Graham 10 days ago
" i even pay full retail price for my own cars" elon musk with money: here you go tesla tesla with elon musks money: here you go elon
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee 11 days ago
One of his workers looks alot like Josh Brolin
Jonathan Deakins
Jonathan Deakins 11 days ago
"like, the car industry is, like, super competitive...it's like one of the...it's, like, insanely competitive" *SPEECH 100*
Eclipse 11 days ago
Talking tech with Elon Meme
Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel 11 days ago
It’s endearing how much Elon likes Marques. You can see he wants to be friends and hangout. Kinda hurts 😢
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming 11 days ago
If i could control rewind,i would want..Fortnite and Marques Brownlee
Aroo Tech
Aroo Tech 11 days ago
hey elen buttel profe 😂😂
Gerson Rodriguez
Gerson Rodriguez 11 days ago
Did he ever actually answer any question or are we all just to dumb to understand?
nicolae marius
nicolae marius 11 days ago
very good questions, good job!
Retard Gohan
Retard Gohan 11 days ago
Mark ass Brownie
Justin Wagler
Justin Wagler 11 days ago
i hope you guys baked out the roadster before this. great interview!
METTI1986LA 12 days ago
I cant decide if i like Elon or be afraid of him if he wants world domination... ;)
Sai Charan
Sai Charan 12 days ago
Hey man. Good video. Next time, you should probably consider sitting face to face. Talking to someone while looking into their eyes makes a good conversation. Cheers !
trevor clabaugh
trevor clabaugh 12 days ago
Elon is the one selling the cars. Without him they wouldn’t be nearly as successful.
Daniel G
Daniel G 12 days ago
Wow... He acts and talk like Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) in Jurassic Park.
Andremelon 12 days ago
this man is so busy he cant talk properly
sir. Thomas
sir. Thomas 12 days ago
Nikesugar 12 days ago
Nobody: Marques' Wall: ____ / \ \____/
extraE MONTAMONTES 12 days ago
Came here by searching "n*gga tech"
Jonathan 12 days ago
Elon Musk is African American.
L33B0 12 days ago
I could listen to Elon all day everyday, Such an interesting guy.
Aurx Music
Aurx Music 12 days ago
elon did get some pretty good questions
Oren Haim
Oren Haim 12 days ago
Marques, I wonder if you know that you're interviewing a space liar.
David Hill
David Hill 13 days ago
Once solid state batteries become a thing then ICE is dead
midoribishi 13 days ago
Nothing but respect for the man (Elon Musk), such an inspiration and stand up guy! Love your videos, Marques. keep up the great work. Glad I found you while watching Star talk!
yeayeayea 13 days ago
It’s honestly creepy seeing the machines in the background moving by themselves. I feel like humanity will end due to the higher ups and machines taking over
David Hill
David Hill 13 days ago
I have no trouble with machines doing all the work ...most jobs suck ..bring on a universal basic income
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