Talking Tech & Saving the World with Bill Gates!

Marques Brownlee
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Chatting with Bill Gates about electric cars, AI, philanthropy and saving the world.
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Science & Technology

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Feb 12, 2019




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Comments 17 395
Nasser Simon Kazeminy
I hate the assumption I'm reading in the comments regrading brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is for suckers. Apple's watch is the best smartwatch at a very reasonable price, so why shouldn't Marques wear one? And why would any of you presume that Bill Gates would care which wearable he chooses? Microsoft doesn't even have a watch on the market, do they? Neither does Google. Devices are mainly for use, not to be used as some sort of smug status symbol. Y'all need to grow up.
Forest River
Forest River 2 days ago
He should've asked if he could still code.
PUBG Play of the Game
What watch does Bill Gates wear?
Diego 3 days ago
Your interview skills are over 9000!
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 3 days ago
And then there is dan bilzerian...
Aj 4 days ago
Next jeff bezos
Sites4sight Multimedia
He paid someone in college like $1000 for windows (beta)................didnt he...........lol love this guy
GypsyAdventures 4 days ago
What happens to the batteries form ev? I’m a mobile worker. I must be able to pull my mobile 5th whl home away from home. We have come to a time that companies do not value keeping a employees so we have become a mobile work w/o insurance, no retirement, health insurance or paying as much into Ss because we can’t afford the new way. I won’t be able to retire. I will die at my desk. What do you think of the generation behind me?
HaChi Studio
HaChi Studio 4 days ago
tony hawk with glasses
CriscoTM theGamer
"Hey! Crisco the Gamer! I'll throw in some corn and bacon; a new horse and some gunpowder!"
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell 5 days ago
Get the sh it eating dog out of my home, Designer dog - designer diseased
Melodies back to back
Bill gates is an thief who stole the ideas of the legend .steve jobs
God Isgod
God Isgod 4 days ago
Melodies back to back hmmm his company a thief
HER MONEY GUIDE 6 days ago
He is trying to do population control via vaccines.
Biswajit Manna
Biswajit Manna 7 days ago
Do an interview with Sundar Pichai.
Akeem R
Akeem R 7 days ago
Excellent Job Marques, really delighted by your progress in recent years - you're doing a great work, keep enjoying it!
emersonspz 7 days ago
Let this not distract from the fact that Bill Gates was aboard Jeffrey Epstein's plane dubbed the Lolita Express, a plane that trafficked a vast network of under-age girls to sexually exploit.
Papaluego 10 hours ago
@Sherry Flavour True, but this video is about Bill Gates.
emersonspz 6 days ago
@Sherry Flavour Yeah that too.
Sherry Flavour
Sherry Flavour 7 days ago
Also don't forget that both Trump and Clinton were best friends with Epstein.
Leylord 121
Leylord 121 7 days ago
1:34 bill looks at the apple watch lol
Jatty Lal
Jatty Lal 7 days ago
Bill's body language, he can't lean away from MKB enough 🤣 He seemed totally wary 🤓 scary cat 🙀
God Isgod
God Isgod 4 days ago
Jatty Lal I think he’s just a semi socially anxious genius who got lucky
Victoria Burns
Victoria Burns 7 days ago
Bill gates will be one of the unforgettable
Austin Ahern
Austin Ahern 7 days ago
That is great that you got to interview Bill Gates!!! Nice video!!! Keep up the good work, Marques!!!
Eric 7 days ago
Bill Gates made over 60K during the length of this interview
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 7 days ago
Wow this is the first time i’ve heard his voice lol
Iván Ávalos
LOL, same.
Thinkmoat 8 days ago
The convesration with what Bill sees as the future is not far fetch. He's actually pretty accurate.
Jonas Friese
Jonas Friese 8 days ago
Nobody: Marques: Wears an Apple Watch while interviewing Bill Gates
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo 9 days ago
I just realized that all worker unions are in trouble, AI is taking over using the improved health argument in disguise, the big 5 corporations of the planet, want their AI products in all factories, warehouses and delivery vehilcles to replace humans and reduce the population only to people that are clients = 90% population reduction, they can reduce population by man slaughter (taking away your job = killing you, if everyone in a family of 2 to 10 lose their job in the next 2 years then that is murder), we are exactly at the time for EVERYBODY to strike against the governments and demand that human jobs cannot be replaced .... otherwise every job you can imagine from a farmer, banker, doctor, lawyer, driver to a scientist´s job can be replaced by machines. They don´t need humans to harvest food or raw materials and process them to the final product or service, which is delivered into your house ................ PLEASE STOP SHOPPING ONLINE, YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR OWN DEATH.
Jonathan van den Beukel
Marques is interviewing like he’s reviewing
Fyro Wower
Fyro Wower 10 days ago
I will buy 1000$ stand to help world :P
Tj Cherry
Tj Cherry 10 days ago
10:09 when mom calls me lazy for spending too much time in font of the computer.
Kim Patrick Verde
Kim Patrick Verde 10 days ago
Thank you for having Bill Gates in your video, he deserves more subscribers and recognition.
David Vee
David Vee 10 days ago
Does anyone else find that statue behind Bill Gates in his single shots distracting?
Elvis Van
Elvis Van 10 days ago
_☁️5PM Oct 12 2019~_
Don Schillaci
Don Schillaci 11 days ago
Salute to Bill gates
Wade Tong
Wade Tong 11 days ago
Who came here after watching Netflix limited series "Inside Bill's Brain"?
Krystian Poulos
Krystian Poulos 6 days ago
I did lol
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal 11 days ago
please also make a video with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan 11 days ago
He is very humble. i love him
Karanveer Singh
Karanveer Singh 11 days ago
And still, there are people that think that charity keeps poor people poor. They dont understand that there are genuine ways to help and there are people who genuinely need our support, I guess, people just don't want to do anything.
Power of Nil
Power of Nil 12 days ago
Indians are not allowed to signup over there on the gatesnotes
Junior 12 days ago
Gates giving back is a hero
Mrvn Krb
Mrvn Krb 13 days ago
Bill sounds and looks like an amazing 46
Pratik Bhetwal
Pratik Bhetwal 13 days ago
Marques "I'm curious" Brownlee
Gayashan Chanuka
Gayashan Chanuka 14 days ago
"Gold Standard"
An Keyri
An Keyri 14 days ago
I wonder if mkbhd hire interns, it'd be so cool to work with him 🥺
Storage Storage
Storage Storage 14 days ago
he's not qualified to interview these people. oh my fucking god, i cringe watching this. he lacks the knowledge, this guy can only sell second hand ipods under a bridge. smh.
kirby march barcena
Marquees: We're surrounded by glass Windows Bill: I bought all NOT via Applepay Marquees suddenly hid his arm that wears the Applewatch.
Mobarak Jama
Mobarak Jama 15 days ago
Gates come to Hargeisa then we talk.
BTam Productions
BTam Productions 16 days ago
How can you THUMB DOWN this video????????
Roerta Raia
Roerta Raia 16 days ago
Roerta Raia
Roerta Raia 16 days ago
theARTIST 16 days ago
Bro I need help
vikrant mhatre
vikrant mhatre 16 days ago
is there some disturbance in Bill's microphone??or is it just my speaker?!
Ninad Belokar
Ninad Belokar 16 days ago
NO coffee for Marques!
Excelsoft 17 days ago
Is this Gates house?
anicetune 17 days ago
Bill Gates - Founder of Windows 95, father of Clippit
Rupam Sengupta
Rupam Sengupta 17 days ago
A big salute to bill gates and his wife for their charity program.. thanks sir...❤️❤️
Jaskirat 17 days ago
Use "the" before his name okay!
A B 17 days ago
Instead going to other country save our country. Your own country.
Treveno Andrews Master Acct
Jozef S391
Jozef S391 18 days ago
Electric cars are greener then "normal" cars, but where do you keep the old batteries? You can't recycle them cause it's all chemical right?
Nobody Unknown
Nobody Unknown 19 days ago
These two look so uncomfortable around one another LOL
Swayed 20 days ago
Only 10 mill each to his kids 😂😂
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