Taking the caffeine out of RedBull so I can drink it at night

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Warning: please don't try this yourself. Any leftover solvent can be very dangerous to ingest.
I've always liked the taste of energy drinks and for years now, I have wanted there to be caffeine-free versions (specifically RedBull). However, it doesn't seem like that is going to happen any time soon, so I decided to try and do it myself.
Old coffee extraction video: ruvid.net/video/video-_CoxEgbyeK4.html
Pepto-Bismol extraction: ruvid.net/video/video--_qpzFlpgpo.html
Nile talks about lab safety: ruvid.net/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html
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Jul 4, 2020




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NileRed 6 months ago
I am learning from the comments that there are a lot of people who absolutely hate the taste of RedBull.
Lucas López Santibáñez
I think I have an idea. What about enzymes? Caffeine is a chemical weapon that was evolutionary developed by plants to avoid being eaten by animals. Maybe some animals have some kind of caffeinase to counter that chemical warfare. Something similar to the cellulase you used in your toilet paper moonshine project. Since enzymes are highly specific, the caffeine should be degraded, and hopefully the enzyme doesn't have a flavor. Even though it's likely that this enzyme exists, it's probably difficult to isolate it, but maybe you should try. An enzyme like this would solve the problem. Have a nice day.
x Ghosty x
x Ghosty x 10 days ago
That's odd. I love the taste too, don't care about the caffeine. I perfer Rockstar though. (Redbull tastes a bit too mild and Monster is a bit too bitter)
Flarfschnikel Man
Flarfschnikel Man 28 days ago
Flarfschnikel Man
Flarfschnikel Man 28 days ago
I don’t
DanielMG Month ago
@Ninja RaVen so much of what we buy has toxins. It’s hard to avoid. But yes, Red Bull is not good for you lol.
100% definitely Not Garfield
I also enjoy the taste of redbull
Billy Neville
Billy Neville 3 hours ago
Im pretty sure I've seen zero caffeine redbull in the shop before but in London
Geoffery Stjulien
Geoffery Stjulien 6 hours ago
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Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 7 hours ago
red bull is fuel brian kerosene is fuel red bull = kerosene
親指 10 hours ago
21:35 weeell it's actually just meant to be used for water.
親指 11 hours ago
does taurine not also give you energy?
GAE_WEAD_DAD_68 18 hours ago
I used to study chemistry in my biology studies. You should do an experiment with tea, both green and black. The amount of caffeine i extracted from black coffee was suprising, of course the purity was around 64,2% checked with chromotography, but it was about 0.8 gram out of 2 small bags of tea.
GAE_WEAD_DAD_68 19 hours ago
I also always loved the taste of redbull They do have vitamin enriched instead of caffinated versions of the stuff, tho.
jose Coronel
jose Coronel 21 hour ago
I have no idea what you talking about but I like watching the video
Sraka Kupa
Sraka Kupa 21 hour ago
I just got a red bull ad
Alex Day ago
Redbull takes your wings
Zephyr Strife
I'm kind of the same way with Monster, I don't exactly drink it for the caffeine, I drink it to sometimes try new flavors, and other times I enjoy it for an existing flavor I already enjoy.
beany Thompson
I'm sorry I just need to know what "purple stuff lean" is and who is drinking something with "stuff" in its name
I love the taste of redbull, just fucks your liver worse than damn alcohol, used to drink 6 a day and end up in hospital, addiction is a weird place.
Jo Day ago
Honestly this is probably how the idea of Decaf coffee was made. Someone liked the taste but not the caffeine
Wynn Gwynn
Wynn Gwynn Day ago
"dessicator" You mean you bought a dehydrator?
Wynn Gwynn
Wynn Gwynn Day ago
dude why not just make it without the caffeine? Seems like it'd be pretty easy to dupe and way less effort/cost. Also less gross.
Andrew McLaughlin
cataxy 3 days ago
i love energy drinks, specifically monster and rockstar, so maybe tomorrow ill buy a redbull to try. ive heard theyre pretty good and this is video was the final straw lmao. theyre like 50 cents more expensive but i think its worth a try.
eric shaw
eric shaw 3 days ago
Why on earth is his chest so big
Érica Alves
Érica Alves 3 days ago
omg this guy is such a nerd hahahah great stuff!
GamerPepperPig99 3 days ago
wouldnt it been easiee to just remake redbull without cafeine
Stop the Censorship
Probably the best way to get a caffeine free Red Bull is to start from scratch and make it yourself.
JJs are awsome
JJs are awsome 3 days ago
Doesn’t red bull add the caffeine so why don’t they just not add it or is not how it works
fred lonbottom
fred lonbottom 4 days ago
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Rainbow Stalker
Rainbow Stalker 4 days ago
Alternative title: Taking the caffeine out of redbull so it doesn’t give me wings
I A 4 days ago
I literally drink it and sleep 🤔
Matt Gladura
Matt Gladura 4 days ago
Honestly I'll never understand people not liking the taste of redbull
Isn't there already caffeine free redbull?
Anime One piece naruto Pokemon and beyblade
To drink it at night dilute you red bull with a lot of water
Anime One piece naruto Pokemon and beyblade
It’s better to dilute it
07100826v 5 days ago
lol "nilestream" at 21:59
JellyCarrot 5 days ago
To do this
David Christensen
Some of the flavor change may be from volatile compounds that evaporated off in the process.
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira 5 days ago
We have caffeine free red Bull in Brazil
frozen flame
frozen flame 5 days ago
next episode: purifying weed for safe consumption
ester uwu
ester uwu 5 days ago
I have ADHD and I don’t take medication. Caffeine is a stimulant, just like ADHD medications. So I can drink energy drinks at night, because the caffeine only makes me calm
cool magool
cool magool 6 days ago
What about the taurine?
Johan Cancino
Johan Cancino 6 days ago
You could have also poured the DCM by drops. You thought you had hydrated caffeine because it is was stored in an open vial? Because your drying method was very effective, I think it was simply not pure, and it had some of the redbull aldehydes of taste and/or color. I dont think it was hydrated. I like your work, you had to assume and estimate several things but at least they were based on something. I was thinking about non reactive ways of extracting caffeine but it's quite hard! But the first thing that came to my mind was acetone. Anyway, nice vid.
Cameron Soto
Cameron Soto 6 days ago
Very based Raycon ad
Wand Camilo
Wand Camilo 7 days ago
dude u ramble about everything but suck at describing flavors
Khail Kupsky
Khail Kupsky 7 days ago
Your london sunshine desiccator and my london fog coat should get together.
cash 7 days ago
or just make the original redbull recipe without the caffeine LOL
Snow Angels In Ecuador
Hmmm, why not make your own?
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss 7 days ago
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Speeding Rc
Speeding Rc 7 days ago
Try making red bull
Masis 7 days ago
can you do this with cocaine?
Kanishka Chakraborty
7:42 "It was at this moment that he knew - he fucked up."
Kas b
Kas b 8 days ago
maybe try making your own redbull decaf syrup
20firebird 8 days ago
NileRed: i always liked energy drinks... me: huh! NileRed: and not even for the caffeine; i just liked the weird chemical taste me: oh that makes sense then
Mark K
Mark K 8 days ago
Idea to remove all the caffeine - why not just shake it like crazy and then wait a few days? You said it only takes a few days to separate again.
A Person
A Person 8 days ago
i love how he just threw his spoon into the sink XD
Simon Watson
Simon Watson 8 days ago
It's worth trying this using continuous liquid-liquid extraction.
TuroMisu 9 days ago
Why is your video in 60fps?
Tiffany Briley
Tiffany Briley 9 days ago
My boyfriends kid about 19 years old or older drank red bull constantly & wound up in the ER with a ulcer, has anybody heard or experienced that? I never tried red bull myself. 😁
J K 9 days ago
1:37 bro just get really small tweezers and a magnifying glass
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 9 days ago
get the redbull recipe then just dont add the caffen
Emmit G
Emmit G 9 days ago
Created one of the deadliest drugs of all time
Zachariah McGovern
can you make the sharpest thing?
PEDRO GUODD 9 days ago
this dude wockflipping redbull lmaooooooo
AFD MKD 9 days ago
I triple dog dare you to eat 69mg of caffine
Kyle LeDrew
Kyle LeDrew 10 days ago
As a guy who developed a bowel condition, caffine is a huge trigger for me and I miss red bull even more than coffees, teas, or soda
Reinhart Andrew
Reinhart Andrew 10 days ago
How about adding a gentle recirculating pump that would continuously skim the Syrup off the top and inject it under the DCM so that the Red Bull percolates up threw the DCM and let it run in the fridge for a few days . Perhaps add some broken glass to slow the raising droplets to reduce making DCM droplets. Maybe keeping it cool in a high oxygen environment would temporarily would raise its PH to get a better reaction. Love all your vids.
Emir Salvarcioglu
Emir Salvarcioglu 10 days ago
i could be completely wrong right now but for the next time you find stuff like „artificial flavors“ or „color“ in the ingredients list of a product you should try looking at the ingredients list of the german kind. i think in germany you have to write down exactly which flavors and colors are used. but like i said i think that i read it once on one of my soda cans but im not sure anymore.
x Ghosty x
x Ghosty x 10 days ago
Love the taste, don't care about the caffeine. This is me xD I perfer Rockstar though. (Redbull tastes a bit too mild and Monster is a bit too bitter)
five 11 days ago
Achei q era um vídeo do Less vei
signbear999 11 days ago
This guy is just a mixture of How It's Made, Mythbusters, and Bill Nye.
Ghostflameninja Ninja
Make Red Bull from scratch but just without caffeine
V 11 days ago
were tf did you learn chemistry my dude cause there is some serious problemes here like the 3 fingers clamp for a start
Allouche Mickaël
Allouche Mickaël 11 days ago
Just an idea but instead of trying to extract the cafeine from the RB, why don't you try to create a RB without cafeine ? Must be of course really difficult due to the private proprety of the receipe but looks fun to try if you manage to reach a similar taste only with the chemical composition and proportion on the back of the can
Doctor Sar
Doctor Sar 11 days ago
stupid topic, and why do you want red bull (source of caffeine) without his only useful ingredient, the rest of ingredients are garbage, since cheap vitamins B and sugar to phosphoric acid and artificial colors, that destroy your bones and damage your kidneys.
TheCrazyNugget OwO
TheCrazyNugget OwO 12 days ago
That's another thing about red bull is I'm pretty sure some has a certain taste and some of that taste is from the caffeine because caffeine has a certain taste to it so when you take out the caffeine you're also taking away some of the flavoring to it that's why it doesn't taste exactly the same
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 12 days ago
This guy understands me.
juice ecads
juice ecads 12 days ago
nilered constantly looks like he's awkwardly explaining the thought process behind a stupid decision he made knowing full well after the fact that it was a dumbass idea and i physically cannot unsee it
Dylan Sims
Dylan Sims 12 days ago
Here's an idea for every ingredient in Red Bull to separate extraction for that ingredient only and then you can figure out the exact amount of each ingredient and then mix your own Red Bull energy drink. And just don't add the caffeine.
Action 12 days ago
I'm pretty sure this is the definition of "first-world problem".
Instakillbo 12 days ago
I like it when he says now it sounds like nHeouw. Edit: he said it with an UMPH
komulista 12 days ago
What about using centrifuge to separate the emulsified DCM?
Jesus Alive
Jesus Alive 12 days ago
He should've put purple in that drink!
Bogdy Vyp
Bogdy Vyp 12 days ago
loved the video So u can drink it later but how much later? caffeine doesn't have an exact consumption rate but rather a half life time expressed in hours so by taking out 24% of it u saved the body the initial work of trimming it down from 100 to 76 (or however much u ingest the percent matters not the absolutes) The number of hours for the half life of caffeine varies from source to source: 6, 8, anything between 1.5 and 9.5 and average:5 so I did some maths: played around with some logarithms to find the decay rate per minute at different half lifes and then calculated with given decay rate how long it would take to decay from 100 to 76 my results: 3hrs ->71min 5hrs ->119min 6hrs->143min 8hrs->190min So it depends a lot on the metabolism but one could go to sleep 2-3 hours earlier by drinking NileRedRedBull Impressive
quadG 12 days ago
u could just keep repeating the steps with the caffeine reduced soda until it is caffeine free
Funbox Entertainment
3:36 my opinion of school
Anoop Das
Anoop Das 13 days ago
Why don't you just drink some non toxic chemical which can neutralize caffeine after drinking redbull simple as that, or try using sleeping pills after that. 😂
Sir Soggy-Bottom The Brave
Some ideas for improving the extraction: 1. Do the extraction with a larger ratio of organics to aqueous. If you don't want to do multiple extractions with large amounts of organic, then start out with a larger amount or organics in earlier extractions and use less with subsequent extractions. 2. Use a different organic solvent. DCM and chloroform like to form emulsions, but in my experience, MTBE settles far quicker and is less likely to emulsify, but ether is probably best to avoid for safety unless working in a hood. There's always octanol or other options as well. A different solvent might change what ingredients are extracted and to what extent too. Enjoyed the video, good work!
Jacob 13 days ago
This was fun to do in organic chemistry 1.
XboxControllerTV 13 days ago
nile is like explosions and fire but actually gets yield
Nathan Lamb
Nathan Lamb 13 days ago
Lol no caffeine? Might as well have a meatless hamburger
Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj
22:41 Okay, I need a mug like that
David Li
David Li 13 days ago
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Randonium TJ
Randonium TJ 13 days ago
The part where you mixed the dcm violently and thought it was a mistake , was actually a better way . Yes , it would take days , but it would have been way more caffeine free ....
Sir Soggy-Bottom The Brave
Totally agree. A different solvent, multiple extractions, and/or centrifugation to speed up settling of any emulsion could also help. Also, the TLC isn't conclusive, it just means there was likely nothing else extracted that absorbs UV.
Stéphane LeM
Stéphane LeM 13 days ago
I think you could be able to separate DCM/Water emulsion by freezing your sample. I discovered It separate oil from water when I put mayonnaise in freezer.
Sir Soggy-Bottom The Brave
Only problem is that this could lower the solubility of the solutes and make the caffeine crash out of solution. Otherwise not a bad idea!
milkman man
milkman man 13 days ago
Can you completely remake red bull from scratch that would be interesting or even monster
Knife Cat Party
Knife Cat Party 14 days ago
They don't make a caffiene free red bull because red bull is an ENERGY DRINK, sugar isn't enough for companies like that...
Zahid Ansari
Zahid Ansari 14 days ago
Is it possible to extract the black colour from coke?
sicarioxyz2 sicario
Hey man, Can you produce polyethilene?
CIA 15 days ago
7:42 that he knew he f**ked up.
Discretion Advised
Discretion Advised 15 days ago
They make caffine free red-bull though
RoysFlameKitten 15 days ago
Wouldn't it be a better idea to create a drink with energy drink flavoring? Or create your own energydrink flavoring from silimar, caffeinated products in powder or liquid (concentrated) forms?
Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo 15 days ago
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