Taking the caffeine out of RedBull so I can drink it at night

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Warning: please don't try this yourself. Any leftover solvent can be very dangerous to ingest.
I've always liked the taste of energy drinks and for years now, I have wanted there to be caffeine-free versions (specifically RedBull). However, it doesn't seem like that is going to happen any time soon, so I decided to try and do it myself.
Old coffee extraction video: ruvid.net/video/video-_CoxEgbyeK4.html
Pepto-Bismol extraction: ruvid.net/video/video--_qpzFlpgpo.html
Nile talks about lab safety: ruvid.net/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html
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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 60
NileRed Month ago
I am learning from the comments that there are a lot of people who absolutely hate the taste of RedBull.
K 212
K 212 3 days ago
Jup can't stomach it, tast is as horrid as the smell.
ChrisCarGuy -
ChrisCarGuy - 4 days ago
Strong fan base!
Thomas Noonan
Thomas Noonan 29 days ago
Zak Swindle
Zak Swindle 29 days ago
I love the taste
Zach T
Zach T 29 days ago
I genuinely like the flavor but I can understand why people don't really like them Also I hate that redbull is so expensive
wolfedog99 16 minutes ago
I think the desiccator took out the aroma. Smells being somewhat volatile compounds. oo that reminds me you should mess with cardamom I need to store it in glass because the smell zips right through all my plastic containers.
Chino Beans
Chino Beans 34 minutes ago
Am I the only one who isn’t effected by caffeine? I could drink 2 or 3 Red Bull’s and sleep like a baby lmao
Milo Dacruz
Milo Dacruz 48 minutes ago
Figure out all ingredients and then put them all together with out the caffeine
curtis adams
curtis adams Hour ago
Have you tried inorganic coagulants to help with the emulsion....like.aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum sulfate etc. Could be a fun experiment. There are a good handful that should stay in the water And can help with the emulsion.
Samuel VanWinkle
So curiosity based on what you have said in the video (keep in mind it is above me) i think it has to do with the mixture of the DCM into the red bull if there is a way to both mix it better to keep a more proportionate mixture then you might get a more pure result i think the DCM mixture/proportions might relate to the caffeine you pull out frankly the issue is you dont want the DCM in the final product for obvious reasons in other words i would play with proportions and how i mixed the DCM
Wr41thx Hour ago
Something you can't extract - the FUN out of RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.
EasyScience Hour ago
who else is watching this while drinking a red bull?
Will Hill The Thrill
Okay I’m trying to watch this video but I get so distracted by his breasts, like is this something that’s addressed in an older video? I’m so confused, I’ve never seen someone with this build before
INFAMOUS SEAN 2 hours ago
I always loved the redbull taste
Huston Swanson
Huston Swanson 2 hours ago
Take a shot every time he says DCM
yee 2 hours ago
yes that's happening
Jen5 Cubing
Jen5 Cubing 2 hours ago
Nilered: lets take the caffeine out of Red Bull Me: wait but then there’s nothing left
Kyle Steele
Kyle Steele 2 hours ago
Hey Nile! Question, can you try a little bit of vibration next time to the separator flask with a (rubber tip on the thing vibrating) to try breaking surface tension of the DCM?
Fr4ctl 2 hours ago
An advert for 'Red Bull Pro' just came on half way through this video 😂
bos5 WTU
bos5 WTU 2 hours ago
Is that a comically large spoon in the background
Jay Apostle
Jay Apostle 3 hours ago
i have no idea whats going on but its interesting
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 hours ago
Me knowing what all this science stuff means👁👄👁
Shush Don’t worry
Now I can make a 1,000,000 mg caffeine pill- just gotta boil out 10,870 cans of redbull😂
Saucy Yikers
Saucy Yikers 3 hours ago
Red Bull: Ooh we can't reall do that... NileRed: Fine then I'll do it myself...
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson 3 hours ago
I'm surprised using the SodaStream worked. You are not supposed to carbonate anything except water with it, or so I thought.
Unintended Consequences
It tastes like hot garbage. Why would anyone drink this shit for pleasure?
ItsRealLazyCreeper 4 hours ago
Just make redbull with all the ingredients and don’t add the caffeine
L_A_G 4 hours ago
Interesting experiment, but decaffinated energy drink is like decaffinated coffee; It takes out the the whole point. Not that people don't drink decaffinated coffee, but I've only ever seen it in the U.S and nowhere else in the world. Hell, Americans has a reputation for drinking really badly thinned out coffee so it's probably to be expected that if anyone is going to drink that stuff, it's Americans and Americans only.
Sweet_T0xicity 4 hours ago
Your daily dose of Stupidity
How bout’ instead of filtering the caffeine out just get the different ingredients to make home made Red Bull and see how close you can get
jolkku0 4 hours ago
just buy liquid caffeine 😃
Issa Real Banger
Issa Real Banger 4 hours ago
I feel like this was done all wrong. I don’t know what you added to get the mL to 480, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to make 500 mL of the syrup and taking as much of the water as you possibly could out of it and then removing the caffeine from that full 500 mL sample THEN adding water to make it back up to 500? Also, you didn’t account for the fact that a simple syrup is made by boiling sugar at a 1:1 or more ratio. You added water to the syrup, but you never implied or stated it was properly mixed into the water when you brought it up to 480 mL. The lack of the properly prepared drink WILL affect the drink completely. Well, I guess that’s what we get for a ~30% “success”.
Staggsy 4 hours ago
Can you be my science teacher?
Alan Feng
Alan Feng 5 hours ago
if this guy ever loses his job, you'll know who to hit up for pure as fuck meth
Caillou Furtado
Caillou Furtado 5 hours ago
I'd like to point out that guarana is a main product used in redbull and there is a Brazillian drink that has the exact same flavor. You could've just bought that from a Brazilian or Portuguese import store
Andy Gar
Andy Gar 4 hours ago
Dungeon Blaster
Dungeon Blaster 5 hours ago
wait... people LIKE the taste of redbull?
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 5 hours ago
I’m thinking you could vacuum distill a dehydrated version of sugar-free redbull to isolate the flavour compounds you’re missing and add them back in. Caffeine has an insanely high bp so I think you’d end up with pure redbull. If they have a sodastream sugarfee redbull syrup, that might be a good starting material. Sugar-free is ideal to counteract colligative properties that could interfere with the distillation.
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 6 hours ago
You must be made of DCM to not distill and save it!
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 6 hours ago
You could separate the components and reconstruct the drink afterwards sans the caffeine
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 6 hours ago
I haven’t wanted yo click these seemingly boring videos for a long time, but I’m so glad that I decided to any ways. These are amazing.
R3 Phoenix
R3 Phoenix 6 hours ago
Just pull out the flavour then re carbonate it
Unknown 6 hours ago
the wikky buy guy is SO ugly
Klassisk 6 hours ago
never would've thought I'd see the day of caffeine reduced RedBull
Sam Bromley
Sam Bromley 6 hours ago
I can literally down a monster energy and fall asleep with ease. Once drunk a monster at 3am to keep on gaming because I’m an absolute Chad. Still felt tired so went to bed. It’s probably because I’ve drunk so many in my life so it doesn’t affect me much 😂🤧
C 6 hours ago
Whys he got boobies
i Bee Amazin
i Bee Amazin 7 hours ago
Just drink caffience all the time. Then you don't have a reaction at all. Coworkers told me everyone has a reaction the same so we all put on our heart rate monitors and drank 2 bang energy drink back to back. My hear rate went down 2 bpm lol, theirs went up and average of 15 across the 3 of them. I drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day, a soda or 2, 2 or 3 energy drinks, and some of those Bai brinks.
Joe Scott
Joe Scott 7 hours ago
Why is there blood in my caffeine stream
Jack K
Jack K 8 hours ago
If you take the caffeine out it pointless buying it
Fraglaj 8 hours ago
this dude litteraly sounds like pokay (smaller youtuber)
LagavulinMTG 8 hours ago
Can we get a follow-up where you actually do the work to extract 100% of the caffeine?
BionicCraze 9 hours ago
NEXT TIME: adding caffeine to redbull
Si kema
Si kema 9 hours ago
Next video “ I always loved being gay but I didn’t like seeing him put it in me”
shengzhe Quan
shengzhe Quan 11 hours ago
There’s a German juice box brand called Dürstlöscher that has a energy drink flavor without caffeine. It might suit your need just fine
Kevin Lewi
Kevin Lewi 11 hours ago
will supercritical carbon dioxide extraction work?
Cupiteg 11 hours ago
are u trans or something? u kinda look like a female male. not trying to be rude just asking
Lieutenant McBubbles
Red Bull is ass. (This comment was paid for by the Monster gang)
George Kiprizoglou
George Kiprizoglou 11 hours ago
thanks for the nice vids and the knowledge but in my country red bull brings caffeine free redbull and it tastes the same
Tan 11 hours ago
Tan 7 hours ago
Nvm he took out 1/4th of the caffeine. I seriously need redbull to make caffeine free redbull
TheMinekBolt ಠ_ಠ
You're supposed to drink it at night.
Retrograde 11 hours ago
Why would you do that red bull is ass
Hurtig Hans
Hurtig Hans 12 hours ago
can you plz say that again?
transkryption 12 hours ago
There's a method of decaffination that uses CO2 .... supercritical?
Nuclear Mayhem
Nuclear Mayhem 12 hours ago
have you tried boiling the hell out of it.
B20C0 12 hours ago
I'll translate a German joke about alcohol-free beer to your project: "Red Bull without caffeine is like eating your sisters p*ssy. It tastes right but it is wrong."
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