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Who doesn’t love a good hot shower?

It’s a rhetorical question.

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. We’re in the bathroom of this Old Spice commercial after the missus’s recent trip to stock up on Old Spice’s new Fresher Collection body washes. Her husband confronts her: these body washes are for men, even the Old Spice Relax with Lavender one! She laughs at him, then begins to become confused and protective, eventually grabbing the bottles and fleeing from the bathroom. Hey, men have skin too. That looked a heckuva lot like Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis, didn’t it?


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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 3 561
PreatomicRex Day ago
"Its for men" *TRIGGERED*
Qmvndo Day ago
I stay for the end of ad
The Cereal Tree
The Cereal Tree 2 days ago
i have a laptop thanks for asking
Marc Bibanga
Marc Bibanga 7 days ago
Rotfl 😂
Simplicio 10 days ago
So incredibly glad I didn't skip
Hardened Studios
Hardened Studios 11 days ago
I just watched this 3 times in a row. Best commercial EVER LOL. The actors were spot on!
Lawrence F
Lawrence F 13 days ago
about time love the commercial lmfaoooooo!
「Ace_Nexro」 13 days ago
Hp laptop with a GEFORCE 940MX graphics card
A. R
A. R 16 days ago
I don't really use old spice, but now I'm going to because of these awesome ads. Lol
Johnny-Ray . . .
Johnny-Ray . . . 17 days ago
That guys voice is spool smooooooth
Javonni Otero
Javonni Otero 20 days ago
Jimmy Neutron. It's for men.
perrenifenyalio. 22 days ago
Why are there so many dislikes?
Erick Coffee
Erick Coffee 22 days ago
Ok anyone can use old spice tf
Mag Mike
Mag Mike 26 days ago
Best commercial in the world
Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown 28 days ago
Im looooving it
LonelyCoffee 29 days ago
Why is this so gendered like why tf is she so surprised and disgusted when the slightly femine scents are for men *why do scents even have to be feminine or masculine*
Prefer Et Obdura
Prefer Et Obdura 29 days ago
I have never watched a commercial twice on purpose. This is brilliant!
Whatster87 29 days ago
Liberal socialists hate this commercial
Mrs LJ Mitchell
Mrs LJ Mitchell Month ago
Noooooooo, dang!!!!! 😅
Ethiopia Mel
Ethiopia Mel Month ago
On my way home my husband told me to get him Old Spice body wash, but I decided to get him some hippie mother nature health body wash, and he did not speak to me the entire night. Next day he went and got 10 old Spice body wash, and said stick to old spice. I don’t ask much, just want old Spice!!You can have your hippie body wash. If you want to keep your husband happy I guess stick to old spice.
Ja Roza
Ja Roza Month ago
Still using it
Unicorn Okrah
Unicorn Okrah Month ago
my dad has old spice and i use it
King Hendrix
King Hendrix Month ago
Lmao once he said " Are you still watching this" I laughed then slowly scrolled to the skip Ad and started laughing. It felt weird staying after he said that so I had to leave lol.
Christel Vinot
Christel Vinot 29 days ago
you're weird
MetalZeroFX Month ago
Can this ad be anymore freaking PC. But MUH PATRIARCHY!
MollysMoshing TankCrew
XD listen to the end ..."...can you hear me....are you still watching this....? ....what kind of computer do you have..."
AGuyOnAnApp #1
AGuyOnAnApp #1 Month ago
Ok, so like... Normal body wash commercials that are geared towards women never say us men can't use their soap. Why does this one have to exclude women? Like, women can use it too, unless there's some sort of chemical that's meant specifically for d**ks or something. I'm probably overreacting, don't take this too seriously, but i just think that this ad campaign is kinda stupid.
Wesley 29 days ago
AGuyOnAnApp #1 my mom uses old spice. This commercial is not banning old spice from use of women, it’s a parody of a soap opera about a guy who wants his old spice to himself
AGuyOnAnApp #1
AGuyOnAnApp #1 29 days ago
@Wesley well, yes, they can and have targeted men. The problem with these ads in my opinion is that they're essentially banning women from using their product. There's nothing wrong with going for a certain gender, but completely ridding the other gender of using a product that is technically universal is a bit wrong. Again, not to be taken VERY seriously, this isn't the start of a "Old Spice is Sexist" Campaign, but i just think it's weird and not very right.
Wesley 29 days ago
Because old spice campaigns are always absurdist and satirically masculine. Have you seen the one of the guy on a horse saying he’s the man you wish your husband was?
Tori Tennant
Tori Tennant Month ago
Obviously men have skin, who said y’all didn’t🤦‍♀️
Mintiverse Month ago
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Month ago
"What are you doing" whole lot sounds like "what is going on in my tunnel" from uberhaxornova animated classic!
Hyped Raccoon
Hyped Raccoon Month ago
The only ads i click on lmao
Ankle Island
Ankle Island Month ago
This the first ad i've ever clicked on to watch
Cyril Gigee
Cyril Gigee Month ago
40% of comments: Something to do with men's skin. 40% of comments: Praising Old Spice for not being PC. 20 of comments: Thirsting over the actress.
Hammad Rizvi
Hammad Rizvi Month ago
Aidan Reed
Aidan Reed 2 months ago
“What kind of computer do you have?” Lmaoooooo
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark 2 months ago
Yes I'm still watching this.....:)
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 3 months ago
Old spice is for men not women
Jay Leslie
Jay Leslie 3 months ago
This is one weird cd resspecaily the very last part what is thT albou
LynRuiz 4 months ago
I actually searched this ad to watch it. I hate ads online Old Spice wins again.
Damion Dice
Damion Dice 4 months ago
I'm actually sitting here watching a commercial. I pay for Netflix.
Brandon Allison
Brandon Allison 4 months ago
Good advertisement I gotta try this
Kinsomniac P
Kinsomniac P 4 months ago
"what kind of computer do you have" It do be like that though 😅
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. 4 months ago
You can pry my old spice from my cold, dead, feminine, hands
ajstorm3 4 months ago
I love that some one can make this into a real tv show ill watch 23 eps about a epiademic (i dont know how spell) of serten types of soaps and the surpreme court might need to step in
Benja Gach
Benja Gach 4 months ago
Yes. Yes! It's the best! Men DO have skin. Thank you!
ZodiacK427 4 months ago
Never thought I'd ever click on an ad.
Jeff Hoopes
Jeff Hoopes 4 months ago
Nice 😎
Raphael Donatello Journalism, Film Productions
These are some good commercials.
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn 4 months ago
Shante Gause
Shante Gause 4 months ago
OMG love this 👍👍
Liana Burless
Liana Burless 4 months ago
This shot had me rolling. Damn funny.
Joe 4 months ago
Honestly love this commercial
Tafari R
Tafari R 4 months ago
Whoopedy Doo Dooders
Is that the daughter from Black-ish with her dads co-worker? Awh shit!
Awesum Auctionz
Awesum Auctionz 4 months ago
Malibu CA
Malibu CA 4 months ago
Agonized 4 months ago
Sub to me
AoiGP 4 months ago
she makes me cringe and want to just say " no dammit. MEN have skin too. OK! we need to take care of ourselves just as much as y'all do. so no....these aren't yours dammit! ".
Kadie Prillaman
Kadie Prillaman 4 months ago
They're genius! I just bought the lavender deodorant. It's amazing! They even getting sales from the women now..who don't like to be controlled by the man! LMBO genius! 😂😂😂😂
isYeetBoi 4 months ago
Kadie Prillaman i dont get this but i dont like this
Kake4m3 4 months ago
Now I don't wanna disrespect women, but really you can't be mad that men are different and so they need different things like lets not be haters
jack bone
jack bone 4 months ago
the choice of the actress, who portays a desire to do 'what Men do', is no accident. i'll say no more. Here.
isYeetBoi 4 months ago
jack bone i like how you capitalize men like theyre one thing
V. Kelly-Banks
V. Kelly-Banks 4 months ago
💙She's gorgeous!💙🍷😜
Tk Hannibal
Tk Hannibal 4 months ago
Old Spice, Spice up your life
Merna Carbert
Merna Carbert 4 months ago
Miss Musical Psychic
Why is this me? Thinking I did something because I brought something home with lavender in it. Oh yeah and my husband doesn't exist. So it's no WAY men could have anything dealing with skin care!! Smh 😆
Vibe 4 months ago
why do i love this
EpicMeme Productions
What are you doing.... Can you hear me talking... Are you still watching this? What kind of computer do you have... 😂😂😂
Charley Stello
Charley Stello 4 months ago
I really appreciated that face when she realized everything isn’t for her
Qüád lui
Qüád lui 4 months ago
a PC i built and am so proud of
Neil Crandall
Neil Crandall 4 months ago
i have a very nice computer ty
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera 4 months ago
Hell yeah
shygirlcomplex 4 months ago
This body wash is for you ? ... lol she was so sure of her self 😂😂😂😂
Josh H
Josh H 4 months ago
You know they have that "what are you doing" at the end so people will make it their notification sound lololol
Kaelan Babon
Kaelan Babon 5 months ago
I don't usually watch ads till the end, but this one was not bad at all
Deji Adeleye
Deji Adeleye 5 months ago
Wait...... Men have SKIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱
slope. 5 months ago
The types of ads I actually watch: purple mattress, progressive, old spice, geico.
Dasher260 5 months ago
There should just be having them yank it back roll her eyes and say "Do I look like I give a ****?"
Ian Leung
Ian Leung 5 months ago
I have an Dell Inspiron gaming with a gtx 1050 and an i3 8100
jfassettx123 5 months ago
Charlie better stop before Dr. Nightshade poisons his dinner plate.
S White
S White 5 months ago
Yes the only ads worth watching... Keep up the good works
S White
S White 5 months ago
I keep watching this over and over... MANLY... i love it... stay real Old Spice! DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR ANY OF YOUR COMMERCIALS!
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