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Who doesn’t love a good hot shower?

It’s a rhetorical question. #MenHaveSkinToo

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. We’re in the bathroom of this Old Spice commercial after the missus’s recent trip to stock up on Old Spice’s new Fresher Collection body washes. Her husband confronts her: these body washes are for men, even the Old Spice Relax with Lavender one! She laughs at him, then begins to become confused and protective, eventually grabbing the bottles and fleeing from the bathroom. Hey, men have skin too. That looked a heckuva lot like Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis, didn’t it?


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Feb 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Las Angelas
Las Angelas 3 days ago
I have a skin yay
TheCoolPotato • 17 years and
what are you doin I just some new old spice body wash for me those aren’t for you those are for me relax relax with lavender look this old spice stuff is for men pfft this body wash is for you yeah no b-but I thought what are you doin it’s for men no
victor Smalls
victor Smalls 7 days ago
Is for man
Shadyville Entertainment
That just messed up her world, I hope their relationship can recover 😬
Lebron Fitzgerald
Lebron Fitzgerald 16 days ago
Damn that seems like a lot of dislikes for a harmless commercial. Wtf?
Oscar Duran
Oscar Duran 16 days ago
His voice is butter 🧈
Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type
This has been a Tyler Perry Commercial
2W10 17 days ago
0:43 *What kind of computer do you have?* Me: I am not on a computer rn but I do have an iPhone X. I do have a Dell Inspiron 5537 dual booted with Windows Embedded Posready 7 and Windows 10 Pro, a Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10 Pro (planning to install Windows 7), and a HP book with Windows 10 Pro.
Hoxton 17 days ago
I love how this is for men
These 2 look like brother and sister.
Toshikazu Kishibe
Toshikazu Kishibe 17 days ago
Q 18 days ago
I searched for an ad...
Julius Lewis
Julius Lewis 18 days ago
This made my whole quarantine life! 😂😩🙌🏾
M Rex
M Rex 18 days ago
Haha, I just noticed you can see her mouthing "what are you doing" in time with the voiceover to keep track of her movement. 😂
XY ZW 19 days ago
I have the lavender one and ohhh myyy goodnesss. The smell enveloped my whole room. It's so therapeutic. The charcoal one is great too. She really is a good actor. It's a shame these commercials are a year old. I'm barely seeing them as ads.
Mystical Cals
Mystical Cals 19 days ago
Victor Green
Victor Green 19 days ago
Thisis the icheiststuff i ever got dont buy
Benji 19 days ago
A Dell G337
Rickshaw Haytham
Rickshaw Haytham 20 days ago
lmao @ the bckground music
Dean Guzman
Dean Guzman 21 day ago
Yes i'm still watching I have a dell Xps
247Juwan 21 day ago
If my girl tried to come in there and steal my old spice She gettin Kicked Out! Find somebody else and buy your own things.
Itz OniiChaCha
Itz OniiChaCha 21 day ago
I haven't liked a commercial in a long long time this made me laugh
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 21 day ago
1. Why am I getting these now 2. Women can use men products too like wtf calm down
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda 18 days ago
Sink Water Well yeah but it’s also saying that women can’t use it
Sink Water
Sink Water 18 days ago
The point is that men are allowed to smell like flowers and still be manly
The Cat Man
The Cat Man 21 day ago
I have a bad computer let’s leave it at that.
TropicalTrapFire 03
Women have their own scents. Let men have their small portion! Lmao
Scar_bloom 22 days ago
I never thought I would like a ad 😶 lol it’s funny so yep
Jtx7878 22 days ago
"its fohh mehh"
space lapis
space lapis 22 days ago
so you didn’t press skip ad and watched the whole ad cool
Tyler Currey
Tyler Currey 23 days ago
are we just gonna ignore the end
Mario P.
Mario P. 24 days ago
I see this ad everytime I watch a video... I never hit SKIP
LPTV 24 days ago
I like how she was like "no"... 😂😂😂
bit jark
bit jark 24 days ago
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Mark Edward
Mark Edward 24 days ago
I invested with him immediately after the trading session i received profit for the week. He is a trustworthy broker. He doesn't want to earn your money he wants to earn dignity
Micheal Christian
Micheal Christian 24 days ago
Wow amazing to see other investors of Sir Samuel Raphael, am on way to my 5th trade with him, his strategy has no rival.
NC Priscilla
NC Priscilla 24 days ago
Yeah Mate!! The commission he charged is fair compared to the effort he puts in making huge profits
bit jark
bit jark 24 days ago
@James Willie contact him at
James Willie
James Willie 24 days ago
How can i reach out to Mr Samuel??
A Creation of The Highest Excellence
This has to be my favorite ad!
Sleeping Vortex
Sleeping Vortex 25 days ago
A gaming pc
Sushi_shock 25 days ago
I actually clicked this on my own
Doc Hudson
Doc Hudson 25 days ago
It’s for all genders
Space_muttt 23 days ago
Darth Talos
Darth Talos 25 days ago
Is it just me or does the guy look a lot like Terry Crews
ducc holding sticc
ducc holding sticc 25 days ago
this is probably making people think that they cant buy a body wash just because its directed to the male gender, in term causing less customers.
TRASH CAN 21 day ago
women werent gonna buy old spice in the first place
Caden Bruh
Caden Bruh 26 days ago
Relax, with lavender
Thebigmoo700 26 days ago
The end of it had be weak lamo
Unreable Reee
Unreable Reee 26 days ago
Old spice makes you sound like a 70-year-old man
2k Chi
2k Chi 27 days ago
These old spice commercials really make me laugh! 🤣
Wheezing Laugh
Wheezing Laugh 27 days ago
She just looks so shook
Kameron's Animation studio
These are the only ads that I don't skip and watch the full thing
siying chen
siying chen 28 days ago
women have skin too
Malicia the Octoling
''What kind of computer do you have?'' XD
Jack Showalter
Jack Showalter 28 days ago
I thought this was going to be an “old spice is for women too commercial”. Thanks for not selling out old spice, you are forever my favorite.
Corey Sandman
Corey Sandman 28 days ago
I can't actually tell if he says "me" or "men." Somebody correct me here 🤔
Sink Water
Sink Water 18 days ago
Subtitles say “men”
Mellow _
Mellow _ 29 days ago
Wow. Miss me with this ad. Your other ad went on for so long that I decided to just skip it instead of letting it play, but GUESS WHO HAS A LINK TO THIS VIDEO RIGHT AT THE SKIP AD?!
Keagboy 3
Keagboy 3 Month ago
These commercials be like, "Men have Skin too." Well the ones in my basement CLEARLY dont lmao
Miguel Espinosa
Miguel Espinosa Month ago
They should both be in a few movies together.they have good chemistry in my opinion.
Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez Month ago
The end makes me feel uncomfortable
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Month ago
When he said what are you doing 0:23 I started dying 😂😂😂
Steven Criscione
Are you still watching? What kind of computer do you have?
Nickle Spale
Nickle Spale Month ago
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Month ago
Old spice commercials are great. Not actors are great. I really like his voice, it is freaking cool.
Katie Baker
Katie Baker Month ago
Wait I’m kinda slow...but what is this supposed to mean? Who really cares who uses what product?
Owen Barrera
Owen Barrera Month ago
Wait didn’t she buy it
Marissa Lopes
Marissa Lopes Month ago
I’m a girl and I love old spice Fiji and lavender body wash. I bought the old spice Fiji deodorant and body wash that I currently use for the summer. I bought the old spice lavender deodorant too 💕
Tyler Vedder
Tyler Vedder Month ago
My question is who said men don’t have skin
Jordan Tyler
Jordan Tyler Month ago
I’m so tired of old spice commercials. I was so down with the random nonsense ones but now their no different than any other commercial trying to be funny
Ah shit, here we go again.
1 year ago why am i still getting this ad?
Rocker2002 Month ago
Watch people freak out and say this is sexist
ShinyDiamond83 Month ago
“What kind of computer do you have?” Me watching this on my iPad.
LPTV 25 days ago
An iPad is a computer
David 27 days ago
Technically it is a computer. Just not a desktop one
Elijah Kennedy-Gibbens
It’s fe-mey
jj05 Month ago
Bruh I’m binging Old Spice ads in quarantine. Shows how good their ads are.
WowItsDoggo Month ago
This is the only advertisement I choose to watch.
Fulci&Chill Month ago
Leave it to Old Spice to finally recognize that both women have better, stronger smelling, longer lasting, and more vibrant choices for shampoos. And that men don't have to smell like the same EXACT musty old gym locker rooms for every single type of body wash.
Meg Pillai
Meg Pillai Month ago
I... don't understand what's going on.
rechelieu Month ago
Love this one. I am I found it.
Tacolord55 Month ago
Man my skin broke after not using this
ADommM Laughing at Boomers
I really love this commercial
This is the best add i have seen.
Anderson Yepes
Anderson Yepes Month ago
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Malkorbgia WaterSage
As a guy, this commercial kinda offends me, srry😅😅😅
Uji Month ago
wat ar yu doin its fa mih
Juju Buckets
Juju Buckets Month ago
Whos the girl 😍😍😍
im not a crackhead
Thanks old spice for showing body washes are not only for females yall have my respect
old spice adds are the best
Ovtv Gaming
Ovtv Gaming Month ago
Why did he ask what kind of computer I have? I’ve been looking to buy a computer for a while now then saw this ad. Am I being targeted by old spice
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