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Who doesn’t love a good hot shower?

It’s a rhetorical question.

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Still reading? It’s about to get real boring. The rest of this description has been written for robots and algorithms. We’re in the bathroom of this Old Spice commercial after the missus’s recent trip to stock up on Old Spice’s new Fresher Collection body washes. Her husband confronts her: these body washes are for men, even the Old Spice Relax with Lavender one! She laughs at him, then begins to become confused and protective, eventually grabbing the bottles and fleeing from the bathroom. Hey, men have skin too. That looked a heckuva lot like Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis, didn’t it?


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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 3 557
Aidan Reed
Aidan Reed 7 days ago
“What kind of computer do you have?” Lmaoooooo
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark 16 days ago
Yes I'm still watching this.....:)
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 25 days ago
Old spice is for men not women
Jay Leslie
Jay Leslie 27 days ago
This is one weird cd resspecaily the very last part what is thT albou
LynRuiz Month ago
I actually searched this ad to watch it. I hate ads online Old Spice wins again.
Damion Dice
Damion Dice Month ago
I'm actually sitting here watching a commercial. I pay for Netflix.
Rasheed The King
Good advertisement I gotta try this
Kinsomniac P
Kinsomniac P Month ago
"what kind of computer do you have" It do be like that though 😅
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. Month ago
You can pry my old spice from my cold, dead, feminine, hands
ajstorm3 Month ago
I love that some one can make this into a real tv show ill watch 23 eps about a epiademic (i dont know how spell) of serten types of soaps and the surpreme court might need to step in
benjagach Month ago
Yes. Yes! It's the best! Men DO have skin. Thank you!
ZodiacK427 Month ago
Never thought I'd ever click on an ad.
Jeff Hoopes
Jeff Hoopes Month ago
Nice 😎
Raphael Donatello Journalism, Film Productions
These are some good commercials.
Mind YourOwn
Mind YourOwn Month ago
Shante Gause
Shante Gause Month ago
OMG love this 👍👍
Liana Burless
Liana Burless Month ago
This shot had me rolling. Damn funny.
Joe Month ago
Honestly love this commercial
Tafari R
Tafari R Month ago
Whoopedy Doo Dooders
Is that the daughter from Black-ish with her dads co-worker? Awh shit!
Awesum Auctionz
Awesum Auctionz Month ago
Malibu CA
Malibu CA Month ago
Agonized Month ago
Sub to me
AoiGP Month ago
she makes me cringe and want to just say " no dammit. MEN have skin too. OK! we need to take care of ourselves just as much as y'all do. so no....these aren't yours dammit! ".
Kadie Prillaman
Kadie Prillaman Month ago
They're genius! I just bought the lavender deodorant. It's amazing! They even getting sales from the women now..who don't like to be controlled by the man! LMBO genius! 😂😂😂😂
isYeetBoi Month ago
Kadie Prillaman i dont get this but i dont like this
Kake4m3 Month ago
Now I don't wanna disrespect women, but really you can't be mad that men are different and so they need different things like lets not be haters
jack bone
jack bone Month ago
the choice of the actress, who portays a desire to do 'what Men do', is no accident. i'll say no more. Here.
isYeetBoi Month ago
jack bone i like how you capitalize men like theyre one thing
V. Kelly
V. Kelly Month ago
💙She's gorgeous!💙🍷😜
Tk Hannibal
Tk Hannibal 2 months ago
Old Spice, Spice up your life
Merna Carbert
Merna Carbert 2 months ago
Miss Musical Psychic
Why is this me? Thinking I did something because I brought something home with lavender in it. Oh yeah and my husband doesn't exist. So it's no WAY men could have anything dealing with skin care!! Smh 😆
Vibe 2 months ago
why do i love this
EpicMeme Productions
What are you doing.... Can you hear me talking... Are you still watching this? What kind of computer do you have... 😂😂😂
Charley Stello
Charley Stello 2 months ago
I really appreciated that face when she realized everything isn’t for her
Qüád lui
Qüád lui 2 months ago
a PC i built and am so proud of
Neil Crandall
Neil Crandall 2 months ago
i have a very nice computer ty
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera 2 months ago
Hell yeah
shygirlcomplex 2 months ago
This body wash is for you ? ... lol she was so sure of her self 😂😂😂😂
Josh H
Josh H 2 months ago
You know they have that "what are you doing" at the end so people will make it their notification sound lololol
Kaelan Babon
Kaelan Babon 2 months ago
I don't usually watch ads till the end, but this one was not bad at all
Deji Adeleye
Deji Adeleye 2 months ago
Wait...... Men have SKIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱
slope. 2 months ago
The types of ads I actually watch: purple mattress, progressive, old spice, geico.
Dasher260 2 months ago
There should just be having them yank it back roll her eyes and say "Do I look like I give a ****?"
Ian Leung
Ian Leung 2 months ago
I have an Dell Inspiron gaming with a gtx 1050 and an i3 8100
jfassettx123 2 months ago
Charlie better stop before Dr. Nightshade poisons his dinner plate.
S White
S White 2 months ago
Yes the only ads worth watching... Keep up the good works
S White
S White 2 months ago
I keep watching this over and over... MANLY... i love it... stay real Old Spice! DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE FOR ANY OF YOUR COMMERCIALS!
Ozen Doyle
Ozen Doyle 2 months ago
XDEEEEEE Awwwwwwwwwwww~ Might Get Some.
YouTubeComment 2 months ago
best ad ever and for all eternity
David Rox
David Rox Month ago
Umm check out Barbisol ad from about 5 years ago... It was even better.
Biggus Diccus
Biggus Diccus 2 months ago
What kind of computer do you have?
alexeskimo 2 months ago
TheBlazePage [IgnisVernum]
I honestly purchased a bottle Relax with Lavender purely because of this ad. These ads don't play.
Zedic Black
Zedic Black Month ago
Do you get any compliments on it?
Mickey J
Mickey J 2 months ago
What kind of computer do you have old spice?
HiddenHistory 2 months ago
I have a Macbook air.
Pasquale 3 months ago
The deadly serious look and tone when he confirms that the body wash is indeed for him😆😆
ShrillHorse 3 months ago
Thw ending sounds like the lucky charms song literaly
Thane Chaves
Thane Chaves 3 months ago
Cis people are wiiiiiiild
ItzMichaelPhillips 3 months ago
"Who doesn’t love a good hot shower?" Who doesn't love some good ol' sexism?
over00lord Unknown
over00lord Unknown 3 months ago
0:39 “Are you still watching this? What kind of computer do you have?”
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz 3 months ago
Old spice the best this is the only ad I would click on
You TubeSockz
You TubeSockz 3 months ago
Smart Potato
Smart Potato 3 months ago
Finally a company who doesn't thrash men for who they are. Thanks old spice. People we need to support old spice. Keep commenting and liking.
Whensday 3 months ago
WHAT.ARE.YOU.DOIN? It's for Miehhh.
elliot bizness
elliot bizness 3 months ago
FrankD71864 3 months ago
Watch out. She will make you her zombie werewolf. She is Nightshade!
Didodi Drive
Didodi Drive 3 months ago
Thomas Petrou
Thomas Petrou 3 months ago
Finally a brand that doesn't hate men 😂
MichaelWilliamH 3 months ago
Hahaha, gold.
batman likes pizza
batman likes pizza 3 months ago
As a woman I love these ads
jafeir 3 months ago
I wonder.... And the end, was she taking all the body wash back to the store upon realizing it was a mens' product? Or was she trying to hoard all the body wash upon realizing that her husband would get to use it but she wouldn't?
Thank you
Thank you 3 months ago
i had an old spice ad on an old spice ad
Evan Black
Evan Black 3 months ago
What's a computer?
BriEntAnderson 3 months ago
This is hilarious
joevonloser00 3 months ago
7.7k What are you doing?
Hashim Ahmed
Hashim Ahmed 3 months ago
For once this a commercial I enjoyed watching!! 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
The Boobfather
The Boobfather 3 months ago
This is exactly how a real couple acts and I love it.
Captain Virgil
Captain Virgil 3 months ago
Old Spice is my favorite Soap... opera
Joshua Lindberg
Joshua Lindberg 3 months ago
A dell latitude from 2015. It doesn’t run that well anymore but it works. Probably should do a clean out of the drive at some point. Thanks for asking
Gentleman Crow
Gentleman Crow 3 months ago
Here comes the liberal outrage mob
Benjamin Rojas
Benjamin Rojas 3 months ago
Hey I guess you don’t know how to share
Phil H
Phil H 3 months ago
It’s like a Tyler Perry movie!!!
lady c
lady c 2 months ago
LOVE Tyler Perry movies! So, it's fine for the comparison!
Glam's Corner
Glam's Corner 3 months ago
Just to let yall know.... I'm a mom who purchased this for my sons... Umm I wear the Wolfgang deodorant. THE DEVIL IS A LIE! that deodorant smell TOO GOOD to be for men! 😳😳.....now I'm tempted to go see what this body wash smells like..👀👀. Don't make your woman feel to bad for taking your body wash.... They just smell sooo freaking good!
Conservative Mexican
Lol why was she so upset?? We wanna smell good too!!
atlfun08 4 months ago
What are you doing...it’s for men. Omg..lmao. Love it!
Arnold Strong Numero Uno
Searching for funny Old Spice ads on RUvid....yes
Julio Calderon
Julio Calderon 4 months ago
Noah Lauer
Noah Lauer 4 months ago
“What kind of computer do you have?” 😂😂
Ian Leung
Ian Leung 2 months ago
I have an Dell Inspiron gaming with a gtx 1050 and an i3 8100
Ebbie Ferguson
Ebbie Ferguson 4 months ago
So I am confusion. A commercial that did this kind of stuff for women got shot down and trolled. And because they do it for men its okay? *aMerICa EgGsPlaiN*
Joe G
Joe G 4 months ago
Deon is greatness!! Hats off to your advr/mktg department Old Spice, it got me to buy the Shea Butter and try it & I love it!! Keep up the great commercials!!
Adam Guy
Adam Guy 4 months ago
I’m in the shower watching this using moisturize
JD K 4 months ago
COTZ2NITE 4 months ago
Please keep making ads with these two 😂
George Rodger
George Rodger 4 months ago
I love this so much, words can’t even begin to describe the intense pleasure I have when watching this ad
Irene Canales
Irene Canales 4 months ago
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams 4 months ago
Need Some Sleep??? We Have You Covered :-)
Stigmata Speaking
Stigmata Speaking 4 months ago
I always skip the video and jump into the comments. I call it socialism.
Flannibal Lecter
Flannibal Lecter 4 months ago
Enjoying these. Thanks for making commercials interesting and entertaining old spice
Deer 4 months ago
I have a potato as a computer but thank you for asking
Dewad 4 months ago
I don't know why, but I turned my device on, and ended up here.
Maya Jackson
Maya Jackson 4 months ago
😂😂 shut the door.. I love this ad
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