Taking on an Ocean Monument! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 40]

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The Minecraft Survival Guide continues! This tutorial will show you how to raid an Ocean Monument - including which potions to prepare, strategies for fighting guardians, where to find the Elder Guardians, and how to deal with Mining Fatigue!
The series will teach you how to master Survival Mode, and will also be my Single Player Let's Play series!
Watch the full Minecraft Survival Guide playlist here: ruvid.net/group/PLgENJ0iY3XBiJ0jZ53HT8v9Qa3cch7YEV
World Seed (Java Edition only): 7574084833700264939
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Dec 26, 2018




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James MacKenzie
When you know that conduits are really good for these in 1.14
James MacKenzie
I made a prep platform on top of the Monument, then realized I didn’t know what to do. I watched some videos, and now *every time* I go back, the Elder Guardian effect scares me.
dahl st
dahl st 2 days ago
Thanks! This was REALLY hard when I had to feed dolphins cod!!!!
unknown gaming pritu
Finally I founded it
MangoCrisp 9 days ago
my ocean monument generated with no maze.... just ONE room......
Ralph Halliwell Wright
Your "house" is crazy haha
deanna beck
deanna beck 12 days ago
Great vid! Please check out my nephew's channel, we are trying to get 100 subs ( a lot for us!) Help me win some cool Aunt points✌ Thank you! ruvid.net/video/video-PVSQii1MoHE.html
DAUMER Stephanie
DAUMER Stephanie 14 days ago
je suis francais ok
delion19721 15 days ago
Let’s be honest here What’s the point.
Aph-meow 18 days ago
Deanna W
Deanna W 19 days ago
We have an ocean monument right outside our spawn base and I want to drain it just to save us from the jumpscare every time we sail off our dock
Plushie Cat :3
Plushie Cat :3 24 days ago
On my new minecraft world I spawned near two villages, a mooshroom biome, two ocean monuments, and a shipwreck
Jayshree Lokhande
Jayshree Lokhande 25 days ago
I SWEAR he's British
seba bayliss
seba bayliss 25 days ago
love the vids
City Pop Translations
Itz Rog
Itz Rog 28 days ago
Woah your smart my goal is to watch all your videos I subscribed!
Robert Woods
Robert Woods 28 days ago
These guys remind me of gyorg from Majora's mask...water monsters no thanks.
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 29 days ago
Omg the jumpscare happened to me right now!!😂😭😭
Kevin Philip
Kevin Philip Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-L7GmklowWJs.html go check out my freinds channel he plays Minecraft Survival he just started it would be great if you would support him through his journey
Casillas Tan
Casillas Tan Month ago
I really like that u took out the elder guardians as they always bother me when I try to mine stuff inside the monument!😊
Bastien Gaulier
Bastien Gaulier Month ago
Your monument is near icebergs.. Mine is UNDER icebergs
OpticDaisy68 Month ago
0x75 speed recommended
Pokesam Month ago
When I found a ocean monument I screamed “IM A MINECRAFTER”
Eric Widder
Eric Widder Month ago
Aw so the only treasure in this is 8 gold blocks? Prismarine is cool but I was hoping for some chests with emeralds and diamonds :(. Thanks for the guide though!
Amaiyah Mae Springfield
It’s not a raid if nobody owns it
Kalam Bhuiyan
Kalam Bhuiyan Month ago
I once found 2 ocean monuments next to each other. I wanted to keep one for my brother but I decided to keep the gold for myself 🙃
Thomas Africa
Thomas Africa Month ago
I'm an absolute noob when it comes to Sea Temples, this vid helped alot
Zarif Design
Zarif Design Month ago
can a sheild protect us from the lazer beams of guardians ?
Miles Weiss
Miles Weiss Month ago
Miles Weiss
Miles Weiss Month ago
Androide Esaltato
You talk too much and do almost nothing
MK Month ago
Torches ?
Evil Provolone
Evil Provolone Month ago
I would but I don’t want to look for pufferfish or go in nether that place is evil
Skylar Rawlins
Skylar Rawlins Month ago
I managed to kill the elder guardian with one breath
xTr4c3d Month ago
I'm raiding one from the top down. No enchants just sand gravel and milk buckets
Alan David
Alan David Month ago
this is def easy or normal mode bc in hard mode the guardians and elder guardians do more damage than this
Pop Robot Animations
I created a new Minecraft hardcore world and I spawned really nearby an ocean monument!
Sour Patch Kid
Sour Patch Kid Month ago
Hey... I just took on 2 without even depth strider 1 successfully
lu kpierre
lu kpierre Month ago
I tried doing it alone but I was too scare so I asked my friend to join me and it was waaaaay easier (But there was just 2 elder guardians and 0 guardians)
ProfessorData 1701D
10:25 not much chance of running out of water
Hihi 9380
Hihi 9380 Month ago
If you’re having trouble with the guardians make an invisibility potion and take off all your armor. I made a drain guardian farm and I would not have been able to do it without those potions.
Dustin k
Dustin k 2 months ago
I just raided one on my first day of playing. Full iron armour, sharpness 1 axe, water breathing and night vision potions. It was super easy, found the sponge room and I'm currently clearing the monument. Since I'm playing on bedrock edition I just place the sponges in the nether to dry them, but on java you will need to smelt them
Lyla Marcks
Lyla Marcks 2 months ago
Am I the only one that HATES ocean monuments, even in peaceful I will not go near it
Momehad Saleem
Momehad Saleem 2 months ago
I'm lucky i got this area
Devicraft 2 months ago
Everybody gangster until *ELDER GUARDIAN JUMPSCARE*
TAURUS GAMING 2 months ago
In Bedrock Edition the Elder Guardian is considered a Boss Mob
W41K3R_002 2 months ago
I literally mined whole monument so they now can be guardians of their clowns asses
hamzah ar
hamzah ar 2 months ago
me : chilling in the boat trying to find something underwater elder guardian : h e l o
ND Clan
ND Clan Day ago
hamzah ar lol
Karthik Venkataraman
CHARLY 2 months ago
When you forgot the effect and you block the entrance with glass thinking of braking them to get some air but you find out you can't brake them 🤷‍♂️😔😔 I can't get my stuff back
kylah's world
kylah's world 2 months ago
That was so funny I laughed so hard for the 55th time 🤑😲😲🤑🤑🤑🤓😢😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😍😘😗
Reii Chan
Reii Chan 2 months ago
Why does my monument only have 1 elder guardian?
Combine Core
Combine Core 2 months ago
Are you a member of hermitcraft?
Roman Bintz
Roman Bintz 2 months ago
Pro tip for pc players, use optifine, it gives you permanent night vision
SuperProfi 2 months ago
I raided 2 ocean monuments there were not elder guardians? I played on Normal Difficulty
Brat Bojan
Brat Bojan 2 months ago
I got map from cartographer.
ola fawaz
ola fawaz 2 months ago
ola fawaz
ola fawaz 2 months ago
MASTER BIRDS- TAMIL 2 months ago
Hi bro iam from India Tamil nadu I am watching your survival guide fully
MASTER BIRDS- TAMIL 2 months ago
You are a pro player in mimecraft
AlexLiverpool11 3 months ago
9:38 jumpscare i thought you should know
Funnyhandsomeboy 3 months ago
11:11 start it here. :)
Rogue Emu
Rogue Emu 3 months ago
10:26 In case we run out of water
aeodion 3 months ago
got lucky and found a couple ocean monuments right next to my beach house base no need for the map thank goodness
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 3 months ago
Just use tnt to blow a hole without mining, no need for this dragged out video...
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 3 months ago
Mr. Epic but tnt helps with the gold and the sponges
I regret my old name
Ghost Toaster the block? Or the mining fatigue? Because I did raid an ocean monument in survival and I just found it easier to go underwater drink milk and mine 1 block to each elder guardian area
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 3 months ago
Mr. Epic it reappears in 15 seconds, trust me
I regret my old name
I just drank milk and mined a block, took about 2 secs . More effective and easier
Ghost Toaster
Ghost Toaster 3 months ago
Mr. Epic encase the tnt in cobblestone BOOM problem solved
IronW42 3 months ago
You should have done the Trident episode first. An Impaling 5 Trident can kill an Elder Guardian in only 4 hits.
AlkalineMC 3 months ago
What are the cords for the monument
Ender Ethan
Ender Ethan 3 months ago
I used milk to get rid of mining fatigue, but the elder guardian gave me mining fatigue immediately afterward.
ItzSpoons 3 months ago
*Brave to confront monument* *Ready to go in* *Goes close* *Jump scared* *leaves game*
SAMUEL JR. ALQUIZA 3 months ago
I seen it in the sea it is a big house in zombie.
Kangaroos Devil
Kangaroos Devil 3 months ago
I have a phobia that I'm scared of the ocean/ deep water...thats why I can't explore the temple😅
Xavier P
Xavier P 3 months ago
back in my day, we used to raid ocean monuments with a few buckets of milk, iron pickax, sponge, and a furnace.
Dilute Sheep58
Dilute Sheep58 3 months ago
im wondering how i was fighting all elder guardians in the ocean monument, when i finished, i forgot there was 1 more elder guardian and i could not find him then, i broke through the ceiling and put a boat to go home, surprisingly the elder guardian came in my boat all the way home without me noticing -_-
Charles Baldwin
Charles Baldwin 3 months ago
The first time in a while I’ve seen him with less than 50 levels
RünerTheWolf 25
RünerTheWolf 25 3 months ago
Me: Is within a 178590398767891087e6666942031459 kilometers radius of an ocean monument Elder Guardian: *h e y*
Abel Martinez
Abel Martinez 3 months ago
What if the pillars with the gold inside didn’t spawn
Yuta- Eleven
Yuta- Eleven 3 months ago
First Minecraft rule is do not dig straight down 🐹
Julia Kruk
Julia Kruk 3 months ago
can pixlriffs make a leather farm even if he has so much cows
asapvniko 3 months ago
so i killed all the guardians and everything but what do i get from it
עידן גלר
עידן גלר 3 months ago
2:48 Africa in minecraft?!
VAPOR 3 months ago
the elder guardian overlay legit scares the crap outta me ive got a underwater fortress close to my base in my sp world but im putting it off due to being too chicken s**t to go clear it out
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